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Searching for the Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story

Running in Fear

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 6,100
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In Searching for The Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story, the prequel to best-selling author Trinity Blacio’s Running in Fear series, Alpha shapeshifter Remi LeBlathe has only one thing on his mind tonight—sex. Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy his latest menage a trois near as much as he’d like to because he knows there’s someone out there who is his true soul mate.

Life can change in a matter of moments, as it does for him as he finds himself searching for his perfect mate in the most unlikely of places.

User Reviews
Title: Searching for the Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story - Prequel to Running in Fear Author: Trinity Blacio Published: 1-8-2017 Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books Pages: 26 Genre: Erotic Romance Sub G...

- Dorise

I read the initial release of this series but this is new to me. I loved seeing a little of why Remi was there that day. I'm excited with the rerelease as the initial release was fabulous so all Trini...

- plnemec


The men made their way towards the bar and ordered beers. They hadn’t noticed everyone on alert at the club. Easing his way closer, Remi listened to their conversation. Were they connected to the drug dealer he’d killed last week? He didn’t care. He could either fight or have sex. Either way, he would release the tension that had been building in him for the past week, tonight.

“I tell you, that bitch is around here. She’s dyed her hair red. If I’d have known she was a slut, I would have given her to you guys sooner. The stupid whore!” One man snapped at the men around him.

For some strange reason, the beast inside of him roared with vengeance. This strange woman, one he hadn’t met, meant something to him, to his wolf, and he was determined to find out what these men were going to do.

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