Seven Brothers

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Trust the Heart
1 ratings
Andy is the only one of his brothers who hasn’t met his mate yet, and he doesn’t expect it to happen anytime soon. What would be the odds? So he’s stunned when he meets Claude and realizes he MORE...
Leap of Faith
2 ratings
Peter’s day is going from bad to worse. First he loses his job, then he finds out his apartment flooded. He has nothing left but his sister, and she lives in another city. Sean doesn’t know what MORE...
Opposites Attract
1 ratings
Leon isn’t jealous of his best friend. Really, he isn’t. He doesn’t do relationships, so while he’s happy that Manuel has found the man of his life, he’s not planning to follow dow MORE...
Christmas Swan
2 ratings
Curtis didn’t expect to meet his mate while he was face-first and naked in the snow. He supposed he hadn’t exactly met Manuel that way, since he’d been unconscious, but that was probably not t MORE...

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