Predator's Salvation (MF)

Sisters of Emsharra 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,000
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Shape-Shifter Romance, Consensual BDSM]

An intern architect at Ryan and Associates, Mateo Diaz has spent the last year learning his craft under the tutelage of partner Alex Ryan. Alex is the closest thing to family that Mateo has known since losing his own family years ago. But not even Alex has been able to elicit the complete truth behind Mateo's family's death, especially when even Mateo himself is uncertain of the facts.

Shadowing the pair responsible for her exile, LaMia Enlil discovers a perfect means to her revenge against Alex and Genesis in Mateo Diaz, her newest target, a carrier of the rarest human energy, spirit-boost, and the only remaining blood-relative of the two males from whom LaMia once sampled the much sought-after kundalini.

Someone else, however, has a mean score to settle with LaMia and will not stop until she destroys everything the Inanna cares about, starting with her latest pet: Mateo Diaz.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Predator's Salvation (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Predator's Salvation (MF)

Sisters of Emsharra 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,000
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS/Orgasmic: "Ms. McKeever has a sharp, sexy book with Predator's Salvation...Mateo is a complex character. He reeks of heartbreak and seems fragile but my first impression of him was that he is an aggressive alpha male waiting to break out of a civilized form. At first I was appalled at what LaMia intended to do to Mateo and how she went about it. Yet, through Mateo and his connection to her I began to understand her heartbreak and vulnerability. Their passionate, boiling sex made my toes curl and I was panting. The switch from each of them taking dominant and submissive roles had me running for my significant other and even then a cold shower. I was particularly impressed with LaMia's physical dominance of Mateo and the heat that poured off of both of them from the pages. The plot moved at a very good pace but I felt Mara's appearance was unnecessary. Whereas, the reappearance of Genesis and Alex will make those fans of Ms. McKeever's first book in this series very happy. Overall, I loved the world Ms. McKeever and look forward to going back to read Guardian Seductress and any future works involving this world." -- Julie Esparza, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 KISSES: "The Sisters of Emsharra, Book 2, Predator's Salvation was exceptional. I loved this book. There was not only love, life, explosive sexual tension, friendship, political intrigue, mystery, forgiveness and a plot that will keep you involved from the start to the finish. I recommend you read The Sisters of Emsharra, Book 1, Guardian Seductress, so as to fully understand everything going on in this book and why the characters are where they are, but this book does stand alone just fine. Gracie C. McKeever creates an interesting world with characters that must work hard to find the balance that will let them co-exist together. I highly recommend this book to anyone." -- Tara, Two Lips Reviews

4 STARS: "Be warned of S&M in these two stories. No one under the age of seventeen should read these tales either. That said let me say that BOTH stories actually have decent plots. The backgrounds of the main characters are not fully developed, but more than enough is told so that I, as the reader, felt that I understood what motivates each character. By including Ryan and Gen in the second story, the author made the situation a bit more believable to me. All-in-all, I highly recommend this book to fans of erotica. And do not worry if any alien terms confuse you, a glossary of terms is at the end of the book- but I never needed to use it even once. Fantastic!" -- Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

4 CUPS: "This is one hot tamale of a good story! At first, I thought it would not be realistic, for how could he love the murderess of his family, but I was pleasantly surprised. The author did an excellent job of portraying Mia in a realistic fashion so that the reader is able to understand and even relate to her motives. The love scenes are scorching, yet sensual and loving at the same time. The world building is creative and easy to grasp, which made the book that much more enjoyable. This is the first book of Ms. McKeever's I've had the pleasure to read; it will certainly not be the last!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

4 HEARTS: "Ms. McKeever's triumphant return, Predator's Salvation, features the main protagonists in the first story, Alex and Genesis, as well as their enemy Mia, whose story this is...This reviewer found this story to be a fascinating look into the life of LaMia Enlil, who truly seemed to be unredeemable in Book 1. Ms. McKeever has done a marvelous job of humanizing Mia and making her sympathetic. Mateo is a remarkable man whose empathic abilities make this story work as well. Their sex scenes are inflammatory they are so hot! The exciting conclusion to this story was noteworthy as well. For those readers of erotic fantasy, Ms. McKeever's tales of Emsharra are not to be missed! Highly recommended!" -- Leah, Love Romances

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Mateo stared at her back as she walked away from him to the stainless steel kitchen in the distance. He tried to see if he could spot the wings she had used to fly away with him, but there was nothing except the mahogany smoothness of her well-muscled back.

His fingers itched with the memory of how that smooth skin felt beneath them, as if he had been with her before, inside her, too many times to count, and craved to do it all again.

He let his gaze lazily drift down her six-foot tall, hour-glass figure from the gentle slope of her bare back to the slim curve of her waist and finally to her endless legs encased in painted-on burgundy leather pants and matching knee-high boots.

Despite his precarious state, Mateo felt his cock hardening in his boxer briefs, fantasized about putting his dick in her slick, hot cunt. What was wrong with him?

She turned back to him then, hazel eyes glinting with insight, leering as she stalked across the burnished parquet floor.

She sat at his bedside. “I am LaMia Enlil, and there is nothing at all wrong with you except that you are a healthy, red-blooded male.”

What was this? Formal introductions before she killed him? And damn, he wished she would stop dipping inside his head like that!

He used to think it was cute as well as advantageous to know other people’s feelings, especially girls he was involved with as a late teen. He had, however, gotten over his psychic voyeurism years ago when, at twenty, he’d experienced his then girlfriend’s severe menstrual cramps. He’d snooped because they’d argued earlier in the day and he had thought she was just using her period as an excuse to get out of having sex with him. He had been sorry for his mistrust ever since.

LaMia was more outright and rude with her snooping than he had ever been though, and he didn’t like it one bit. He didn’t like someone like her tooling around in his brain and knowing every little thing he was thinking.

“Contrary to your assumptions, I am not rude. I am merely availing myself of any and all opportunities to get to know my submissive better. And you will call me Mistress or Mistress LaMia, by the way,” she said then firmly placed her hand on his forehead.

Mateo grimaced.

Who the hell is this woman?

He closed his eyes and braced himself as her subtle, yet heady, cinnamon-and-female scent washed over him. He felt the tug on his brain as if she had reached inside his head to gently peel back the layers of his past.

Mateo’s heart pounded a vicious beat in his chest, obliterating all miniscule sounds in the loft as he wondered if his heart would explode.

She held her palm against his forehead for several long moments, ransacking his mind, melding with his memories until she became a part of them.

He knew this woman! Knew her too intimately to deny her or forget what he had been doing with her for the last several months—but more importantly, he knew her too intimately to deny what she had done to his family so many years ago.

One woman he implicitly trusted with his body and soul. The other had taken too much from him for Mateo to trust her at all.

How could they be one in the same?

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