Releasing Aileana (MFM)

Highland Rescue 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,518
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, MFM, HEA]

Aileana Duncan just wants a peaceful life away from her evil brother. When shifters from a rival pack take her hostage, she knows she needs to escape before she can be used as a pawn against her brother.

Wallace Stirling is the alpha of the Stirling pack and CEO of Highland Rescue. Tired of watching his friends and pack members find their mates, he longs for a woman of his own. When she turns out to be the sister of his greatest enemy, Wallace must choose between love and justice.

Dougal McKendrick is the alpha of the McKendrick Pack, and allies with Wallace. He is shocked to discover they share a rightful mate. No one knows how two packs can share an alpha female, but that isn’t there only problem.

With a spy in the ranks and Aileana’s brother bent on revenge, can they make their relationship work? Or is the divide between their packs just too great?

Releasing Aileana (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Releasing Aileana (MFM)

Highland Rescue 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,518
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“If you behave, I will untie you,” Fraser said to Aileana.

She just glared at him and turned her back. She wasn’t planning on behaving and was going to make sure the Alpha knew just how annoyed she was.

She walked over to the massive fireplace and looked down at the flames, letting their gentle crackle soothe her anger.

“Murry, Fraser, Euan,” a deep voice said from behind her, “welcome back. Who have you brought me?”

Aileana turned to face the alpha and stilled. He was magnificent and her entire body tingled with arousal. His sharp blue eyes stared back at her as she looked him over. He had long dark brown hair, tied back, and was clean shaven. He was tall and solid with muscle that wasn’t very well hidden under the dark grey suit he wore. Aileana thought he looked to be about mid-forties, but he was in great shape.

She couldn’t peel her eyes away from him as he walked closer. She stepped back when he started to growl. Fraser walked in front of her as the growling deepened.

The alpha let out a mighty roar and shoved Fraser aside. Aileana startled in fright and would have fallen back into the fire if the alpha hadn’t grabbed her and dragged her away.

“What the fuck, Wallace?” Murry yelled, rushing forward. “She is an innocent.”

He ripped the alpha away from her and flung him away. That only made the alpha madder, as he sprung back to his feet and charged forward. She wasn’t sure what had set him off, but she knew it had something to do with her.

“Mine,” the alpha yelled. He charged at Murry with a look of rage on his face.

Another man that Aileana hadn’t seen enter the room approached her and pulled her away from the fighting men. He was just as gorgeous as the alpha, with his dark beard and tats covering his arms. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, a black T-shirt, and black army-style boots.

She almost collapsed as need ran through her body and her wolf howled. Her entire body recognized its rightful mate, and Aileana was confused and delighted. She had no idea who this man was, but she knew that he was hers. Fate had chosen her a real hottie, and her wolf agreed.

“Let me untie you, lass,” he said. His voice was deep and rumbled through her body in a delicious way.

He pulled the gag from her mouth and untied her hands.

“Can I have some water please?” she asked, her voice raspy.

She shook out her aching arms and felt pins and needles rush to her hands as the blood came back. It was painful and she let out a little whimper.

The fight came to a sudden halt as Wallace rushed to her side.

“Don’t touch her,” Wallace said, growling. “She is my rightful mate.”

Aileana took a big sniff of Alpha Wallace and froze. He wasn’t joking. Wallace was her rightful mate as well. She knew that wolf shifters often mated in pairs. It meant that if one of them died, there would be someone to watch over the female, but she never expected to find one of her mates, let alone both. She didn’t even know who the other wolf was.

“She is my rightful mate too,” he replied.

“Can that even happen?” Wallace asked.

“Shifters often have two rightful mates,” she replied.

The pain in her arms was starting to ease as she rolled her shoulders and looked at her two stunning mates. Standing next to each other, they were a sight to behold and she was damned impressed with what fate had sent her.

“Yes,” Wallace replied, “but not two alphas from different packs.”

Aileana looked over at her other mate. He was an alpha too? She could understand that. He had the dominant presence of an alpha and looked like he didn’t take any crap from anyone.

“Alpha Dougal McKendrick,” he said, taking her hand and placing a light kiss on it. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Of course, you fucking are,” she replied, shaking her head in exasperation. “Out of all the alphas in Scotland, I had to be mated to you two.”

Wallace growled while Dougal just arched an eyebrow in her direction.

“Let me introduce our guest,” Euan said, coming stand next to her. “This is Aileana Duncan. Alpha Callum’s sister.”

“We discovered her in England and thought you would like to meet her,” Fraser said, holding his side where Wallace must have caused him some damage in the fight.

“Like hell you did,” she snapped. “You want to use me as bait to draw out my brother. Don’t act like this is some friendly meet and greet.”

Wallace and Dougal both looked at her with blank expressions on their handsome faces. If they thought they were getting some quiet, shy, submissive little mate they were in for a surprise. She said what she thought and didn’t hold anything back.

“She has a potty mouth,” Murry said. “It’s why we had to gag her. She could make a sailor blush.”

“And you tied her up because?” Wallace asked.

“They expected me to come quietly,” she replied. “It wasn’t going to fucken happen. I’m no one’s captive.”




“I need one of you inside me,” she told them. “Please.”

“Are you sure?” Wallace asked. “Once we do this, there is no going back. I won’t be able to hold back from giving you my mating bite, but you need to be ready to accept this mating.”

“I’m ready,” she told them. “One hundred percent.”

Aileana wasn’t afraid of completing their bond and accepting her mates’ marks. She fully intended to leave them with one of her own. She was sick of being lonely and ready to have full life with pups and everything else that went with being a mate.

Aileana felt like her life had been on hold since she had fled from her brother. She had liked her quiet existence, but she wanted more. Fate had sent her that chance with her mates, and she wasn’t about to let it pass.

“Okay,” Wallace replied, before looking down at Dougal. “Show her how good mating sex can be, Dougal.”

“My pleasure,” Dougal said.

Wallace moved off the bed, and Dougal stood. She watched as they stripped out of their clothes. They were stunning men.

She had gotten a look at Dougal naked when they had taken a shower, and her eyes hadn’t deceived her. He was sexy and masculine, and she loved the spattering of hair that covered his chest and led down to his massive cock. She wanted to run her fingers through it.

Wallace was no less impressive with his slightly darker skin tone. She knew it was natural and not sun tan, as Scotland was mostly cold and wet, making tanning not that easy. He was slightly larger than Dougal with his large chest bare of hair, and his six-pack well defined. He had close-cropped hair around his equally big dick. His heavy balls lay between his legs, and his stalk was hard with a red mushroom-shaped head.

Aileana’s mouth watered as he palmed his cock and stroked it gently up and down.

“Let me do that,” Aileana said, moving to get off the bed.

“Okay,” he replied, “roll onto your hands and knees.”

Wallace climbed onto the bed and moved up to lean against the pillows. He gripped his stalk and waved it at her with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his face. Aileana intended to wipe that smug look from his handsome face. She rolled over and crept up the covers and between his spread thighs.

She took his length into her hand and licked the wetness from the tip. He tasted salty and musky, but Aileana wasn’t repulsed. She liked his unique flavor and repeated her actions.

He groaned when she lowered her mouth over him and took him to the back of her throat. She couldn’t take all of him and used her hand in time with her mouth as she sucked and licked.

“Your mouth is incredible,” he said. “Hurry up, Dougal. I won’t be able to last for very long.”

She felt the bed dip behind her and then Dougal’s warm hands on her hips.

“Ready, lass?” he asked, her with a small tap on her ass check.

Her pussy clenched with arousal at his little smack, and she wondered what a real spanking would feel like. Would she like it? It was something they could explore later.

“Yes,” she replied, lifting her head from Wallace’s cock. “I’m more than ready.”

Aileana went back to her ministrations. She felt Dougal line his cock up with her opening, and then he was slowly pushing inside her. His heat filled her and stretched her muscles around his thick girth. He paused when he was fully inside her, and she wiggled her hips to try and get him to move.

She pleasured Wallace with her mouth, as Dougal took her pussy from behind. It was a situation she hadn’t even dreamed of, but the pleasure they gave her was intense. The faster Dougal moved, the faster and harder she sucked, working Wallace in her mouth.

Dougal’s cock filled her to bursting, ramming inside her and touching places she didn’t even know existed.

“Fuck, Aileana,” Dougal said. “Your cunt is so hot and tight. I have died and gone to heaven.”

Dougal grabbed her hips in his large hands and slammed inside her. She loved how rough and hard he was fucking her. He wasn’t holding back, and she drove her hips back to slap against his pelvis.

Aileana’s grip tightened on Wallace’s cock. She lifted and lowered her mouth, swallowing his length as worked him. She wanted him to come, and she was determined to give him all the pleasure she could.

“Come, lass,” Dougal told her. “I’m close.”

Dougal leaned his body along hers. He reached down and rubbed his finger over her sensitive clit. When she couldn’t take the sweet torture any longer, she cried out as her body crashed into ecstasy.

Dougal’s cock felt impressively large as her muscles clamped down. He thrust inside her once, twice, and bit into her neck, giving her his mating bite and filling her with his seed. The pleasure and pain was enough to send her into another orgasm, and she lifted her head from Wallace to scream out.

Dougal slumped onto her back as they panted and tried to catch their breath. Aileana’s neck felt slightly tender, but she didn’t mind. What she had just experienced had been out of this world, and she knew that it wasn’t finished. Her wolf was happy with the result, but still wanted her other mate and wouldn’t settle until she had completed the bond with Wallace as well.

Dougal rolled to her side and sprawled on the bed. She smiled at his contented look. Aileana looked up at Wallace. He waggled his finger at her, curling it in a come-here gesture.

“My turn, baby,” he said. “Come up here and ride me.”

“With pleasure,” she said, crawling up his big body.

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