Loving Scarlett (LoveXtreme)

Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,506
118 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Paranormal Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, Longhorn shape-shifters, light bondage, HFN]

After a traumatic and mysterious fall off a cliff, which results in amnesia, virginal twenty-one-year-old Scarlett Rose is saved by seven sexy cowboy brothers. Frightened and disoriented, her confusion peaks when she immediately feels an inexplicable, intense attraction to the beautiful strangers, including a doctor, a mysterious nightshift ranch hand, a set of triplets, and a set of twins!

Scarlett's reality receives another sucker punch when she discovers her heroes are actually Texas longhorn-shifter cowboys who claim she is their destined, life-long mate.

The Lenox brothers have waited their entire lives to find the one woman they were born to share. Their newly discovered mate exceeds their wildest dreams. She’s gorgeous, witty, and her blood-red lips drive their bulls wild with passion.

But this Texas yellow rose has thorns. She demands outside contact, but the men insist on protecting her from the mysterious person who hurt her. They decide the only way to get their stubborn mate to stay is if they make sure she never wants to leave.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

CAUTION! Only six books have been published in the Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns collection. This series has been abandoned by the author. No conclusion is in the works.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Loving Scarlett (LoveXtreme)
118 Ratings (4.2)

Loving Scarlett (LoveXtreme)

Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,506
118 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Looking forward to the next installment.
overall really good but still never really find out much about her which i wish they gave you a few more hints. definitely looking forward to the next book in the series and i liked the characters and can't wait to learn more about each one as the series progresses
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Wow Lola starts out this book with excitement from the very beginning. Scarlett has amnesia from a fall and ends up on a ranch in Texas with 7 gorgeous men all of whom can be longhorn bulls in a matter of seconds. Reaching out and trusting these 7 men will be her greatest challenge and all she knows is she feels safe with them. The Lenox brothers are: Leo, Levi, Denzel, Devlin, Sonny, Rhett and Byron. All seven had been waiting for their mate a long time and when they saw Scarlett they knew but they also knew they had to control their longhorns as not to scare her off. What they didn’t count on was that Scarlett was just as affected by their passion as they were and was more than willing to be with all seven brothers for love. Lola wrote a story that has you guessing what sexual encounter would come next and waiting to see the brothers mate their woman. The story has unexpected twists that have you reading and wanting more. Lola's style of writing has you wanting more before you are ready. Story one of this series, Seven Longhorns, was amazing and has you anticipating story two." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Another day of bullshit ass training. Devlin Lenox snorted in frustration, his front right hoof digging into the field. It’s Sunday, for Christ’s sake. He should be watching pigskin on ESPN with a Shiner in one hand.

The toe of a cowboy boot tapped his left round, interrupting his inner complaints. He turned his head toward the asshole. His twin brother, Denzel, in his human form, sat atop Wayne, their largest black stallion.

Devlin did his best to throw a glare his brother’s way. The best way a longhorn could manage, anyhow.

“Don’t look at me like that, brother,” Denzel said, his lips forming a slight smirk. “Now go on and join the triplets, but first you need to jog around the ranch a few times for a warm-up.”

This was complete bullshit. He was already prepared for the rodeo tour for the upcoming weekend, and the bull-riding finals were two months away. Devlin was the bull to beat, not that it had ever happened. He defeated every rider that tried to challenge him at the rodeo. He was the meanest, strongest bull in Texas, so why the fuck did he have to do condition training with the triplets? During conditioning, those that were training had to remain in their bull form as much as possible. Their shape-shifting strength was a matter of supply and demand. The more they remained in their bull form, the stronger their strength and the sharper their mind when they allowed their inner beast to be unleashed.

Devlin looked around and saw his other brothers, Rhett, Sonny, and Levi, the red longhorn triplets, chewing on a pile of hay to fuel up for the afternoon of training that lay ahead. He felt satisfied when he heard Denzel curse and sputter as Devlin made extra sure to kick dirt toward his twin with his hind legs as he took off to start his training.

“You’re a real dick, Devlin. You kicked dirt in my Goddamn mouth, you mean ol’ shit. You’re the only longhorn I know that lives on a luxury ranch and still manages to find a reason to be grumpy,” he heard Denzel call out as he trotted away.

Just as he was about to approach the group, a glimmer caught the corner of his eye. Something shiny. He looked over to the wooded cliffs to his left and was shocked to see a small woman trying to make her way down the steep cliff. The gold bracelet on her wrist reflected in the harsh sunlight. Then something else caught his attention. Red. A long, bright streak of it on her arm.

Devlin immediately felt the beast that had already taken over his body began to savagely take over his mind. As if someone else were controlling his actions, he let out a hard snort before taking off into the woods, his hoofs working faster than they ever had.

“Devlin! What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck back here!”

He heard his brother’s shout, but the meaning wasn’t registering. He saw only red.

He ran quickly, other livestock scrambling to get out of his way as he thundered past. He reached the ranch fence and leapt over it without hesitation.

“Devlin! Leo’s going to kill me! What the fuck!”

Yea, what the fuck was he doing? He didn’t know. And to be honest, he didn’t care. He didn’t even bother to look over his shoulder. He knew from the volume of Denzel’s voice that his twin was racing Wayne as fast as he could toward him.

He knew his brother. At any moment, Denzel would allow his own inner beast to come out, shifting him into a black and white longhorn like himself. He was way ahead of him, but it would just be a matter of seconds before his brother would use his inexplicable twin intuitions to track him down.

He wasn’t sure why, but his only focus was on that color. Red. He had to get to this woman. He worked his way up the steep hill, toward her. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

No fucking way.

That scent. He’d never smelled it before, but he knew what it was. He knew exactly what it was.

Our mate. You’ve finally come to us.




“Mmm,” he drawled out as he lowered his body down on the bed then just stared. Her creaming cunt was just a mere few inches away from his face, and she noticed  how his eyes seemed  to study every part of her pussy.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she began to close her legs a little. Both of his hands reached up and firmly grasped onto her inner thighs. His aqua blue eyes looked up at her. “Let me just look at it for a bit, baby. It’s the most beautiful little pussy I’d ever seen.  And it’s about to be all mine.”

With that, his tongue shot out and did a few quick circles around her clit before sucking it into his lips. Scarlett let out a loud yelp and it caused Leo to growl loudly from the longhorn inside him. “You taste so fucking good. Best pussy I’ve ever smelled,” he mumbled between licks and sucks. His words had her moaning and whimpering uncontrollably as he worked his magical tongue on her pink slit. The intensity of her pleasure spread throughout every fiber of her body.

Suddenly, she felt him move above her, grasping one full breast as she looked deep into his eyes. “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you,” he whispered as his jeans ground against her wet mound. He pulled off his jeans and underwear, and Scarlett gasped at how large he was.

“It’s going to hurt,” she said, her voice full of worry.

“Maybe.” He reached down and began to run the mushroomed head of his steel-hard cock along her oiled slit. The realization of how close a hungry dick was to her pussy hole had her breathing going out of control yet again.

“Do you want me inside you, Scarlett?” he whispered in his ear, his own breathing growing erratic. “Do you want me to be the first to put my cock in that tight, innocent pussy of yours?”

“Yes,” she panted. “Oh yes, Leo. I want you to take me.” She placed a hand on his cheek, his stubble scratching her sensitive palm.

He pushed his lips against hers and kissed her softly as he slowly began to nudge apart her wet opening with his blunt head. Scarlett jumped at the sudden bite of pain that coursed through her at the feeling of his large dick beginning to stretch her tiny little pussy.

“It hurts,” she whimpered.

“Shh, baby girl. I got you. Just relax,” he cajoled her as he lay on top of her. He continued to kiss her as he slipped his hand between her thighs. Using one finger, he plunged inside her tight, wet cunt until she begged for more. When her moans grew louder, he added a second and began to scissor them to prepare her for her first cock. This had Scarlett grinding her mound against the palm of his hand.

“Please, Leo. More. I need you. Make me a woman.” How could he even begin to slow down when she begged like that?

He slowly, inch by slow inch, began to push inside her. Her face grimaced from the apparent pain, so once his head was fully in, he retreated back then repeated until he could feel her stretching for him.

“Shh, shh, you’re doing amazing,” he whispered in her ear. The concern and care laced in his voice had Scarlett relax enough to allow him to push in all the way. She felt so full, and the feeling of his soft balls against her plump ass added to the sexual bliss she was in. She couldn’t believe this was it. She had a man’s cock inside her pussy. She was no longer a virgin.

As he began to thrust into her in a soft yet deep rhythm, everything from her fingertips to her ears to her toes began to tingle with a heavenly sensation. She wrapped her arms around his wide neck and held on tight as he rode her gently.

“Are you okay, darlin’?” he asked breathlessly between thrusts.

“Oh, Leo. It’s more than I could ever dream of,” she said quietly as she looked into his aqua eyes. She could already feel small waves of her juices fall from her newly-broken pussy, making a damp spot under her ass.

“Oh, baby, I love when you say my name like that.” His face was twisted in a mix of restraint and pleasure. The louder he moaned for her, the louder he called her name, the more she’d arch into him, her cunt cream soaking the pubic hair at the base of his long, pulsing cock.

Suddenly, her head whipped toward the door when she heard it creak open and saw the twins and the triplets standing there with all five of their monster cocks jutting out while they tugged, never taking their eyes off of Leo fucking Scarlett.

“Wait,” she began to protest when she realized they were being watched.

“No, baby girl. It’s okay. They want to play with their little mate, too.” He gave her a long, hard thrust that had her screaming out as her torso arched up again.

Before her body could fall back to the mattress, Leo had her flipped over in an instant using one arm. Her cheek pressed flat on the sheet, and he gently raised her ass, rubbing it as he admired it. “Look at this gorgeous ass. Mmm.” He bent down and gave it a soft bite then plunged himself back into her, drawing out a moan from them both. Her cunt was so dripping wet, he had little trouble going balls-deep this time. He grunted as he grasped her hips and began to move her up and down his hard cock. The sound of wet flesh and his balls slapping her swollen clit echoed around the bedroom walls.

Before she realized it, Devlin had come to stand by the bed as he started to completely remove his clothes. “Let me take you to Heaven, sweet darlin,” he said. “But first I want to feel that mouth around my throbbing cock.”

“I. Don’t. Know. How.” She managed to communicate as best as she could as she panted for air while Leo fucked her from behind.

“I didn’t ask if you knew how,” Devlin replied flatly. “I’m telling you that’s what you’re about to do.” He placed the large, smooth head of his cock against her lips, and Scarlett opened her mouth obediently. “Now just wrap your lips around it. That’s it, darlin’. Now suck it while you run your tongue along the length. Mmm, fuck yeah, Scarlett. Holy shit!”

The tangy taste of his dick and pre-cum had her moaning with a more intense pleasure. Devlin thrust his huge cock into her virgin mouth while Leo pounded his into her no-longer virgin cunt.

“Can I play with you, too, baby?” Denzel purred as he crawled to them across the giant bed.

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