Blood Play by Ana Star Coral and Sage aren’t a normal couple. Sage is a sanguinarian, a human vampire. He drinks blood in order to live normally and Coral doesn’t mind being his donor. Although Sage likes to feed in shame, tonight, Coral has other plans. She’s got a special erotic night planned for him. Will he accept this unusual way of feeding?

Moan For Me by Milena Gomez Vivacious Leslie knows how to use her sexuality—if only she knew when to use it, and with whom. Her boyfriend cheated on her, and most of the drunk men at the bar don’t seem trusting, that is until she meets the quietest man at Parker’s Place. Tom might be quiet, but he’s very observant, and what is it they always say about the quiet ones? Leslie’s about to find out… Cover’s Male Model: Jason Aaron Baca

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Cover Art by Milena Gomez

Excerpt: Blood Play

Coral washed dishes in the kitchen while dancing to the beat of the music on the radio. She was in a good mood. Suddenly she felt hands grazing her stomach from underneath her white t-shirt. Her boyfriend, Sage, affectionately kissed her neck.

“I need you, Coral. It’s been a week already. I need to feed,” he whispered in her ear. Coral sighed. She knew what this meant. Sage was a vampire. Not a vampire like in the movies but a human vampire. He needed human blood to feel better. He wasn’t allergic to sun light but didn’t like it very much. He worked all night and slept all day. He wasn’t immortal either but a simple human with specific needs, different than most. Coral didn’t mind as long as he only fed on her.


Excerpt: Moan For Me

He grumbled in his half-sleep. “Mmmmm…Wake me up and you’ll get yours. I swear…” he murmured, eyes still closed.
Leslie stared at him. This guy had some nerve.
Irritated, she shoved his shoulder, hard. “Wake up!” she finally said, her voice rising to a near scream. She hardly ever screamed at anyone…maybe it was the remnants of her hangover.
The man jolted roughly awake. His eyes snapped open to reveal a tired face. Alarmed by her scream and ready to fight, he brought his fists to his chest. “What? What’s going on?” he asked, alarmed. “Leslie?”
Leslie blinked. T, the suspicious bartender, was the man laying next to her.
Blushing a deep shade of red, she jumped out of bed, covering up with every sheet she could grab. Leslie’s eyes lingered on the man in front of her. His muscular chest was very well built—ripples along his arms revealed his strength. His tan skin was smooth and even across his stomach. Her eyes lingered for a moment, then fell lower—
Her jaw fell open.

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