Please Me

On the Set 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 22,000
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Samantha is a wild child, with multicolored hair and piercings. She was a carefree as carefree could get. However, when her past comes back to haunt her, she retreats into herself, hiding her true self from everyone.

Heather has faith in her. With the help of Dirk, Dom and porn star Hottie, they will bring her out of the hell she calls a life and blossom into the perfect submissive.

However, Samantha's ex has different plans for her. Will Samantha ever actually be free, or is she doomed to live in the shadows forever?

Please Me
0 Ratings (0.0)

Please Me

On the Set 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 22,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Six Months Ago

“Okay, the stage looks great. Now could we get Dirk and Samantha on set please,” Heather called out through the headset she’d donned. On stage five right now, Jamie, Trevor, and Vance were working on their second film, and since nothing else was going on, she figured today would be perfect to do a test scene with her newest hirers.

Samantha had sent Heather a video almost a year ago, but there weren’t any movies, casting-wise, she would fit in. She was completely submissive, and without her actually taking the initiative in the movie, well, she was dead fish to most of her guys. That was until Dirk walked into Heather’s office.

At six foot six and two hundred and sixty pounds of pure muscular alpha male, she’d finally found the man to bend Samantha. She already knew how she wanted their movie to work out, but they still needed to test for her, so, in less than two hours, she wrote up a script and made some phone calls.

“Where do you want me, Heather?” The bubbly, multi-colored-haired Samantha asked, bouncing toward her. Her smile was infectious as she stood before Heather wearing the black latex skirt Heather had picked out and a blue corset. In her nose was a single small diamond, but her ears were something else. In each ear sat three hoops and at the top of each ear sat an industrial piercing. The titanium piercings were adorned on either side with small kitty charms.

“I need you to kneel just to the side of the bed, in the proper submissive pose if you don’t mind.” Heather gazed at her as Samantha nodded. Her violet eyes gleamed with excitement as she turned back toward the stage. “And then from there, follow Dirk’s lead. He’s got the script and lines for this scene.” Samantha’s angular cheeks flushed as Heather continued talking to her. “He’ll give you a-a safe word, if something happens.”

“Okay great, thanks.” With a quick shrug of her shoulders and a giggle, Samantha headed for the stage and took her position.

Heather had made sure that neither Dirk nor Samantha had seen each other. She liked to trick them, lull them into a false sense of security, then, bang, drop the hammer on them. So far, her plans were working. Trevor, Jamie, and Vance were cozy with each other, as were Nathan and Bobby, and she was sure before the day was out, Dirk and Samantha would be as well. Keying up the mic on her radio, she called for Dirk. Within minutes, the impressive behemoth of a man walked onto the set. His bright blue eyes and short, cropped black hair added to his air of authority, but it was when he spoke that really made Heather’s panties melt.

“Heather.” He grinned, walking right up to her. His lilting brogue made her girly parts sit up and take notice. “Thank you for this opportunity. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.”

It took all of her willpower to keep eye contact with him as a tiny giggle bubbled up her throat. Holy shit, girl. Get it together. “I’m sure you’ll do fine, Dirk,” she said, clearing her throat. “Samantha is on stage already. Have fun.” Moving away from him, she took a seat next to the director and waited.

Samantha could hear his footsteps as he came closer to her. Her heart raced, her pussy ached, and her nipples hardened against the front of the corset she wore. It’d been almost year since the last time she submitted to a…well, a lot had changed in that time. She was different now, more confident, and, as her older brother would say, spunky. She’d lost a lot in the last year, but she also learned a thing or two about herself. If it hadn’t been for her best friend, Sara, she’d still be sitting in her apartment hiding.

“Good morning, lass.” Samantha bit her cheek to hold back a moan. He sounded like liquid sex. His deep, rich, resonating voice penetrated every bit of her being. It raced up her spine and then shot back down to the tips of her toes. “You have permission to speak, lass.”

Speak? How the fuck was she supposed to speak when he was killing her just with his voice? “Hi,” she squeaked before clearing her throat. “Hello, sir.” Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her nerves. However, trying and doing were two different things in that moment.

“The scene will start when I say. Until then, my name is Dirk. Look at me, lass.” His voice commanded her attention, forcing her to gaze up at him. “Ah, there you are.” He chuckled. “You have beautiful eyes, Samantha.”

A sigh wiggled its way past her lips, and she sagged, entranced by his brogue. “Thank you, sir…er Dirk. You have beautiful, uh, chest.” She grimaced. What the fuck was that? She shook her head, looking away.

His deep, penetrating laugh pulsed through her body and made her clit throb. Her cream coated the apex of her thighs as her womb clenched in need. “I’m glad you approve, lass. What else do you like?”

Licking her lips, she let her gaze travel over his body. He was huge compared to her. His long, thickly corded legs gave way to lean hips and his fantastic chest. But his brilliant blue eyes pinned her, causing her heart to race and beat against her ribs. Suddenly the corset felt three sizes too small. Her body was on fire as a slight smirk curled his perfectly pouty lips. Samantha glanced down and gasped as the outline of his cock pressed against the front of his leathers.

Holy shit, is that even going to fit? Everything about him was proportionate to his size, including the deadly weapon he kept hidden for the moment. “Um, is that a trick question, Dirk? I mean, look at you. You’re perfect. Better yet, Adonis comes to mind when I see you.”

“Careful, lass, you’ll inflate my ego.” He snorted.

“Too late, it’s already inflated,” she mumbled, chewing on her lip.

Leering at her, he slowly cupped the bulge straining for release and adjusted it slightly. Samantha’s breath hitched, and a small squeak passed her lips before she coughed, laying her hand against her chest. He was definitely fucking with her now; she knew it. Closing her eyes, she took a moment to gather her frayed wits and tried to forget what just happened moments before. However, erasing the image of his big, beefy hand cupping his dick and squeezing it, all for her enjoyment, was not something she wanted to ever forget.

“We’re ready now, Dirk.” Heather’s voice penetrated the fog clogging her mind. “Quiet on the set.”

Samantha took a deep breath settling her nerves. Next to her she heard the crumple of leather as Dirk sat down on the black satin sheets covering the round bed. His hand caressed his knee before clasping her chin between his thumb and forefinger.

“You disappoint me, pet.” The playful man from a few moments before was gone. His eyed darkened to a cobalt blue and hardened. “You knew what that contract for the government meant to me, yet you disobeyed me and cost us the job. What do you have to say for yourself?” He jerked her slightly, causing her to tremble under his hand.

“It was a setup, sir,” she whispered, biting the corner of her lip. “The general was going to kill you when you made your speech.” She didn’t know where she found the ability to speak, but the words just flowed. His fingers tightened on her jaw, and she whimpered. “I have the proof. I swear I do.”

He let go of her like she’d bit him and in a deep growl bit out, “Get it, now.”

She scrambled to her feet and grabbed for the small black bag sitting at the foot of the bed. Opening it, she pulled out the small camera and pressed play. If looks could kill, Dirk was ready to explode. “For keeping this from me, pet, you will receive twenty lashings. Now, over my lap and don’t move.”

A frown creased his brow as he waited for her to climb into his lap, and she had the urge to rub it away. Gone was his playful nature that lulled her into a sense of peacefulness. In its place was this dark, brooding male—a man who could command and conquer her body with just the slightest of touches.

Once positioned just as he wanted her, Dirk caressed the latex that covered her bottom. “This won’t do, pet.” With a flick of his wrist, the sound of the zipper rent the air on stage. While one hand held her still, the other worked quickly to remove the skirt and expose her creamy flesh. His hand kneaded her ass cheek as a rumble of appreciation passed his lips. “So soft and pretty.”

Samantha moaned, and her head fell forward. Against her hip she felt his thickness dig into her flesh, and she reveled in it. She’d been away for way too long. Slowly everything around her disappeared. She was totally in tune with her master. I was a fool to ever think I could walk away. She’d figured after him, she’d go vanilla and… Samantha cried out as Dirk’s hand cracked against her left cheek.

Her clit thrummed with pleasure, and her body heated further. He rubbed her cheek again, and then before she could relax against him, he was landing another smack to her ass. Fuck, he was killing her. They were only on two, and she was ready to explode. Two broad fingers pushed aside the thin scrap of material that covered her waxed pussy and plunged deep inside her sopping-wet cunt.

“Oh, shit.” She shuddered in his arms. “Sir, oh please.” His fingers twisted inside her, retreated, and then filled her once more.

Dirk’s hand came down on her ass again. “Quiet, pet!” His thumb swiped against her distended clit, and she whimpered, trying so hard not to make a sound. Her body writhed against him, trying to seek out the relief she needed so badly. Unfortunately all Samantha successfully accomplished was getting spanked over and over again.

“Sir,” she screamed. A fine tremor worked through her body as her chest heaved, and a thin sheen of sweat covered her. She was so close as he wiggled fingers buried within her. Her pussy gripped them tight as he continued to smack her ass, each blow bringing her closer to the edge. “Oh, Dirk, oh…oh God, Dirk,” she cried, trying to stave off the impending climax threatening to consume her. But it was too late. Her body bucked under his, and a keening wail broke through the steady sound of him spanking her. As the most delicious aftershocks racked her body, she heard someone holler cut and felt Dirk’s fingers withdrawal from her.

“Ten minute break everyone, and we’ll reset.” Heather’s soft voice shattered the blissful cloud of satisfaction she rode.

“Oh, no. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She couldn’t look at Dirk as she climbed off of his lap and grabbed for her skirt. Without a second glance at him, she hightailed it off the stage and almost ran smack-dab into one of the makeup girls. Fear clogged her throat as she cried out, stumbled, and then righted herself, passing the girl up as she ran for the exit.

How could she be so stupid to lose herself in the moment? Harvey’s words filled her mind. Stupid, good-for-nothing slut. No wonder nobody wants you. You can’t even follow directions properly. He was right too. She couldn’t follow directions. She’d just messed up her test audition. She’d failed Dirk, and most of all, she failed herself.

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