Sunshine’s Savior (MM)

Brac Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 24,554
137 Ratings (4.6)

[#351 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves]

Dakota Amergan, beta of the Brac Pack, is sent on the hunt four states away by his alpha. As he scours the rough streets for a mystery man, he is approached in a dark alley by Blair, a male prostitute who begs to show him a good time.

Blair Weston, first abused by his father then kicked out of his home, survives on the streets by selling his body. But when he offers himself to a fiercely protective werewolf, he finds Dakota isn’t the typical john.

Dakota, anxious to keep his mate off the streets, will do anything to keep Blair close. But can Blair overcome his self-loathing and let the warmth of Dakota’s love remove the clouds of shame from his mind?


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sunshine’s Savior (MM)
137 Ratings (4.6)

Sunshine’s Savior (MM)

Brac Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 24,554
137 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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I love Kota and Blair! It's not so often that male prostitution is brought up in M/M books and I give a thumbs up to the author!
Awesome read
Professional Reviews

5 LIPS: "Sunshine’s Savior by Lynn Hagen is the third installment to the Brac Pack series. In this installment, we have easy-going but touch Dakota who has a good heart. He finds his mate in the most unlikely of places, selling himself on the streets. You can imagine how a tough alpha type would react to that. He immediately wants to protect his mate, including save him from himself. But Dakota soon learns you cannot save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. Blair has a lot of emotional issues to overcome. He has to learn to love himself before he can love anyone else. I really felt a connection to Blair. Haven’t we all at times felt like we were just not good enough? That if we were somehow better people, others would treat us differently? Blair feels that and more. He has suffered unimaginable abuse and come out the other side damaged but with potential. Though part of a series, this book can be read alone. However, I really adore this series and recommend them all to be read in order just because Ms. Hagen’s works should not be missed. They have a heart and soul about them that is utterly beautiful." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

4 STARS: "I am once again impressed with Ms. Hagen's ability to write about such painful and taboo subjects with an incredible amount of compassion. Her talent at drawing a reader in and developing relatable characters in so few pages is incredible. This third installment in the Brac Pack series once again shows us love can mend even the most skeptical and wounded of hearts. Blair has been on his own ever since his father kicked him out of the house when Blair got too "old" for him. With no other way to support himself he turned to prostitution. Blair doesn't trust easily, but there is something about Kota that makes him feel safe. Kota is the Beta of the Brac Pack and has been sent 4 states away to find someone by his Alpha, what he finds instead is his mate. Now he just has to convince Blair that he is for real and that he can trust him. Kota knows that Blair has some baggage but he isn't giving him up no matter how hard Blair tries to push him away. This book might be hard for some people to read because it does talk about child molestation, but I think the overall feeling you will come away with is one of survival. I like the way that Ms. Hagen deals with the many problems that the mates have and shows that that they can't all be fixed easily. They all have set-backs but with the love of their mates and the support of the pack, they work through them and are stronger for it." -- Tyra, The Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "This is truly a story that will break your heart as you read it. You learn of all the trauma Blair has suffered in order to survive and protect his younger brother; it's more than one person should have to bear. Forced into a life of prostitution isn’t the ideal choice for Blair but he has no other option in order to survive. Trusting others isn’t his strong suit, so when he meets Dakota he’s skeptic of the other man's motives. It’s hard for him to believe when Dakota tells him they are mates and he is going to save Blair from his life of poverty. Dakota is a three hundred and sixty-six year old werewolf who has waited his whole life to find his mate. Now that he has he isn’t letting him go no matter how damaged he is. Dakota is a very possessive man, especially of his mate. It’s in his nature to give Blair whatever he needs to heal in order to deal with his past. This couple definitely goes through many ups and downs, but when obstacles are thrown at them they work together in order to deal with it. I was impressed Ms. Hagen had the courage to write a story involving a character that has suffered child molestation and lived a life of prostitution. These are very taboo subjects, but she writes about how this man overcomes his terrible past to move forward for a better future. Ms. Hagen has outdone herself once again with this addition to the Brac Pack. She writes about the pitfalls in life but also about how the love of a good person can help save you. If you’re looking for a story that will pull at your heartstrings, give Sunshine’s Savior a read." -- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Sunshine’s Savior is the third novella in the Brac Pack series by author Lynn Hagen. Both men are wonderfully written. You can see the connection between the two forming from the beginning and the fact that Blair is a prostitute plays strongly into the story. Blair has some serious issues to overcome, which Dakota realizes, and goes out of his way to make Blair feel good about himself, which was something that makes Blair’s transition to claimed mate an easy one. While the sex is intense, it is the non-sexual scenes that really make this story. Whether its Blair struggling with his past or the other mates and Blair getting to know each other, the way the author brings the characters to life makes this a fun story to read. There is a bit of suspense surrounding a rival pack’s Alpha and Blair’s brother, Oliver, is later introduced near the end of the story. These two are out to cause more than their fair share of mischief for the Brac Pack." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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“I want you to remember something, love.” Kota kissed and licked his gorgeous man’s neck.

“Anything, Dakota.” Blair moaned.

“Whatever we do together is between two mates. There is no shame.” Kota sucked his skin until he reached a pink little nipple. He lapped and bit, raising it to a peak. His tongue trailed across to reach the other, rolling the flesh in his teeth.

“I’ll try. I promise. Fuck, you’re a biter.” Blair pushed his nipple against Kota’s mouth, wanting the pain.

“Do you mind?” Kota bit the skin under his arm, lapping at the sting.

“Hell, no. Chomp away my big, bad wolf.”

Kota chuckled as he did just that. He nipped his way down Blair’s side, lapping a trail back up. Kota leaned back down and bit Blair’s hip, sucking up a mark on it. He trailed his tongue across his mate’s abdomen as he bit the other, raising a matching mark on it as well.

Kota lapped at Blair’s cock, nipping his way down the shaft. It was a beautiful cock, thick and long. He was definitely well-endowed. Kota grabbed the prick, nipping his way back up to the head.

Kota stretched the eye open, licking at all the pre-come dripping out. He took it in, sucking in a quick, bursting motion. Blair grabbed his hair, pulling it rough as he snapped his hips, shoving his cock further down Kota’s mouth. “Suck it, Dakota.”

Kota pulled at his balls, rolling them roughly in his hand. His mate seemed to like a bit of pain, Kota would deliver. Running his finger alongside the large cock, he moistened his finger, spearing it quick and deep into his ass.

“Yes! More. Do it again.”

Kota pulled his finger all the way out, ramming two this time. Blair was going wild. He shoved his ass down hard on Kota’s hand, begging him to make it pinch. Kota opened his fingers in a scissor-like motion, stretching it hard and fast.

Kota pulled off his mate’s cock, pushing his legs into his chest. He rimmed Blair’s hole once more with his fingers then thrust three fingers in, fucking his pink rosette hard. Kota jetted them in and out, giving no allowance. Blair was mewling and rocking his head back and forth, yanking Kota’s hair in his grasp.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Blair. Are you ready?”

Blair nodded, still impaling himself on Kota’s fingers. Blair whimpered when Kota snatched them out, reaching for the lube he stashed in the side drawer. A little hope had never hurt.

Kota squirted the gel down Blair’s crack but didn’t lube his cock. If his mate was into pain, he was going to be spoiled. Fate matched up the right pair with this.

Kota slapped his ass, “Hold still. Don’t move until I slam into you.” His mate began to shake with anticipation. If looks were anything to go by, Blair was in his element, relishing what Kota was offering.

Kota lined his cock up and rammed into him. Blair shouted his name. Kota’s canines extended with the rough sex. He leaned his head back, allowing full showing of his teeth.

“They’re beautiful. Bite me, Dakota.” Blair was pulling Dakota’s by his hair, trying his best to bring those sharp canines closer.

Kota leaned down, running the tips along Blair’s nipples, nipping at them. He broke skin in his play then lapped over the wounds, sealing them closed. Next he nipped and broke skin on both upper arms, licking at the tiny drops of crimson blood that swelled to the surface then sealed them as well. Blair watched in fascination.

“Does it always seal shut when you lick it?”

“Yes, I have healing compounds in my saliva.” Kota bit again then sealed the wound as his hips drove into Blair’s ass.

“Don’t. Let it bleed for a moment, please.”

Kota stared into Blair’s eyes, feeling the erotic wave wash over his mate. Although they weren’t bonded yet, his mate was easy to read at the moment.

Kota could feel how the bloodletting made Blair feel closer to him. Giving a slight nod, Kota bit into his skin right above the nipple, allowing the blood to well up. A tiny amount ran down the side of Blair’s chest. He didn’t seal the wound, and instead he duplicated it on the other side. Kota only allowed two open bites at a time, not wanting harm to come to Blair.

It took a deep bond of trust for one person to allow another this much control over their body. He repeated the biting and eventual sealing all over his mate’s upper torso. Blair’s cock was so hard it pulsed at his lower abdomen.

Kota sealed the last two wounds that had been dripping down his chest, licking the crimson wine.

Leaning back, Kota grabbed Blair’s ankles and pulled his legs apart, he rammed his cock harder into the tight, puckered hole, gaining a shout from his mate. “Is it painful enough?”

“Yes!” Blair hissed out, pushing his hands into the wall above his head.

“Do you accept me as your mate, Blair?” Kota thrust harder, knocking him further up the bed.

“Yes, Dakota. Yes."

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