[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Alfie has known and loved Mason for ages, but was too young to do anything about it. The pair have been tiptoeing around each other for years. Now in his early twenties, Alfie finds a new complication has arisen—a snow leopard shifter named Jason who was captured by the cult, the Will and the Word.  
After being released, Jason has kept a low profile. Sweeping in under the radar, he captures Alfie’s attention, and now Alfie has to make a decision. Who does he choose? Taking the plunge, Alfie allows himself to be swept off his feet by both sexy shifters. All three help to establish a brand new bed and breakfast in the town of Sage, Wyoming, a town broken by the cult, but now reborn.
Not everyone is happy, and an old family feud rears its head as four young wolverine shifters, victims of the cult themselves, drag Alfie, Mason, and Jason into their ongoing troubles. Will the cult’s influence ever really end?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Breaking New Ground (MMM)
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Alfie had once been an inmate of a vicious cult known as the Will and the Word, now defunct, and he was only just now learning about the art of living as a free man—or in his case, shifter. He was a leopard shifter, and smaller than the average cat, but fully capable of holding his own if he had to.

His thoughts focused back on the task at hand, and he stared at the apple selection again, shaking off memories of those dark times when he’d had no choice about anything. The cult had pretty much taken everything from him—even his innocence. That was years ago, though, and he smiled as he thought of Mason again, then frowned as another man clicked into his head. Jason Hastings, the brother of his friend John. Both were snow leopard shifters and as badass as they came. Jason had been captured by the cult, but only for a short time. He’d been at the ranch for as long as Alfie had, and recently Alfie had started noticing the long, seductive glances, and his heart and body had responded accordingly. His emotions were a little confused, since he’d been attracted to Mason for so long, he felt almost guilty for fancying Jason as well.

He reached for a golden delicious apple, ready to place it in a paper sack, and touched warm fingers instead, jumping back with a yelp. His eyes slid upward and to the side, meeting a warmly amused turquoise gaze. Jason Hastings. The man was big and beautiful and a total fox. Jason’s brother, John, ran the bakery-come-coffee shop nearby, and lived at Two Spirit Ranch. Jason and his sibling were total predators but seriously cool, too. This was the first time Alfie had seen Jason in town since the reconstruction had begun, since he lived at the ranch a few miles from town.

“Hey, Alfie,” Jason said with a seductive grin, placing the apple in Alfie’s grasp, one finger stroking sensuously along the back of his hand before releasing the small leopard shifter. Alfie flushed to the roots of his hair, jerking away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” Alfie stuttered, swallowing hard as he inhaled the man’s delicious scent. He smelled musky and spicy and hot enough to fuck. Alfie’s eyes widened. He’d wanted Mason for the longest time, and now he was having palpitations and hot sweats over this man too at the same time as he was lusting after Mason. He was in serious trouble. He knew Mason liked him, had heard him say as much. They were taking their time, not wanting to rush things, getting to know each other. Alfie was getting a little frustrated though. He wanted to jump that jaguar’s bones in the worst way.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked, one hand coming up to cup Alfie’s soft cheek. Alfie leaned into the touch, his eyes half closing as the man’s scent surrounded him.

“Alfie, Jason,” a voice growled from behind. Mason.

Alfie looked at him, saw something flash between Mason and Jason, something that looked like pure lust. Then he watched as their eyes fell on him, green and turquoise zeroing in on him, and saw that flash again, aimed right at him.

Mason moved forward, his big body all taut muscle and sexual heat. The two big predators smiled in unison, and Alfie gave a whimper, feeling his cock harden to granite as they surrounded him with the scent of their arousal, his own flooding into the heady brew until he was light-headed.

“Jason and I have been talking,” Mason said huskily. “We’d both like to get to know you better, if you have no objections.” His nostrils flared, his eyes darkening with desire. “I think you have feelings for both of us, is that right?”

Mason’s hands caressed Alfie’s slender arms, his nose nuzzling the top of the smaller shifter’s tousled, brown head with its shaggy mop that stuck up in all directions. Jason moved in behind, and when Alfie looked up, sandwiched between their big, sexy bodies, they smiled again, the twin looks promising him a world of pleasure.

Alfie’s senses went up in flames, and he knew he was in trouble. A deep, sexy mess of double trouble.

He closed his eyes and moaned, wanting to sink into their warmth, wanting them to sear him with their heat. He felt two sets of lips drift against his skin, one on his cheek and the other caressing his neck. He felt like he was perched atop a precipice, not knowing what lay at the bottom, but knowing whatever happened, it was sure to be the ride of his life. He felt two heavy cocks jutting proudly, letting him know he pleased the two big men, and stepped off the precipice.

He was tired of being afraid of everything, and wanted to break new ground, wanted to fly free.

He felt their arms go around him as he nodded, belatedly responding to Mason’s question, and knew this was his time to soar.




On his back, completely naked, Alfie lay in the center of the big bed, his fingers clutching at the quilt, mouth open and his face contorted as though he was in agony. Mason slowly unsnapped his jeans, watching as Jay lay between Alfie’s slim legs, his big body naked and beautifully muscled, his tanned skin rippling as he lapped sensuously at Alfie’s smooth skin, eyes closed as he purred with each taste.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Jay growled, without opening his eyes, “I couldn’t wait.” He went back to lapping at their mate’s body, his tongue rasping over the shallow grooves of Alfie’s abdomen. Soft whimpers came from Alfie, his chest rising and falling rapidly. “Come and play with our little mate,” Jay invited, his tongue diving into Alfie’s belly button. “He tastes absolutely delicious.”

Mason gave a low growl, slid off the rest of his clothes, then crawled up the bed, coming to lie beside Jay, stroking his hand down Alfie’s inner thigh, nipping at the younger man’s flesh behind his knee.

“Oh, God, you two are going to kill me,” Alfie moaned, his cock a vivid red, swollen, and dripping pre-cum, lying against his taut, ripped belly.

Jay chuckled, licking around the plump, mushroom head of Alfie’s dick that twitched in reaction, making his way down between Alfie’s legs. Pushing them wide, with Mason assisting, he gave a low sound of approval as he invited Mason to view the gorgeous sight winking up at them.

“He’s so beautiful,” Mason sighed, licking two fingers and sliding them along the little shifter’s moist crease, pressing at the tiny rosebud, rubbing it delicately until Alfie was writhing helplessly. “Baby, you smell so good,” he said, sliding up, wanting a taste of Alfie’s mouth. “Give me your mouth, sweetness,” he begged, and Alfie moaned, turning his head, eyes unfocused and glittering with shards of gold and green. Mason leaned down, his fingers still playing at the man’s hole, opening over that succulent mouth, diving inside with his tongue, and groaning long and low as he felt Alfie’s spicy flavor explode on his tongue.

“You look good together,” Jay approved, and Mason felt the man’s fingers join his between Alfie’s legs, pressing against the ring of guarding muscles and sinking inside to the first knuckle. Mason felt Alfie flinch, felt him gasp and swallowed the sound hungrily.

“There you go, beautiful,” Mason said, feeling the moment when Alfie relaxed, and pushed in with one of his own fingers, probing the sleek heat of his lover’s body, feeling the muscles close around him, sucking him inside. “Hmmm, so tight and warm, taking us inside this gorgeous ass.” He sucked on Alfie’s tongue, purring.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” Alfie said, panting, as he lifted his mouth from Mason’s, nipping at the jaguar’s whiskered jaw, then licking at the slight sting. “I can’t believe that I’ve known you both as friends and never knew I could have you both here with me as lovers. I didn’t know you’d both want me like this.” He whimpered as Jay sank his finger farther into Alfie’s welcoming chute, Mason mimicking the action. The pair began to stretch their mate between them, then Alfie let out a shrill yelp. Looking down, Mason saw the young leopard’s cock engulfed inside Jay’s warm mouth and watched with fascination the look of utter bliss on the snow leopard’s gorgeous face, heard the purr emanate from his chest.

“Fuuuck!” Alfie cried, hips bucking in reaction, then he began to move in a steady rhythm, fucking Jay’s mouth.

Mason knelt on the bed, beside Alfie’s, and guided his uncut, engorged cock to Alfie’s lips, slapping the dripping tip against his lover’s mouth, teasing him with droplets of his musky essence before he slid his length inside. Alfie immediately clamped down, sucking and licking, humming with pleasure. Mason’s head fell back at the feel of his mate’s sexy mouth pleasuring him. He began to thrust with shallow strokes, groaning loudly, then swinging his leg over Alfie’s chest, removing his finger from his mate’s hole and lifting the man’s head in both his hands, then began to fuck with more force. “Take my cock, baby,” he begged, feeling the exquisite suction drawing out more pre-cum, feeling the wet heat along his thick length.

He felt strong hands on his back, felt warm lips against his backside, then the rasp of a wet tongue along his crease. “So fucking sexy, Mason,” Jay growled, his tongue pushing at Mason’s hole, causing Mason to slow his rhythm inside Alfie’s beautiful mouth. Alfie’s hands came up, gripping Mason’s ass, and parting his cheeks. Mason snarled out his pleasure as he felt Alfie’s thumbs press the outer edge of his hole, then Jay’s tongue pushed inside, stabbing in and out like a mini penis.

Mason cried out, feeling his balls draw up before he spurted into Alfie’s hungry mouth, his release hitting hard. Alfie groaned, jerked, and Mason smelled the pungent aroma as the young leopard came as well, heard Jay’s grunt of pleasure. “I need to be inside you, baby,” Jay pleaded and Mason moved aside, stroking the mess of cum on Alfie’s abs as he lay beside their mate, feeding Alfie’s own load to him, then sharing a spunk-filled kiss as Jay knelt between Alfie’s splayed thighs.

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