Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,788
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Investigative reporter Ian Jackson thought he’d seen just about everything until he happens upon a young man skinny-dipping in a pond in the woods. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ian enjoys taking the gorgeous man’s picture—secretly—until four wolves interrupt the forbidden fun. Moments later both the blond cutie and the wolves disappear.

Blaise Durant was having a ball allowing the handsome photographer to take his picture, until his brother Buckley and a couple of his cousins showed up and ruined everything. Things don’t get any better for him when his older brother Corbin, the leader of the local Loup Garou, finds out what happened. Corbin forbids Blaise to ever see the photographer again. Blaise has never listened to Corbin before. What makes him think he’s going to start now?

Blaise wants Ian so bad he can taste him, but will quenching his thirst put the entire Loup Garou nation in jeopardy?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,788
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Something big splashed in the pond just beyond his cabin where Ian stood taking pictures of some of the wildlife indigenous to the area. It is probably an alligator. As far as he knew he was the only human in the area for at least a mile. The wild turkeys he’d been interested in scurried into the woods, leaving him without a subject. Ian smiled. Maybe the alligator will be more apt to pose for me.

Ian struck out toward the pond, moving aside the thick brush and wet marsh. The splashing sound continued with what sounded like a chuckle. Maybe it’s not an alligator. The splashing intensified as he neared. Definitely not an alligator. Oh my, it’s a guy.

Ian ducked behind a clump of brush and peeped through some of the thick foliage to spy on the man. He’s naked, and what a delightful sight. Pearly white skin, hair the color of fluffy clouds, and a muscular torso. Ian sighed. It was like watching an angel at play.

Ian raised the fast-speed camera and began taking pictures. These are definitely going into my private collection. And he didn’t feel a bit ashamed of photographing the wood nymph. In the photo game, candid pictures were always the best. Of course, he’d been hired to film the wildlife in the area, but what could be wilder than this?

Ian looked down at his camera to adjust the lighting and to change the lens. He selected a telephoto zoom and quickly attached it. He raised the camera to finish capturing the blond cutie at play. Huh? Something else had emerged from the woods and sat near the pond’s edge. A gray wolf? What the fuck? There weren’t any wolves in Acadiana, just some bobcats and foxes.

The skinny-dipper didn’t appear to notice the wolf. Maybe I should do something before the wolf attacks him. Ian looked around the ground, trying to be as quiet as possible. He found a nice stout stick, righted his position, and peeked out of the brush again. Huh? More wolves had joined the gray one, and they were all seated at the edge of the pool, watching.

Ian gulped. What am I going to do now? There is no way I can take on so many. The young man emerged from the water. Ian dropped the stick and lifted the camera again, capturing every inch of the water-glistening body. He had slim hips, a narrow waist, and a cute little behind. Oh my gawd, what am I doing? His life is in danger. Ian bent down and reached for the stick and prepared to charge the wolves. He stepped out of his hiding spot and stopped. What the fuck? They’re all gone, including the blond cutie.


* * * *


“You’re going to be in so much trouble with Corbin,” Buckley Durant told his younger brother, Blaise, as they ran toward the Durant Sugar Cane Farm, where they lived. “Didn’t he tell you to stay away from humans?”

“I couldn’t help it,” Blaise said. “He showed up while I was bathing.”

“You do have a tub at home. Have you no shame, skinny-dipping at your age?”

“No,” Blaise said, finding nothing wrong in what he’d done. “And besides, he’s kind of cute.”

“He’s a human. If you want a little action, I’m sure Destin would be only too willing to help you out.”

Blaise frowned. Destin Le Blanc was his best friend, but Blaise wasn’t interested in Destin sexually. The two of them were more like brothers than friends, and some boundaries even he didn’t cross.

“What is he doing in the woods anyway?” Buckley asked as he and the others continued to run along the outskirts of the woods away from human eyes.

“Taking pictures,” Blaise answered. “He’s living in the Reserve cabin.”

“What? How do you know this?”

Blaise smiled sheepishly. He’d been watching the man for several days now since he first moved into the cabin. He didn’t know the man’s name yet, but so far he liked what he saw. “I just do. I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of this.”

“What is he taking pictures of?” Buckley asked. “Why is he here?”

“Wildlife,” Blaise answered as the other wolves ran past them and crawled beneath the fence bordering the farm. “My guess is that he’s working for Ansel Bertolette since he’s staying in the man’s cabin.”

Buckley stopped running, forcing Blaise to stop running, too. But out of the blue, Buckley swiped Blaise across the head with a paw.

“Ouch, you fucker. What did you do that for?” Buckley hadn’t hit him hard enough to draw blood, but his head still throbbed.

“To knock some sense into you. Stay away from that man. What if he’d seen you shift?”

“He didn’t,” Blaise said, rubbing his head with his paw. Sometimes Buckley overdramatized things. Being four years older than him didn’t make Buckley his boss.

“Not this time.” Buckley blew out an exasperated breath of air. “You need to stay away from him, especially since it’s almost time for the full moon.”

Every full moon he’d heard the same speech. He hadn’t gone into heat yet. What made Buckley think this time would be any different?

“Corbin wants you mated to someone worthy, not some human.”

Screw Corbin, Blaise thought as they squeezed under the fence. Like Buckley, their older brother, Corbin, could be a royal pain in the behind at times.

“Find a nice girl in the pack to cozy up to. They’d be foolish to turn down someone as special as you.”

Blaise pouted. He didn’t want some foolish girl. And parading them around him wasn’t going to make him change the fact he preferred men. Blaise followed Buckley to the stables and changed back into his human form before going to see Corbin. He slipped into a pair of jeans and pulled a shirt over his head. They always left clothes in the barn for such occasions. Shoes, too. Mostly slippers since Corbin’s wife, Bridget, hated when they tracked mud into the house. She took care of them and fed them even though she was eight months pregnant.

Buckley nudged the smaller Blaise toward Corbin’s office door once they entered the house.

“Stop pushing,” Blaise replied. “I’m man enough to walk on my own.” He would turn twenty-five on the night of the next full moon. And he hoped his brothers would no longer treat him like a child.




Fuck. Blaise is one hot piece of ass, Ian thought after the foreplay and the getting-to-know-you kissing ended. Blaise’s body was so much better up close than the little skinny-dipping tease peep show he witnessed a couple of days ago. And boy, could he suck a cock. Right now, Blaise had his lips wrapped tightly around the head and was giving his balls a sound squeezing. Ian couldn’t wait to see what other tricks he could perform.

Blaise looked up, revealing a pair of smoking hazel eyes. “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Hell yes,” Ian said, rotating his hips and sending more of his dick down Blaise’s throat once the conversation ended.

Blaise’s body was as sleek as a panther. He made a slurping sound as he came up for air. Blaise licked his lips. “You taste so good.” He went back down, this time bobbing his head up and down and using a little more forceful sucking action.

Ian came, shooting deep into Blaise’s throat. Damn, I never planned to come so soon.

Blaise was upon him before he knew it, brandishing a very impressive hard-on. “Do you have a rubber?” He rolled his cock against Ian’s stomach.

“In the nightstand. There’s some oil, too.”

Blaise literally leapt like a cat off the bed, landing flat on his feet in front of the nightstand.

Damn, he’s agile.

Blaise found the condoms, donned one, and advanced on him with lube in hand. “I guess I’m up first,” he said.

His voice had deepened and sounded sexy for a twenty-four-year-old.

Ian rolled over on his knees, taking the submissive role.

Blaise oiled him up with some of the lube and moved between Ian’s parted legs. He slowly guided the head toward Ian’s hole.

“Oh shit,” Ian moaned. It had been a while since he’d been on the bottom, but Blaise left no doubt in his mind that he knew how to be the top man.

The younger man found the prostate with very little trouble.

Ian moaned with each powerful trust. His dick had hardened again, and he reached his hand beneath him and masturbated while Blaise took care of him from behind. The heat of Blaise’s breath warmed Ian’s back. He shuddered. Blaise was going to be a tough act to follow.

Blaise roared as he came, still humping Ian’s ass with powerful thrusts. He rolled off Ian and on his back and panted for a few minutes. Ian was just about to lie on his belly when Blaise opened his legs, raised his hips, and exposed himself to Ian.

Ian licked his lips. “You can’t show me such a tempting sight and not expect me to take you up on the offer.” He rolled Blaise over on his stomach and moved over him, licking his way down Blaise’s back until he reached his adorable little behind. He lifted it and nipped him on one of the cheeks.

Blaise purred.

Ian spread the soft cheeks and ran his tongue down the crack until he reached the hole.

Blaise opened for him.

Ian speared the hole with his tongue. He didn’t need to use any lube on Blaise. He wanted him natural, lubed up with saliva and trembling beneath him. He lapped hungrily until Blaise cried out in pleasure. “Not yet, love,” Ian said. He lifted his head and eased a finger inside of Blaise.

Blaise purred again. “More,” he said.

Ian worked the finger into the small cavity, trying to judge the fit. Blaise moved his behind in a little circle to encourage him. He found the prostate and rubbed until Blaise’s cock hardened. Ian removed the finger and went back to licking Blaise until he had him lubed, and then he rolled him over on his back. He wanted to stare down into Blaise’s mesmerizing eyes while he took him.

Ian entered Blaise and found him warm and inviting. Ian went deeper. The fit was amazingly tight, letting him know that the little singer didn’t sleep around often. Ian slowed his roll and sank more of his cock inside.

“Sacre bleu,” Blaise uttered in French. His body emitted a slightly sweet scent that covered Ian like a blanket. The fragrance almost knocked Ian off his knees.

“What is that scent?”

“Passion,” Blaise said with a lusty growl.

He slid down further on Ian, taking more dick inside him. He growled, again sending a shiver through Ian’s body.

“Fuck me harder, Ian. I won’t break.”



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