For Love and Vengeance (MM)

Kaldor Saga 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 83,145
10 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]

When Xeetahn general Zeli meets Alarian prince Orin, he knows they are meant to be together. Their relationship has a rocky start, but through Zeli’s perseverance, he convinces Orin of his genuine affection.

Their happiness is destroyed when Orin’s mother intervenes, revealing secrets best left forgotten. Zeli reacts angrily to her revelations, leaving Orin crushed and thinking Zeli doesn’t love him. A war breaks out between their two countries, threatening to separate them for good.

Zeli only wishes to protect Orin and their son. But fate plays a cruel trick on him, and Zeli is betrayed by his own kind. Furious, Zeli makes a decision that costs him dearly.

With Zeli missing, Orin is left torn in half, with only their child and his memories to get him over his pain. Will he manage to save Zeli, or will their love be forever lost to the machinations of others?

A Siren Erotic Romance

For Love and Vengeance (MM)
10 Ratings (4.6)

For Love and Vengeance (MM)

Kaldor Saga 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 83,145
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Despite the fact this story read more like a flashback or retelling of the other stories, I was just so happy to finally get something about Orin and Zeli, so it gets 5 for pleasing this fan.
Professional Reviews

"Adventures of a lifetime unfold for Prince Orin of Alaria and General Zeli of Xeetah in the tale of For Love and Vengeance. Author Scarlet Hyacinth pens a truly imaginative and sensual story where romance is the key to everything that matters in life. The characters are shown in all their glory, their goodness, mistakes, jealousy, and pure love for their mates. With such a large cast and a huge plotline it is imperative for the reader to enjoy these tales in order, otherwise, trust me, you will be lost. For Love and Vengeance is an integral part of a rousing saga with, not only a unique plotline, a steamy hot and heartfelt love story. Addicting and so sexy!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Leyra left him there, collapsed on the ground, abandoned, and feeling small and helpless. Drops of blood fell, and Orin realized they seeped out of his nose. He clutched the blades of grass in anger and frustration. Would he ever muster the courage to fight her? Could he ever defeat her? Light above, there simply had to be a way. If Lothar’s presence was unbearable for Orin, he could only imagine how much worse it must be for Gabriel. Orin simply couldn’t allow his parents to bind his brother to that monster masquerading as an Alarian.

He was snapped out of his musings when he felt a familiar presence approach. Orin looked up, only to see Zeli closing in. He shot to his feet and wiped his face, not wanting the demon to notice what had happened.

His efforts were predictably useless as the first thing Zeli asked was, “Are you all right?”

Orin studiously didn’t look at Zeli as he struggled to gather his bearings. This was the worst possible time for Zeli to find him. Arguing with his mother always left him shaken, and it took him a while to put up his mask, the comfortable façade he used to keep everyone away.

“Orin?” Zeli insisted. “Sweet, you’re scaring me.”

The pet name startled Orin so much that he looked straight at Zeli. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use such a personal address when referring to me, General Zeli,” he replied snappishly. “I am not sweet. I am an Alarian prince, and it would behoove you to remember it.”

Zeli grinned at him, releasing a sigh of relief. “Ah, it seems you’re quite all right if you’re glaring at me.” His expression sobered once again, and to Orin’s surprise, he gently reached for Orin’s face and caressed his cheek. “But I can still smell your blood, sweet. Who hurt you?”

“No one,” Orin replied, recoiling and stepping back. Zeli had never actually dared to touch him before, and just the feel of the other man’s hand on his skin made confusing emotions whirl inside him. It didn’t help that Zeli’s intoxicating scent drugged him, diminishing his ability to hide what he felt.

It frightened him, and in turn, that fear angered him. He retaliated by glowering at Zeli. “Mind your own business, demon.”

Zeli narrowed his eyes at him. “No matter how much you push me away, you know as well as I do that you are my business.”

Unfortunately, Orin did indeed know that. Zeli was the only one who could rile him up like this on a regular basis. Even with Lothar and Leyra, Orin managed to maintain the appearance of aloofness, pretending to be a living icicle. But the walls he put up crumbled whenever the demon was around him. Zeli was so very dangerous for Orin’s self-control. In fact, if Orin had any sense, he’d run away as quickly as he could. Sadly, his reason was hammered down by Orin’s guilty need to remain in Zeli’s presence. He wouldn’t touch the demon. He wouldn’t encourage Zeli in any way. But he could still admire him, watch the way the sun’s rays made shades of red burn through Zeli’s hair and how Zeli’s bronze eyes glowed appreciatively as they met Orin’s gaze. He could still feast his eyes on those beautiful wings and wonder what they would feel like to the touch. It wasn’t a lot, but it was better than nothing and more than Orin had ever thought he would find. Passion and desire simply didn’t have a place in his life. Zeli represented a fantasy come to life, and Orin would hoard every memory of the demon and use them to feed his lonely heart once Zeli was gone.

In the meantime, he simply couldn’t allow Zeli to see how much he affected him. “I am very thankful for your concern,” he said, “but it’s not necessary. I assure you I am unharmed.”

He wasn’t lying since the pain his mother had inflicted had started to fade. Nevertheless, Zeli’s concern didn’t disappear. If anything, it seemed to grow even more intense. Orin could read it in Zeli’s posture and his eyes, but also in his aura, swirls of crimson, scarlet, burgundy, and vermillion wildly colliding in agitation.

“I wish you trusted me, sweet,” the demon whispered, unrestrained pain in his voice. “I wish you realized just how much you mean to me.”

Orin wanted to believe Zeli’s words. He wanted to reach out and wipe away that agony he’d unwittingly caused, to take what Zeli offered and throw all caution to the wind. But it was not possible. Zeli had only known him for a couple of days, and his endearments and caresses were merely a manifestation of Zeli’s impulsive nature and the sexual chemistry that existed between the two of them.

Orin steeled his heart and forced himself to answer. “You’re mistaken, General Zeli. I am nothing to you except a foreign prince, and you are only an honored guest in my parents’ home. We have no other relationship. You would do well to remember that.”

Before Zeli could offer a reply, Orin turned his back on the demon and fled the gardens. Even as he entered the palace once again, the spot where Zeli had touched him still burned, telling him how much of a liar he was. How much longer could he pretend? Worse, what would happen when his resistance failed him and he finally surrendered to the truth he’d long ago acknowledged in his heart?




A small, delicate, but very strong hand grabbed Zeli’s arm. “Don’t,” Orin whispered. “I want to feel everything about you. I’m not made out of glass. I don’t care if you have claws, fangs, or whatever else. I’ve decided to trust in you, and I know you won’t hurt me.”

Zeli’s breath caught. “Sweet…”

Orin rolled his eyes, but it was obvious his heart wasn’t into it. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m not sweet?”

Zeli didn’t even bother to counter Orin’s words. The Alarian might deny it as much as he liked, but he was like a piece of candy, hard and unyielding on the outside, and with a delicious, creamy center that just waited to be savored. In awe with Orin, Zeli pulled the Alarian close once more and just let go, crushing his mouth to Orin’s once more.

Orin’s tight leather pants were the next victim of Zeli’s despair. In a few slashes of his claws, Zeli ripped them off Orin’s body, revealing naked skin and…Zeli hesitated to call it underwear, as it was so skimpy it showed more than it covered. He nearly swooned at how sexy Orin was, at the realization that he had this amazing man within his reach. Of course, swooning would imply breaking their kiss, and since that option was unacceptable, Zeli kept going.

The boots weren’t so easy to remove, so Zeli just left them on. Orin tried to help him at first, but then, his motions became erratic little thrusts combined with wild rubbing. The Alarian thrashed under Zeli, his cries swallowed by Zeli’s kiss, his passion showering Zeli like a palpable thing.

The need escalated too much for a simple lip-lock to contain. Zeli briefly released his soon-to-be lover and pulled off his shirt. As quickly as he could, he got rid of his own footwear and dumped his pants on the floor. Unlike Orin, he wasn’t wearing underwear of any kind, so he returned to the Alarian’s side completely naked.

Briefly, he considered pulling off Orin’s boots, but there was something really sexy and naughty about taking Orin like this. Smirking, Zeli crawled over Orin and brought their naked bodies together. “Tell me, pretty. Tell me what you want.”

Even now, when he was so obviously lost in desire, Orin didn’t stop being commanding. “Just don’t tease!” he shouted at Zeli. “Your cock in my ass. Now.”

Zeli’s mind melted at Orin’s reply. There was a slight tremor in Orin’s voice, betraying the Alarian’s nervousness, but at the same time, it was more than clear that Orin would not allow that to stop him. And Fires of Kaldor…Hearing those words on Orin’s lips enflamed Zeli beyond what he thought would be possible.

Of course, no matter how much Zeli craved their union, Zeli couldn’t just push his dick inside Orin. The Alarian was clearly new at this and Zeli’s dick quite generously sized, even by demon standards. If Zeli wasn’t careful, he would tear Orin apart. Besides, what he truly wanted was to make this unforgettable for Orin, to make these moments, and each and every one they spent together after tonight, special and perfect.

Gathering the final remnants of his control, Zeli licked down Orin’s neck, lingering on the perfect disks of Orin’s nipples. The little nubs of flesh perked up, as if demanding Zeli’s attention. Zeli couldn’t resist the temptation of sucking one, then the other, into his mouth. Orin went wild. His demands transformed into pleas, peppered liberally with Zeli’s name spoken over and over. Oh, definitely, Orin liked that.

If Orin reacted so beautifully at having his nipples toyed with, Zeli couldn’t even imagine how the Alarian would respond when Zeli touched his cock. Just the thought propelled Zeli into action. As much as he wished to take it slow, the desire he felt for Orin was leading him now, guiding his every action.

Zeli licked down Orin’s abdomen, tracing the lines of Orin’s muscles. He was tempted to dwell more on the tiny hole of Orin’s belly button, which looked as delicate and inviting as the rest of Orin. But Zeli’s true prize beckoned, and he could not have resisted its lure if he’d wanted to.

Lower down Zeli went, until he at last reached Orin’s dick. Drops of liquid already stained the material of his underwear and Zeli mouthed the spot, moaning as the first hint of Orin’s essence hit his tongue. He sucked Orin’s cock through the silk, the sound of Orin’s cries like music to his ears.

Soon, even the sensual barrier of the soft cloth bothered Zeli, and he pulled Orin’s underpants down, releasing Orin’s dick from its confines. His new lover’s prick was slender, but long, a few tufts of lavender-colored hair gathered at the base around his delicate sac. Perfect, just like Zeli had known he would be.

Gently, Zeli spread Orin’s legs. He muttered the lubrication spell, and as slick liquid appeared on his fingers, he sought the entrance to Orin’s body. When he first touched Orin’s opening, the young Alarian tensed, obviously surprised. Zeli chose this moment to distract Orin by lowering his mouth over his lover’s dick.

The feel of Orin’s cock on his tongue fueled the fire inside Zeli. As he bobbed his head up and down Orin’s dick, the Alarian moved with him, fucking Zeli’s mouth, once more lost in the pleasure. When Zeli dared to slip one finger inside Orin’s body, his lover didn’t resist in the slightest. Instead, his channel accepted Zeli’s invasion, opening up like a flower, greedy for Zeli’s touch.


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