Lost & Found (MM)

Maple Grove 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,037
25 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Steven Dunkin has no clue who the stranger in the coffee shop is when the guy asks him what flavor ice cream he recommends. All Steven knows is he feels a strong attraction to the guy. So when Derek invites him home, Steven has no problem going. The world he steps into thrills Steven. He has his very own tiger shifter, but Steven fears this is too good to be true, so he runs home after having amazing sex, fearing he’ll never see Derek again.

Derek Mitchell is fascinated with the human from the moment he lays eyes on his mate. Steven is charming, shy, but puts his trust in Derek’s hands when they meet. There is just one problem. Derek’s ex-boyfriend is stalking him. Tristan cheated on Derek, and that was a line Derek couldn’t come back from. When Tristan shows up at Derek’s family reunion, he knows his ex has slipped over the edge and Derek must protect Steven at all costs. But will Tristan take things too far?


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lost & Found (MM)
25 Ratings (4.8)

Lost & Found (MM)

Maple Grove 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,037
25 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




“I can’t stand this anymore.” Steven paced his apartment, bored out of his skull. The diner was closed for the day after what had happened two days ago. Some crazy guy had come in and held a gun to Steven’s head, but he hadn’t made any demands.

Bad guys always made demands. It was true because Steven had seen it on television a hundred times. But Brad had simply held Steven hostage as he spouted off some really mean things to Steven’s brother, Kenny.

He knew going outside was dangerous. Kenny had told him so. But Steven couldn’t take being cooped up in his apartment any longer. It was a beautiful day outside, and he wanted to enjoy it.

Steven debated all of five seconds before he grabbed his keys and headed for the door, but he paused to look out the peephole. Emilio lived across the hall.

Emilio was a charmer who only wanted to use him. The guy thought because he’d slept with Kenny that he could invite himself over to Steven’s place and borrow whatever he wanted.

Sadly, it was true. Only because Steven was too afraid to stand up to Emilio, and he was thankful for Russell in his life. Russell was dating Kenny, and anytime Emilio knocked on Steven’s door, Steven called him and Russell came right over to set his neighbor straight.

When Steven saw that the hall was empty, he hurried out of his apartment, locked the door, and raced down the steps. He noticed that the hallway needed to be cleaned, which used to be his job, but now that Steven worked for Cyril at the local diner, he made enough money to pay his full rent without side jobs needed to cover the rest. Cyril had been a godsend since Steven no longer had to work himself to the bone with multiple jobs.

The sun hit his face when he exited his building. The warmth felt good as he closed his eyes and soaked it up before walking to town. The coffee shop was packed, but Steven didn’t mind waiting in line for his ice cream. It was all he’d thought about on his way here, so he wouldn’t let the long line stop him from getting his delicious treat.

“What do you recommend?”

The deep and hypnotic voice made him turn around. The guy behind Steven was a wet dream on two long legs. He had sexy light brown eyes, and Steven wanted to lick the stranger’s gorgeously built body like one of the delicious treats he was about to buy.

 “Are you talking to me?” Steven pressed a hand against his chest and felt himself blush like a schoolboy. The man was smoking hot, and Steven absolutely loved the stranger’s warm smile.

“Yes. What ice cream do you recommend, or are you here for coffee?”

“I recommend you letting me lick you.” Steven’s eyes widened as he slapped a hand over his mouth. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?” he mumbled behind his fingers.

The man’s laugh was the most beautiful sound Steven had ever heard in his life. It was rich and deep and made Steven’s cock twitch. He was infatuated with the stranger in a matter of seconds. When the man smiled, his light brown eyes twinkled like the stars did at night.

“I wasn’t aware Bistro offered that kind of service.” He nodded toward the overhead board. “What kind of ice cream?”

Steven was relieved the stranger had a sense of humor. Most people lost patience with him right after meeting him and treated him like a simpleton. “How do you know I’m here for ice cream?”

“You look hot,” the man said. He stuck his hand out. “I’m Derek Mitchell.”

Steven scraped his teeth over his bottom lip as he laid his hand in Derek’s. He didn’t shake the guy’s hand. He simply held it. “I’m Steven Dunkin, and I’m a huge fan of the cookie dough ice cream, but I also like vanilla bean.”

Steven started to name other flavors that he liked but forced himself to shut up so he wouldn’t sound like an idiot. Derek had asked what flavor Steven recommended, not a list of the ones he liked.

“Hmm.” Derek looked toward the counter, where the rows of ice cream were displayed in the cold case. Steven could smell the man’s dark and spicy cologne, and damn, it smelled good. “The vanilla bean sounds nice.”

“And so does your voice,” Steven admitted as he felt a blush steal over his cheeks. “I could listen to it all day.”

One of Derek’s brows arched. It was the sexiest look Steven had ever seen. “Are you always this forward?”

Steven furrowed his brows. He hated when things had to be explained to him, but he asked anyway, because he wanted to fully understand what the guy was saying. “What does that mean?”

Derek’s eyes softened. “Do you always speak your mind, Steven?”

“Not always.” Steven twisted his hands in front of him, feeling embarrassed that he’d told Derek how sexy his voice was.

Kenny had told Steven that not everyone appreciated hearing the truth, and Steven tried his hardest not to blurt out everything that came to mind. But Darren really did have a voice that slid over Steven’s body and gripped his cock. He kept his hands in front of him to hide the proof.

Honestly, Steven shouldn’t be talking to Derek. Kenny had warned him about being so friendly and trusting, but how could someone with such kind eyes be a threat to him? How could anyone so gorgeous be a threat to him? Steven wasn’t sure why, but he felt as though he could trust Derek.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Derek’s voice had gone a little deeper and his smile seemed genuine. Steven wanted to resist the instant attraction he felt toward Derek, but he couldn’t seem to ignore the guy.

Maybe once he’d gotten some sugar into his system he would come to his senses.

Or maybe he wouldn’t. He was really hoping he wouldn’t.




Steven gave a fake yawn and threw in a stretch. “I’m just tired from that amazing lunch.”

Derek took a step back. “You could rest in my bed if you wanted to.”

That was awful nice of Derek, even if Steven had been lying. But now that he’d gotten himself into this pickle, he had no choice but to accept Derek’s offer. “Thanks.”

Drat. Steven wasn’t even tired.

Derek took his hand and led him back to the bedroom. When Steven sat on the bed, Derek lowered himself to his knees and removed Steven’s sneakers. His hands glided up Steven’s calves, sending goose bumps throughout his body.

A groan escaped as Derek massaged his legs. “That feels so good.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Derek’s hands moved farther up Steven’s legs, his fingers circling his thighs. “I give amazing back rubs.”

Without being asked, Steven flipped to his stomach and tucked his hands under his head. “Rub away.”

A back rub would be much better than faking sleep.

“You say the sexiest things.” Derek gave a low, soft chuckle. He straddled Steven’s waist and ground his fingers beneath his shoulder blades. Steven was seconds away from drooling. The man’s hands were magic, and he didn’t want Derek to ever stop.

Steven was also developing a problem. His cock was once again hard, and he was glad he was on his stomach to hide the outline in his jeans. Derek’s hands were driving him insane, and Steven wanted desperately to shed his clothes and offer himself as Derek’s snack.

“Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?”

“No.” No one had ever used the word pretty. Some had called Steven cute or adorable, which he didn’t like. Adorable was for puppies and kittens, and cute was for little kids. Steven wasn’t any of those things.

Pretty? He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. “Don’t people call girls pretty?”

“Boys can be pretty, too.”

“I’m not a boy,” Steven protested. “I’m a grown man.”

“I know, sweetheart. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be giving you a massage.” Derek scooted to sit on Steven’s thighs. He wasn’t putting his full weight on Steven, because Steven didn’t feel much pressure. Derek’s hands moved lower down his back, his thumbs skimming right above the waistband of Steven’s jeans.

Oh yeah. He liked that much better. Steven’s eyes fluttered closed when Derek’s fingers glided over the crease of his ass. If the guy would just go lower, Steven would be in heaven. He wanted his butt massaged, and he wouldn’t mind being naked while Derek did it.

“Is this okay?” Derek asked.

Mm-hmm.” Steven sighed in delight. “Perfect.”

He felt his jeans slip down a little. His heart skipped a beat as he groaned. Derek was still massaging him, but his hands were working the meat of Steven’s ass.

It truly was perfect. Except Steven wasn’t naked, which sucked. He wanted to ask Derek if he could strip his clothes off but kept his lips pressed together.

The guy was nice enough to treat Steven to this heavenly session, and Steven didn’t want to ruin it by begging like a slut to be taken advantage of.

He was all for being taken advantage of. Or he wouldn’t mind taking advantage of Derek. Either way was fine with him.

Derek parted his cheeks, and Steven sucked in a gasp when he felt a wet tongue glide down the crease of his ass. He shivered and moaned and wiggled his backside, curling his hands into fists to stop himself from crying out in pleasure.

Lord have mercy. Derek was so freaking hot that Steven would have the man’s babies, if that were possible. He wiggled his ass again as Derek slid his jeans and underwear down his quivering legs. The whoosh of air across his heated skin made Steven’s arousal spike.

“Is this okay?”

“Take my socks off and this will be picture-perfect.”

A sexy chuckle erupted behind him. “What about your shirt?”

Steven squirmed around, unwilling to sit up, and worked his shirt off then tossed it next to him. “Problem solved.”

“Not yet,” Derek said. He stripped Steven’s socks off. “Now the problem is solved.”

Steven gave a short, high cry when his cheeks were parted and Derek shoved his tongue deep into his ass. He rimmed Steven as a purr rumbled in Derek’s throat. The sound was sexy as hell and made Steven pant as he spread his legs wider, gasping for air.

Thank god he’d showered that morning and he hadn’t sweated walking into town.

Derek’s hands molded Steven’s ass cheeks as he licked his way up the crease then back down, circling his wet, hot tongue around Steven’s puckered hole. Steven shuddered as pleasure erupted through him.

The purring continued as Steven lost his ever-loving mind. He also loved how Derek’s goatee tickled his skin, the abrasion adding to his overwhelming desire.

A wet finger slid inside his ass. Steven made crazy noises that sounded as though he were being strangled. He shoved his hands against the bed and lifted himself to his hands and knees, rocking back on Derek’s finger.

To hell with it. Today, he would be a slut. A needy, desperate slut who wanted Derek’s cock instead of his finger. It wasn’t as though they would see each other again. Steven wouldn’t fool himself into thinking that Derek would call him later, either. But he didn’t care because he didn’t want this to stop.

Derek moved up beside Steven and growled into his ear, his finger still sliding in and out of Steven’s hole. “You’re one sexy motherfucker.”

“I…I need…”

“Tell me what you need,” Derek demanded in a soft purr.

Steven’s arms shook before he collapsed to the bed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. His eyes flew open when Derek pulled his finger free.

He was seconds away from begging Derek not to stop when he saw the man undressing. Inches of golden skin were revealed, his muscles, washboard abs, large biceps, and…good lord, the man had a long, thick cock jutting out between his legs.

Steven’s whimpering grew in intensity. How could it not? Derek was the best-looking man Steven had ever laid eyes on. His past lovers paled in comparison to the god who stood before him.

He said as much.

Derek narrowed his light brown eyes, which turned a stormy brown. “Don’t mention past lovers when I’m getting ready to fuck you.”

Steven’s heart hammered. “You are… I mean I know you are…but…oh hell.”

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