[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements]

Children are dying from the plague, and in her attempt to steal antibiotics from a pair of sexy drug smugglers, nurse Callinda Seebré comes face-to-face with a drug lord who now wants her dead.

To keep her safe, smugglers Hammond Miller and Spencer Prentice kidnap Callie. Once aboard their ship, she becomes a catalyst, stimulating the men to explore not only their attraction to her, but also their attraction to each other.

But Hammond and Spencer aren’t quite what they seem. Determined to bring down the drug lord, they realize that in order to succeed, they must put Callie in danger. Can they risk their hearts and her life in order to catch him?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wanted (MMF)
25 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was such a good book
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4 HEARTS: "Callinda Seebre works a nurse at a hospital who takes care of orphan girls who no one wants or whose families can't take care of. Now she must get some antibiotics before the little girls die. The problem is how to get them. The only way is to steal them from some smugglers. But she will do everything to save the girls, even threaten someone's life or get herself killed in the process. She's not only kidnapped from her planet but also has someone after her who wants her dead or alive. How is she going to save the poor girls now when she can't go back or doesn't have the medicine? And what are her captors after? I have a hard time saying whether or not this was not the best book in this series. Not sure, but it does rate far up there! The guys are hot and the way that the author described everything about them throughout the duration of the book was great. The way she gets the three people together is a well written and I like the worlds she has created. You can read the book as a stand alone but I recommend that you read them in order because you meet or hear about other characters in this series. This was a simple, enjoyable book. The characters were appealing and their pleasure in one another's company was refreshing. The plot will have you guessing how the story will end." -- Camilla, The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "In a future world, on a strange planet, Callie, a nurse, finds herself helplessly kidnapped and hopelessly in love with two gorgeous men that she believes are drug smugglers. Things heat up with the action on ground and rocketing through space, both in bed and out. The threesome in bed is explosive, and the man/woman/man, man/man sex is well done, very sensual. There are bad guys, good guys, and some Callie can't figure out as her men Hammond and Spencer take her on a wild ride to capture one of the bad guys. Is she bait? Is she expendable? Who are Hammond and Spencer really? And where is Callie's sister Lyri? Wanted: Wicked Missions 5 is a fast trip on a rocket ship, in more ways than one. Very much a fun read." -- Alberta, Manic Readers Reviews

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Her juices coated his fingertips as he found her warm welcome. Damn, but she was already wet for them. His cock swelled even more, and he ached to thrust inside her. He almost asked if they should take her right there—all Hammond had to do was slip inside her tight cunt, and Spencer could lube up and join them. Before he could ask, she kissed Hammond one more time, then put her feet back on the floor.

She turned to wrap her fingers around Spencer’s cock as she stroked him from crown to root and back again, brushing her fingertips over the fluid leaking from the slit. Leaning down, she licked the pre-cum, humming as if she enjoyed tasting him. He groaned and closed his eyes when she took him in her mouth and sucked.

All too quickly, Callie released him. With an enigmatic smile, she took his hand and led him to the bed. Patting the mattress, she said, “Bend over for me, Spencer. Let me show you guys something.”

Since she’d always been the one to lead the way in their sexual liaisons, he obeyed without question. Bending at the waist, he rested his arms on the mattress. “Now what?”

Popping open the small compartment on the side of the bed, Callie grabbed the lube they always left there. Flipping open the top, she squeezed some of the clear liquid on her fingers before tossing the bottle to Hammond. “Get ready.”

“Ready?” Hammond sounded confused until he suddenly seemed to figure it out. “Oh, ready…” He popped the top with his thumb, squirted a liberal amount on his hand, and then started smearing it on his erect dick.

When Spencer realized that Callie meant to play with his ass and that Hammond was probably going to fuck him, his blood turned to liquid fire. His balls pulled up tight against his body as a spurt of pre-cum hit the sheets. He let out a ragged moan at the images flashing through his mind. Although he still didn’t know exactly how Callie would fit into their coupling, he trusted her. Completely.

Her slick fingers slid between the cheeks of his ass until she found his anus. She circled it, making him suck in his breath, partly in anticipation but mostly because he hadn’t realized how sensitive he would be to her touch there. Her finger slowly pushed past the tight ring of muscles, and he tried hard not to clench in response.

“I won’t hurt you, honey,” she cooed, rubbing his back with her other hand and sending shivers racing the length of his spine. “Relax.”

“I’m trying…but…” Her finger slipped inside him. “Oh, fuck, baby.”

When he glanced over his shoulder, he saw her tender smile. He also saw Hammond behind her, his hand stroking her breasts, tweaking her pink nipples into tight buds as he licked and kissed her neck and ear.

Then Callie eased her finger deeper into his ass. Her smile turned knowing when she slid her finger all the way inside him and started stroking, that clever digit of hers quickly finding a sweet spot.

He almost came then and there. Whatever she was rubbing felt so fucking good, he was afraid he’d shoot his wad all over the bed. Clenching his hands into the sheet, he tried thinking of anything else, like calibrating the deflector dish or replacing the stabilizing coil, anything to keep from climaxing. He took deep breaths.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked as she added a second finger and continued to rub whatever it was that made him finally rise on tiptoe.

“Callie! Stop! I’m gonna come if you don’t…”

She pulled her fingers away. “Come here, Hammond.” Her voice was low and husky.

Spencer was ready to take this important step, but he glanced over his shoulder, his gaze locked with the man he loved every bit as much as he loved Callie. Hammond had drawn his lips tight, but the passion was in his eyes. Was he as excited about them finally making love to each other as Spencer was?

When Callie took Hammond’s hand to drag him closer, Spencer worried that his partner wasn’t ready. He decided to let the man know that his attention would be well-received. “C’mon, Hammond. I’m ready.” He wiggled his ass, pleased when Hammond grinned in response.

“Okay…” Big, slippery hands settled on his butt cheeks, gently separating them.

Callie led one of those hands to Spencer’s anus. “Let me show you the best place to touch.” She took his long index finger and pushed it against the opening.

Spencer was having a hard time not squirming in need. He wanted a connection between him and Hammond, and he wanted it right fucking now. “C’mon, buddy. Just do it!” The finger slid inside, all the way to the knuckle.

“Feel that little knot under your fingertip,” Callie said. Hammond nodded. “Rub it. Hard.”

The bliss that hit Spencer made more fluid pump from his cock. “Oh, my God…”

Callie’s beautiful laughter filled the air. “I think you’ve found it.” She crawled up on the bed. “Now, let’s make this a threesome.”

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