Teacher's Pet

On the Set 5

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 28,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Macy, orphan and college student, is trying to make it on her own. When her work study job falls through, she doesn't know what she's going to do to stay enrolled. Forced to either find work or give up, her best friend has a confession, and it might just get Macy out of a bind.

Carson is given the role of his career, yet he almost says no. As a Physics professor and actor, he faces an ethical question when he meets his new co-star. However, with one sweet sigh from Macy, he's done for.

Now, if they can just keep things professional.

Teacher's Pet
0 Ratings (0.0)

Teacher's Pet

On the Set 5

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 28,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“…and that’s it for today. Read chapters five and six and be ready for a pop quiz…maybe.” Macy listened to her professor and heard the girl beside her sigh.

Glancing back up at him, she watched as he ran his broad fingers through his lush, unruly black hair. The muscles of his forearm flexed under the white long-sleeved shirt, pulling it tight against his skin. She’d never seen him wear short sleeves or just a T-shirt and jeans like her other teachers. He’d always been professional, stuffy almost, but when he showed that cocky grin of his, Macy knew there was more to him.

Letting her gaze wander over his body, she took in his form, or what she could see of it. Although the suit was nice, it didn’t seem to fit him quite well. To her, Mr. Decker looked uncomfortable. Maybe the tie was just a little too tight or the jacket didn’t sit on his shoulders like it should. Hell, even his slacks didn’t hang properly on his hips. But, what did she know?

When another student stepped toward the front of the class, Mr. Decker’s lips spread into a broad smile, eliciting another sigh from her classmate. Macy watched the corners of his hazel-green eyes crinkle, showing his age just a bit. What he looked like was a Roman god, but that was neither here nor there to Macy. Having a crush on her teacher was a no-no. She was his student, and more than likely, he was twice her age.

“One night. I just want one night with him. To ride him like a sta—“ Macy blinked at the girl next to her and gasped. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?” Macy nodded. “Shit.” Standing up, the girl excused herself quickly and all but ran from the room. Macy couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t had the same fantasy before.

For a moment more Macy sat there then gathered her things and walked to the door. She didn’t know why she stopped at the door and took a backward glance at Mr. Decker. Perhaps she needed one more glimpse of her favorite professor or she wanted him to notice her—acknowledge her presence in his classroom. It didn’t matter because, in that instant, Mr. Decker looked up at her, and he winked. Time stopped. Macy’s breath hitched. Immediately her body flushed, and her skin heated. Oh shit. Darting out of the classroom, she hurried down the hall, not looking back.

Hurrying to her dorm, she couldn’t get the image of Mr. Decker winking at her out of her mind. It was almost boyish in a way, friendly but not sexual in any way. Dropping off her bag, Macy grabbed her white coat, heading back out for her four-hour shift at the biogenetics science lab.

In the two years she’d worked there, Macy had been able to do her own experiments as well as work with some of the most renowned scientists in Los Angeles. After her shift, she had just enough time to grab dinner and head to her two-hour study group for psychology. In a way, she liked how school kept her busy. It beat being alone, which is how she spent the majority of her life.

At the tender age of three days old, she was dropped off at the Saint Angeles Missionary in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until she was eighteen that the nuns let her see her file. Her mother—no name given—was a prostitute and her father was just some john who conveniently forgot to use a condom. What was worst was the same day the nuns told her about her mother and father, they also informed her that she was on her own. Luckily for her, she’d studied hard and was accepted at USC. The only downfall, her scholarships and financial aid didn’t cover everything. When work-study was offered, Macy jumped at it.

Macy checked her watch and double-timed it across campus. The extra time she took to sit and stare at Mr. Decker was going to make her late. Swinging the door wide on the science building, she hit the stairs running. The lab was situated on the second floor of the McWade science building nestled between two classrooms. The lab was on the small side, only a little bigger than her dorm room. The walls were white, and there were no less than three sanitation stations, making it hard to move. But it was home for Macy. And, fortunately for Macy, she got to work on her own.

Reaching for the handle, she depressed the button and tugged. The door didn’t budge. What the hell? Macy yanked on it again and got the same result. So lost in thoughts of the one man she shouldn’t even be thinking about, she hadn’t even looked at the door. Taped to it was a small scrap of white copy paper. Macy pulled it from the window and read the short message.

Due to budget meetings, the lab is closed today.

Macy scrunched up her nose and glanced up and down the hallway. It was then she realized it was abnormally quiet in the building. Get your head out of your ass, Macy. It’s not like you to be this distracted.

“Well then…” Reattaching the note to the door, she made her way out of the building. She still had four hours to kill before her study group, so deciding dinner sounded good, she headed back out of the building.

Macy knew once she got to work with her group, they could go all night, and by then, the cafeteria would be closed. Thankfully they had snacks while they studied, but there were a few times she went back to her room starved. The one and only thing that sucked about having a work-study job was that the money went to pay for the rest of her tuition and basic necessities. Her meals were paid for through the school, and if her roommate, Nina, was feeling generous, Macy got a fast food meal or two. A luxury she treasured.

“There you are!” The happy exclamation from her roommate had Macy stopping as she walked into the cafeteria. Macy had met Nina the day she moved into their room earlier that year. She was bubbly and full of life, if not just a bit mischievous.

They did everything together, including losing their virginity. It was nothing special to Macy, even though she’d been taught to value her, “sacred treasure” and give it only to the man she’d marry. She’d also been taught to care for the poor and downtrodden. But that didn’t stop the orphanage from throwing her out without even a dime to her name. So she figured she and God were about even now. “If I’d known you were going to be here, I’d have grabbed you something.”

Macy made her way through the loud eatery and over to the line, Nina by her side the whole time. The sun was already setting, casting the rose garden in beautiful shadows. She loved this time of day but hated how much foot traffic was around. “I was supposed to be at work.” She shrugged. “But the lab is closed, so I thought I’d grab a bite.” After placing her order, she waited. “So what are you doing here? I thought you had a date tonight.”

Nina’s brown eyes lit up with excitement as she squealed, “I do. I still can’t believe he asked me out.” Macy felt the same way. However, she never said that out loud. It wasn’t that Nina wasn’t beautiful; she was. It was just that the quarterback for the Trojans seemed to be flaky and a tad self-absorbed. It made her leery knowing Nina would be out all night with him.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“A frat party at Pi Beta Phi then to the beach to watch the grunion run.” She sighed wistfully.

“Be safe, okay?” With a knowing glance, Macy took her boxed dinner and walked over to an open table to sit down. Opening it, she grabbed a thick-cut French fry covered in melted cheddar cheese and bacon and popped it into her mouth. Ever since moving out of the missionary, she’d begun trying new foods each week. One day a week was her limit though. She knew if she didn’t she’d gorge herself on all the food she’d missed as a child.

“Yes, mom. I’ll even call and check in with you tonight.” Nina nudged her and laughed. “Anyway, I need to go. I’ll see you when I get home. Have fun studying.” She rolled her eyes and laughed, leaving Macy to her dinner.

Sometimes Macy wished she was carefree like Nina. As though she didn’t have a care in the world and that everything would be okay. She’d watched her roommate with awe, wondering what it would feel like to put herself out there and socialize. When you graduate, you can. Somehow she knew that was a lie. Once she was done with school, it was finding a job and going to work. Now was the time to grab life by the horns and manhandle it. Like you want to do to Mr. Decker? No, she couldn’t think of him like that. He was her professor, and she was his student.

A prickle of awareness made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as she popped another fry into her mouth. Glancing up, her gaze locked with the object of her lust-fueled fantasies. Mr. Decker was talking to another staff member. He was intently listening to the balding man in front of him, but she caught him taking quick peeks in her direction. Her cheeks flamed, and she tried to rationalize what was happening. Nine chances out of ten, he wasn’t looking at her but something else. Macy finished up her fries and carried her burger with her while she nonchalantly strolled out of the cafeteria. No, this time she wasn’t looking over her shoulder. Instead, she was checking to make sure she wasn’t leaving anything behind on the table. Ha, good one Macy.

By the time she made it home that night, it was already two in the morning. The group ran longer than normal. The information they were covering turned out to be just a little more complicated and involved than she’d anticipated. As she stuck her key in the door, she saw a note from Nina attached to the corkboard. She wasn’t going to be home until the morning. Walking inside their room, she dropped her book bag by her bed.

There was such a contrast between her side of the room and Nina’s. Where posters and ticket stubs from the football games had been stuck to Nina’s wall, Macy’s was bare. She had a few textbooks in the wall shelves and a bear she had since she was a baby, but other than that, nothing. Macy grabbed her pj’s, caddy, and towel and went to the bathroom down the hall from her bedroom. If she had it her way, she’d have her own bathroom. It was a little unnerving knowing anyone could walk in on you at any time and see you naked.

Macy turned on the shower and waited for it to warm. When the water was ready, she stepped into it and bathed quickly. Once she was dressed, she walked back to her room and sighed with relief. Nina was a great friend to her, but on nights like these when she needed her sleep, she was glad she had the room to herself. Climbing into bed, she cuddled her pillow and closed her eyes. Immediately images of Mr. Decker filled her mind, and Macy felt that familiar tingle between her legs.

How could one man turn her on like he did? It wasn’t possible, but the more she thought of him, the wetter she grew until she slid her fingers into her panties. A ragged moan was torn from her throat as she rubbed her clit and pressed two fingers inside of her. In her imagination, Mr. Decker was muscular with lean hips, thickly corded legs, and strong arms. His chest was smooth and broad, and he had this husky chuckle that made her insides quiver.

He’d be a dirty talker too.

She didn’t know exactly what that would encompass, but it was sexy. Macy would melt for him—burn to the quick and combust just by his touch. Her fingers worked inside her faster, and her thumb continued to circle her nub, adding pressure while she moved. Mr. Decker would be an expert kisser too. He’d kiss a path down her neck to her shoulder then would suckle and nibble on her tight nipples. She’d beg him to give her the relief she craved, and he’d readily comply, watching her constantly take her pleasure from him.

Macy moaned.

Arching her back, she squeezed her legs around her hand and shuddered. It felt so good. He’d always feel so good; she knew that instinctively.

Her fantasy shifted quickly. Mr. Decker hovered over her, his mouth inches from hers, his body poised to fill her. Macy whimpered. Her hand quickened its pace. The sensations tool over, and her legs shook with exertion. Macy flicked her clit one more time and pressed down on it. “Mr. Decker!” she screamed. Her climax washed over her in shuddering waves.

For long moments she lay there in twisted sheets, trying to catch her breath. Never had she felt that lost in her imagination. There for a moment it had seemed real, as if she could open her eyes and he would be right there next to her, smiling and winking. She groaned. Getting out of bed, she walked over to where she kept a stash of baby wipes and cleaned up. Macy was mortified by what she’d just done. Masturbation was for the deprived, Sister Lupe Gomez had told her on more than one occasion. It’s the devil’s work for idle hands. No man wants a woman so inappropriate. Shame was forced upon her when she’d been caught so long ago. But, if it was so bad, why did it feel so good? And why the hell did she enjoy the fuck out of it? Why the hell did it make her throb for more?

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