Shadowplay (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 109,929
3 Ratings (4.7)

[BookStrand Fantasy Romance, vampires]

The world’s first Fae trouble-shooter, Mia has survived the centuries--and her royal father’s assassins--by trusting no one and by pounding the bleeding hell out of her enemies. Then she meets Roddie, an Irish immortal with the skill to dodge even her most lethal attacks. Intrigued by the spirit beneath Mia’s warrior exterior, Roddie resolves to recruit her for a new, cross-supernatural alliance--the Vampires' last, desperate bid to avoid extinction. Trained solely to fight, Mia is defenseless against the Irishman’s flashing blue eyes and killer dimples. And despite herself, she begins to consider a life that includes love. Trouble is, softening her hair-trigger reflexes could get her killed.

But this time, Mia can't do her usual disappearing act. This time, she has to make a stand, and face her father's brutality and her own tortured past.

Because now it’s not just Mia who’s targeted for assassination. It’s Roddie.

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Shadowplay (MF)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Shadowplay (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 109,929
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great book. I hope to see more from Ms. Paige.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "This book pleasantly surprised me. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and hope to read more from this author. The story was easy to follow and a quick read. The characters were well defined. There was a good plot. I enjoy books where there is angst and pain. This covered every painful experience a female would never wish to go through. The sex scenes were good too." -- Dorothy,

4.5 STARS: "Set in the same world as Stealing Time, but a seperate series Shadowplay is an action packed paranormal romance centering around a dark Fae named Mia. Mia is a half breed- half dark and half light Fae. Her father also happens to be the ruler of the Unseelie Court- and he doesn't have any kind of paternal feelings for his only surviving daughter.She spends most of her time avoiding the Unseelie assassins sent by her father to kill her. When she finds herself accidentally caught up in a war between Vampires she doesn't imagine for a minute that she would find friends, or love. But she soon finds herself entangled with Roddie, a vampire who is determined to show Mia that there is more to life than pain and simply surviving. There are plenty of fight scenes interspersed with the developing romance between vampire and Fae to keep things moving along at a comfortable pace, and by the end of the book, friendship and love are not the only things that Mia has gained that she thought impossible before... Another excellent story from a new author that I hope to see much more from in the future." -- Lisa Flynn,

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“You’re worried that seeing and controlling darkness says something about who you are.”

“Yes,” I whisper, looking off down the street.

“But I’ve seen your soul, Mia, I know the person you are. I can’t adequately describe what I saw, but you are beautiful, inside as well as out. It’s why I bonded with you.” At my exasperated snort, he smiles. “I know that it was impetuous. But I didn’t think there’d be another chance, that you’d let your guard down enough some other time. And, without a bond, getting to know you would be impossible. You are too good at keeping others at a distance.”

A horrible thought occurs to me and I surge to my feet, snatching my hand free. “Have you done this before?”

Roddie flushes and stands in front of me. “Absolutely not! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It’s not something you just do.” At my pointed look, he sighs, chagrined. “Yeah, I know. You were my exception.”

“I just don’t understand why...”

“I told you and I’ll keep on telling you. I saw who you are, Mia, and I was so...staggered by you, that I had to make a quick decision. Besides, I’m not above taking advantage of a situation when a handy one presents itself.” He grins, not the least repentant.

“You...I can’t’re such a.... man!” I stammer.

He slips his sunglasses off and his eyes are dark. Leaning closer, he says in a silky, deep voice, “I’m glad you noticed, lass.”

“Don’t do that!” I mutter. It’s suddenly difficult to draw enough air into my lungs.

“What?” he asks, all innocence.

“Don’t look at me like that!”

“How do I look at you?” he murmurs, peering at me from behind lowered lids, his gaze smoldering. The world tips off center when he slowly leans and his lips graze my cheek.

Everything in me goes on alert, and it has nothing to do with self-preservation and everything to do with Roddie. Damn the man. Alarmingly, the urge to bolt is not quite as strong as the desire to linger. My voice comes out on a sigh. “Don’t.”

His mouth travels across my jawline. “Don’t what?”

“Don’t...make me feel.”

“Mia.” Roddie’s breath catches, and he pulls back, just a little. He studies me for a moment and his eyes look stricken. “You are strong, resourceful, and smart. No one has gotten a hand on me in a fight in over five centuries. No one but you, and I still don’t know how you did it.” His voice goes rough as he continues, “You are beautiful and sexy and so desirable, I can barely breathe with wanting you. But there is more to surviving than seeing the sun rise each morning, Mia. So much more.”

His intensity dances along my skin. Slowly and carefully entering my space, like he’s gentling my instincts, accustoming me to his presence and his touch, he leans closer still. “I’ve waited too long for you, Mia.”

“Waited?” I whisper.

“For you. For love.”

“But you can’t possibly...”

“Sure and I can. I’m falling in love with you.”

The calm certainty in his blue eyes steals my breath and, along with it, anything I might say—if my brain were actually capable of formulating a response at the moment.

“Let yourself feel, muirnín,” he whispers tenderly, and my heart constricts at the Gaelic endearment.

He holds himself still, giving me time to decide.

I take a deep breath, then another. “I’m out of my depth here, Roddie. I don’t know what I’m doing...don’t know what to say, how to be...”

“Just try, is all,” he murmurs.

“I can’t. I just...can’t. I’m sorry, you ask too much.”

He catches my hand as I turn to go, although his grip is gentle, easy. “I’m pushing too hard, aren’t I? Pushing too fast?”

I yank my hand back and wrap my arms around myself, trembling now with a panic so vast, the bond doesn’t have a chance to do more than smooth the sharpest edges. “You’re talking like I’m at least partially normal, like there’s something in me to work with,” I choke out, my throat constricting at the impossibility of what he seems to be suggesting...that he wants...that he’s interested...

“You’ve never known love or kindness, Mia. I get that,” he begins.

As angry as I am terrified, I snarl, “It’s not just the absence of what to me are no more than pretty words and lovely concepts. It’s my life having been governed by their polar opposites. I know how to fight, how to survive...”

“I understand...”

“No, you don’t! Standing here, I don’t even have to think how I’d attack you or how I’d defend if you attacked me. The knowledge is here”—I point at my head—“and I’m always primed to fight and to kill if I have to. Always. You’re faster and stronger than me, but you’re unarmed. And you seem to have feelings for me, which would slow you in a fight, since you wouldn’t want to hurt...” The words won’t come.

Roddie’s face is without expression as he turns and goes to sit on the bench. I want to rail at him for his carelessness—after what I just said, how could he even consider exposing his back to me?—and then I realize that that was why he did it. He wants me to see his trust.

And he wants me aware that, given the opportunity, I didn’t kill him.

Leaning back, he allows a small smile, apparently pleased to have made his point. “You’re right that I can only imagine the life you’ve led, and I hate that my feelings for you are causing the pain and anger I sense.” He takes a deep breath. “But there is some part of you that wants me, too, Mia, even subconsciously, or the bond would not have been possible. And, lass, it is that part I’m willing to fight for.”

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