The Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform Collection, Vol. 1 (MF)

Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,056
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, MF, HEA]

Assignment: Learning to Love

Georgiana Regina Lucille Fletcher, Gigi to those who know and love her, is a romance author who doesn’t believe true and lasting love exists. She knows of some rare cases that buck the convention, but they are the exception to the rule. Then she meets a man who goes above and beyond to see to her health and happiness. Maybe she was wrong.

Michael Burnett had only one job, ensure the bride married her man, and there were no complications. Simple enough in principle. Only it wasn’t the bride being targeted, but a feisty redhead who stole his heart from moment one of meeting her.

Close quarters during a nasty storm help form the bonds between them. But when he ships back out overseas for the remainder of his tour, what Gigi feels for Michael grows beyond anything she can describe. Now all she has to do is survive the attempts on her life and find her own fairytale ending.

Assignment: Deadline on Love

Her life is being turned upside down by a stalker. But Piper Davis isn’t the sort to sit around feeling sorry for herself. While the police don’t seem able to do anything, or perhaps they are unwilling, she knows that she can’t ignore what’s going on. Which is where a supremely sexy former service man comes into the picture.

Aeron Cutter is used to thinking by the seat of his pants. Piper Davis definitely threw him for a loop, though. Gorgeous, smart, and quick on her feet, he knows he’ll have his hands full with her. But when he realizes she’s what he’s been missing in his life since coming home, he’ll do anything and everything necessary to keep her safe.

Knowing she can rely on Aeron to keep her safe helps put Piper’s mind at ease. The realization of who’s behind the attacks on Piper will test them both, putting a deadline on their love.

The Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform Collection, Vol. 1 (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform Collection, Vol. 1 (MF)

Hawt Men In and Out of Uniform

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,056
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Assignment: Learning to Love


Gigi stood in the lineup there in the front of the sham of a wedding. She shifted slightly because the dress she was in was beyond uncomfortable. It was stiff and so ugly that she could just scream. Gigi was a redhead with very pale skin and the dress was fire engine red as well. It was very unflattering, and a shock to be in honestly.

She tried to recall just how she had been trapped into being a bridesmaid, and then laid it at the feet of the hunky man that she had bumped into while trying to escape her aunt and mother’s machinations on trapping her into being a bridesmaid since the one who was supposed to do it ran off with Ralph, her mother’s boyfriend.

That thought had Gigi giggling, her eyes turning, and seeing her mother with red-rimmed eyes. Yes she was sad for her mother, but she was also doing a fist-pump mentally because her mother finally got what she deserved.

That fast though Gigi stopped giggling and sighed. Crap, she hated this. She hated weddings. She thought that marriage and real love were fictional memes that were only created so that people like her could write and make money from those that read the drivel they put out.

She looked over the people in the crowd and her gaze landed on the reason she was standing in front of these people in the hideous red dress she was in. He was, well, he was spectacular. He was also a service man and good lord, he was drop dead gorgeous. His body was one that would make the gods weep in envy, but it was his eyes that danced with laughter and goodwill that made her nearly melt at his feet like all the other women did.

She tried to look away, but she couldn’t find it in herself to do so. Lordy, but she wanted to see if his body was as perfect under the dress BDUs as it looked like it would be. The fact that her father seemed to know him, as well as her godfather, well that was something else altogether.

Taking a deep breath she forced herself to break the connection that seemed to form with the too-handsome Marine, Master Sergeant if she wasn’t mistaken, and back to the rest of the wedding party. God, she hated this.

She licked her lips and cringed. She forgot that she had on some nasty-ass lipstick that had a glaze of glitter on top of it until she licked her lips, that was.

Once more, she forced herself to focus on anything but the here-and-now. She needed to get off the island. A wedding getaway, her mom told her a week on an island without cars or internet was just what she needed. Gigi snorted. Yeah right. She had a deadline and needed to meet it. Instead she was on the flipping island for another five stupid days.

She looked around and saw that everyone was shifting and beginning to whisper. She wondered where the hell Sandy was, and then realized it was just her and her drama-rama ways. She was pranking everyone the way that she had pranked Gigi last night.

Right, note to self, Gigi thought, need to make sure to get the letters and dead flowers that were sent to her into the trash before anyone else saw them and thought that I was trying to rain on Sandy’s parade. Yeah right. She knew that the disgusting things had come from her cousin. The woman hated that Gigi had her own career and turned her back on the family money and instead forged her own way in the world.

Nope, she needed to dispose of all of that and then she needed to go down to the dock and talk to the locals to see if she could possibly get one of them to get her off that bloody island before she killed someone.

When the wedding waltz started, all eyes turned to Sandy, thank god, and the bride started down the aisle. About damn time, too, in her mind.




“The only word I’m going to say is get naked, Master Sergeant.” She tugged her robe off, standing before him with just the towel around her hair since she let the one around her body drop too. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, but when he just stood there, she did shift from foot to foot and lifted a hand to cover her middle. “Was that too much too fast?”

“Hell no.” He breathed out on a groan. “Damn woman, you are gorgeous.” Michael stood there a moment longer before he shook his head and blinked. Bending, he worked at his boots, kicking them off as he tore his shirt over his head. Next, he got rid of his pants and socks. Straightening, he gave her the same chance to stare at him as he’d taken with her.

Gigi approached him slowly and reached out to touch him. Her fingers brushed the vee shape of muscles that went down his front, and she lost more than half her brain cells as she touched him. “Goodness. I don’t know what this muscle here is called.” She looked up at him and stepped impossibly closer. “But I swear it makes me forget everything that’s happening.” Licking her lips, she waited, needing and wanting more. “Kiss me again?” She asked and let her hands drift down so that they lightly brushed the girth of his erection and then wrapped her hands around the heated length of him. “God I’ve wondered all this time just how you looked and now I want to taste you.” She licked her lips and looked down at him. She wanted to lick him, suck him, god she wanted everything.

Groaning, he swayed closer to her, then away slightly. “You talk a lot when you’re nervous,” he said softly. Leaning his head in, he kissed her, backing her toward the bed slowly, and nibbled on her mouth. “Later, you can do anything you want, but right now I need you.” He stopped and muttered out a curse. “Condoms,” he mumbled, his brow furrowing in thought.

“Have an IUD. I had it put in the moment I came back because I knew that I needed and wanted to be with you. I wanted to be with you skin-to-skin.” Her hands moved over his chest and she turned and looked up at him. “I have nothing. I’ve been tested for everything under the sun because of cutting the guy on the island and whatnot.” She just wanted to be skin-to-skin with him now and for as long as he would keep her.

“Well you know I haven’t been with anyone,” he said softly. “I’ve been waiting for you. Had to, no way I could be with anyone else after meeting you. You sure?” he asked softly. Lifting his hand, he brushed his fingers slowly down her cheek. Michael stepped in closer to her, his skin brushing to hers with every breath they each took.

“God yes, I’m sure.” She couldn’t be more certain of anything at all, even if she tried. “Please.” She let her fingers brush over his skin and leaned up on her toes. “So no more talking.” She reached up and pulled him down to her, kissing him with the need and want she had for the last year.

His hands cupped her ass and lifted her from her feet. The brush of her comforter over her skin was cool. Slowly he eased his weight down over her, pressing her deeper into the mattress as he continued to kiss her. He let out a low moan that slid into her mouth, his chest vibrating against hers.

Her heels wrapped around his ass and tugged him closer. “No more teasing, no more thinking. I need you inside of me. Now.” She knew that was crazy, but it was the truth. She needed to have him loving her right now.

Licking his lips, he stared down at her. One of his hands slid between them and down to cup her pussy. His eyelids drifted shut as he slid a finger between her folds, spreading her juices around. “God damn, you are so wet for me, honey. Later, later I want a taste of you. Only when I know I’ll fully enjoy it.”

“Only if you let me do the same.” She lifted slightly, pushing herself against him as she did so. “God I love the way that you feel. Please, more.” She loved the fullness, the way that he would curl his finger and brush that sensitive spot inside of her. She loved all of it. “More.” It was a demand, pure and simple.

“Need to be inside of you, now,” he said. Withdrawing his finger, he lifted her leg up and out. Rocking his hips, he rubbed his cock through her folds. In a slow slide of flesh, he pressed into her pussy and filled her.

Gigi’s head arched back and she shuddered. Holy hell, that felt amazing. Her nails bit into his shoulders and she tugged him closer, her legs wrapping around his hips and lifting herself up so that she could meet him thrust for thrust. “So good,” she moaned with a sob of pure pleasure. She had known that they would be perfect together, now they were and she was happier than she could ever express.

“Look at me, honey,” he said. Each thrust jolted her against the bedding as they found their rhythm together. Over and over, he pushed deep into her slick pussy. His fingers squeezed on her thigh. “Let me see you, Gina. Look at me so I can see everything.”


Assignment: Deadline on Love


She saw the General moving and talking to the man and Gigi and then a couple of men near them. She took another sip of her ginger ale and nearly choked when they all turned their gazes her way. Not good. Crapballs. The laser focus on their faces, the intensity. Oh, boy, she was in so much trouble.

“Uncle Fletch.” She got off of her stool and hugged Gigi. “Gigi. I thought we talked about this whole wedding thing. Remember there were supposed to be horse-drawn carriages and birds holding your train and stuff?”

Gigi laughed. “We were five and watching Cinderella. I think that we have both grown up.”

“Yeah, look at you and your believing in love again.” Piper smiled and looked to Michael. “You be good to her. If not, you will never see me coming.”

Gigi gave Piper another hug and pulled back. “He’s taught me to love. That’s huge. He wouldn’t hurt me and you know it. Now come on. Daddy said that you needed a chat?”

Glaring at General Fletcher, Piper linked her arm with Gigi’s and nodded. “Yeah, I do. Where are we off to?” she asked the men in general.

“There’s a conference room that’s currently empty on the second floor,” the General said. “I’ve arranged for us to use the space for the next little while. They’re even putting some nonalcoholic drinks up there for us to partake of. So, up the escalators by the check-in desk, and then to the left.”

She was thankful that the General remembered that she didn’t drink. With Gigi at her side and the men loosely around them, they took the escalators up to the second floor. Once they were settled into the room, she frowned and watched as the men set up little tripods. “What are those?” she questioned.

“Sound dampeners,” the General said. “It’ll ensure that no one can overhear our discussion.” He moved to close and lock the doors. He then went around the room checking the other doors and pulling all the blinds on the windows.

“Okay.” She didn’t think that anyone would want to overhear what she had to say, right? Once the General nodded to her to begin, she started. She began to tell her story just as she had told the General. She watched as he passed out the notes that had been sent to her along with the images of the dead flowers and other gifts that had been left for her. Finally there was the image of the blade over her heart, her father’s Silver Star, and the hair that had been cut from her head. “So, that’s it,” she whispered and leaned back. She felt bereft. She felt as if her soul had been laid open from the discussion.

All the information had gone around the room, but now it was sitting in front of only one of the guys. The others were all leaning back in their chairs, watching, and waiting. He was a big guy, dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes that were focused on the letters and picture laid on the table.

“Well?” the General finally prompted.

The big guy looked up to the man and shrugged. “It’s not going to be easy. The guy seems careful, even with his overblown fixation. The date, though, speaks of a plan. Which means he’s watching her, cataloguing her movements, and has this narrowed down to a specific point. To pick a date like that means either he knows exactly where she’s going to be, or has a way to get her where he wants her.”

“If he’s watching her, then throwing anyone new into the mix may spook him,” Michael said. “Which could lead to one of two things, he accelerates his plan, or he takes out the new addition to ensure success to the plan.”

“Yeah, but if he does that then the cops will get involved,” someone else said. “Damn glad it’s you taking this one, Cutter. I think I prefer targets I can see coming.”

Piper looked at the man who Gigi’s fiancé called Cutter. “So I take it that you will be my new barback or bouncer or something?” She didn’t really need help, but from what the General had told her, she would need to ensure that there was an opening so that it didn’t look too suspicious to bring him in. Thankfully one of the guys that worked for her was due an assload of vacation and he was more than ready to take it since he had gotten engaged and found out he was going to be a dad soon as well.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. Blue eyes met hers for a moment before he went back to the items in front of him. He kept moving them around, shifting their positions, and then making small adjustments while he frowned. “Basically, whatever you need done I’ll be in that spot for however long it takes to find this guy. I’ll also be sitting on your home, with Yoshi, of course,” he said. He indicated another of the men who definitely had a bit of an Asian ancestry in his blood. “He’ll be our eyes when I’m sleeping, otherwise I’ll be on your six at all times. He’ll remain hidden unless needed, so the only person new in your life this guy may spot will be me.”

“Which means we need a cover story for Cutter,” the General said. “It has to be simple, and as realistic as possible. It will be up to you and him to figure that out,” he told Piper.

Piper looked at Blue Eyes and shrugged. “Well, I don’t know. How are you for boyfriend material?” She was teasing, but there was just something about his laughing blue eyes that had her saying whatever came to mind at the moment it came to mind and there it was, she was asking the guy to be her boyfriend.




Piper put her hands against Cutter’s head and pulled him closer. She wanted and needed this and knew it. When she pulled back, she felt hot and needy. “I need, god, I need you right now.” She lifted a leg and wrapped it around his lower leg. “Stay with me?” she asked with uncertainty in her voice.

“Hey,” he breathed. “Piper, all you ever have to do is ask, sweetheart.” Sliding his arms around her, Cutter pulled her in close for a hug. When she began to relax a little, he slid his hands down to cup her ass and lifted her up into his arms, stepping in to pin her with his pelvis. “What do you want, sweetheart? Anything at all, as long as you don’t ask for the moon. I’m still a little unsure of how to go about getting that.”

“How about just you in my bed with me? I wouldn’t ask for anything as unattainable as the moon. Just for you to be with me for as long as I can keep you.” She leaned in, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist now, and squeezed. “I just need you. Naked, preferably.”

“Agreed,” he said. Leaning away from the wall, he carried her toward her room, seemingly with very little effort. “I will need to grab my bag, though, it’s got all sorts of goodies like condoms in it because a Marine is always prepared for whatever might arise. Though I only have a couple so we may need to get a little extra creative tonight.”

“More than two would be needed?” She had never heard of anyone being able to come more than once in a night. “Wow.” She rubbed her pants-covered pussy against the front of his slacks and felt the rise of his cock as she did so. “Damn, you are teaching me a lot. I can’t wait to see just how creative that we will be together.”

“Yes, more than two would be needed,” he said. Settling her down on the bed, he laid her out before straightening. “Do not move an inch,” he told her. “I mean it. You can scratch your nose, get a little more comfortable, but nothing more. I’ll know.” With that, he spun on a heel and disappeared from her room.

Piper watched him leave and she bit her lower lip. Never before had anyone told her what to do, and she found she liked it. A lot. Remaining on the bed, she pulled her shirt and bra off and tossed it away, only to then wiggle out of her jeans. She hadn’t moved from where she had been placed, but she did, however, open her thighs wide and ran her fingers over her waxed mound, waiting for him to return. “Hurry up, Cutter, or I’m starting without you.” Damn, she wished she knew his first name. She felt more than a little like a slut, but it felt so right and so natural to be with him, too.

He walked back in, his gaze raking over her until he met her gaze. “Spread your thighs, heels up on the bed, and expose that sweet pussy of yours. You can definitely start, sweetheart. Just know that I intend to watch while you toy with your pretty pussy. Show me,” he demanded. He dropped the bag, his eyes never leaving her as he crouched and began to dig through it.

Piper began to run her fingers over the folds of her pussy, the slickness of her juice making it easier to slide her fingers over and over. She ran her thumb over the hood of her clit, her eyes closing slightly as she lifted her butt slightly and rubbed just a little harder. “Cutter,” she whispered and then opened her eyes to look at him. “What’s your first name?” She once again began to slip her fingers over her folds, dipping one finger into her pussy and letting out a breath of pure pleasure when she did so.

“Eyes on me, Piper,” he said in a sharp tone. She felt his hands on her knees, pressing her legs open wider before he moved her feet slightly. “It’s Aeron, sweetheart. Keep your eyes on me at all times, I want to see you as you pleasure yourself, it’s the best way to know what a woman likes, after all.”

Her eyes were on his. She watched him carefully and moaned. Once again, she dipped a finger to the second knuckle into her weeping pussy and let out a breathy sigh. “Aeron.” She loved the way that his name sounded in her mind and coming off of her lips. “Please.” She also was enjoying him telling her what to do, something she didn’t think she would, but she did. A lot.

“Slide a second finger in there, Piper. Pump them in nice and slow. Make sure you go in deep, rubbing at that sweet spot you have each and every time. That’s it, baby. God, you are so fucking wet,” he said, letting out a low growl. Licking his lips, he stepped back, his hands trailing off her knees, and began to strip as he split his focus between her face and what her hand was doing. “Play with your pink and needy nipples, Piper. Pinch and pluck at those tight little buds.”

She lifted her hand and began to tug and plump her nipples while sliding her other hand against her clit with the heel of her hand and pumped her fingers in and out of her body as she did so. “Aeron.” She watched him as he stripped and began to pant, toying with her body as she did so.

“That’s good, sweetheart. Just like that,” he encouraged her. Dropping his pants, he bent for a moment before straightening and walking to the bed. He tossed something onto her nightstand and something else on her belly. A quick glance showed a condom resting just above her belly button. His hand on his cock, stroking up and down, brought her attention right back to him.

Her mouth began to water as she watched his hand stroking up and down his thick, long cock. “I want to taste you.” She whimpered, her fingers moving faster and pinching harder. She was working her way to her own orgasm but needed to taste him as well. “Aeron, let me?” she begged in need, hunger and desire.

“Only if I get to taste you as well,” he said.

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