[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Tank, a captive Alpha, has no love for the human organization that enslaved and trained him and his brothers to be killing machines. He gave up on finding a mate long ago and now pours his focus into vengeance. The opportunity finally arises in the form of Toby Crane, the son of a high-ranking enemy, and the last thing Tank expects is to be attracted to Toby. Worse, his broken wolf thinks Toby is his fated mate.  
Toby Crane is a man terrified of his own shadow. He’s a survivor of a brutal shifter attack solely because he carries his father’s last name. Toby isn’t like his family—he doesn’t believe humans are the superior race. And he also can’t comprehend why he can’t stay away from Tank, the captive Alpha assigned as his bodyguard. Tank can be hot one moment, cold the next.
When Toby is forced to make a choice, will he abandon the only life he’s known to be with the man he loves?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tank (MM)
16 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




As the trainer yelled at his guards to prep TK921 and led Toby out of the containment area, his father’s earlier words finally sunk in. Tank was his new bodyguard. That could only mean they would be spending plenty of time together.

His stomach coiled, no longer in fear but something else. What was wrong with him? Toby was probably still recovering from the shock of falling down the platform. He could have ended up with a cracked skull if Tank hadn’t saved him.

Why would Tank do that when his fellow captive Alphas’ first instinct had been to kill a Toby? Goosebumps appeared on his skin. Even when the trainer ordered a guard to lead him to a guest room in the facility to clean up, Toby still felt uneasy. 

He wanted to know everything about his unexpected hero. Aside from the question of why Tank had saved him, there were others. How long had Tank been in this facility, and where did he come from? What were the captive Alpha’s likes and dislikes?

God. Toby was fucked-up. Crazy to be obsessing about his new genetically enhanced killing machine bodyguard. His father said drugs had been tested on these captive Alphas, making them stronger and faster than average shifters. That kind of experimentation could break a man. 

“You can use this room. I’ll send over an extra pair of clothes,” said the guard.

An idea occurred to Toby. He cleared his throat. Mimicking his father’s commanding voice, he said, “Also send me a copy of TK921’s file. I want to know the asset’s battle capabilities.”

The guard blinked. “We don’t usually give out information about our assets, and I believe Councilor Crane has a copy.”

Toby crossed his arms and put on his cocky, impatient look. 

The guard eventually gave in. “Very well, sir.”

Toby pushed opened the door and quickly shut it. Thank God. He didn’t care for further scrutiny. Word must have spread about how a councilor’s son had fallen into the experimental site.

He eyed the room, designed military-style with basic amenities. Toby sat on the bed for a couple of moments and tried to wrap his head around what had just happened.

There was a knock on the door minutes later. The same guard who had escorted him here handed him spare sweats, a plain shirt roughly his size, and a file.

“Councilor Crane asked me to pass you a message. Once you’re done, meet him at the entrance of the base,” the guard said, before exiting the room.

Toby grabbed the file and began flipping through it. There was only basic information about Tank, his list of skills and a long list of eliminated targets. Toby swallowed, quickly scanning the pages. A majority of Tank’s targets were paranormals, threats to the organization. He went back to the first page, which had a snapshot of Tank in human skin.

A scowling man stared back at him. According to the file, Tank was six foot five and the picture said all it all. Tank was a walking titan made entirely of muscle. Vivid green eyes stared back at him from a rough and handsome face. Toby winced, seeing the metal collar. Tank didn’t have a shirt on, but over Tank’s left pectoral was a brand of his designation number—TK921.

He shut the file and decided to read it again later. No one made his father wait, and Tony wouldn’t have some guard coming to fetch him like an errant child.

After taking off his sweat-soaked and dirt-streaked clothes, he entered the tiny bathroom. It only contained a shower, sink, and toilet bowl. 

Slipping into the shower, he hissed as icy cold water hit him. No hot water. Gritting his teeth, he waited for his body to get used to the temperature. Still, his skin started to heat up when he thought of Tank’s picture. 

Toby moved his hand to his dick and froze as knuckles rapped against the door.

“Coming out soon!” he yelled. 

His boner disappeared as he thought about how he should explain to his father why he was stupid enough to fall over the railing. With a sigh, he finished his shower, toweled off, and remembered he’d left his clothes outside.

“About time,” a voice growled out.

Standing by the bathroom doorway, Toby froze. Someone else was in the room, and the stranger practically took up the entire space. It felt hard to breathe. 

Toby stared at Tank’s amazing green eyes. God. The ugly mugshot in the file did this captive Alpha little justice. Tank was walking temptation in real life. 

The captive Alpha wore a thin plain black shirt that did nothing but highlight the rippling muscles of his torso, giving Toby a glimpse of Tank’s brick-hard lower abs and the V of his hips. The camo pants did little to hide the well-formed muscles of Tank’s legs or the heat Tank packed between his legs.

Nice to know it wasn’t just Toby who was aroused. Toby also noticed there were no evidence from Tank's fight with the two other werewolves. He knew werewolves healed quickly, but this quick?

“Um, what are you doing here?” he managed.

Tank jerked his head to the opened file on the bed. “You reading up on your new pet, sir?”

There was a grin on Tank’s face when he said that. 

Embarrassed, Toby took a couple of hurried steps to the bed to shut the file. In the process, the towel around his waist fell off. A rattling growl came from Tank’s throat, the sound so animal and primal that Toby froze like a deer caught in the headlights.




“You won’t kill me.” Toby forced himself to meet the Alpha’s gaze. God. Tank was dangerous, fierce, but he also took Toby’s breath away. “You want me too much.”

Before Tank could rebuff him, Toby continued, “I see you. I know you look at me when you think no one’s watching. I once heard you in the shower, calling out my name when you fuck your hand.”

Tank growled. “This week’s been hard, little human. This was supposed to be one fucking simple job. You complicate everything.”

Toby couldn’t resist. It was now or never. He’d been dreaming of Tank’s lips for a long time, for Tank to cage his body like this. Toby hadn’t imagined the chemistry between them. He stepped on tiptoe and kissed Tank.

The Alpha froze, but didn’t pull away. Seven days. Tank must have felt the distance, too. The longing and sexual frustration had built for too long. Tank took control and responded, all tongue and teeth. When Tank pushed his tongue down Toby’s throat, Toby sucked down hard.

A rumbling growl came from Tank’s chest after they parted mouths. The werewolf’s eyes burned yellow with lust. This time, nothing and no one could stop them. Screw the risks, the consequences, because every inch of his body screamed this was right. 

Toby had never pinned or desired a man so much. 

Oh. Toby had dreamt of this, of having Tank all to himself. Reality was so much better. Tank’s solid body felt amazing against his own slender frame. Clothes. Why were they still wearing them?

“Wanted you for so long,” he whispered.

Tank let out that sexy growl again. This man was more animal than human, but Toby didn’t care. He wanted all of Tank.

“Fuck it. I’m going to make you mine, little human.”

Those words sent a shiver down his spine.

“What do I smell of now?” Toby asked.

“Excitement and arousal.” Tank kept his hands pinned with one huge one and used the other to rip off the robe with ease. The fabric pooled on the floor, and Tank cast his heated gaze down the length of Toby’s body. Another loud rip and his boxers joined the robe. His erection stared back at Tank, thick and glistening.

“So hard for me already?” Tank asked.

“Always,” he whispered. 

Tank slammed his mouth against Toby’s again, rendering his ability to think useless.

“Fuck,” Tank said after. Toby reached for the hem of Tank’s shirt, wanting to see some man candy. Tank let him pull off the shirt. 

“Jesus, you’re impressive.” Tank let Toby run his hands down his pectorals, flat stomach, and abs.

“You’re pleased?” Tank asked, sounding genuinely curious. 

Shit. Who knew Tank could be fucking cute, too?

“Dude, have you seen yourself?” Toby didn’t like the brand on Tank’s chest though, or the sight of the metal collar. If he had the power, he would erase all those. 

“You look sad,” Tank observed, grabbing one hand and laying a kiss on it. 

“I just wished things could be different.”

“I wish that, too.”

Toby shook his head and hooked his fingers into the belt loops of Tank’s combat pants. “I’ll help you make you forget.”

Tank took off his pants and boxers. 

To Toby’s shock, the big wolf then dropped to his knees. 

“T-Tank?” he whispered. 

“I’ve been thinking of tasting you for a while now, little human.”

Toby’s experience with men had been limited. In all those times, he’d always bottomed, too. Seeing Tank kneeling in front of him, staring at his dick like it was a piece of prime meat only made him groan. The captive Alpha looked magnificent, and when Tank leaned over and flicked his tongue to swipe his pre-cum, Toby nearly lost it.

Tank curled his callused fingers around his base. “No coming until my say-so, little human.”

“That’s going to be hard,” Toby admitted.

“You will do it, or else you’re not going to get my cock inside you.”

Who knew his Alpha could talk dirty?

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll reward you if you’re good.”

“God, Tank. That’s so hot.”

“Enough talk.” Tank swiped his tongue down the length of him, sending a shudder down his spine. 

Tank pried his legs farther apart and Toby cried out in surprise as Tank dragged his tongue lower, past his balls and right over his hole. He gasped when Tank licked at the puckered flesh, clutching at the wood behind him as Tank pushed his tongue inside his hole, wetting him.

“Tank,” he whispered, face burning. It felt so good. No one had ever put their mouth there.

Tank grinned up at him, looking more like a predatory cat than a wolf. Then the big guy opened his mouth and Toby marveled at the sight of his dick disappearing down Tank’s mouth.

Tank’s mouth felt warm, wet, and mind-blowing. The Alpha knew what he was doing. Tank applied suction with every inch, pushing Toby towards the edge. Just when Toby was about to explode, Tank seemed to sense it and pulled his mouth away.

Toby let out a frustrated growl. Tank rose back to his feet.

“Patience, little human. I need to be inside you now.”

Toby’s gaze dipped to the monster hanging between Tank’s legs, and he swallowed. He’d never seen a cock that big or impressive. At the same time, he wondered if Tank could fit that fat dick inside him. Toby wanted Tank to, to lay claim to his body and own it.

“Fuck me, Tank. Please. I’ve been fantasizing about this for so long.”

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