[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Cowboy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Fly is a cheetah shifter with a princess attitude and a love of high fashion, who has his diva routine on tap. Noah, a bear shifter, is laid back, has zero interest in being trendy, and is quite happy living an easy life...until he is injured again, and moves in with Fly. The pair dance around their attraction for each other, until things reach a boiling point and they finally acknowledge that they're more than just roomies.
When Fly's mother arrives in town, Noah discovers a side to Fly that is well hidden. The cheetah shifter has been verbally abused for years, and now has to deal with a woman who is determined to continue hurting her son, at any cost. To add to the drama, Flashpoint is becoming bolder...and Fly discovers his mother is a possible accomplice.
The two shifters are now friends with benefits, but they want more. Can they ever live together as mates? Or are they just too different?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Opposites Attract (MM)
8 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Fly finished with his final client, and cleared up his station. His hands ached from massaging customers all day. Facials, full massages, and various other treatments. He was tired but happy. It had been a good day.

“Shall we celebrate with a burger at Feeling Clucky?” Alfie said as he wandered over. Alfie was their resident nail artist, and had already finished for the day.

Fly smiled over at him. “Oh, but what about all that grease going on my hips?” he asked, playing the prissy queen to perfection, tongue in cheek, because he was really looking forward to trying out the new restaurant.

“What hips?” Alfie asked dryly, giving him the once-over. “Your ass is cute, but those hips need a little padding, sweetie.”

Fly laughed at the snarky comment, delivered with a wink. He and Alfie teased each other constantly, content with their banter, which was never nasty, just a playful exchange, as friends.

“After eating at Feeling Clucky, that won’t be a problem. Did I mention that Noah was working there?”

Alfie giggled. “Only about, oh, every five seconds, in between clients,” he said, his hazel eyes twinkling merrily. “Fly, honey, you’re smitten.”

Fly sighed without thinking, remembering Noah’s lips on him, and the promises the big bear had made. He shivered at what might happen later that evening. Noah was a mountain of a man, who’d been through far too much pain. Fly was more than smitten. He was well aware of the fact that he’d fallen for the big bear a while ago. He just hadn’t thought the guy reciprocated. They’d bickered more than conversed.

“Your face says everything,” Alfie said, still grinning. “I’m so happy for you. Both of you deserve to find happiness. I bet he’s amazing in the sack.”

Fly blinked, not looking at his friend. He felt his cheeks burning, feeling a little uncomfortable at the conversation. Where he came from, one did not discuss sexual prowess. “I hope so,” he muttered, and heard Alfie’s giggle again.

“You should see your face,” Alfie chortled. “I could fry eggs on those cheeks.”

“Quit bugging Fly,” Kaden said, walking over with a towel in his hands, drying off. “Nobody teased you about your mates.”

“I wasn’t teasing, I was complimenting,” Alfie said with an arch look. “I happen to think they’re the perfect couple. Noah is laid back and looks as though he eats bricks for breakfast. And Fly? Well, Fly is just Fly.”

“I can hear you,” Fly retorted. “Standing right here, sweetie.”

“I know,” Alfie shot back, rolling his eyes. “I just mean, you seem to fit perfectly. You’re delicate and needy, and he needs someone to need him…if that makes sense.”

Fly stared at his friend for a moment, processing. “Not bricks,” he said with a wink.

Alfie laughed at that. “I don’t want to know the sordid details,” he said, reading the look perfectly.

“Sure you do,” Kaden drawled, nudging Alfie with his elbow. “You two are all about the details.”

Fly chuckled at that one, nodding. “He’s not wrong,” he said to Alfie, wiping around his sink area, then placing all his various tools away. The foot spa went last, and he stowed it in its usual spot, then stood looking around for a second. “Towels,” he said, and grabbed the handle of the hamper which held all the dirty towels. “I’ll just put these into the washer,” he called as he wheeled the trolley away.

“We’ll wait, don’t worry. Would you like me to sweep up?” Alfie said, already grabbing the broom.

“Thanks,” Fly said, and went into the back room, where the washing machines and dryers were housed, essentials for a salon. Shoving the towels into the washing machines, he loaded the powder, then set the cycle and left it to run. It would take a half hour, so he could leave it to run, then come back in a while, and put them into the dryers.

He heard some people talking out in the salon, and wandered back, freezing in place when he saw who was there.

“Fly, darling,” his mother said, looking svelte and glamorous as she smiled her fixed smile. “I just had to come by and see how you were doing in your lovely little shop.”

“Mother, it’s not my shop, it’s Kaden’s,” he said, forcing himself to walk toward her. He saw the irritation on Alfie’s face. Kaden looked amused, and just a little pissed off. Fly cringed inside, wondering what she’d said this time. “I work here as the masseur.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, does it,” she said airily, grabbing his shoulders as he stood beside her, and air kissing both cheeks. He refrained from rolling his eyes.

“Why are you here, Mother?” he asked bluntly, feeling a little sick. He wondered where his anti-acid pills were. Dealing with this woman always gave him reflux.

“Darling, is that any way to speak to your own mommy?” she asked, giggling in that annoying way of hers. He didn’t respond, merely stared at her with a carefully blank gaze. She huffed impatiently. “Well, I suppose, being out here in the wild west, it was inevitable that your manners would slip, darling,” she said with an arch look at Kaden, who looked casual and sexy at the same time, wearing ripped blue jeans, a tight-fitting T-shirt with the salon’s logo on the front, and his biceps bulging as he crossed his arms over his big chest.

“My manners haven’t gone anywhere, Mother,” Fly retorted sharply. “Why are you here? I’m still at work. This is what I do. You haven’t bothered to visit in the last few years, so why would you care now?”




“You’re distracting me,” Fly said accusingly, with little heat, his voice breathless. Noah felt his cock thicken even more, and the responding arousal from the man currently wrapped around him.

“Is it working?” Noah asked teasingly, stroking his big hand down Fly’s back, to the mound of his buttocks, wanting to squeeze the taut little globes, wanting to lick all that perfumed flesh.

Fly shuddered and lifted his head, his golden brown eyes dark with arousal. “Where is this heading?” he asked, then whimpered when Noah cupped his ass and squeezed firmly.

“Wherever you want it to go, honey,” Noah said, breathing deeply, seeing the flash of pure lust in those beautiful eyes. “I’ve wanted you for ages. Just don’t know how to talk about stuff like this. I’m more the grab and go kind of guy.”

Fly grinned suddenly, transforming his face into a thing of beauty. “I’ve noticed,” he retorted, sitting up and straddling Noah’s lap, their cocks connecting beneath their clothes, hard and aching.

Noah rocked the man back and forth, grinding upward into the man’s crotch, watching the myriad of emotions that wandered over Fly’s expressive face. It was a tapestry of lust, excitement, and a healthy dose of pleasure.

“Like that, do you?” Noah asked gruffly, cupping the back of Fly’s neck with one hand, keeping up the rhythm down below. “Of all of us, down in that mine, you were the strongest. Always positive, always sassy. Even when things looked dire, when we all assumed we would die down there without ever seeing the light of day again. You were always the one who told us not to give up.” He ground more strongly, seeing Fly’s eyelids flutter closed as he lost himself in passion. “I wanted to wrap you up and never let you go. I wanted to put you in my bed when we escaped, and keep you under me so you’d never leave. Dislike you? Baby, I’ve been struggling to keep my hands off you.”

Fly groaned at that, then gave a shrill cry and bucked atop Noah, the scent of cum pungent in the air as he came. Noah licked his lips, lifting Fly’s little tube top over his head and revealing his slender, yet toned, upper torso. “I want to taste you,” Noah said with a growl. “Give me your cock, darlin’.”

Fly whimpered as he stared down at Noah, and lifted up, as though in a dream. He wore little boy shorts, in a bright green spandex that hugged his crotch lovingly. The material was damp now, and reeked of his recent climax. Noah moved him closer, so that Fly’s nether regions were in line with his mouth, and licked the damp material. Fly groaned again, lifting up onto his knees, watching avidly as Noah mouthed him contentedly.

Eyes locked together, they both pulled Fly’s shorts down, bunching them around his thighs, just enough to reveal his moist cock, smeared with cum. Groaning, Noah dipped in for a taste, and began licking his prize as though it was a lollipop. Fly’s hands gripped Noah’s shoulders, kneading them helplessly as he was pleasured.

“Hmmm, delicious,” Noah said approvingly, lifting Fly a little higher so he could sweep long, moist strokes along Fly’s perineum. “I love how you fit in my arms, and how you taste under my tongue. I could spend all day and all night, for hours and hours, sampling every inch of you.”

Fly began to rock his hips, in time with Noah’s lapping tongue, moaning wantonly. “You can sample me anytime you like, if it feels as good as this,” he said hoarsely. “Your mouth feels amazing.”

Noah gave a low chuckle, then rolled Fly’s balls around his mouth, enjoying the texture of the wrinkled sac, and the salty taste of the succulent baubles. “Is that a date, then?” he asked, holding his breath. He really wanted Fly to accept.

“That’s a hell, yes,” Fly retorted, then gasped when Noah popped off his balls and took his cock inside, swallowing it to the hilt. Working his throat muscles, Noah relaxed his gag reflex and felt Fly’s dick surge eagerly at the attention, filling quickly, surprisingly thick. The man was hung.

Staring up Fly’s body, seeing the flush of arousal on his smooth skin, Noah watched his lover come apart, crying out as a second orgasm ripped through him, and dumped a thick load of cum. Noah swallowed it greedily, bobbing his head as he continued to play. Fly’s nails clawed at his chest, raking at him in desperation.

“Too sensitive,” Fly gasped, his fangs gleaming, his eyelids fluttering, mouth agape as he panted.

With a final, erotic swipe of his tongue along the length, Noah popped Fly’s dick from his mouth, pulling his lover down for a smooch. They kissed hungrily, Noah’s hands cupping Fly’s taut ass, kneading the succulent globes like dough. He parted the man’s cheeks, his thumbs brushing the sides of Fly’s clenching rosebud, rubbing it insistently.

“Noah!” Fly groaned at the attention, biting at Noah’s lips desperately.

The bear shifter took pity, and gave a last squeeze, then tugged Fly’s sexy boy shorts back up before he flipped the man beneath him, and fucked him into the sofa. Noah was so hard, he was hurting, his dick throbbing with want. This was all about Fly, though, and besides, they both had to go to work. Noah didn’t want to be late on his first day, and Fly had some crow pie to suck up.

“I do love cream for breakfast,” Noah said audaciously, carefully putting Fly’s dick away. “But you need to get ready for work, honey.”

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