Bobby, security guard extraordinaire, works for Sky Rocket Productions. He has his good days and his bad. Luckily for him, the good outweighed the bad. Given an opportunity he couldn't refuse, he signs on the dotted line.

In desperate need of a new dynamic duo, Heather turns to her brother Nathan Knox, for help. However, when the first day on the job goes terribly wrong, all three must reevaluate the situation.

With a mysterious criminal lurking, they must all come together to protect each other. The only problem is, the suspect has already planned the ultimate revenge.

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Bobby sat in Heather’s office, unsure of why she’d called a meeting. They hadn’t seen hide or hair of Viv in over six months, and there weren’t any problems per se. So, why am I here again? Bobby glanced around the cramped space, and his eyes settled on the small black picture frame next to her computer. Heather’s bright smile greeted him first. Next to her stood an older, but just as good looking, guy. His dark hair and amber eyes made Bobby sigh. He was physically fit, his broad shoulders and a wide chest giving way to narrow hips and thick, muscular legs. God, what he wouldn’t give just to feel the guy’s body pressed against his.

Bobby moaned.

Knowing his luck, the guy was Heather’s boyfriend. He could understand why she’d never show him off. Fuck, he’d have attacked the guy in an instant then told Heather she could join in if she wanted. Yep, he was officially a bastard. Letting out a pent-up breath of frustration, he turned toward the door. Come on, Heather, you’re killing me here.

“You’ll do great. I know it. Come and meet Bobby.” Just as Bobby was ready to get up and walk out, the door opened and there stood Heather and the guy from the picture. His heart stopped, and his groin tightened. Fuck.

“I don’t know why we’re doing this. You know I hate…” The guy stopped midsentence, and he swallowed audibly. “Erm, sorry.”

Bobby watched as a light pink flush crept up the guy’s neck and cheeks. The urge to jump out of his chair, tackle the man to the ground, and fuck him slammed through him. A low, rumbling growl built in his chest, and he cleared his throat. “Don’t worry about it. It’s good to meet you. I’m Bobby.”

“Nathan.” He held out his hand for Bobby to shake.

Warmth spread from where their hands touched and traveled through Bobby’s body. Oh yeah, he was done for. “It’s good to meet you, Nathan.” His name rolled off Bobby’s tongue with a purr. “Good morning, boss,” he said, finally acknowledging Heather. “What’s the meeting about?”

Heather smiled and sat down behind her desk. Nathan, on the other hand, took a seat next to him, making it hard to concentrate. All he wanted to do was run his fingers through Nathan’s hair. He wanted kiss him and nibble on his pouty lips. “I’m glad you asked, Bobby. I have a little problem, and I think you can help me out.”

Bobby blinked. He hadn’t heard about any problems. “Okay?”

“Since Vance and Trevor are out of the gay porn industry, I need a new couple to take their place.”

He knew about Trevor and Vance. Since meeting and falling in love with Jamie, they’d worked on only the bi-sexual videos. Sure, they were taking a pay cut, but between the three of them, they were still making bank. So, what did that have to do with him, and why was it a problem? “Are you holding another open call?”

“No, not really.” She hesitated, and Bobby got the eerie feeling that she’d done something he might not like. “I kind of found a guy already.”

Bobby was even more confused.

“Sis, you better explain to Bobby what’s going on here. He looks like he’s about to short circuit.” Nathan smiled, patting a stunned Bobby’s knee, squeezing it gently.

Sparks of pleasure shot through Bobby’s leg.

His dick went from semi-erect to hard in an instant. He was sure by the time he left the office he’d have the zigzag pattern of his zipper permanently tattooed on his shaft. He felt as though he’d hit wet-dream paydirt. Holy fuck, Nathan was her brother. “Please,” he squeaked then cleared his throat as his insides did a happy little dance. Next to him, Nathan chuckled. Bobby bit his lip. The deep rich sound made him ache with need. He was done for.

“Buzz kill,” Heather teased then cleared her throat when Nathan narrowed his eyes at her. “Fine. Bobby, we’d like you to be the new face of our gay video line.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe what she was saying. Shouldn’t he be auditioning for the movie? “Heather, I’ve never auditioned for any of your movies, let alone even thought about being a porn star.”

“Semantics,” Heather said with a wave of her hand. “Look you helped me out with Jamie, Vance, and Trevor. I think you have the ‘it’ factor. And, if you’re willing to give it a shot, you’re going to be a star.” She pulled a contract out of her desk and handed it to him. “It’ll be fun, you’ll see,” she teased. “But, only if you sign right now. Then we can get you ready for your first day of shooting.”

Taking the contract from her outstretched hand, Bobby stared at it for a moment then read it. At first he couldn’t comprehend what he was reading then slowly it sunk in. He’d be paid a flat rate per day then twenty percent royalties for each of his movies that sold. He’d work four days a week, and he’d be required to take monthly physicals. He could do that. The pay would be more than he was making as a guard, and he wouldn’t be working as hard. The only thing that would make the deal cherry—adding Nathan in.

“Deal.” Bobby picked up the pen on her desk and signed where he was supposed to.

“Don’t you want to know who your partner will be?”

“Does it matter? I know you’ll partner me up with someone hot and attractive,” he answered. On the inside he chanted over and over, Please say your brother.

“God, I forgot how much of a bitch you could be, Heather. You’re killing the guy.” Nathan turned toward Bobby and grinned. “I’ll give you a clue.” Before Bobby could answer, Nathan crushed his lips against his.

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