Embraced By Passion

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,003
36 Ratings (4.1)

Ja'Rol and Slone have been together for years, but lately a desire they can't help has been creeping up on them. An emptiness neither wanted to admit to fearing the other's reaction and hurt. A faceless need, a woman they know they will encounter. A woman who will bond with them and make them complete in ways neither has ever known or anticipated.

Brigit can't explain the attraction she feels when she meets not one, but both of her mother's ex-bosses. When she learns her mother is about to wed, Slone and Ja'Rol offer to fly her to the ceremony. Their wedding gift--to have Brigit with her mother for the special day.

The trip to Las Vegas guarantees at least the opportunity to win her, to convince Brigit they want her. Embracing their relationship will be the easy part. The telepathy... That's a little harder to explain.

Warning: MMF

Embraced By Passion
36 Ratings (4.1)

Embraced By Passion

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,003
36 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Anastasia Rabiyah
I would really like it if the blurbs said manlove or m/m/F its irritating to buy a book that doesn't say that and thats just what it is .. its not my thing obviously :)
Loved it! The writing and story telling were fantastic. If we could all be that open and accepting of differences and get straight to the love.

“Vegas, huh?” Ja’Rol asked.

“Two days.” Brigit ran her fingers through her hair. How was she going to pull that off? She didn’t have tons of cash and a flight forty-eight hours ahead was going to cost a fortune. A bus would be cheaper, but could she do it in two days?

“Let’s surprise your mother,” Ja’Rol offered. “We do miss her. She’d been with us for a long time.”

“How?” she asked, questioning them both.

“Tell us where you’re staying, and your number. We’ll arrange for you to be picked up. We’ll fly. A final gift to say goodbye for her.” Slone sat, looking at her, hardly blinking.

“Won’t that interrupt your week?”

Ja’Rol smiled. “It’ll be worth it.”

After giving them her information, she took a couple numbers with her in case something changed. She promised to be packed and ready by seven the next night to catch the flight with them.

Standing, she noticed again how they stood over her, tall and broad. Both watched her with a protective gleam, and with Ja’Rol, more than a hint of desire. She couldn’t argue with what she saw in him. She felt it too, but being attracted to them both confused her. Just thinking about it made her nipples tighten more.

Feeling off kilter, she shook their hands, fighting to hide the tremble as heat flared up her arm to land in her stomach. It oozed like a hot lava flow to settle between her legs, making her damp with want the longer she stood with them.

“Until tomorrow,” Slone said. His voice had dropped to a low timbre. The kind of voice that made women swoon off their feet. Because she almost did.

“Thank you for doing this,” she said, trying to keep herself grounded. He smelled as good as Ja’Rol. Damn. What did they wear? She was so buying it.

“We’re happy to. You should be with your mother when she shares vows with her soon to be husband.”

Decadent. She was staring at the personification.

She licked her lips. “Tomorrow night?”

“Seven sharp,” he replied. Still holding her hand, he lifted it and brushed the back of her knuckles with his lips, just the softest tease of heat to skin. Her body pulsed as liquid slicked her pussy. Shit. I have got to get out of here before I combust.

“Let me walk you to the way out,” Ja’Rol offered.

Almost numb with need, she followed. Slone opened the door and with a hand to her back, she let Ja’Rol guide her to the elevator. “All the way to one,” he told her.

She nodded. “I can get a cab.”

“A cab?” He glanced at her, his eyes wider. “Not for Traci’s daughter. I’ll go down and call for the car. Are you already settled at your hotel?”

“Yes,” she answered, feeling breathless.


“It’s not an imposition? Doesn’t it take money to just drive me to my hotel?”

“You are now our guest, as we will be your guests to your mother’s wedding. We take care of our guests.”

She felt it was a losing battle, so she didn’t push. Riding in the elevator was a torture. Not as rugged as Slone, dark brown hair, honey gold eyes, he was perfection.

Decadence and perfection. And she was about to be ensconced in an airplane for hours with the two of them.

Brigit swallowed the groan, crossing her arms to conceal her arousal.

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