Thor (MM)

Misfit Shifters


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,494
0 Ratings (0.0)

Book 2 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Mitch

Thor, the winged lion guardian of the Bluebird Valley Preserve, is dying, and too weak now to sustain his powerful magic which protects the land and inhabitants from harm. There's only one way to save himself and that's by sacrificing Zach.

When a gut feeling lures Zach back to the preserve, he answers it. Despite his tragic breakup with Thor a decade earlier, he knows he must step in to help the man save the preserve, even as Thor does his best to deflect him at every turn. But Zach can out stubborn a mule.

As winged horse, Zach is more than just a pretty face. His special abilities pale, however, compared to what happens when he and Thor come together. What Thor doesn't count on are new and old enemies forcing his hand -- and Zach's persistence, not just in saving him and the Preserve, but in stealing his heart, as well.

Thor (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Thor (MM)

Misfit Shifters


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,494
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Thor studied him for a long moment. “Why are you doing this?”

So much for the short truce. He took a bite and savored before swallowing. “Let the hard questions begin, huh?”

Thor pinned Zach’s gaze and held it. “Just answer already.”

“I felt it.” He didn’t elaborate further. “The pull. I knew something was wrong. When I approached the preserve, I understood what drew me here.”

Without even blinking, Thor continued to stare at him.

“You did,” Zach clarified.


Zach pulled on his patience and shrugged. “Believe it or not, it’s true. I didn’t know about the flooding. Was busy rescuing wild horses from the fires in the west and relocating them the past month or so. Once they were settled and safe, I had a chance to catch up with things in the rest of the world. By then, the floods were receding in this area. That wasn’t what captured my attention and refused to let me sleep until I got here. You did. You and that bond. It struck hard and fast and shouted for me to get my ass here on the double as you were in jeopardy.” He linked his fingers together. “You called me here. And, I’m not about to leave.”


Zach pursed his lips. “I’m not sure we should shackle ourselves with any restrictions that direction.”

Thor released a long sigh. “Well, hell.”

The annoyance laced curse followed by Thor digging into his cake with enthusiasm put a wicked smile on Zach’s face.

That’s it, big guy. Eat up. You need your strength because I’m not going anywhere.

“You should be getting to your cabin. It’ll be dark soon and you’ll want to get settled back in,” Thor suggested.

Zach shook his head and gestured toward the chair in the corner. “That recliner has my name on it already.”

“Then take it with you.” Thor leveled his gaze on Zach.

“Nope. It works fine right here. Besides, I’m very comfortable in caves, as I’m sure you recall.”

“Find your own cave.” The blunt statement lacked fire.

“Why? This one is just right. I happen to even like the bear living inside.”

Thor sighed heavily. “Who did I piss off to deserve this?”

Zach chuckled. “Didn’t you know? I’m your lucky star.”

Thor groaned loudly. “I’m doomed.”

Amusement flashed through Zach. “Oddly enough, I’d say I’m your savior.”

“Hell’s bells.”

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