Bear the Heat (MM)

Maple Grove 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,550
36 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, HEA]

When John “Moose” Zitelli discovers that the human who was beaten by a lion shifter and two demons is his mate, he decides to stick around Maple Grove. Moose is glad of his decision when a murder takes place in the sleepy town. Now that Grayson is the new town sheriff, his mate is gonna need all the help he can get to solve the crime. The suspect pool is residents with secrets to hide, but Moose is determined to find the killer and win his mate’s heart.

Grayson Copache doesn’t want to be the new sheriff, but he promised he’d take over the job. His first day finds him knee-deep in trying to figure out who is vandalizing the town. Then a murder happens and Grayson has no idea who the suspect is. But with the help of his sexy mate, some steamy sex, and a deputy who despises him, Grayson is sure he can crack the case.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bear the Heat (MM)
36 Ratings (4.8)

Bear the Heat (MM)

Maple Grove 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,550
36 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




“You have five seconds to get your hands off my pants before I clobber you.” Grayson Copache glared at Moose as he snatched his jeans from the man’s grip.

“And you’re being stubborn,” Moose snarled. “I just wanna help.”

“I don’t need no damn help puttin’ my pants on.”

Since Grayson had been injured, Moose had been a pain in his ass.

Moose had insisted on hanging around after that fiasco because Grayson had been beatEN to hell, but Grayson had survived worse. He’d tried to kick Moose out a hundred times, but the man was too damn stubborn to leave.

“Your right arm is broken.” Moose gave the needless reminder. “It’s tough doing things with one good arm. Now let me help you, damn it.”

Grayson was five seconds away from knocking Moose on his ass. If he could. Even if he hadn’t been injured, Moose was a huge fucker. Grayson was six feet four inches, and Moose towered over him a good three or four inches. The guy was thick, too. As wide as Grayson was.

He also wanted Moose gone because he was trying his best to come to terms with what he’d seen.

Shifters and demons? They really existed? If he hadn’t seen it with his own two eyes, he would’ve never believed it. There wasn’t too much that surprised Grayson. Not with the life he’d lived, the marines, and then covert ops. But his mind had been blown when he’d seen Salazar change into a lion, and then Darren shift into a coyote.

At first he’d thought he’d suffered head trauma as badly as Salazar had beaten him. But Moose had told him the truth, and since then Grayson had been trying to absorb the information that humans weren’t alone on this planet.

It was a true mind fuck.

“Fine, but when you fall over, don’t come crying to me.” Moose stomped from the room, and at his height and weight, he made the floor shake.

“I never asked for your help in the first place!” Grayson yelled after him. “Don’t you have a life to live? Go home and leave me the fuck alone.”

Grayson wasn’t a man who liked feeling weak. He’d survived the military and black op missions for over twenty years. He considered himself one badass motherfucker, and needing help putting his pants on got on his last nerve.

Moose returned, cup of coffee in hand. He leaned against the wall since he had to duck to clear the doorway.

“What do you want?”

Moose shrugged. “I’m just here in case you fall over and can’t get up.”

Grayson hid his smile. “Do I look like that commercial to you? I’m forty-one, not ninety-one.”

Although Grayson was acting like a prick, he really did like Moose’s company, but he’d never tell Moose that. He would also never confess to the attraction he felt toward the big lug.

Grayson’s life was simple, and he wanted to keep it that way. Besides, admitting his feelings toward another man was what got him divorced in the first place and a pariah among his family. Nothing good ever came out of being completely honest with folks.


What had being honest gotten him? A nearly wiped-out bank account in the divorce, his father slamming the door in his face, his mother refusing his calls, and his sister disowning him, as well as his precious dog taken from him in the settlement.

Patricia had taken Boone, and for that, he’d never forgive her. Who took a man’s dog? A scorned woman.

Grayson wasn’t really bitter about the divorce. He’d lived a complete lie his entire life, and it had been about time he came forward and told his wife he was attracted to men.

Too bad she had taken it so badly, but did he really blame her?

Not in the least.

But he still wanted his damn dog back.

He also didn’t want to be attracted to Moose.

But damn it, the guy looked sexy as fuck leaning there, his eyes riveted to Grayson. He felt the heat of that stare down to his cock. Moose was damn near seven feet tall, muscles as far as the eye could see, and he was gorgeous. Grayson needed to stop staring at his bulging arms, because all he thought about was Moose tackling him to the floor and…

“Some privacy?”

Moose snorted. “I’ve seen you naked. You trying to get some pants on doesn’t faze me.”

Grayson stormed over to Moose, shoved at the big lug until the guy was in the hallway, and then slammed the bedroom door in his face, while praying Moose hadn’t seen his half-hard dick beneath his boxers. 

He took in a few deep breaths as he sat on the bed, tossing his jeans aside as he waited for his cock to soften. Thankfully it did as he thought about his divorce.

The one good thing that had come out of all of this was his daughter, Alisha.

She had a good soul and hadn’t turned her back on her old man. Even Alisha’s husband supported Grayson. Too bad they lived so far away.

Grayson got up and opened his door. As he suspected, Moose was on the other side.

“I was just listening for your fall.” Moose’s bearded grin stole Grayson’s breath. It was a smile wet dreams were made of. He wanted to yank Moose into his arms and kiss that damn grin right off his face.

“Sorry to disappoint you.” Grayson decided to leave his pants on the bed. It wasn’t as though he was going anywhere, and as Moose had pointed out, the guy had seen him naked, so there was no use trying to cover himself.

Grayson brushed past Moose, their arms touching. Just as before, whenever their bodies came into contact, a strange electrical spark shot through him. It was like brushing past a live wire. His body tingled and his cock jerked as though it was ready to play.




Moose gave him a grin that Grayson was growing to love. Moose’s smile could light up a room and make anyone who looked at him swoon. It was that charming and boyish, and his smiles made his eyes sparkle like uncut diamonds.

“What should we watch?”

“Not a porno,” Grayson said before he knew the words had formed.

“Good, because I’m not really into them, either. I’d rather make my own.” Moose bounced his brows playfully before turning the television on.

“You record us having sex and I’ll murder you in your sleep.”

Moose pulled Grayson closer and kissed his temple. “No worries since I’m not sharing you with the world.”

Grayson sat there stiffly until Moose turned on a cartoon. He wasn’t sure what to think. “Are you serious?”

“What?” Moose asked. “I love this show.”

“Uh, no. I’d rather watch porn than a cartoon.”

Moose bounced his brows. “Give it a chance.”

“Not gonna do it.”

When Grayson tried to get up, Moose said, “Fine,” and changed the cartoon to an actual movie. “Spoilsport.”

As the movie started and Moose didn’t try to attack him, Grayson sort of relaxed. He couldn’t fully calm down, not when they were sitting there naked and Moose’s dick was so hard that it was sticking out like a divining rod.

Grayson’s gaze switched between the screen and Moose’s cock. He wanted to touch, but Moose had Grayson’s good arm trapped at his side and gripping anything, let alone a hard dick, with a cast on was damn near impossible.

Moose sighed and got a little more comfortable, his cock bobbing up and down as he settled deeper into the couch.

He was doing that on purpose. Moose was teasing him, tempting him to make the first move. He was waiting for Grayson to calm down enough that he would enjoy sex, enjoy touching, kissing, and fucking.

Grayson was halfway there considering he’d had Moose’s dick in his mouth earlier. The only thing that had Grayson wound up was the thought of Moose sticking that whale into his ass.

Moose brushed his hand over Grayson’s bare shoulder, his thumb drawing tiny circles on his skin.

Grayson decided to initiate things. Fuck sitting there naked with a gorgeous guy next to him. He could get through this. Grayson could handle Moose’s ginormous cock. It was a piece of cake. No sweat. A walk in the park.

After taking a deep breath and convincing himself of his bravado, Grayson stood then straddled Moose’s lap, using his one good arm to place his hand on the guy’s shoulder.

Moose glided his hands up Grayson’s sides. “Anyone ever tell you just how handsome you are?”

“I’ve been tossed a compliment or two in my life,” Grayson said. “I could say that about you, too.”

“Nah.” Moose shook his head. “I’m okay. More people are afraid of me than attracted to my dumb ass.”

 “I’m not afraid of you.” That was the truth. He’d seen the softer side of Moose, and that had helped dissolve Grayson’s fears. Mostly. The guy was a shifter, after all.

“You say the sweetest things.” Moose pressed a kiss on Grayson’s nose.

“I’m horny.”

Moose chuckled. “Again, the sweetest things.”

“So do something about it,” Grayson said.

“What do you want me to do, boo?” Moose kneaded Grayson’s ass, separating his cheeks every few seconds.

Grayson tried to think, but Moose’s hands were magic, having the ability to not only bring him pleasure but also to make Grayson’s mind unfocused.

He groaned and leaned into Moose, gliding his lips over his lover’s as he ground his ass into Moose’s large hands.

“I confess,” Moose said against Grayson’s mouth. “I was hoping for this, so I stashed the lube I found in your nightstand between the couch cushions this morning.”

“Sneaky devil.”

Moose removed one of his hands and fumbled around as Grayson kept licking the man’s lips. A moment later, there was a wet finger at Grayson’s hole.

With a deep groan, Grayson lowered himself onto the digit, hissing as he was breached. He rested his head on Moose’s shoulder, closing his eyes as he moved up and down.

Then Moose added another finger.

Grayson was so hard he wasn’t sure if he could hold out. Not having sex for five years had him ready to come. But knowing it was Moose who was about to break that dry spell did something to Grayson, made him feel…he wasn’t sure. His emotions were all over the place as Moose slid a third finger into his ass.

Flipping Grayson as if he weighed no more than a feather, Moose towered over him as Grayson lay on his back, staring up at the wild beast.

He removed his fingers and lubed his cock before pressing the head against Grayson’s stretched hole.

“Tell me you’re ready.” Moose gritted his teeth, appearing as though he was barely holding his shit together.

Swallowing his fear, Grayson nodded.

Moose grabbed Grayson behind his knees and pushed his legs back as he slowly inched his cock into Grayson’s ass.

Grayson grabbed the cushion below him with one hand, gripping it tightly, desperate for this but seconds away from telling Moose to stop.

As if reading his mind, Moose paused. He bent over Grayson and devoured his mouth, sucking Grayson’s tongue down his throat. He pulled back and said, “I have you right where I want you, sweetheart.”

He let Grayson’s legs go, and Grayson curled them around Moose’s thick waist. “So what are you going to do with me?”

“Mate you.”

That sounded oddly erotic, but also a bit weird. “I’m not sure what to say to t-that.” Grayson groaned and panted, squeezing his legs tightly.

There goes that heart-stopping smile.

“Why’d you stop?” Grayson tried to push Moose up, to give himself a little room, but Moose weighed a freaking ton and their bodies were still smashed together.

“Mates.” Moose nipped Grayson’s bottom lip. “Mine.”

“You’re not…ungh…making any sense.” Grayson’s limbs were fucking shaking. Moose might have paused what they were doing, but Grayson’s body was still tingling and pulsing, ready for what the big lug had to offer.

If only he’d start moving.

“That’s why you smell so good to me.” Moose kissed him between each word. “In my world, a mate is someone fate handpicks for another.” He moved just enough to press his hand against Grayson’s sweaty chest. “I know you feel the connection between us.”

Grayson was trying to figure out what Moose was saying, but his brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders. “I feel the connection of your dick in my ass.”

“Games aside,” Moose said. “Be honest with me.”

“If I am, will you start moving?”

Moose nodded as he pulled back slightly then slowly pushed back in. Grayson bit his lower lip as a moan escaped.

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