The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 41,572
0 Ratings (0.0)

Calian is a necromancer waiting for his final trial. If he passes, he will earn the last black pearl he requires to become a grim reaper. In the meantime, he must remain in the mortal realm as a living immortal. There are drawbacks, one of which is the need to consume warm yang energy from other men.

Gage Hawkins and Flynn Hamilton are mortals with plenty of yang energy. Calian expects one passion-filled evening with two hot and sexy men, but it turns into something deeper and more romantic, and no magic on earth can stop it. Not that he wants to anyway, but Calian’s final trial will be difficult and dangerous, and if he makes it through, he won’t be allowed to stay in the mortal realm. All grim reapers must reside in hell.

Can they find a solution? Or is their romance destined to die before it can even come alive?

The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 41,572
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

For the next several minutes, Calian studied all of the suitable men inside the bar. He immediately discarded from his mind the ones who were straight or attached. Their vibes gave them away, and they were killing Calian’s libido. Calian also eliminated the men whose yang energy was rather low. He required a man who could keep up with him, and that person must be someone who was virile, and had excellent stamina and endurance. He was so preoccupied with what he was doing, it took him a while to notice the two men who were seated side by side in the farthest corner of the bar. The saliva pooled inside his mouth, and he had to gulp over and over again as he stared at them. He had encountered both of those men recently, but he never really paid close attention to their auras back then because he had to concentrate on his tasks.

Things were different now. Calian couldn’t avert his gaze because those two men’s auras were shining brilliantly, and they were the brightest in comparison to all of the other men in the bar. Moreover, with the aid of his magic, he could sense a ton of lust and sexual tensions coming off those two men. That was even better for him. It would make it easier for him to get them into bed. His mind was made up now, and he called out Phoebe’s name under his breath. The volume of his voice was nearly inaudible, but to a fae like Phoebe, that wasn’t a problem at all. Phoebe walked over to his table less than a minute later.

“Have you found your target?”

“Targets,” Calian corrected, and Phoebe raised both of her eyebrows while grinning widely. “The two handsome hunks at the corner table to my right.”

Phoebe peeked, and she whistled softly a second or two later. “You have exquisite taste in men. They’re hot, and their energies are incredible even though they’re both ordinary mortals.”

“I know,” Calian said with a wink. “Can you personally deliver another glass of whatever they’re drinking right now? Tell them it’s from me.”


Phoebe did as Calian requested. When Calian glanced over, both men were now looking in his direction. He lifted his glass in a silent toast. Then he sipped on his wine while gazing at the two men. He watched them doing the same thing. After that, they seemed to be heatedly discussing about something before they eventually got up and made their way toward Calian’s table. Calian leaned against the back of the couch he was sitting on while casually sipping on his wine. A moment later, the two men reached his table.

“I’m Gage Hawkins,” the man with blue eyes and black hair introduced himself before pointing at the guy to his left. “This is Flynn Hamilton, my friend and teammate. Thanks for the drinks. Would you like some company?”

Calian was smirking internally, but outwardly, he smiled at Gage and Flynn. “I’m Calian with no last name, and yes, please.”

He wasn’t sure if Gage and Flynn had planned it in advance, but both men immediately occupied the empty spots on either side of him. Then Gage grinned at him.

“So, Calian with no last name, I hope you won’t think that I’m being corny, but I believe we’ve met before. The first time was at the lobby of the funeral home, and that was followed by three more encounters. I actually overheard your conversation with Miriam so I’ve known your name for a while now.”

Calian remembered all of those meetings, but he feigned ignorance. “Yeah? Where at?”

“At a diner, the hospital lobby, and the bakery last night,” Gage reminded.

“You walked past my apartment building,” Flynn added. “And I was with Gage at Alexander’s bakery.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

That brief conversation among them broke the ice, and soon, the three of them were able to chat more casually with one another. Calian learned about Gage’s and Flynn’s ages, where they were from, the number of family members they had, their majors at the university, and what their future goals were. Naturally, Calian couldn’t simply reveal that he was a necromancer. Instead, he fudged a little, telling them that his profession was related to funerals and medicines, which was kind of true.

“You look quite young for someone who’s supposed to be thirty-five years old,” Gage complimented several minutes later. “I thought you were twenty-three or twenty-four.”

“Same,” Flynn interjected.


Calian wasn’t exactly lying when the two men asked how old he was. He had reached his full potential in necromancy when he turned thirty-five. That was also the moment he had stopped aging physically.

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