One Second Chance (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,443
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

One night of sexual abandon altered Remy's life. Years later, she's an evolved, confident woman, content with her new home and surroundings.

Gage relocated his boat building business, hoping the change would let him forget the woman he let get away. Finding each other so near, they will have to rethink their projected futures.

Destined for a second chance at love, they're both leery, understanding fairy tale romances aren't grounded in reality. Their rekindled relationship seems perfect until a devastating accident tests their resolve. Can they survive together, or are they destined to fail a second time? Accepting defeat is easy, fighting for what you truly believe in is tougher than either imagined.

A Siren Erotic Romance

One Second Chance (MF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

One Second Chance (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,443
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


He looks the same, she thought, wondering what he might be seeing as he watched her.

So many things ran through her mind she was unable to focus on just one, making her appear speechless. He’d planned to catch her off guard and certainly had. She allowed herself to take a lingering look at him.

His blond hair was shorter than she remembered, yet still windblown and unruly. His eyes were a haunting sea green, a color she could never accurately name. His features had aged gracefully, a few small laugh lines around the corners of his eyes. Clean shaven, the line of his jaw still defied anyone to challenge him. His stance and posture were tall, unbending for his size. He was in great shape. The body of an athlete stood before her. His hand was roughened by work. She’d felt the light calluses rubbing against her smooth skin when he’d taken her arm while walking her to the car. Warmth flowed through her, targeting first her breasts with a definite heaviness, traveling downward until her pussy lips were aching and moist.

She still couldn’t believe Father Murphy had asked Gage to back her pet project. That would mean they’d have to spend time together. The possibilities were limitless and she was well on her way toward panic as she accepted her circumstance. The Reliant logo shirt Gage wore triggered the memory of the fair sponsorship along with a local automobile dealer as well as many smaller local businesses.

Remy tried to think control. It was what she had to do right now. In all the times she had wondered what it would be like to run into him again, it had never played like this. The overwhelming urge to touch him surprised her. She rubbed her hands across her upper arms, hugging herself to keep away from him. All the smart and witty remarks she had practiced over time disappeared from her mind. All that was left was the same thing she had felt that night. It scared her then and was scaring her more now.

She told herself repeatedly over time that it was just a passing moment. It couldn’t have been real. Yet, here of all places, in the middle of a county fair, she felt as if she were the same girl she had been back then. The years of growth and wisdom behind her slid away, leaving her the young and insecure girl as she had been.

“So many thoughts, Remy, none of which come into focus just yet?”

She nodded, but didn’t turn back immediately, giving herself the time to collect her thoughts and emotions. Even then, she wasn’t ready for him. “Something like that.” When she did turn, she kept her distance from him, a respectable two- to three-foot personal space. “I suppose later I’ll kick myself for not being more sophisticated, but right now, I’m still stunned. Not only that I’ve run into you, but that you live here, too.” The slight squeak of her voice gave away her inner turmoil. She couldn’t seem to stop looking at him, no matter how hard she tried. His face was burned into her memory and would remain there for the rest of her life.


It had been two hours since she’d bolted from his door, two long, horrible hours when she accepted the need and want deep inside her. She didn’t consider what she would do if he didn’t let her in. She’d knocked on his door twice and heard him yell, “Wait a minute.” She’d stood tall, her cheeks red with embarrassment and heated with excitement, until she heard the chain being removed from his door.

Gage pulled it open and stood before her, naked except for a pair of light blue boxer shorts. Remy studied his body, long and lean, strong and defined, before she met his gaze.

“I want this,” was all she managed to say before he reached for her hand. She gave it willingly, allowing him to lead her back inside. She stood beside him as he relocked them inside. Turning, he gave her a skeptical look.

“Are you sure?” he’d asked, and again her answer hadn’t been verbal. She lifted her arms and locked them around his neck, her fingers mixing in the strands of his silky hair. She’d kissed him, full out, her tongue sweeping against his lips until they parted. Her tongue teased his, made the advance and was rewarded when he took control of the motion.

For long minutes they stood, pressed together, kissing and fondling. His touch was strong and precise. He showed no hesitation when she ground his erection against her belly. She swallowed his groan and started to thrust her hips against him. Remy knew she had to make the first outright move. Having run from him earlier, she felt he wouldn’t be the aggressor. Her left hand dropped, squeezing between their bodies as they kissed and found her reward. His cock was hard, hot to her touch. It was easy to slip inside his boxers and stroke him, up and back, delighting in the throb she created. He grew thicker in her palm, and his kiss changed. The languid, almost placid embrace became urgent.

His kiss challenged her to spar back against his. He left her mouth, leaving a trail of tiny kisses along her chin. She groaned when he nipped at her earlobe. “Remy, if you don’t stop…”

“Don’t stop, please.” She glanced up to see his expression was one of question. Remy found a bold inner strength she didn’t know existed inside her. Pulling from the embrace she’d dropped to the edge of the bed. The position left her almost eye level with his cock, now fully erect. The small drop of clear fluid just cresting at his tip made her lick her lips.

There was no discussion. She lowered her head and licked it clean. That one swipe of her tongue opened a new world for her. She slipped to the floor before him, dragging his shorts to his ankles as she went. Remy used both her hands at first to stroke him while she studied his cock. She’d been right. He was long and thick, solid in her hand, with a light halo of curling hairs around its base. Gage let out a shuttering breath when her tongue ran over his tip a second time. From there she garnered her courage and began to take him between her lips in small increments. Over and over she’d swallow him and release him.

Gage moved only once, to distribute his weight evenly as she explored him with her hands and lips. With each pass of her lips she took a little more of his cock in her mouth, adjusting to the experience and his size. She settled on her knees before him, giving herself a better angle. Remy found the boldness inside her and began to suck him in earnest. Each time she took him in her mouth, she swirled her tongue on his underside. Each time she did, his cock responded with a slight throb. Each drop of liquid that seeped from him was swallowed and savored. On one pass, she finally relaxed enough to complete the act, to have the full length of his erection in her mouth, sliding down her throat. It was her sigh she heard. Gage’s hands dropped to her shoulders to steady himself. On an outward pass, she let her teeth lightly scrape along his skin. He surged fuller and she smiled around his shaft.

“Remy, you’ll make me come,” he whispered.

Reluctantly she pulled from him. “Wasn’t that the point?” She laughed aloud and used both her hands on his buttocks to pull him tighter to her. Remy understood she was giving Gage pleasure, but she now understood that she was also pleasuring herself in a strange way. Her pussy was moist beyond any other time she’d experienced. Her breasts were heavy with need, her nipples hard and aching. She pulled back one last time and drew her shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside. With one hand she continued to hold his butt and direct his movements. The other came up and cupped her own breast, tugging on her nipple for relief. While the motions only made her hornier, she felt him surge against her tongue. She glanced up, her mouth still full with his erection, and saw him watching her. Knowing he watched made it all the more exciting, and her fingers started to tug harder against her own skin.

Remy felt his body tighten, knew he would come soon. On an outward pass, she let her teeth scrape along his cock a bit harder. His cock twitched against her tongue. She swallowed him completely, twisting her head to better accommodate his length and began sucking in earnest as his cum started to splash in her mouth. At the same time, Remy twisted her own nipple and felt a small ripple pass through her whole body. She continued to lap at his fluid until she managed to swallow it all. Then she started at the beginning, taking him in small increments back between her lips. She was amazed that he began to harden again.

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