Taking Her Cowboy Doms (MFM)

Pleasure, Texas 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,820
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
After nixing college, Jilly Miller and her sister Molly drive to Pleasure, Texas hoping to land jobs as waitresses and submissives at the BDSM club at Pleasure Ranch. They’d love to find Doms of their own, but when they find out The Club at Pleasure Ranch has been torched, their dreams go up in smoke.
Cousins Mike and Alex Triston want to share a submissive, but haven’t found the right girl. That is, until they see Jilly. Even though she’s covered in chicken feathers, they know she’s the one. Sexual chemistry explodes and, before either of them realize what’s really going on, Jilly’s spending all her time at the Triston ranch, knee-deep in learning how to be a good submissive.
Jilly’s riding high, but what about her sister’s happiness? Will Molly find Doms of her own? And what happens when their worlds are blown apart? Will Jilly take what she wants even if it hurts her sister?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taking Her Cowboy Doms (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Taking Her Cowboy Doms (MFM)

Pleasure, Texas 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,820
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love it! This whole series has been awesome so far.




“Hey, Houston!”

“Hey, Alex.” Caleb got to his feet.

But she was glued to where she sat.

Two cowboys, each as handsome as the next, strode toward them. One led a horse along with him. Both had a swagger that she hadn’t noticed with the Houston men. They were long, lean, and oh, so yummy.

Like the Houston brothers, these two men looked a lot alike. They had to be related in one way or another. Their blond hair was ruffled, giving them a just-coming-awake look that had her aching to tunnel her fingers through first one then the other’s hair. They were tall, maybe even taller than Caleb, with shoulders that could support the weight of ten planks of wood. They were dressed the same in faded jeans and denim shirts with the sleeves rolled up to their elbows. Blonde hair sported their strong forearms, and unlike hers, their golden locks didn’t come from a bottle.

She stood and brushed her shirt and jeans. Did she have chicken feathers on her? Or worse yet, chicken shit? If nothing else, she was sure she smelled like one of the stupid birds.

Caleb’s attention was dead center on the horse. “Thanks for bringing him. I’m glad we could reach a solid price for him.”

“No problem.” One of the men took Caleb’s hand, but his gaze did a quick hop and skip over to her. He tilted his head toward her, subtly suggesting that Caleb introduce them.

“Guys, this is Jilly Miller. She and her sister Molly are our new ranch hands.”

Crap. Couldn’t he have introduced me in a better way? Like “Guys, this is the sexy little blonde that’s living in our bunkhouse. Why not pay her a visit?”

“You’re kidding.” The sexy hunk’s grin grew wider. “But you’re a girl.”

His attitude reminded her a little of Derrick. And not in a good way. Didn’t he think a girl could handle the job? Aside from feeding chickens, of course. She didn’t think anyone should have deal with chickens. “I’m so glad you could tell. Girls can work a ranch, too, you know.”

“Of course they can.” The other man sidled up closer to her.

Judging from the hot look he gave her, he was used to girls falling into his lap. For real. Right in his lap. She hated like hell to admit it, but she was ready to take the fall, too.

But was he just saying he agreed? Or did he really mean it? She wouldn’t mind interrogating him to find out the truth. A cupping of his balls and a slide of her tongue along his cock would get him talking.

The other guy—why didn’t Caleb introduce them?—took her hand, stealing her attention. Not that she minded getting caught between them.

She was infatuated. And turned on a lot. Maybe Molly had it right. Maybe cowboys were the best men for the Dom jobs. At least now she had a reason to stay.

“Hey, will you guys stick around with Jilly? I’ll take the horse and get him settled in.” Caleb took the reins and led the horse toward the barn.

Did Caleb say something? She couldn’t remember. Not with two sexy men staring at her.

The one who’d been surprised that she was a ranch hand took her other hand. “I’m Alex Triston.”

They were close. Real close. But she wanted them to get even closer.

“And I’m his better-looking cousin, Michael. Call me Mike. Hell, darlin’, call me anything damn thing you want.”

She’d call him, all right. For a booty call and every other chance she could get. “I’m Jilly Miller.”

“Yeah. Caleb told us.” Alex’s eyes were a unique blend of greens and blues. Hazel eyes that could change color with whatever he wore.

“Oh, yeah.” She blushed. “So are you two from around here?”

At least she managed not to cringe too much. Could she have said anything lamer?

They glanced at each other, but politely kept any comments about it to themselves.

“Yeah. We have the next ranch over on the west side. I guess that means we’re neighbors now.”

Mike’s gray eyes were soft, but she’d bet they could get razor cold whenever he was angry. But what would they be like when he got turned on? She’d like to find out.

“I guess. I don’t really know since my sister and I just got here yesterday.”

The heat from Alex’s body wafted to hers. He was like unexploded dynamite just waiting to be lit. Was she the match?

She couldn’t risk that. Not yet. Not until she was sure what they felt. Were they as turned on as she was? Nonetheless, she stepped back, surprising not only herself, but them, too.

“How long have you lived in Pleasure?” Why was she making small talk? And yet, she had to say something.

“All our lives,” answered Mike. “Our grandfather bought the land and our father ran it after he passed on. It’s all ours now.”

“Have you worked on a ranch before?” asked Alex.


The guys exchanged a glance. Mike ran a hand through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead. “And the Houston boys hired you anyway?”

“Yep.” Did she sound more like a cowgirl? Or just plain silly?

“Doesn’t seem like a stretch to me.” Alex hooked his thumbs into his pockets. “I’d hire you in a second.”

She couldn’t resist toying with him. “As a hired hand? Or something else?” Should she tell them why they’d really come to Pleasure? Or would they think badly of her? There was only one way to find out.

“I’d hire you to do anything you wanted.” His eyes flashed with unrestrained need. “You just tell me what that is, baby.”




“What do you want me to do?”

“First, you can start off by calling us sir or master. You need to show respect.”

“Yes, sir. And should I say Master Mike and Master Alex?”

“Just master or you can add our names to it. Either way’s good.” Alex had buttoned up his shirt, disappointing her even more.

“Yes, sir.” Excitement coursed through her. After seeing how the Houston men had wanted Molly and not her, she’d almost been ready to go back home. It would’ve hurt too much to stay and watch Molly with two men who cared about her. Two men who would be her permanent Doms.


She swallowed. Now was the time. “Yes, sir.” If she could’ve made the movement sexy, she would have. But she had trouble enough just making her shaking hands work. She wasn’t a virgin by any means, but somehow this was different. More important. Like the rest of her life might depend on how well she followed their orders.

“Keep going.” Alex’s voice had dropped in pitch, adding the same yearning she’d heard from him outside.

She unzipped her jeans as she toed off her running shoes. She kicked them to the side then let her jeans puddle at her feet. Their appreciative gazes made the fire inside her burn brighter.

“You’ve got a great body, baby.”

She’d been told as much before, but coming from Alex made it seem better. Special. “Thanks.”

“Uh-oh. First lesson. Turn around and put your back to us.” Mike’s tone had lowered, filling with a passionate growl.

What had she done wrong? Yet instead of asking, she did as she was told. When she had her back to him, she glanced back, watching him as he moved forward.

Was her ass too big? Did he see the cellulite on her legs? She’d never worried much about how she looked before, but now it was too important.

“Slide your panties down.”

Did he want it from the back? She drew in a steadying breath, then hooked her thumb between the flimsy material and skin, and pushed her panties over the curve of her hips, dropping her panties to the floor.

“Bend over. Put your hands on your knees.”

She did, knowing, hoping she knew what would come next.

And it did.

Mike flattened his palm against her butt cheek. The hit wasn’t too hard, but it had enough power behind it to rock her on her feet.

“You forgot to say sir when you answered, sub.”

“I did? Sir?” The thrill of being called sub for the first time sang through her.

“Yeah.” He slid his hand over her butt, going from one cheek to the other. “Don’t forget it again.”

“I won’t, sir.”

“Do you like getting spanked?” Alex came closer, standing on the other side of her.

“Yes, sir. Although I’ve never gotten spanked before.”

“Fuck, yeah, man. She’s a spanking virgin.”

“I’m willing to bet she’s a virgin at a lot of things.” Mike dipped his finger between her cheeks. “Isn’t that right, darlin’?”

She pushed out her bottom, hoping to entice him to push his finger into her ass hole. “I think so, sir. I’d love to find out.”

“You will, baby. You will.” Alex reached up and undid the clasp of her bra. “Time to get naked.”

Another slap struck her. This time she was more aware of the sting singing its way into her skin. At first, it hurt, but the pain channeled its way toward her pussy. She’d been hot before, but with the added enticement, her pussy tightened then relaxed, letting moisture fill her.

Alex’s hand found its way around her leg to cup her mons. She gasped and peered up at him through the hair falling in front of her eyes.

“Yeah, she’s wet, man. And I’ll bet she’s sweet-tasting, too.”

Mike spanked her again, then again. “That’s it, sub. Your pretty little ass is getting nice and pink. I’ll bet her pussy’s just as pink.”

“I say it’s time to find out.” Alex took her arm and had her stand straight again. “I don’t know about you, cousin, but I had a ton of fantasies of getting it on in a bunk bed.”

“You would.” Mike chuckled, then bent to nibble on her neck. “Like what?”

“Like lying there asleep and having a hot girl blow me.”

She could almost taste his musky flavor. But could she ask to give him head? Or would a good sub have to wait for permission to be given?

“Have at it, Alex. I’m sure our sub would be happy to make your fantasy come true.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Alex eased by her, undoing his jeans before he tugged them down over his round, firm bottom. Plopping on top of the lower bunk, he hooked his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

Jilly giggled at his fake snoring. “Please, sir, should I give him his fantasy?”

“You bet, darlin’. Have at it. But remember the colors.”

“Yes, sir.” She crawled onto the bed, getting between his legs. He groaned, then started fake snoring again.

Mike drew up a chair and waved her to it. “Go on. I’ll watch for a minute or two.”

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she lowered her head and took Alex’s cock in her mouth. He startled, again forgetting to snore, then moaned. Thrusting his hips upward, he helped her as she dragged his cock in, then out again.

“Shit, but that looks great.” Mike’s voice was clogged with need.

“It feels even better,” mumbled Alex.

She didn’t usually like giving a man a blow job, but Alex tasted different, better. His cock was long, thick, and made a sinfully smooth curve at the end. Her pussy wept as she imagined his curve sliding to her G-spot.

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