The Outer Rim (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,032
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, with M/F/M elements]

Tyvan, trying to survive in the wilds of Urtopia, is spared from an attack by Anaki, who nurses Tyvan back to health from the near-fatal encounter. The beautiful blue alien manages to steal the human's heart in a very short time.

After Anaki is captured by the queen’s warriors, Tyvan attempts to rescue her and finds his girlfriend, Chloe Jones, imprisoned in the same mining compound.

Chloe was introduced to Glenn Mathias, a young Federation Officer, while investigating the off-planet crash of Enos-5, and sparks begin to ignite when they take a mining freighter to Urtopia together in order to recover the A.I. brain of Eve and to find out Tyvan's true fate.

Will these four discover their true fates, and will they survive long enough to find love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Outer Rim (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Outer Rim (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,032
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Very over the minds erotic senses...a
must read !!!!



He attempted to rise, but a gentle hand shoved him back down until his head rested against a roll of cozy fur. Tyvan’s face contorted into shock of the creature staring down at him. She had light blue-tinted skin, almost the color of the sky on a clear day, and wide almond-shaped eyes of gold with elongated pupils. Her cat-like eyes only enhanced her overall feline appearance. Long dark brown braided hair dangled below her rounded shoulders to partially cover her perky breasts and indigo-blue nipples. She raised a hand and said, “Poto,” and then stood to walk to the center of the room where a hearth fire was burning.

He tensed, not knowing if he was possibly on her menu. Poto, he assumed, meant wait, and he did so, nervously. His eyes were glued to her every movement as he drank in the alien’s beauty. Her well-defined back led down to slender hips. A thin loin cloth did nothing to hide her firmly bubbled ass cheeks with a slender blue tail that flipped behind her.   His eyes lowered further, enthralled by her sensuously muscled legs and thighs. Thin, dark blue lines encircled the peaks of her calves and he was unable to determine if it was a shade of different skin or tribal tattoos. She had a physique built for speed and power and he quickly imagined her being quite a huntress—a body framed for long strides and fast sprints. She was at least, by his estimation, a good two inches taller than he was.

This was the first new class of alien species to be discovered by man in the past fifty years, and he was the one who found her, and what a rare beauty at that, the likes of which he had never seen.  His only hope now was that she was friendly and did not prefer the taste of human flesh.

She returned to the bed with a warm clay jar and kneeled down. Delicately, she began to peel away a layer of moistened cloth from his chest, exposing the four deep talon gashes. Tyvan winced in pain and recoiled from her touch. She tilted her head, and her eyes narrowed. “Ithi,” she said, gesturing towards the jar. “Ithi.”

Whatever was inside the container, he didn’t trust it. The ointment smelled like the rotting flesh of a goat wrapped in horse shit. “No!” he told her a bit harshly.

Her slightly pointed ears fell back, and her full lips pursed with anger. She set the jar to the side, said a few heated alien words, and then stepped outside hastily.

He knew the scorn of a woman whenever he saw it. “Great,” he mumbled to himself. This woman had more than likely saved his life and was trying to aid him in some way, and he managed to piss her off in a few seconds. He grabbed the jar of black sludge and nearly gagged smelling the concoction once again. With his legs wobbly, he took hold of the side of the stone walls to keep his balance. He had never felt so weak in his life, like a new born babe. His vision skewed, he clambered outside to make amends. With the world spinning out of control, he stumbled over the step at the door. An arm swiftly swept under his torso before he fell, and kept him from hitting the ground. She walked him back inside and laid him on the mattress in the corner of the room.

“Look,” he said in a humbled voice. “I know you don’t understand a single word I am saying. I would like to thank you for saving my life, and if you want to put that...crap on my chest, then I would appreciate it.”

He handed her the jar and sat back, pointing to his injury. She dipped her fingers in the salve and liberally applied the mixture to cover his torn flesh. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of the ointment. At least she did not find the hideous aroma appealing. Covering the jar, she washed her hands in a wood bowl of water, and then returned with a cool rag and placed it over his forehead. She rested her elbow on the bed to lay her chin on the back of her hand, staring silently at him as if intrigued. After a while of placidity between them, she motioned a claw with one hand and mocked the attack against him, bearing her teeth. Her canines were not quite fangs, but they were slightly longer and sharper than the rest of her human-like teeth.  She was obviously a meat eater.

After her demonstration she said, “Bureen.” And again, she repeated the word, “Bureen.”

“Panther,” Tyvan replied. They had nothing like that on Terramora or Earth that resembled the beast, but it was the closest thing he could think of.

“Panther,” she said, hinting at a smile.

He gave her a warm grin, “I am Tyvan,” he advised, pointing at himself.

She gestured to herself. “Anaki” Then touching his arm lightly, she said, “Tyvan.”

He, in turn, reached out to lay his hand on her forearm. “Anaki.”




She lowered her head this time and opened her mouth. “Kiss me,” she said as her ears perked up. He did not hesitate finding her full lips once again. This time she moved her mouth and jaw in tune with his. Like a fawn finding new legs, she tried mimicking the pucker of his lips, the movement of his mouth. He then ventured to move his tongue inside her mouth wanting to find hers. They met, and she quickly responded by repeating the maneuver, sliding her tongue across his. Her body began to rumble, rattling like a series of faraway tribal drum beats. She was purring. With their mouths locked, they kissed with increased intensity, causing her musical purring sounds to become more pronounced. Suddenly, with both of their bodies heated in a feverous passion, she pushed his shoulders away and trotted back inside the hovel.

He followed behind her, moving through the entrance, fighting to walk with his cock throbbing. What had he done?  He hoped he did not upset her with his fool idea of kissing the alien woman.

He hesitated in awe seeing her on the bed and all of his fears swiftly washed over him. Stripped of her loin cloth, she was on all fours with her amazing rear hoisted high in the air pointed at him. Her slender tail was rolling from side to side, provocatively displaying her most private areas.

He gulped, knowing now, without a doubt, what she fully expected to happen. He coolly moved to Anaki, removing his shorts, seeing that she was prepared to accept him. His cock sprang up with such force that it slapped him in the belly and actually stung. She was in perfect position to take her from behind, but he felt compelled to explore her body—to make this moment last—and take his time with this goddess from another world. This could be his only chance, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he wanted it to be much more than just sex.

Would she respond the same as human women responded to his touch?  There were many unknowns and there was only one way to find out.

Instead of walking into her, he kneeled on the floor so that his face was in line with her dark blue folds. His nose only inches away, he could already smell her alien essence brewing, an enticingly deep musky scent that could have probably attracted any male animal from a thousand miles away. Her aroma alone was already much more complex than human women. He couldn’t wait to taste her. Moving a palm over her pubic mound, he cupped her gently, causing her to whimper slightly. Her warmth nearly seared his hand as he moved a single finger into her. Only using his calloused fingertip to carefully lay her dark blue labia to the side, he was further shocked to find that her pussy was bright pink, hidden by her outer blue labia. He began moving his finger deeper into her warmth and pressed his thumb over what appeared to be her clit that had a light blue cover protecting her sensitive spot. Lifting the hood, he could feel the small pebble swell into the size of a marble. The touch made her react with a violent thrust of the hips. She moved into his manipulations, swaying her hips into him with a pronounced purring sound. Feeling a warm rush wetting his finger, he brought his mouth to her, spreading her soaked lips gently with two fingers, desperately wanting to taste the alien. He greedily mouthed her opening, sliding his tongue into the open slit. She squirmed under his firm grasp, panting heavily. Every flip of his tongue caused a whimper to escape her.    

Anaki released a primal grunt as his tongue worked to part her further, seeking out her inner essence. Her musky aroma of arousal perfumed the air to enthrall the captain. Her femalejuices spiraled across Tyvan’s mouth to glaze his chin as he held back her dark blue folds. There was a sweetness to it that reminded him of sugar water on the morning dew of an orchid. He all too willingly consumed her as she achingly cried out his name in an alien slur. He could stay in this position all night, but his cock was wildly throbbing to feel her precious center. He stood behind her, gripping the base of his thick shaft, and angled towards her. Sensing the shift of movement behind her, Anaki reared her buttocks into him, urging him to enter her. Feeling her inviting warmth, it was impossible to contain his animal instincts to mate with this woman—a beautiful woman from another world. Her muscular inner thighs glistened with her own excitement as he moved into her, purple veins along his shaft raised as more blood pumped to his loins. Her heat was so intense that his cock felt like a lit torch as he sank inside her, splitting her soft center. Driving himself root deep inside her womb, Anaki’s head thrashed to one side, and she balled the bedding into her fists, releasing a resounding howl to rival the call of a wolf.

He sank into her depths fully, feeling his cock stretch her further and further until it was difficult for her to breathe. He did not realize how tight she was until he was inside her, and for a brief moment, it frightened him. He had no intention of hurting her.  The fear instantly changed to a blissful rush as his smooth strokes penetrated her when he knew that she could accept him—all of him.


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