Rules of Desire (MFMM)

Desire, Oklahoma 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,906
641 Ratings (4.7)

Editors' Pick: Outstanding Book

[Ménage Amour 100: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Erin Robinson moved to Desire, Oklahoma to be with her pregnant sister, unprepared for the dynamics of her new home. Menage and Dom/sub relationships prevail in a town where the men protect their women at all costs.

Men had always been more trouble than they were worth. Erin can't imagine trying to put up with any man. Three would be impossible! But the men in Desire are different than any she has ever known. How can she resist men who earn her respect and aren't the least bit intimidated by her temper? When someone tries to kill her, Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston scramble to protect her. At the same time, they're determined to show her just how good having three men in her bed can be.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lana Dare in The Lost Collection
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Leah Brooke/Lana Dare is a Siren-exclusive author.

Rules of Desire (MFMM)
641 Ratings (4.7)

Rules of Desire (MFMM)

Desire, Oklahoma 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,906
641 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Love how these guys blend together and complement each other!
As always Leah Brooke has done a tremendous job carrying on the Desire series. I am waiting with baited breath for all remaining men of Desire to find their other halves!
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5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Erin Robinson doesn’t consider herself a local of Desire, Oklahoma. She only moved to town to be with her sister who married two men and is currently pregnant. While everyone in Desire seems to defy convention in their choices of significant other(s) Erin isn’t so idealistic. In her opinion dealing with one man is complicated enough. How can any woman be expected to put up with more than one? She’s convinced remaining single is her best option while she remains in town so that she’ll be there to pick up the pieces when her sister’s marriage crumbles. What she hadn’t counted on is her attraction to the Preston brothers and their unwavering determination to change her mind. Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston know Erin belongs to them. They’re just waiting for her to come to the same conclusion. They grew up in a happy home with one mother and three fathers so this sort of situation isn’t strange to them. They’d be more than happy to put all Erin’s concerns regarding the sort of relationship they’d share to rest, unfortunately before they get the chance, someone tries to seriously harm her. Now all bets are off and the Preston men will do whatever is necessary to protect their woman. Erin has done her best to avoid any interaction with any of the Preston brothers because she is aware of her attraction to the three of them and knows they like to share one woman. She’s positive that a relationship between the four of them would never work but after she’s drugged they don’t leave her any option but to come to their home – for her own protection and to give the men the opportunity to show her just how perfect they would be together. When Erin finally gives in to her feelings for Jared, Duncan and Reese she still insists that it can only be about sex. She won’t even consider anything more lasting but there’s no denying that the men make a permanent arrangement sound downright appealing. What fascinates her is how none of the men are afraid of inciting her anger; in fact they seem to enjoy her feistiness and definitely enjoy arguing with her – especially when proving her wrong is so very satisfying. Now if they could just figure out who is behind the attacks and why anyone would want to hurt Emma then life could settle into some semblance of normalcy. Well, normal is a relative term, right? Leah Brooke’s DESIRE, OKLAHOMA has enchanted me since I read the very first title and with each new book in the series I fall more in love with the town and the men who live there. With RULES OF DESIRE Jared, Duncan and Reese have finally found the woman for them but claiming her is no easy task until she becomes the target of an unknown assailant and her wellbeing is entrusted to the trio. Erin possesses a fiery temper as well as a loving nature, but she’s also hiding a deep vulnerability that the men studiously work at getting beyond. RULES OF DESIRE is deliciously sexy and the added element of suspense keeps readers on the edge of their seat waiting for each new development in the plotline while you guess at who the assailant might be. This is a wonderful addition to the DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series and a story I’ll enjoy reading over and over again." -- Chrissy, Romance Junkies Reviews


5 HEARTS: "Welcome to Desire, Oklahoma! Author Leah Brooke has once again created an enchanting as well as captivating story focusing on the delightful townspeople of Desire. Rules of Desire is a deliciously seductive story that is tender and yet sensually arousing. Ms. Brooke has a way of drawing her readers directly into the story by using vivid and dramatic descriptions, allowing the reader to pull up the imagery as if they were watching a movie on a large screen. From the very first page, the reader will be caught up in the action and held hostage to this pleasurable plot. The added element of danger and suspense seem to set the tone for the rest of the story, creating a gripping and suspenseful thrill that engages the reader but doesn't overshadow the romantic delights. The reader can't help but fall in love with Erin and her men. Jared, Duncan, and Reese are dominant, sexy, and intense Alphas who fiercely and insatiably love one woman and will do anything to prove it to her. Erin is a strong-willed, independent woman who struggles with her insecurities and fears while at the same time delights in the wickedly delicious journey exploring her passionate desires. Sparks fly, tempers flare, and tensions ignites, and whether Erin and her men are loving or arguing readers will connect with these appealing characters. The sexy burn up the sheets romp is scorching hot and the edgy and intense dominate thrills along with the touching love will have readers spellbound. It is wonderful to re-visit friends and family from previous Oklahoma, Desire books. I absolutely love this series and can't wait to see what's next for the town of Desire! Ms. Brooke once again delivers a romantic page turner dipped with delicious pleasures and provocative thrills!" -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

5 DRAGONS: "This is one hot story! I was fanning my face from the beginning till the very end. Rules of Desire engulfs the reader right from the start, coming alive with everyone you meet in this town. I felt like I was meeting these people myself and enjoying the naughty ways they love their women. With Erin in danger I was reading the book faster to see what was going on and what would happen next. Then I got caught up with the way Jared, Duncan and Reese were going after Erin. They were determined to have her, and she wasn't going to get a chance to deny them. As much as she fought the building relationship trying to hold onto her independence, Erin was also being shown incredible, delicious love by her men. You won't want to miss this incredibly hot book, it's a keeper. I don't think I can get enough of Leah Brooke's Desire, Oklahoma series. You won't be disappointed either if you want a book that comes alive as you read, makes you feel a part of the story and makes you crave a place and the men who live in Desire. If there was such a place, I would move there in a second. I won't be missing any of her books." -- Judy King, Veiled Secret Reviews

4.5 STARS: "My first impression of the men in this ménage was that they care deeply for Erin and that their love is real. Too often ménage stories have an abundance of sex without much substance to the relationships. Jared, Reese, and Duncan explain and show Erin the reasons why they are choosing to have such a relationship and in turn, as a reader, I could feel the sincerity in their love for Erin...The plot of the book was intriguing and even I did not guess the identify of the psychopath terrorizing Erin. It certainly kept me entertained to the end. I also loved all of the side characters. While this is the fourth in the Desire, Oklahoma series, you do not need to read the previous stories in order to understand and love this book. I, however, did love the town and its characters so much that I bought and read the first three books. Each book is unique and all the people in Desire are interesting and worth reading. If you ever wanted to know why someone chooses a ménage relationship, then I definitely recommend Rules of Desire. It has hot sex with intense tenderness and love. I am anxiously looking forward to reading further stories in this series." -- Jessica Black, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Is there really a place like Desire, Oklahoma, perhaps somewhere over the rainbow? I don't know if I would like living there in reality, but I sure do like to fantasize about it. If you have ever read one of Leah Brooke's Desire books, you know that Desire, Oklahoma is populated with feisty women and dominant men, and ménages and BDSM relationships are the norm...In this fourth installment, Ms. Brooke has added a third man/fourth player to the relationship and, of course, the bedroom. And wow, is it hot! Feisty, independent Erin Robinson came to Desire to help her little sister Rachel, the heroine of Book 3, deal with her two men and a pregnancy...The Preston brothers -- Jared, Duncan and Reese -- have been eyeing Erin for months. Gorgeous and arrogant, these men are a fine match for spunky Erin. However, due to jealousy issues in her past, Erin is even more uncertain than a typical woman might be that she can handle being with three men -- in or out of the bedroom. Ms. Brooke thoroughly explores the issues of trust, honesty and jealousy these four must confront. But the four of them have more than a complicated relationship to work through -- someone is trying to harm Erin. This violates the town credo: to love and protect women at all costs. And the men of Desire, and Erin's men in particular, are outraged at the attacks on her. With plenty of men to take care of them, in every way, the women of Desire are a pretty happy lot. But in keeping with the town's credo, a woman who fails to take care of herself or jeopardizes her own safety will be punished -- and oh, what erotic punishment it is. Every man in Desire seems to be a skilled and attentive lover who knows how to take a woman to the brink and leave her there. Naturally, as a feisty woman unwilling to back down from a serious threat to her safety, Erin earns her fair share of Desire-style justice. But her men learn to appreciate her strengths as well. Though the theme of the Desire series --  the very "Rules" of the title -- is carried through each story, each one is fresh and unique. The characters have their own personalities, desires, fears, and flaws. The dialogue is snappy and the pacing is right on. With the threat to Erin and numerous attempts made on her life, there is plenty of action with a tad of mystery thrown in to keep this story moving outside, as well as inside the bedroom. Ms. Brooke has populated her stories with a lovely cast of recurring characters and in Rules of Desire we get an update on the relationships from the first three books. Numerous secondary characters with foreshadowed relationships also make appearances so I hope this means more Desire stories are coming. I hope Ms. Brooke can continue to keep the series as fresh as it has been so far. I wonder if some of the men will explore attractions to one another. Rules of Desire can be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend you read the series in order -- no hardship as all of the Desire, Oklahoma books are a pleasure to read. In fact, Rules of Desire has taken its rightful place on my keeper shelf where all of the Desire, Oklahoma books have a home and are re-read. Ms. Brooks has another winner here, and I look forward to many installments to come." -- Gillyflower, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "This series never ceases to entertain. I have enjoyed each story along the way and they are all so different, even while including many of the same characters. When I talk to other readers about this series, we talk as if they are real people. That’s a great sign for outstanding character development. The underlying suspense plot kept me guessing the entire time. The resolution to that storyline was great; both plausible and well hidden until the end. I love the strength that Erin exuded throughout the story. The story was engaging from beginning to end, and I cannot wait to see what Leah Brooke has in store for the next story from Desire, Oklahoma. If you haven’t picked up the Desire, Oklahoma series yet, you are missing out on some fantastic reading. Rules of Desire is a wonderful and engaging story, and this series is absolutely addictive." -- Jae, Dark Diva Reviews

"Erin Robinson quit her job in Houston and moved to Desire, Oklahoma to take care of her pregnant sister, Rachel. Buying into Rachel’s lingerie store she settled into life in the small town. Erin even started dating Reese Preston but she had to stop when she found that she was equally attracted to his brothers, Jared and Duncan. She felt by being attracted to Reese’s brothers she was betraying him. She believed a monogamous relationship involved one man and one woman while Reece, Jared, and Duncan were into a ménage a quatro. Reese, Jared, and Duncan who made custom furniture spotted Erin and set about to claim her as their own. However, they soon discovered that not only do they have to fight the barriers that Erin has erected around herself, but they must also fight an unknown assailant who has targeted her because of their new relationship together. Rules of Desire is book 4 of the Desire, Oklahoma series. I didn’t read the other books so I wasn’t too sure of the rules in Desire, but that didn’t seem to matter too much as I quickly learned that the most important one was – obedience to your men! Once you were claimed you stayed claimed and all the men seemed to know who would claim whom. Reese, Jared, and Duncan Preston were dominant, possessive men who knew what they wanted and went after it. They set boundaries for their woman and they enforced punishment when that line was crossed, but never out of abuse. The inner fight that Erin faced as she struggled with herself, her desires, and the three hunks was not solved overnight, but gradually eased as the story progressed. She learned to trust her men and love them equally while her men fought to keep her and make the relationship permanent. Reese, Jared, and Duncan seemed to know just how far they could push Erin to obtain what they needed from her and they played that to the fullest. Rules of Desire is full of scorching scenes which just burned up the pages as this ménage a quatro found pleasure in one another and together. Rules of Desire had it all: a villain, humor, love, family, and oodles of decadent couplings to keep the temperature up and the readers enthralled!" -- Vanessa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Hearing the rip of foil, she arched toward him. When she felt the head of his cock at her opening, she groaned and pushed back, needing him to fill her. Desperate sounds of need burst from her throat again as he pushed into her, stretching her again with his thickness. The thick head of his cock pushed relentlessly into her, so slowly she couldn’t stand it. She bucked frantically, trying to get him to move faster, but he stilled her with his grip on her hips. “Easy, baby. I’m going to fuck you nice and deep but you’ve got me too fucking hot. I want it to last.”

She felt Jared’s lips on her back and arched, the indescribable feeling of having all three of them touching her sending her senses soaring again. She could never have imagined feeling this way. Her entire world had been reduced to what they did to her, where they touched. The combined scents and voices of her lovers intoxicated her, driving her higher.

Reese pulled her hair to one side, and she felt Jared’s fingers caress her cheek as he leaned toward her, his lips moving over her shoulder and she knew he watched as she sucked his brother’s length into her mouth.

“You are incredibly beautiful, love. We’re never going to let you go now.”

Duncan’s thrusts stilled and she felt a coldness against her anus. She bucked, trying to lift up but found herself held in place by Reese’s hands in her hair and Jared’s hand flattening on her back.

Duncan groaned. “Relax your bottom, baby. I just want to stretch you a little. I won’t hurt you.”

The unfamiliar and forbidden feel of his finger pushing relentlessly into her anus made Erin shiver. When she whimpered in her throat, Jared and Reese both caressed her, murmuring to her softly. Jared stroked her back. “It’s okay, love. Just feel.”

Reese stroked her hair back again. “Duncan is going to make you feel so good, honey. Just let him. Doesn’t it feel good to have him in your tight little ass? We can’t wait to take you there, honey. We’re all going to love it.”

Duncan twisted his finger inside her. “Her ass is unbelievably tight.”

She couldn’t stop trembling as he began stroking. A new and totally foreign sensation shot through her at this new invasion. She struggled to adapt to it, but with them touching her everywhere, she couldn’t focus. Then her body just took over. Tightening on his finger made it feel even larger inside her, but she just couldn’t stop. It felt as though he controlled her with his dual penetration. Moisture flowed from her pussy like never before as he moved in and out steadily in both openings.

Reese’s hands tightened. “Fuck, her mouth is unbelievable. Erin, honey, I’m gonna come. Let go, baby. Let go. Shit. Damn it.”

Erin doubled her efforts, holding onto his thighs tightly, needing his taste and wanting to give him the pleasure that they gave her.

“Fuck. Let go. Damn it. Come on, baby, oh, fuck!” Reese growled and she felt his cock throb against her tongue as he came. The salty, erotic taste of him did nothing to turn her off, instead she became greedy, wanting more and swallowed on him repeatedly, needing all of him.

She thrilled at his bit-off curses and groans and the way his hands tightened even more on her as his big body stiffened and shuddered under her hands. She continued to lick him clean, running her tongue over him until he slid from her mouth. His thighs trembled, making her feel both powerful and desired. Duncan slid his finger from her and she found herself trying to follow him, needing her now empty anus to be filled once again.

“Easy, baby. I’m going to use some more lube and give you two fingers this time.” With Duncan’s cock filling her pussy and his fingers working in and out of her anus, her lower body bloomed like never before. Inhibitions melted away. When Reese slid down until she lay on his chest, she gripped him, digging her nails in as she struggled with all the unfamiliar sensations.

Duncan’s two fingers felt huge as he worked them into her, stretching the tight ring of muscle at her entrance and moving them around inside her.

She gasped at the darkly erotic fullness. “Oh, God. Oh, God.” She knew her eyes had to be huge in her face as she looked at Jared, who had moved to lie beside her.

Jared stroked a hand down her back. “One day soon, we’re going to fuck that sweet ass, love, and you’re going to come like never before.”

Erin held onto Reese as Duncan held his fingers deep, stroking her anus, the sensation so new and unfamiliar that she had no defense against it. At the same time she knew that Jared watched her face as though gauging her reaction as their brother invaded her most private opening.

Duncan’s cock thrust into her over and over, driving deep inside her as his fingers worked her ass. She could never have imagined this feeling. The deep sense of vulnerability made her even hotter, surprising the hell out of her. His cock felt so hot and thick, this position allowing him to stroke deep. Relentlessly working that magical spot inside her, he had her body clenching repeatedly, making his dual invasion even more pronounced.

Jared smiled, his scar slashing deeply. “How does it feel to have Duncan’s fingers fucking your ass while Reese and I watch?”

Oh, God. How could she tell him? His fingers tightened on her nipple warningly. “Tell us.”

“Please.” Her clit burned, throbbing painfully. “It feels so naughty. I feel so full. I’ve never…I can’t…Ahhhh! Oh, God!” Sparks shot through her, and she fought frantically against the feeling as it threatened to overtake her. She absently heard Duncan’s roar and deep groans as he swore, her own orgasm triggering his. “No. Make it stop.”

Duncan cursed harshly and groaned. “Incredible.”

Reese’s arms tightened around her. “It’s okay, honey. We’ve got you.”

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