The Last Dragons Collection, Vol 1 (MM)

Last Dragons

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,836
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Contemporary, Suspense, Shape-shifter, werewolves, MM, HEA]

Scarred Wings

Lured back home to bury his father and take care of the family business, the last thing Cole Draken expects is a mental call from his fated mate. Cole’s wrestled the dangerous and monstrous bronze beast inside of him his entire life, but his control breaks the moment he hears Ben’s voice. Cole’s not built for love. Dragons aren’t like other shifters and Cole’s resigned himself to a lonely existence, but one submissive werewolf might just change his mind. 

All the dragons of Draken Mountain are dead, or least that’s what Ben assumed until an enormous and scary bronze dragon saves him and takes him captive. He soon finds out that there’s more to Cole than meets the eye. Underneath the scales of the scarred dragon beats a protective heart. With an entire werewolf pack after them, will Ben and Cole survive to see their future as mates?

Battle of the Beasts

Will’s life in a mess. He’s lost his job and just found out his boyfriend's cheating on him. He returns to his childhood home and resumes his role as the gardener for the last dragon shifters. Will hopes to see Jax, a dragon shifter and his childhood friend. Jax broke his heart ten years ago and left without an explanation and Will’s back to get some answers. Falling in love all over again for the lethal black dragon had never been part of the plan.

Jax Draken left home ten years ago after an uncontrolled shift. He’s never been able to tame the black dragon and wolf he was born with. Jax’s a nomad, moving from place to place, but he might just put down roots for Will. There are many fences to mend. Will’s defiant and stubborn as hell, but Jax won’t stop until he claims his human mate.

The Last Dragons Collection, Vol 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Last Dragons Collection, Vol 1 (MM)

Last Dragons

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,836
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Scarred Wings


Cole should turn away from the burning village. The affairs of the wolves no longer concerned him, except something or someone called to his dragon. He gripped the railing of the balcony, unaware of his hands turning into claws until the wood splintered underneath him. Cole flared his nostrils. His entire body felt like it was about to burn itself inside out. Then Cole heard a frightened unknown voice in his head.

Help me! Please.

Cole’s teeth turned to fangs. Fire danced over his knuckles. Fuck, but the last time he lost control of his dragon had been years ago, when his father finally managed to drive him out of the castle.


Shit. Cole couldn’t ignore that voice any longer. He didn’t remember stripping out of his clothes. Flames engulfed him, head to toe, but dragons were immune to fire. It only seared his clothes away. Cole soon forgot about why he was here in the first place. The only thing that mattered was reaching that voice that called to him in the dark, that drew his dragon like a magnet.

Scales replaced his skin, and Cole began to increase in mass. Bronze membranous wings exploded from his shoulder blades. A tail emerged. His hands and feet lengthened to claws. Cole leapt from the balcony as he completed his shift, and flapping his massive wings, he lifted himself higher, past the castle’s tallest tower and hid himself in the clouds. God, he’d nearly forgotten the joy of the flight, but Cole had a mission. Find the source of that cry of help—otherwise his dragon would go insane.

* * * *

Ben turned left and right, wondering why his father, brothers, and other dominant wolves in the pack hadn’t moved. They looked like lost puppies to him. Yips and snarls emerged from the trees. Soon enough, the Razors would be upon them, would slaughter them all like sheep. One Gray Razor wolf reached the village area and ripped out the throat of a pack member. Benlet out a low growl.

His brothers and father stirred slowly, sluggishly almost. Seeing a massive muscled brown wolf coming at his father from behind, Ben launched himself into motion, barking at his father. Both the brown wolf and his dad collided, but a second soon appeared to finish off the job. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This must be some kind of nightmare, one he’d hope to wake up soon enough.

Please, help us. Ben didn’t know who he was praying to, but he refused to stand still. He nipped at James’s left flank. More shadows came from the trees. They were outnumbered. The Gray Razors didn’t have these many numbers. Did they join forces with another pack? The only choice was to run, get James and the others to—

A loud brassy rumble thundered from above them. Ben didn’t know why he looked up when he should have been heading for cover, but he did. He froze, thought he glimpsed a massive shadow the size of a small house soaring through the clouds above him, the shape distinctive—that of a dragon, wings and all. Shit. This must be really some kind of weird dream. James whined next to him.

His heartbeat accelerated as the monstrous creature descended, and he could see it clearly now, the dragon. It had bronze scales, a stocky body with a long neck and spiked tail. Slitted green eyes blazed with fury as it opened its massive jaws and shot jets of fire, searing the trees, along with the enemy werewolves.

Spellbound, every muscle in Ben’s body refused to move. The dragon circled the forest, left a line of fire that seared anything in its path. What destructive power, Ben thought, half awed, half terrified.

The Gray Razors howled and screeched in agony. James nudged at him, terror in his eyes. They both broke into the open, began running at a breakneck speed. Up ahead of him, he glimpsed the distinctive shadow of wings. Jesus Christ, but the dragon was right behind them, and Ben knew it could burn him and James to a crisp.

James snarled beside him and then let out a yelp that reminded him of a kicked dog. He turned his head and saw James easily tossed aside by one enormous bat wing and the scrape of claws on his fur. The next thing Ben knew, those claws closed around his body and he was being lifted, higher and higher from the group. Ben squirmed, twisted, yipped.

A deep growly voice in his head spoke. Calm down or you’ll end up hurting yourself, little wolf.

It took Ben a second, no, two, to realize he hadn’t felt any pain. The dragon spoke. He was a shifter, Ben thought, feeling light-headed. He knew he should be awake but being clutched in a dragon’s claws while climbing upward was enough to knock him out of consciousness.




“I’m scared of this, my instant reaction to you,” he admitted, realizing Cole expected an answer.

“There’s only one explanation,” Cole said, shoving the door open.

The big dragon shifter lowered him to the bed, and he looked up, suddenly aware of how massive Cole really was everywhere, especially the erection hidden in Cole’s jeans. He squirmed, wanting to experience Cole’s hands and mouth on him again.

Ben had never been this needy or desired another man so much. Sure, he dated some of the dominant wolves in his pack, but none of them stirred his submissive wolf awake the way Cole did. His experience with sex had been limited. Ben didn’t think much of it, but he had a feeling Cole would blow his one miserable experience away and replace it with an erotic memory that would remain seared in his brain.

“What?” he whispered.

“You’re my mate, Ben. I drove all the way here, thinking I’d say good-bye to my asshole father and then be gone. Now I’m thinking I came here to find you.”

“To kidnap me?” Ben asked.

Cole smiled, showing a hint of fang. “If you put it that way, you make me sound like a bad guy. Dragons have an excellent sense of smell, too, little wolf, and you can’t hide that little woody you’re sporting for me.”

He blushed. “I can’t be a dragon’s mate. I mean, I’m just a boring submissive werewolf, no one special. My dad and brothers said so every day of my life.”

Cole growled, the sound making the walls vibrate. “They’re fools then.”

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken?” Ben ought to shut up now, because he wanted the same thing as Cole did, but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ve never been this certain my entire life.”

Ben took initiative and peeled off his shirt, aware of Cole watching him like a predator eyed his prey. Cole grabbed his ankle and then helped him out of his noggin pants. He breathed hard, Cole could see him, completely exposed, and he didn’t miss how the dragon shifter’s gaze lingered on his thickening prick. A knowing smile formed on Cole’s lips as the dominant shifter worked the button of his jeans. Ben sucked in a breath, seeing Cole unveil his thick erection.

“Wow,” Ben whispered as Cole dispensed with his bottoms. Looking at the fine specimen of a man right in front of him made him aware of his own nudity, of his slender body that never seemed to be able to bulk up.

“I kind of feel way out of my league here,” he said.

Cole growled. “Stop. You’re perfect the way you are, little wolf, and I’ll prove that soon enough.”

The dragon shifter crawled into bed, straddling his smaller body without difficulty. Ben parted his mouth, unsure of what to do next, but thankfully, Cole took the lead and sealed his mouth over his once more. Electricity traveled from Cole’s mouth and went right to his dick. Ben’s moan became muffled when Cole reached for his prick and began to stroke him, alternating fast and slow strokes. The dragon shifter gave his balls a squeeze and traced his puckered entrance with his finger, making Ben gasp.

“God,” Ben whispered. He wanted Cole to keep touching him, to help him forget about all that he’d been through the past few hours.

“I want to see you come for me, little wolf, before I fuck you senseless,” Cole said. The dragon shifter swiped the precum over his tip, began working him harder, until he let out a cry and emptied his load into Cole’s waiting hand. “Fuck, but that was so hot.”

“That’s supposed to be my line,” he whispered, sighing as Cole flipped him to his hands and knees.

“Wait a sec,” Cole said. The weight on the mattress lessened. Ben craned his head over his shoulder to see Cole disappearing into the bathroom and returning with lube. No need for a condom because both of them were shifters and they didn’t catch anything.

“Tell me, little wolf,” Cole began, palming his ass before uncapping the lube. “When was the last time you’ve been with a man?”

“Too long,” Ben whispered. “No one in my pack saw me as anything more than a quick fuck, so I kept to myself, saved myself from more heartache.”

“It’s been a while for me, too,” Cole said.

That surprised Ben a little, because with Cole’s looks and body, he doubted the dragon shifter had any trouble roping men willingly to his bed. It struck him they knew so little about each other, too. No matter. Ben had a feeling Cole wasn’t a runner, not like any of his exes. Even his wolf confirmed that Cole was special. Ben still had doubts. Could he really be this bronze dragon’s mate?

Ben ceased to form logical thoughts when Cole slid a slicked finger inside his hole and added a second soon after. He moaned as Cole began making twisting motions, widening him for access.

“Please.” The plea spilled easily from his lips.

“Please what, little wolf?”

“Ride me, big bad dragon.” He blushed. Did he really just say that out loud?

Cole answered with a playful smack to his left ass check, making him jump and his dick twitch back to life.

“I like that nickname, especially when it comes from your lips,” Cole said, replacing his fingers with his dick. The dragon shifter smeared his precum over his entrance, not quite pushing in yet, but rubbing it back and forth.

“No more teasing,” Ben managed, whimpering when Cole gripped his hips close and then began pushing in.

He widened his eyes, groaning at the burn. Cole didn’t slide all the way though, despite gritting his teeth, probably concerned he’d hurt Ben. The thought warmed his heart. Ben fisted the sheets, but once Cole moved past the thick, stubborn ring of muscles, it became easier. Finally, Cole buried himself balls deep inside Ben.


Battle of the Beasts


How many times had Will dreamt of Jax’s mouth while he slept in his cottage? He imagined a man like Jax liked taking control, which suited him just fine, because Will wanted to yield, to submit as Jax pressed those lips to his, touching him—

Will shook his head, and the next thing he knew, Jax placed his hands on his shoulders and, without another word, began steering him back to the castle kitchens. Knowing Jax, the dragon shifter wouldn’t stop until he convinced Will to get some water and gear up properly. Will tried to think of another solution.

“Wait, let’s go to my cottage instead,” Will said.

The last thing he wanted was for the kitchen staff to start gossiping about him and Jax, or for Cole and Ben to see him. He’d gotten real close to Ben, too. How many times had he insisted to the werewolf that there was nothing but old history between Jax and him? The thing about sharing childhood memories with Jax, though, was that it was hard to shut the door to the past.

“You’re inviting me to your place?”

Did he imagine the eagerness in Jax’s voice? Will walked faster, so Jax had to release his hold on him. Jax’s touch was too distracting, and he needed all his wits about him.

“You’re not staying long,” Will pointed out. “I’m just out to prove I’m fine on my own.”

“Sure, if you say so.”

The dragon shifter’s answer annoyed him for some reason, and yet it was easy to fall into step next to Jax.

“I wish you’d put a shirt on,” he muttered.

“What was that?” Jax asked, cocking his head as they finally reached the path leading to the cottage.

Thank God. The walk seemed to have taken longer than necessary, because he kept stealing glances at Jax.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, hurrying to the door.

“What did you plant here?” Jax asked as Will fumbled for the door.

Why did he ever think inviting Jax to the cottage was a good idea? At least inside the castle kitchens they would be surrounded by the other staff and he wouldn’t feel so self-conscious. Recalling Jax asked him a question, Will replied, “Some tomatoes and zucchini. I’m testing out the soil with the easiest edible plants to grow first.”

Jax shoved his hands into the pocket of his jeans, surveying the small but generous plot of land that was considered part of the cottage. “You always knew your stuff. Why did you go into marketing anyway? I thought you loved nature.”

They entered the cottage now, but Jax’s words gave him pause.

“How did you know I studied marketing in college?” he asked, leading the way to the kitchen. When he returned a week ago, the cottage was in a bad state of disarray, but Ben was happy to accompany him on a shopping spree.

“Ben told me.” Jax leaned against the kitchen counter, thumbed the scarred wood. “I did this.”

“Yeah, long time ago. You boasted you could cut carrots using your claws,” Will said drily.

“I was twelve,” Jax reminded him, but the dragon shifter wore a smile. “I like how you fixed up the kitchen, too. I noticed the hole in your roof, though.”

“That’s—” Will halted, grabbed a jug of water from the fridge and two clean glasses. He poured them both water.

“Only one kind of flame can eat away at any construction material like that,” Jax said, expression turning dark. “Dad, huh?”

“During Rex and Cole’s air battle, Rex shot a fireball through the roof,” Will admitted, then quickly said, “I was long gone by then, with the others. Your brother told us to leave before their fight started.”

“Cole shouldn’t have had to deal with him alone,” Jax finally said, finishing his glass of water. “One of my many regrets, I guess.”

Will thought of the black rings near the ruined wall of the garden, where no plant would ever grow again thanks to dragon fire. “Jax, your father’s mental state had deteriorated so badly that Cole decided to deal with him on his own because there wasn’t any time for Zane, Blake, or you to arrive.”

“Knowing Cole, he probably went all big brother and decided he could handle Dad on his own.” Jax clutched the glass so hard, cracks appeared. Jax swore softly. “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Will had a feeling the conversation had shifted back to them. “What do you mean?”

“Being in your kitchen, in the house you grew up in,” Jax answered.

“You approached me,” Will reminded him.

Jax reached across the counter, placed his hand over his. This time, Will didn’t pull away. He didn’t want to. He felt like he was on the edge of a cliff, so close to getting the answers he wanted.

“I can’t stay away from you, not now, not after everything,” Jax said.

So many emotions put into those words, Will realized.

“Jax, why are you still here? No offense, but didn’t Blake and you say at the funeral that you wanted nothing to do with this place?”

“Drake Castle holds plenty of dark memories for me,” Jax agreed, yellow gaze intense, focused entirely on him. “But it has plenty of good memories, too. Those that I hold close to my heart.”

His heart thumped against his chest.

“I don’t understand.”

Jax’s next words stunned him completely into silence.

“There’s a reason why you came back here, isn’t it? I’m the same. I thought all my brothers and I would never find anything close to happiness, until I saw how Cole acted around Ben. Guess what? I’m beginning to think I want they have, too.”




Jax’s crude and blunt words rendered Will speechless, but the erotic image nonetheless appeared in his mind. He blushed as Jax peeled his shirt off and laid it over the ground, patting it.

“The ground might be too hard,” Jax explained. Will didn’t stop the dragon shifter from reaching for the hem of his shirt and tugging it off. Jax added a second layer to the make-shift blanket on the ground. Jax smirked, and Will recognized that devious smile. “Pants, too. Want to make you as comfortable as possible.”

“Fine, I’ll play your game, mister.” Will rose to his feet and shimmied off his jeans, then his briefs. Jax did the same. Will’s mouth went dry, seeing the impressive length curving upwards between Jax’s legs. He’d never seen anything so huge and wondered if Jax could fit inside him.

He must have said what he was thinking out loud, because Jax replied, “I can and I will. Lie down.”

Thrilled Jax gave him orders, he laid back against their pile of clothing. Jax crawled on top of him, every hard and gorgeous inch of him covering Will, the night sky and its net of silver stars spread above Jax. Perfect, Will thought, then Jax kissed him again, eliminating any logical thought from his mind.

Jax left kisses down the side of his neck, took one nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. He groaned as Jax gave his dick a few pumps before going lower, finally prying his thighs further apart. Like this, Jax could see everything—his thickening prick, balls, and asshole.

He blushed, about to close his legs, but Jax firmly held them apart.

“This cock and little hole, they belong to me now,” Jax said, flashing him a wicked grin. “Say it.”

“They belong to you,” he whispered, growing hard at the admission.

Jax flicked his tongue out, licking away the pre-cum gathered at his tip. He gasped and, needing something to hold onto, gripped the fabric underneath him. Watching the dragon shifter go down on him was a sight to see, because according to Cody, most dominant shifters didn’t give, they only took. Jax never took his gaze from him for a second, a reminder that despite his position, he was the one holding Will’s dick captive.

He groaned as Jax explored him from root to tip, licking and sucking him up and down, like a favorite sweet. Jax used his hand to apply some pressure to his balls, before opening his mouth and taking him in. Will whimpered as Jax bobbed his head up and down.

“I’m close,” he managed to utter.

Jax pulled his mouth away, making him groan in frustration. The dragon shifter climbed on top of him again, sealing his mouth over his. At the same time, Jax reached for his prick, stroked him until the pressure inside Will burst open. Jax pulled his mouth away, as if the shifter wanted to hear him scream out his name. The world fell away from his line of sight and nothing else mattered, save him being under Jax. Will emptied out his balls, his mind a cloudy haze until Jax closed his mouth over his again, thrusting more heat down his throat.

“Don’t relax yet, little human,” Jax said after. Will mewled for the shifter as Jax flipped him on his hands his knees. Wanting to feel Jax’s cock buried deep inside him, he wagged his ass at Jax in impatience. That earned him a playful swat on his left ass cheek. Will jumped, shocked not by the sting but how aroused he became from the little gesture.

Blushing, he turned his head to look over his shoulder, seeing Jax smiling as he took out lube from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Behave,” Jax chided. “I’ll ride you soon enough but I need to prepare you first.”

Jax returned to position behind him, used a foot to nudge his legs further apart. Wind caressed his privates, his asshole, and he shuddered as Jax slid a slicked-up finger inside him, eventually adding a second at his plea.

“Please, Jax. I need you inside me.”

“Fuck.” Jax began widening him for access and finally replaced his digits with his cock. Will muttered a curse as Jax teased him, using his pre-cum to smear his puckered entrance but not quite pushing in. “Beg me again, baby.”

Baby. Will liked that nickname, made him feel special. Loved.

“Please, Jax. Take me.”

Jax gripped his hips and breached him, not all the way, but the dragon shifter took his time. Will groaned at the initial burn, but once Jax passed the tight ring of muscles, it felt easier to breathe. He gripped the fabric underneath him, panting as Jax finally sheathed himself to the hilt, balls resting against the curve of his ass. Will clenched his inner muscles tight around Jax’s shaft, making the shifter growl softly.

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