Bronze Dragon's Wolf (MM)

Last Dragons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,105
11 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

An outcast in his own wolf pack, submissive werewolf James summons the courage to drive up to Draken Castle and see his best friend only to bump into sexy and lethal dragon shifter Zane Draken. The chemistry between James and Zane is insane, but James isn’t sure the bronze dragon is capable of commitment. James guards his heart for a reason, but will Zane only end up breaking it to pieces?

Seeing his two brothers happily mated, Zane Draken still believes a mate will only weigh him down until he meets one feisty little werewolf. Smart, bold, and adorable, James is everything he imagined in a mate, but James seems to believe a dragon can't change his scales. When an external threat puts his mate in danger, Zane’s there to sweep in and prove once and for all that James is his to claim.


Bronze Dragon's Wolf (MM)
11 Ratings (4.6)

Bronze Dragon's Wolf (MM)

Last Dragons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,105
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“May I help you?” asked a voice, making James jump.

A werewolf should be more aware of his surroundings, but he’d never been much of a werewolf. He blinked at the sight of the formally dressed guy somewhere in his late forties, dressed in a black suit, like a—

“Holy hell, dude. Are you, like, a real butler?” he blurted without thinking. Shit. James had a tendency to speak first then think about what he wanted to say next. 

The man studied him, face impassive. His wolf told him this guy wasn’t human, but he couldn’t quite identify what paranormal race he came from.

“I am Victor, the Draken family butler. Who might you be?” 

“I’m—” he began, interrupted when a strong gust of wind nearly made him stumble. The sun seemed to have disappeared, as well, and a dark shadow appeared on the ground. Feeling like one of those spooked humans in one of the horror shows he loved to watch, everything seemed to move in slow motion, and he looked to his right.

James sucked in a breath at the sight of the huge-ass golden dragon hovering mid-air, its gigantic wings spread wide. It must have been the size of a small house. Instinct made him run behind Victor, who hadn’t moved an inch. The golden dragon descended, landing with a thump on top of his damn car. His old red Toyota let out a creak. 

“Hey!” James protested, running forward, more pissed than afraid. 

This could only be one of the Draken brothers, but which one? The dragon shifter threw him an amused look, if that was possible, then rested his talons on the top of his car.

“Don’t you dare,” he began. 

Okay, threatening a dragon shifter who could probably toss him up and eat him in one bite probably wasn’t wise. James was seriously beginning to regret his actions, but why did this big bully have to land on his car? If threats didn’t work, he’d try another tactic. 

“Please. I can’t afford a new ride, so don’t wreck my car. I mean no harm. I’m Ben’s best friend.” He said the last words in a rush. His car wasn’t being squashed under the dragon’s weight, and he realized the shifter still had its wings spread. Then the shifter changed forms, shrinking in size, and instead of a dragon, a man sat on the roof of his car—a very naked and attractive man. 

Too stunned for words, James stared, unable to help himself, at the miles of hard, tanned muscled and ink. Old scars threaded the shifter’s skin. He had the body of a warrior, James thought with approval, trying his best not to look down but up.

James grew up in a relatively large werewolf pack, surrounded by dominant werewolf males, but none of those men ever caught both the attention of his wolf and human half the way this dragon shifter did. Maybe it was because he knew that a majority of the wolves in the pack were like Linus, who thought just because they fell on the higher rungs of the pack ladder, they could get away with anything. 

Was this dragon shifter the same, or worse? Dragon shifters fell right on the top of the food chain, after all. 

It didn’t help his dragon had the devil in his smile. James struggled to maintain eye contact with those eerie slitted yellow eyes set in a ruggedly handsome face.

“Victor, you didn’t tell me we had a guest coming,” the shifter said, eying him up and down. James would have been insulted, but he did the assessment first.

“I’ve not been informed by Ben of any visitors,” Victor said in the same neutral tone. Did nothing faze the butler?

“My eyes are up here, pup.”

“Don’t call me pup,” he replied automatically, then tensed. The dominants in his pack seldom let submissive wolves and Omegas speak out to them like that, and this dragon shifter could easily decide James would make for a tasty snack.

“So, you’re here to see Ben then, cutie?”

“C-cutie?” he stuttered, blushing for no reason. “What the hell? Why are you giving me random nicknames?”

The dragon shifter held up one finger. “One, because I do find you cute as a button. Two, because it’s fun.”

Taken aback by the shifter’s casual attitude, he took a deep breath. “I’m not ‘cutie’ or ‘pup.’ My name is James.”

“James, huh?” 

“You know, it’s only proper you introduce yourself, as well,” he muttered.

“I’m Zane Draken.” The shifter got off his car with unmistakable predatory grace. “Victor, leave this one to me. I’ll show him to Ben.”

“As you wish,” the butler said, before returning to the house. 

Zane approached him, and he froze up completely.

Finally, his tongue worked. “Can you, like, put some pants on please? You’re really distracting.”

“You sure look like you can use a distraction.”

“W-what makes you say that?”

“You look all serious and shit. Something on your mind?”

I’d like to climb you, for one, if you don’t put any clothes on.

James didn’t realize he said those words out loud until Zane chuckled.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” Zane said.




“I like little wolves with initiative,” Zane said, a growl accompanying his voice, the dragon peeking out. The dragon shifter discarded his jeans instead, and he stared at the huge package between Zane’s legs. Zane’s cock was long, thick, engorged, and beautiful. Could Zane really fit all of that inside of him?

As if Zane sensed his apprehension, the dragon shifter said, “Don’t worry, little wolf. Tell me to stop anytime and I will.”

“It’s not that. It’s just, I’ve never been with anyone so big,” he murmured. 

“I’ll make things pleasurable for you, little wolf. Promise.” Zane joined him in bed, climbing on top of him. With the dominant shifter on top, it made James all the more aware of the differences in their size and build. Zane used his elbows to keep his weight off James, then lowered his head to kiss him.

The dragon shifter sucked and nibbled on his lower lip, kissing him slowly, tenderly this time. James’s prick thickened between his legs as Zane brushed his lips down the side of his neck, going lower as he closed his mouth over one of his flat nipples. Fisting the sheets above his head, he groaned.

“Fuck, so tempting. Mine,” Zane said.

Mine. Hearing those words from Zane gave him a heady feeling. Never before had he wanted to submit and give his all like he wanted to for this powerful yet protective and sweet dragon shifter. 

“I’m yours,” he whispered without thinking, and yet the words felt right.

Mate, his wolf whispered inside of him, and he was too lost in the moment to argue. Zane raised himself off him, and he didn’t protest when the dragon shifter easily flipped him to his hands and knees. 

He voluntarily parted his thighs, thrusting his ass up in offering to Zane for the taking. James blushed, aware his balls, dick, and asshole were exposed to Zane completely. There was no hiding anything. When Zane gave a playful swat to his ass cheeks, he groaned into the sheets. 

“Wait, I’ll get the lube,” Zane said quickly. 

Moments later, he felt Zane’s weight on the bed again, heard the lube being uncapped. Zane pried his asshole open. The dragon shifter slid one finger in him, added a second soon after and began making twisting motions. Zane’s digits inside his most intimate place made him moan. He squirmed, but Zane kept him locked in place.

“Please,” he uttered.

“A little more. Can’t risk hurting you, little wolf. I’m not exactly small.”

He started yearning something so much bigger inside his ass. “I know.”

“Fuck. You have no idea how gorgeous you look, spread for me like this.” Zane pulled his fingers out, replacing them with his cock. 

The dominant shifter locked his hands around his hips and pushed in. He gasped as a burn began. Zane didn’t rush, although he could hear Zane grit his teeth. Once Zane pushed past the thick ring of muscle, it was easier. Finally, Zane buried himself balls deep inside of him.

He panted, aware of his ass muscles clenching hard on Zane’s shaft.

“Breathe in and out,” Zane ordered.

He did as Zane asked, willing his muscles to relax. 

“Good, now it’s my turn to make you feel good,” Zane said. 


* * * *


His dick buried inside James’s tight little ass felt like heaven, Zane mused. Tightening his hold on James’s hips, he began with slow strokes at first. James moaned in front of him. Delighted by the sound James made, he reached between James’s legs and gave the werewolf’s prick a squeeze. 

“What was that?” he asked when James let out a sound.


“What exactly are you asking me for, little wolf?”

“Ride me faster.” James practically choked out the words. 

“Good answer. I wanted to go slow our first time, but the dragon in me is getting impatient.” 

He picked up the pace, going faster with each thrust. They ceased speaking after that, letting their pants and moans, the slap of flesh on flesh, fill the room. Zane gritted his teeth as he plunged deeper and deeper, seemingly able to reach James’s most intimate places. James clutched at the sheets in front of him but met him for every turn. Sweat coated his front and back, every muscle in his body tensed.

His dragon rippled inside his skin, possessive, ready to claim James as theirs. A single word roared in his head. Mine. Here was James, so ripe for the taking, and he didn’t think James would refuse him either. James’s wolf felt like the missing puzzle piece he’d been searching for his entire life. Zane romanced restlessly his entire life, never sticking to one place. There must be a reason why he’d eventually wound up back home.

It was to find his wolf, his mate, and Zane almost thought a man like him, born with a monster in him, would never find his mate.

“God, Zane,” James uttered. “I never thought sex could feel this good.”

“Sex with me and only me,” he corrected, because from tonight onwards the only man James was going to be with was him.

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