Between a Rock and a Hard Place (MFM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,588
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Western-Cowboys, MFM, HEA]

Doctor Alison Coleman battled anxiety, insomnia and a constant wariness of men when she moved to Liberty Springs, a wariness deeply seated in her past. But chance and tragedy throw her in the path of the town’s resident bad boys, brothers with reputations as rough as their scarred and honed bodies. Dylan and Ryley Lomack are everything she should fear, yet her anxiety disappears in their presence and desire tugs at her soul, kindling a craving they’re eager to sate.

Dylan and Riley had given up on ever being the kind of men a girl introduced to her parents, but the appearance of the independent yet vulnerable doctor causes the brothers to dream they too can find peace and acceptance with a loving woman. Passion binds them together, but they want Alison’s heart as much as her lithe and willing body.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (MFM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (MFM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,588
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“For god’s sake, Allie. She ain’t gonna bolt.” Dylan was torn between amusement and exasperation.

Alison had poor Molly, one of their quiet trail horses, reined up like a grand prix dressage horse, her head pulled to her chest and Allie’s legs clamping her sides. The backs of pink runners peaked from the tapaderos they’d found to make riding in sneakers safe. He thanked God the poor old girl only wore a snaffle bridle. As it was, she chomped on the bit and took mincing little steps.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not in an arena now, honey. Just drop your reins and relax. Haven’t you ever ridden western before?”

“My lessons were all dressage and stadium jumping.”

“Told you she was a control freak,” Riley laughed, riding up alongside as the trail widened. “Throw your reins at her, Allie. Just ride free and easy. Molly’s bone lazy. She’s not going to go one bit faster than you tell her to. You’re just sending her mixed signals. Your hands are staying whoa, while your legs are saying go.”

“So, what am I supposed to do? Just sit here and be a passenger?”

Riley choked as Dylan answered truthfully, “It wouldn’t fuckin’ hurt.”

Riley jumped in, obviously hoping to defuse the situation before Alison got wound up. “Just give her a little more rein and sit deeper. Reach into your stirrups instead of laying your lower leg on so tight. You’re confusing the hell out of Molly.” He watched as she lengthened her reins, noting how she seemed ready to snatch it back at any moment. Her legs were a little better, leaving Molly’s sides and relaxing incrementally.

“She’s truly not going to take off with his much rein?”

Riley lifted his hand, showing her the slack in his. “This is how she’s used to being ridden. We only pick up our reins when we’re going to ride hard. In this kind of country, your horse needs to be able to get its head down to pick its way around obstacles. They’re a shitload more comfortable to ride when they’re not short-stepping like that too.” He gestured at the trail they were following. “Look about and relax. You haven’t seen anything but Molly’s ears since you mounted up.”

Dylan watched her chest rise as she took a deep breath. As she expelled it, her shoulders softened, her seat relaxed, and Molly looked a tad more comfortable. Tension still haunted her jawline, but her spine softened. Alison was trying. She just wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

“Just stop a minute.” Dylan spun his horse around and reined in nose to tail with Molly, crowding the hell out of Alison. Before she could protest, he leaned over and caught her lips with his.

There was no letting her take the lead this time. Dylan took possession of her mouth, his lips almost bruising, his tongue masterful. Half a heartbeat and she responded so fucking sweetly, moaning softly under his onslaught and sending her tongue to tangle with his. He kissed her until she melted beneath his lips, her hand fisting his shirt and her body more on his horse than hers. When he lifted his head and settled her back in her saddle, Alison was boneless, her reins swinging and her hips relaxed.

“Sometimes talking just doesn’t cut it, Ry.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Riley complained.

Alison blinked at him. “Does that work for you every time?”

“Never tried it before, but I gotta say the technique shows some promise,” Dylan replied truthfully, a grin curling his mouth.

Alison’s return smile wrapped around his cock and stroked, bringing him from half-hard to raring to go in two solid beats of his heart.

“Lead on, Riley, before I pull Allie off that horse and get her to make good on what her eyes are promising.”

She blushed and looked down when Riley gave a masculine chuckle before heading on down the narrowing trail. Dylan tucked his horse in behind Molly, adjusting himself with a wry grin. Riding with a hard-on was torturous, but with Alison’s hips now rolling with every step of Molly’s gait, it wasn’t going to subside in a hurry, so Dylan sat back and watched the show, letting his anticipation build. Whatever it took, no matter how many hard-ons had to go untended, Alison Coleman was gonna be theirs.

By the time they reached the lookout, Dylan had his wayward cock back under control and Alison was relaxed, reins swinging and legs down. Watching her face as she took in the vista was ten times more spectacular than the 360-degree view afforded by their lofty position.

Mountains stretched away to the north, spreading in both directions, rugged and wild, while Liberty Springs nestled safely in a valley to the south. Almost at their feet, the Lomack ranch sat like an autumn-kissed jewel, held in the loving clasp of the mountains. Normally the sight of their ranch made Dylan’s chest swell with accomplishment and contentment, but right then, Alison Coleman filled his vision.

Riley sat beside her, pointing out landmarks, their legs touching, horses snugged close. Wonder filled her baby blues, and as he watched her turn her face to the wind and close her eyes, Dylan realized Alison loved this country as much as they did. She, too, felt the call of the wilderness. He’d suspected as much when she’d walked blindly past him the day in the den, so focused on the mountain’s call through the window that she hadn’t noticed 260 pounds of male stretched out on the couch, but watching her with the wind whipping her short hair and plastering her shirt to her lithe body confirmed it.

A warmth swelled up inside his body, full of conviction and promise. Betcha there’s nothing like this in Chicago, darlin’. By the end of the day, Dylan hoped to show her there was nothing like the Lomack brothers either.




The drive back to the ranch was an anticipatory blur for Alison. When they pulled up outside the farmhouse, Riley and Dylan spilled from the truck, Dylan turning to tug her to the passenger door. His hands sliding up her thighs and gripping her hips, he lifted her slowly, in a blatant show of strength until she wrapped her denim-clad thighs about him, clasping him firmly. She twined her fingers in the short hair on the back of his head, and with no audience, he gave her the kiss she’d been aching for on the dance floor. Surging, possessive, and so damn hot her toes curled.

Her breath broke as Riley gave her ass a resounding smack on the way past. “Get your asses inside. It’s too fucking cold out here.”

Cunt clenching at his brother’s heavy handling, Alison looked into Dylan’s eyes, wicked need bubbling up inside her. “Get me inside, big guy, so you can fuck me like you mean it.”

Dylan’s growl rumbled through her as he strode for the house. He kissed her as they stepped inside, careening off the walls as he made his way to the bedroom. Alison savaged his mouth, biting and licking as she strove to get closer and get naked, wiggling out of her top and bra and pulling his shirt untucked.

Riley gave a chuckle as they reached Dylan’s bedroom. “You might get that shirt off him if you stop kissing him for just a moment.”

 With a frustrated cry, Alison pulled back from Dylan’s mouth. He grinned at her, satisfaction warring with the need in his eyes. “I think you want me at least half as much as I want you, baby.”

“I’ve gone way past want, cowboy. Lose the goddamn shirt.”

Another devastating grin. “Yes, ma’am. Come give me a hand, Ry. Distract her so I can get this shirt off.”

 She looked to Riley, only to see his tee go flying. With lean muscles rippling above his low-slung jeans, he stalked toward her. When his chest branded her bare back, she let out a low moan and leaned into his touch, gasping as his teeth grazed her shoulder. Her heels dug into Dylan’s ass, refusing to relinquish her position entirely.

“You look so fucking beautiful, Allie,” Riley rasped, his hands sliding beneath her breasts, thumbs grazing her sharpened nipples.

His words caressed her as much as his touch and, coupled with the glorious sight of Dylan’s bared chest, threatened to have her coming before her jeans hit the floor. “I need you both so fucking much.”

“You’ll get us, sweetheart, but you won’t rush me tonight.” Riley ran his teeth along her jaw. “I want the first time I take your ass to be perfect. Dylan’s going to fuck you until you don’t know which way is up, and when you’re all gooey and sated, I’m going to slide right into your ass and drive you wild.”

The heated assertation kicked her arousal into overdrive. Her hand clutched desperately at the curls at his nape “Now. Let me have it now.”

His lips bore down on hers in a short but savage kiss. “You’re lucky one of us has some self-control.” He looked up, his hands sliding lower to support her weight. “Get those jeans off her, Dylan.”

Fingers scraping her stomach caused her flesh to jolt and writhe, but Dylan’s steady hands got her jeans undone swiftly. Things came to a halt until he unpeeled her legs from around him and stripped the clothing upward, leaving her toes pointed at the ceiling. “Show me what I want to see, darlin’.”

Watching the naked need grow on Dylan’s face, Alison slowly parted her thighs, feeling her swollen pussy lips slide wetly against each other.

“So fucking hot,” he growled, eyes glued to her throbbing flesh. Big, work-roughened palms landed low on her inner thighs and inexorably drew closer to the second heartbeat thundering in her clit.

“Watch him, Allie,” Riley rasped in her ear as he looked down at her exposed pussy.

Her eyes followed his direction, watching as Dylan’s hands moved to frame her. Two thumbs swept upward, sliding slickly along her outer labia, coming to rest on either side of her throbbing clit. They lifted, and two syrupy strands strung out joining his flesh to hers. “Look how wet you are!” His roughened voice reached her through the fog of arousal. “I’m going to lick you until you scream my name then fuck you ’til neither one of us can walk.”

Leaving her in his brother’s strong arms, Dylan fell to his knees, big hands cupping her ass. Alison screamed at the first red-hot lash of his tongue then fell back against Riley as Dylan settled in to feast. His mouth danced up her folds, lips bestowing suckling kisses, tongue flicking wildly before spearing wickedly deep, not staying in any one place long enough for her to come. The result drove her wild, made her crazy with the need to come. Ragged breaths tore from her throat as her head thrashed against Riley’s shoulder, fingers biting into the back of his neck. Even the harsh grip of Riley’s hands on the outside of her thighs added to the bombardment of sensation. Her hips writhed, chasing the orgasm building with tsunami-like promise. “So close, so fucking close.”

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