Lily in Bloom (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,000
21 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, May-December]

A steamy, sultry summer night. A swimming pool bathed in moonlight. A lonely woman unexpectedly comes upon the forbidden sight of a naked, much younger man.

Years later, Lily Martin is haunted by the erotic dream of that one night. Divorced and newly returned to the scene of that vision, the last person she expects to come roaring down her laneway on a Harley is that same young man, now fully grown.

Ryan Kincaid never forgot his teenage crush on Lily Martin. Years and distance separated them, but Lily remained the one woman Ryan had craved but never tasted. Now she's within reach, and he has every intention of feasting his fill.

Embarking on a sexual odyssey together, Ryan awakens passions Lily never suspected she had. But can his hot loving uncover the woman within and give her the courage to overcome the past and claim the future with him?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lily in Bloom (MF)
21 Ratings (4.7)

Lily in Bloom (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,000
21 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
One of the best ever! The premise and characters make for an extremely hot and heavy story!
If you have not read the work of Morgan Ashbury, you just simply can't start with a better story. A woman who has been literally set aside by a self-centered ex and children who appear to be more interested in living without having to exercise personal responsibility for their futures, and a mother who just simply has never liked her, now meets a man who was a teen when she first saw him swimming in the nude and who has now come to her home with the express purpose of "claiming" her as a lover. Lily is repressed and oppressed by the significant people who have systematically cowed her with criticism of her personally, educationally, and every other way possible. Now her young lover has begun his own campaign to reacquaint Lily with her worth as a person, her beauty as a woman, her abilities as a thinking person, an individual who really is qualified to plan and implement her own future, and who is powerful in her own right. It is a delightful and heart-warming novel that every woman will rejoice in reading, with a hero who is one of those guys that any woman would be delighted to have as a significant man in her life. Just a splendid read and one that is already on my favorites list and one I will be re-reading in the near future.
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

farrr.gif5 ANGELS: F.A.R. Recommended Read: "Men don't get much sexier than Ryan Kincaid. His devotion to Lily's "blooming" is both heart-warming and heart-stopping. In fact, in her story Lily in Bloom, Ms. Ashbury will has most likely capture the fantasy of just about every forty plus woman looking for the excitement of a younger lover who won't be paying as much attention to the effects of gravity on the outside as the woman on the inside waiting to come out and play. Ryan's willingness to show Lily "everything" she's been missing is honest and doesn't fall into the realm of a twisted 'mother-son' relationship, although he does admit that his first attraction to her was partially based on his having lost his mother years before having ever seen her. However, his maturity is obvious in all his reactions to her as a man: in his desire for her physically, his respect for her abilities, and his protectiveness of her emotionally when it comes to those who would threaten her new found self- assurance. A wonderful read." -- Lynn, Fallen Angel Reviews

ecatarcawinner.gif5 STARS: WINNER: Ecataromance 2007 Reviewers' Choice Award: "Lily in Bloom is a great story about a woman who finally blossoms into the woman she was meant to be. Lilly changes from a meek woman who allowed her mother, ex-husband and children run her life into a woman who stands up for herself. Morgan Ashbury has written another fantastic story that captures the heart with Lily in Bloom." -- Racine, Ecataromance

4.5 STARS/Orgasmic: "Morgan Ashbury's Lily In Bloom is a fantastic May-December romance that will grab you right from the start! Lily is such a downtrodden character; all her life her mother, her husband, heck even her kids, have treated her with no respect. As a result, her opinion of her own self-worth and her ability to stand up for herself measure a big fat zero. With the entrance of Ryan into her life, this is slowly but surely about to change. Ryan values Lily, likely the first person to ever do so. He is strong, supportive and protective - and HOT! If anyone can help Lily blossom, it will be Ryan. He is just what she needs! The sex is great, with some elements of BDSM. Please note, there are a few brief scenes of bondage, a paddle and mention of a fantasy or two. My favorite aspect of this book is Lily's self-discovery, as she learns to defend herself from those who should love her the most. Think your family is bad? Like Ryan, there was somewhere I wanted to plant my fist and it wasn't in a punching bag! You will be rooting for Lily the whole way and hoping that Ryan wins her. This tale is gripping and a fabulous read!" -- Elizabeth Marie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "I loved this one. I don't normally go for stories where the hero is younger than the heroine, but the description of this one intrigued me, and I'm glad it did! I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it as I read the first chapter. I wondered where it would go and if it would get "weird." But I kept on reading and to my great surprise, I found myself being pulled in by the tale and the sensuality. Ryan's character was amazing. I think most women, and quite a few men, would kill to have a man like that in their lives. His caring and giving were anyone's dream, and his bedroom behavior was yet another reason one might kill to have a man like that. It was also a joy to watch Lily "bloom" and discover who she was and what she really wanted. I was very pleased with the way things turned out for all partied involved, but especially Lily. She had many issues to deal with, and none of them in particular were actually her fault. Ms. Ashbury did a wonderful job with this book and it's definitely one to pick up from Siren and read straight through!" -- Tera Cuskaden, The Romance Studio

4.5 KISSES: "What a beautiful May-December love story! Ryan is to die for, and not just because he's a hot younger man. More than once I felt my own heartbeat speed up in response to the way he shows Lily what a passionate, sexual woman she really is. As the title suggests, she blooms-and it's a glorious transformation to watch, full of increasing feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. The strength Ryan gives her to face her malicious family made my heart feel happy. Be prepared for your emotions to be fully involved as Lily in Bloom is an amazing story of betrayal and emotional rebirth. I loved it!" -- Lindy, Two Lips Reviews

4 STARS: "Utilizing well-choreographed plots and amusing characters, these May-December romances emphasize the importance of trust between a hero and heroine. Each story contains BDSM elements." -- The Rogue and the Rebel, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

You Gotta Read: "First off, this story will blow your socks off. Morgan Ashbury has a way of uplifting a woman to new heights. This is a story for all women who have felt controlled, been treated as a second class person, demoralized and in need of a new outlook on life. Lily and Ryan might spend a lot of time in bed. However, this story is so much more than just sex. Ryan helps build Lily's confidence instead of trying to destroy her self-esteem. Ryan not only gives Lily permission to be her true self. He loves her for who she is not what she has. As the story progresses, you can see Lily coming into herself. It is like the title says, you can see her blooming. Some people might not like the age difference in the characters. I, on the other hand, find it refreshing. I found myself at times wanting to put my own two cents worth in. I sometimes get emotional with the stories I read especially when they are so well written. I could keep singing praises for this book, but I will stop now. I leave you with this. GO BUY THE BOOK. You will be spending your money wisely." -- Roberta, You Gotta Read Reviews

"Lily in Bloom is actually as the title states. Lily has quite a journey for herself as she has been emotionally abused all her life. She has a mother who hates her, an ex -husband who mainly used her for his own personal means and with no care for her own. Ryan was such a joy and a pleasure to read as he tried to break through Lily's issues with trust and self doubt. Even though Ryan is much younger than Lily, his maturity in handling their situation was written in an incredible way, including those hot love scenes where he wants Lily to let loose. Ryan is indeed one man who knows his way around in the bedroom. and out! He was such a caring individual that at times he was too good to be true...This lovely older woman/younger man love story was a sweet, yet sexy read." -- Kate Garrabrant, RRT Erotic

"Morgan Ashbury has penned a lush and sensual love story of a downtrodden woman coming into her own and the man who helps her to love herself and him along the way. Lily Martin is a heroine who really stood out to me. The tragic life she led for so many years will certainly strike a chord of familiarity in some women. Abused, downtrodden, emotionally crippled, Lily has long suffered at the hands of her husband and her bratty children. It takes the miracle of Ryan Kincaid to bring Lily into her own as a woman. Ryan is a hero of epic proportions to this reader, a hero to measure heroes by. He lets Lily know how desirable and worthwhile she is, while showing her how beautiful life could be if only she were to trust. The chemistry is electric, sizzling whenever they share a scene, explosive when they finally come together in bed. The journey from timid mouse to strong and independent woman is a thrilling one, as readers witness Lily's transformation under Ryan's love. The realistic situations penned by Morgan Ashbury show her talent as a writer, lending credence and a human element to the story. The secondary cast adds extra emphasis to the story, showcasing the rough life this woman has had to lead up to this point. Lily in Bloom is a poignant story that will be a "keeper" in my library, as I will surely read it again and again." -- Lettetia, Scarlet's Musings

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The black helmet with tinted glass concealed the rider’s identity as well as the tight leather of his jacket outlined his chest. If he’d been wearing a cape, she might have imagined him a villain in a space movie. But where the helmet betrayed nothing, the stretched fabric across his chest shouted MAN.

Her heart raced. Having a motorcycle roar down her country lane had stirred a primal fear within her. Despite having lived nearly a month in the country, she remained a city girl at heart, with a city girl’s fear of bikers and gangs. She’d very nearly bolted for the safety of the house, and locked doors. But the fight or flight dilemma within her had taken a few moments too long to sort out. Now she faced a stranger who seemed to know her name, while his identity remained a mystery.

He took his time, she thought, turning off the bike, removing his gloves. She couldn’t take her eyes off him as he slowly reached up and unsnapped the strap that held the protective headgear in place. Almost like slow motion, he lifted the heavy helmet up and off, eyes closed, and shook his head, his long hair dancing on the breeze.


She’d seen him just a couple of months ago, at Uncle Mark’s funeral. He’d been one of the pallbearers. Since her uncle had made all the arrangements, she’d no idea of his name. But even then, he’d seemed familiar to her, somehow.

“Figured it out yet?”

Oh, hell. Memories of a long ago summer washed through her. How could she be aroused and embarrassed at the same time? She felt her cheeks turn red, and wished the Earth would simply open up and swallow her.

“Ryan. I didn’t recognize you.”

“With my clothes on?”


“I meant my riding clothes, of course.”

A lively twinkle in his eyes told her he’d been aware of her that night, all those years ago.


He dropped his clothes right in front of her.

Lily should have said something the instant he came into view, but she didn’t. Instead, she stepped back just enough to hide in the shadows. And she stood, a silent witness, a hidden voyeur, as he stripped.

The son of her uncle’s neighbor, he’d been introduced to her a few days before. Ryan Kincaid was only sixteen.

The moon, bright in a cloudless sky, painted his flesh with silver streaks of light, an incandescent glow that glistened and aroused. His chest, broad and manly, nearly barren of hair, made her mouth water. He must work hard. Even from this distance, she could see highly defined muscles. His hands went to the front of his shorts, and a part of Lily’s brain told her to look away. As a married thirty-year-old mother of two, she had no right playing voyeur. But held captive by the moonlight, the night, and the glorious sight of this emerging Adonis, she looked on.

The moonlight focused on his completely naked, magnificent form, like a spotlight would a performer on the stage. 

Lily forgot the sleeplessness that had chased her from her bed. Seeking only the open air and a chance to dip her feet in the pool on this steamy August night, she’d instead been given a visual erotic temptation.

Lily’s nipples beaded beneath her simple cotton nightshirt. Ryan stretched, slowly turning right and then left, performing warm-up exercises that warmed Lily inside and out. Clenching her legs together, she tried to stem the flow of moisture dampening her panties.

She’d been married more than a decade and had never been this aroused.

Ryan stretched his hands overhead, bending backwards slightly. Lily’s eyes zeroed in on his cock. Fully erect, proud, it called to her, a forbidden call of lust and need. She couldn’t help but compare it to Reg’s, her husband. How could a sixteen-year-old young man have a larger, more beautiful penis than a fully-grown man? But he did, and she found herself wondering, for the first time in her life, how a cock would taste. Her entire body shivered as she could almost imagine herself on her knees before him, ready to worship that stiff rod with lips and tongue, eager to taste, then to lie back, spread her legs, and…

The sound of a splash pulled her from her sensuous haze. Ryan had dived into the pool, leaving Lily alone and bereft, and more than a little embarrassed. Feeling her face heat in shame, certain the entire world would see her shocking behavior, she slowly crept backwards until, safely around the corner of the house, she could escape. Silently on bare feet, she stole back to her room, closing the door softly behind her. Flinging herself on her bed, she closed her eyes, as if she’d been asleep all along. As if what she had just witnessed had been only a dream, after all.

But it had been real, and the arousal that so recently flooded her didn’t abate. Instead, it cried out for release. With hands that trembled, Lily pulled her nightshirt to her waist, and then higher. Her nipples, hard buds, throbbed, and Lily’s hands moved over them, caressing, pinching harder. Until that moment, she had no idea her breasts connected to her womb. Her hips surged and her sex burned with hunger. Shocked at her own actions, but unable to stop, her hands wandered down, then under the waistband of her panties.

The first touch of her fingers on her pussy had her clit stiffening and seeking more. Whimpering, Lily pictured Ryan, naked, preening. Imagined him, ready, rising over her. Masturbating for the first time in her life, she gave herself the most delicious orgasm she’d ever experienced.

As she willed sleep to take her, Lily promised herself that, come the dawn, this night’s embarrassing activities would only have been a misadventure, now over. She promised herself in the light of a new day, the yearning and lust she’d felt for that young man would be dead and gone.

But it didn’t die. It merely lay dormant.


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