The Alpha Takes a Mate (MF)

Disaster of the Otherworld 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,450
7 Ratings (4.1)

Brandon is the werewolf alpha of the Northern Forest Pack. He’s looking for a mate with the same strength as him to lead his pack through the dark times they are about to face. Never did he anticipate to mate with an innocent human female.

Elle Smith moved to Grace Hill after a vampire attack almost killed her family. After she turns twenty-one her life is changed forever. Brandon bites her as she’s working at the diner, declaring her his mate. She can’t believe it's happening and refuses him.

However, the pull of the mating can’t be denied. Elle seeks him out even though she can’t bear to look him in the eye. Brandon will do anything to keep his woman safe. As Grace Hill becomes the home to many dangerous paranormal beings, Brandon pretends another is his mate.

Hurt, Elle shuts him out. Has Brandon lost his only chance of a mate? And what threat from her past could send Brandon to possible war?

Their world has never been more fragile as a cult known as Disaster of the Otherworld intends to plunge them into chaos.

The Alpha Takes a Mate (MF)
7 Ratings (4.1)

The Alpha Takes a Mate (MF)

Disaster of the Otherworld 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,450
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Thought it was good, but would have liked to see more at the end. I know we will see more in the series, but there were some questions I would have liked answered. Overall thought it was a good start and look foreword to the next book.

Elle looked really cute when she was angry. Brandon couldn’t help but be charmed by her. Her arms were folded underneath her impressive rack. He wanted to turn her around so he could watch her lose her temper.

“Then why don’t you tell me what the problems are?” he asked.

She turned to him. Her hazel eyes glanced into his gaze but then stared past his shoulder. He frowned. Why didn’t Elle ever look him in the eye?

“You’re old,” she said.

“What?” he asked, struggling to contain the roar inside him.

“I’m only twenty-one, but you’re what? Fifty or something. You’re old.”

He glared at her, angry at her words. Her hands shook as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Yes, he was nearing over fifty in age, but he looked no older than thirty. Werewolves and most of the sectors in the paranormal community aged slowly when they grew into their powers or ability. Witches were known for being thousands of years old but not looking a day over twenty-five.

Running a hand down his face, he waited for her to continue.

“I don’t know you.”

“I’m Brandon, your alpha of the Northern Forest pack.”

“I’m not part of the pack. I’m also human. I’m not a wolf, and I’ll never be a wolf.” She glanced down at her bandaged wrist. He followed her gaze. “Unless, the movies are right and I can be turned from your bite.”

He smirked. “The movies are wrong. You’re not going to turn into a wolf.”

“Good. I don’t think I could handle that.” One of her hands went to her neck. He watched the movement wondering what the problem was.

“What else?” he asked.

“Besides age, human, and our general lack of knowledge about each other?”

He nodded.

“I guess you can add the fact you have no respect for human women to the mix.”

Brandon turned his gaze back to her at her last comment. “What?”

“I’ve seen the way you treat human women, and the same goes for the men of your pack. You don’t give a shit about us. You use us and then throw us away like trash. You only treat your pack females with respect.”

Feeling his anger tighten, Brandon took a step away. Her scent followed him regardless.

“The excuses you give are pointless,” he said.


“Yes, pointless. You’re my mate, Elle. You’ve got to accept that.”

“I don’t have to accept anything from you. I’m not your mate. I don’t feel anything for you.”

He’d seen her hard nipples and scented her creamy pussy. Her mind might not like being mated to him, but her body loved it. Closing the distance between them, Brandon pressed her against the wall.

“You don’t feel anything for me?” he asked.

She shook her head. Her eyes were wide as she looked at him.

“I’ve heard some things about you, Elle. I know you’ve not been with another male, and you don’t have a reputation for putting out either.” He lifted his hand against her face. Brandon relished the feel of her soft skin against his palm. She moaned as he stroked her cheek then moved down to her neck. Her pussy beat rapidly against his hand. Moving his hand down to her breast, Brandon stroked the tight bud.

Elle gasped. Before he did anything else, he moved his hand down to the edge of her skirt. The dress uniform stopped above her knee. Brandon lifted the dress up and then placed his palm against her hot pussy. The panties she wore were soaking wet.

She cried out, and her hands gripped his arms as he moved the fabric of her panties aside for him to explore her tender flesh. Her slit was soaked with her cream. Her clit was swollen. He pressed a thumb against her bud.

“Look at me,” he said.

Her gaze turned to him for a split second before going over his shoulder. Snarling at her insolence, Brandon pressed his face against her neck. He inhaled her strawberry and vanilla scent as he stroked her pussy. Her legs shook, and he wrapped an arm around her waist that kept her upright.

His cock was thick in the jeans he wore. All he desired to do was push his jeans down and thrust his dick deep inside her tight little cunt. Using two fingers he stroked her swollen nub. Her arousal filled the room. The musky scent of her cream soaked his fingers.

Brandon brought her to orgasm as he sucked on the flesh of her neck.

Her screams echoed off the walls and filled him with pride, knowing he’d been the one to bring her to orgasm.

Elle collapsed against him, her heavy breathing the only sound he could hear.

“I’ve got you,” he said.

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