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Ripped and Roar
1 ratings
Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her a position and assistance in controlling her talent, but Cila is not sure if that is even possi MORE...


Cynthianna (Published by: eXtasy Books )
0 ratings
Space cargo pilot Calinda crash lands on a desolate world during an intra-galactic conflict. Bitter and injured, she doesn’t expect to live long enough to be rescued. Then she encounters a strange non-corporeal MORE...
Echo in Time
3 ratings
Alara has spent her life under the radar, hiding her nature from the government and those around her. When it came to a choice of letting her cousin fall into servitude to their own government or live a life fr MORE...
Shaken and Stirred
2 ratings
Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the others on her tour. Before her government can lock her up, she is swept off by a tornado and whisked MORE...
Multiple Organisms
3 ratings
Drahali has lived her life as a freak, a woman who was far more than one of the guys. Her strength was limitless, but it doomed her to a life alone until the day the Sector Guard recruiter arrived and offered h MORE...
Dragon King
0 ratings
Tucker Bolen considers himself a renaissance man of the thirty-first century and balks at society’s rigid cultural practices. After purchasing and using a reincarnation reader, he not only connects with his pas MORE...
High Above
Dragons annihilated civilization some ten generations ago. A few Crossbreeds, humans born with dragon-like characteristics, now lead opposing tribes who still battle for dwindling resources. Rhone’s wings have MORE...
Queen of the Storm (MF)
[BookStrand Sci-Fi Romance, interracial] Jordanne enlists the aid of handsome Delph hunter, Wesley Cofferdrake, to piece together her predecessor's mysterious death. However, as Jordanne battles her feelings MORE...
Past Tense
2 ratings
Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra comes asking her to join the Sector Guard. She will have her body changed to match her partner’s MORE...
New Canterbury Affair
0 ratings
Lierra drags her barely tolerable fiancé to New Canterbury, a planet where history is almost recreated for the nostalgic, human colonists. While preparing for their wedding, however, she encounters Forrest Ecks MORE...
Guarding Pax
1 ratings
Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia MORE...
Impractical Magus
2 ratings
Forced to join her family for the holidays, Haily settles down to a tropical cruise with too much alcohol and not enough company. While her sisters are trying to find their matches in the highest ranking magica MORE...
Resurrecting Flame
1 ratings
Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in her task and is ready to rest, but the arrival of the Sector Guard throws a wrench in her plans MORE...
Armed and Armoured
2 ratings
Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary concern is her life as a designer. On one of the school trips that her sister badgered her into chaperoning, she meet MORE...
Romeo vs. Juliet II: The Questrist
Can their love survive the trials and tribulations of time travel? Born in Elizabethan England, Ambrose Radcliffe has spent centuries jumping from one time period to another by order of the Big Boss. His miss MORE...
Snake Dance
0 ratings
In the vast chasm of space, wRen defies a submissive heritage, braving the dark legends of the Asp to be with VeIper, enemy to the Kin, the protectors of her Nestling. VeIper seeks to free his species from e MORE...
Seeking Cygnus
0 ratings
Is the Virgin Mary appearing in Bernadette Reinking's backyard, or is it a trick of the young woman's overactive imagination?
Freak Factor
6 ratings
Living life on Kaddaka station was predictable and profitable. Mala's talent for undetectable repairs has made her quite wealthy and the station quite popular. When a Reflex ship comes in hot, out of contro MORE...
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