Twin Cowboys for Tamara (MFM)

The Double R 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 95,334
42 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Interracial, May-December]

Like her absentee mother, Tamara Carpenter was never cut out for country life. But when her estranged father suffers a debilitating injury, she rushes back to her childhood home to find other things besides his health changed, namely the twin boys she practically raised.    Devastated by Tamara's exit, Jess has strived to make The Double R a success, burying himself working the ranch. Tamara's return upsets the emotional balance he's found in her absence and forces him to face his unresolved feelings for her, and his part in her older lover's firing years ago.    Open-minded and fun-loving, Jax prides himself on knowing how to have a good time and trying to get Jess to do the same. Tamara's homecoming is Jax's opportunity to show his brother what he's been missing by holding a grudge all these years, and bring two of the most important people in the world to him together. 

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.   "I fell in love with Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western heydays, and the noble but flawed cowboys in the Magnificent Seven as a kid, and have been a fan of cowboys ever since. Put in a contemporary setting like the stories in my The Double R series and you have the main ingredients of my favorite genres. Hope it's yours too." ~ Gigi ~  A Siren Erotic Romance


Gigi Moore is a Siren-exclusive author.

Twin Cowboys for Tamara (MFM)
42 Ratings (4.1)

Twin Cowboys for Tamara (MFM)

The Double R 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 95,334
42 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Just when she’d been about to give up her search, someone cupped her elbow.

Tamara yelped at the unexpected contact and turned to see a tall, broad-shouldered cowboy with black Stetson tipped low over his face. He had to be at least six-two, towering head and shoulders over her five-seven, so she craned her neck to peek under the brim of his hat and could just make out the strong square jaw and sculpted cheekbones.

God, he was gorgeous, at least what she could see of him. She couldn’t imagine what his eyes looked like, and as if reading her mind, he swept off his hat and cradled it in the crook of one arm to give her a better, full view of his face.

 Tamara swallowed and had to stop herself from gaping. Scratch that first impression. Breathtaking was a better description. He had a full, wavy head of chestnut hair and keen azure eyes that stared down at her with a curiosity and intensity that made Tamara moist. She switched her weight from one leg to the other, surreptitiously squeezing her thighs together to stem the flow.

“Tamara Carpenter?”

“Uh, yes. And you are?”

“My name is…J.”

Jay had a raspy, deep voice that reached down inside and tickled her G-spot.

God, it had been too long since a man had made her feel like swooning.Had a man ever made her feel like swooning? Or maybe it had been too long since she’d had some good loving.

Tamara wondered if the eleven-year gap between her and James proved part of their problem, if maybe he thought himself her daddy and the boss of her. He had been an adequate lover, but she’d missed the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the younger men she’d acquired a taste for since her first affair with ten-years-older-than-her Noah.

In the year that they’d dated before his proposal, Tamara had often wondered why she stayed with James. Sure, he looked attractive, demonstrated intelligence, and they had their profession in common, but when it came to pleasing her, not just inside of bed but outside it, James’ cool, master-of-his-domain attitude left a lot to be desired. She often questioned her attraction to him, wondered if she subconsciously searched for the father-figure she’d lost when her father dressed her down for lying with a Double R wranglerhe thought much too old for her.

Presently, Tamara cleared her throat. “Jay, you said?”

“Yep. I’m your ride to The Double R.” He jutted his chin toward the suitcase at her feet. “That it?”

“And this.” She nudged the matching Keepall on her shoulder, and before she could object, he took the bag from her shoulder. He flipped his hat back onto his head and slung the strap of her bag over his shoulder in one fluid movement. “You don’t have—”

“It’s not a problem, really.” He looked at her, his expression so joyless and stern he reminded her of her father when he’d burst into the barn on her and Noah.

Tamara’s stomach flipped over.

A grown woman, self-sufficient and thriving, Tamara yet doubted whether she could go through with this without some sort of liquid fortification. In fact, she decided she could use a stiff drink before heading out to McCoy. That is, a stiff drink for now. She’d welcome a stiff something else later if Jay proved amenable. “I’d like to make a stop before we go to the ranch.” Thinking about it now, she didn’t know why she hadn’t had a drink on the plane.

“You have some place specific in mind?”

Hmm, she loved his lazy drawl and caught herself sneaking looks at his profile as they headed for the exit. She let her gaze drift down to his left hand to check his ring finger. She released a breath when she found it empty. “Is there a bar nearby?”

“We have a saloon at The Double R.

She shook her head. “I’m not ready to go to The Double R yet. Is that going to be a problem?”

He paused to look at her, his gaze raking her from head to toe and leaving a trail of heat over her whole body as if he had touched her with his hands or tongue.

Tamara put her hands on her hips, more for something to do with them than to be defiant, although there was that too. When she noticed Jay quirk his brow in apparent amusement, she lifted her chin and gave him her best intimidate-the-witness-on-the-stand glare for good measure. “Well, is it?”

“Not a problem at all, ma’am.”

She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she found something familiar about him.

Her body tingled with awareness as if they shared a past. But wouldn’t she remember someone like him on the ranch?


“Oh yes, Jesse. Please, more…”

His name had never sounded so good to him before. When they’d made love in the motel, she’d thought him Jay. But now she knew his exact identity, knew exactly who made love to her, and it made her happy. Jess licked her soft folds, lovingly stroking her vulva before thrusting his tongue deep inside her and savoring the tangy sweet taste as she slowly pumped her hips against his mouth.

Jess felt her hands burrow in his hair, closed his eyes against the slight tug as she fisted a handful and mewled. Encouraged, he picked up the pace and intensity, replacing his mouth with two fingers as he concentrated on her swollen clit. He taunted the hard numb with his tongue before licking then sucking it into his mouth. Simultaneously, he delved deep with his fingers, scissoring and twisting them until Tamara bucked against his mouth with a gasp.

He felt her thigh muscles tensing beneath him just before she came on a long groan, her cream coating his fingers and dripping down the insides of her legs.

She held his head in place as if he might try to leave before she came down from her high, but Jess had no intentions of going anywhere—not until he sunk his cock into her and felt her silky wet heat surrounding him again.

Jess stayed where he knelt, inhaling the honeyed musk of her juices as her tremors gradually subsided, and she leaned back against Jax for support.

His brother easily accepted her weight, lifting her up into his arms and kneeling down to lay her on the blanket.

Jess stared at his brother over her supine body. He unbuttoned and got off his shirt in record time as Jax peeled off his boxer briefs to set free a mammoth erection.

Jess didn’t let his gaze linger. He had his own erection to worry about and set free.

Tamara rose up and sat on her heels to help Jess get out of his jeans and catch up with Jax. The minute her hands touched him, her warm insistent fingers brushing his waist, Jess thought he would take off and had to grit his teeth to keep from shooting his load prematurely.

She unbuckled his belt then went to work on his button and zipper, peering at him and giving him a gentle pleased smile that he’d thought he’d never see again.

Had she forgiven him?

Before he could dwell on the ramifications of Tamara’s behavior and mood, she reached for his jeans to jerk them and his boxers down over his hips. He sprang free to the mild evening breeze, pre-cum already glistening in his slit.

Tamara bent her head to take him into her mouth and at the first touch of her lips to his dick, Jess tensed and arched his neck.

When Jess caught Jax’s glance, his brother reached out to hand him a condom.

Jess took it, grateful for something to do with his hands and keep his mind off of what Tamara did to him—at least for a few seconds so that he could get his responses under control and not come too soon.

When Jax grasped Tamara’s hips, Jess saw that his brother had already sheathed his cock. He watched as Jax reached between Tamara’s legs to delve into her pussy with his fingers.

Tamara moaned and Jess felt the pulsation of it through his entire body.

Jess couldn’t take his eyes off of Jax as his brother smeared a coating of Tamara’s copious juices over his cock, then guided his erection to Tamara’s back hole.

Jax teased her anus with the head of his dick, slowly pushing against the tight ring of muscles before Tamara’s whimper stopped him. He circled his hips and pushed further, as slowly as he could until a couple more inches of his cock disappeared inside her.

She gasped and pulled her mouth off of Jess as she reached back to catch Jax’s wrist.

“You’re tight back here. Am I hurting you?”

“I’ll be okay. Just give me a moment.”

Jess watched his brother pull almost all the way out of her, and add more of Tamara’s juices to his dick before he began pushing inside of her again. He murmured in her ear, caressing her shoulders as he thrust.

The interplay fascinated Jess, so much so that he didn’t know whether his balls grew heavy and tight because of what he saw and heard or because of the excruciating torture Tamara still inflicted on his cock with her free hand.

Jax took one final plunge that seated him balls deep in Tamara’s ass and Tamara cried out before pushing back against Jax’s groin.

Jess couldn’t take anymore and closed his eyes against the stirring eroticism because if he looked any longer he wouldn’t have been able to draw out the moment. He wouldn’t have been able to stay in the game for just a little longer—just one more moment before he came.

He knocked the hat off her head and buried his hands in Tamara’s hair, gently fisting the silky shoulder-length waves as she took him in her mouth again. He pumped his hips and she added more torture fondling his balls.

“Tamara…” He couldn’t finish, couldn’t remember what he wanted to say when she swallowed him whole to the base and sucked hard.

“Oh…Christ! I’m coming…”

He heard the exclamation as if it had come from far away then realized it hadn’t been him who’d cried out. It had been Jax.

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