Enslaved by a Barbarian (MM)

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Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,875
27 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

He was a wanted man… Abducted and sold to one alien, computer-game programmer and math whiz Darin Poole is then abducted twice more before he’s finally given to a vicious-looking barbarian to settle a debt. Considering how everyone wants him so desperately, Darin is shocked when Axoev Shadow actually offers him a surprising deal. Axoev is the leader of Clan Shadow, and though he’s willing to take Darin in payment, he refuses to strip him of his rights. Axoev needs a way to protect himself from the designs of the women clan members, but Darin’s proximity makes Axoev realize he has other far more pressing needs. Darin and Axoev aren’t surprised when their relationship becomes physical, however neither is prepared for a deeply emotional attachment. But when the clan blocks any progression of their status, will Axoev keep his promise to let Darin go? Or will Axoev do almost anything to keep Darin at his side?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Barbarian (MM)
27 Ratings (4.5)

Enslaved by a Barbarian (MM)

Sold! 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,875
27 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Darin Poole was a wanted man. He’d never considered himself overly attractive, but he’d always thought he had a certain appeal what with his platinum-blond hair, dark-blue eyes, and sleekly tanned body. He was often called a twink, a description he didn’t really mind. But being desired on Earth was not like it was out in space. Darin went from an alien slave auction to the back room where he was scrubbed and prepped for a Krase warrior named Refann. However, before his new owner could claim him, another creature stole him away.

“You are far too perfect to pass up.” His name was Dartalli, and like Refann, he was a Krase warrior. He was eight feet tall and had maroon skin. He was stone-cold terrifying. From the way he was looking at Darin, it was clear he had nothing but perversity on his mind. Worse, there was something wriggling around in the front of his trousers.

Thankfully, Darin had never seen what the squirming appendage was because yet another alien, this one smaller than the Krase warrior but just as scary, stole him away. Darin was convinced he wouldn’t be in the new alien’s clutches long, but it turned out he was right and wrong.

After a lengthy ride in a rust bucket of a ship that thoroughly ruined all Darin’s fantasies about gleaming interstellar transport, he was taken to a world so thick with vegetation it was impossible to see to the surface of the planet.

“Ye will satisfy a debt of mine.”

Darin peered up at the curious green manlike being who sounded somewhat like a pirate with an Australian accent. Since he wouldn’t give him a name, Darin decided to call him Green Man. He was humanish in that he had two arms and two legs, but his legs were very long and muscular while his upper body was tiny. Whatever kind of creature he was, his physical structure made it clear he used his legs way more than his arms. For some reason, whenever Darin looked at him, all he could think of was the poor Tyrannosaurus rex with his spindly little arms attached to his gigantic body.

“Ye speak?”

Darin decided he would be better off not to, so he held his tongue.

“That’s good. The ruler of the Clan Shadow will enjoy a silent faunsha.”

There was no translation for that particular word, so Darin still had no idea where he was going, who he was going to be with, or what he would be expected to do. The only thing he knew for certain was that he was sick of being carted around on big guys’ shoulders. Even Green Man with his stumpy little arms had still been able to pick Darin up, toss him over a shoulder, and make him go where he wanted him to go. It was as uncomfortable as it was emasculating.

Darin shivered as he looked at the world below.

“Axoev will clothe ye.”

Like it would kill you to give me a damn blanket? Darin had never met so many beings who were so impossibly rude about meeting the most basic of Darin’s needs. He had a feeling that carrying him was an option because all of them were simply too cheap to buy him a pair of shoes. The only thing Darin had had was his collar, but Dartalli had removed it, presumably so Refann couldn’t track him.

Still, Darin had to admit that the man’s name was interesting. Axoev. It sounded like axe-of and gave him a mental picture of a gigantic man wielding an axe. Also, it sounded kind of Russian, but that was unlikely now that Darin was far from Earth. Hopefully, this Axoev guy only needed someone to tidy up around the house. There wasn’t a whole lot that Darin knew how to do other than to play video games, program computer language for video games, or do very complicated math for video games. As of this moment, Darin realized how much of his life revolved around computer games.

“Ye ever had a man in your mouth or ass?”

Darin’s eyes widened. The inhabitants of space wouldn’t meet his basic needs, but they had no problem asking the most intimate questions. Now he had a pretty good idea of what a faunsha was. Unsure which answer might result in freedom, he realized that even if he managed to get away from this alien, another would only scoop him up. Perhaps the best he could hope for was gentleness, so Darin decided to tell the truth. He shook his head.




Working together, they returned to the blanket. Axoev placed Darin on his back and then rose above him as he struggled to lower his pants. When he wasn’t able to get them down fast enough, Darin growled and pushed him to his back.

Axoev smiled up at him, clearly pleased by Darin’s aggressive need.

Darin’s fingers danced over Axoev’s trousers with quick and amazing skill. In under a second, Darin had Axoev’s pants unfastened and his cock exposed. Like Darin, Axoev was hard and ready.

“We need a way to slick you up for me.” Darin thought he was going to die if he couldn’t have Axoev inside his body.

“I brought this.” Axoev handed him what looked like folded leaves but turned out to be a pouch with some kind of very slippery and sweet-smelling lube.

“From the tree?”

“All comes from the tree.”

There was a moment where Darin realized Axoev had to have known this was going to happen because he’d come prepared. Rather than worry about that, he slathered plenty of the lube on Axoev’s cock and tried to mount him. No matter how excited he was or how the scent of the tree urged him to keep going, Axoev was simply too large.

“Easy, little one.” Axoev slicked up his fingers and then held his hand low against his body. “Ride this first.”

Completely uninhibited, Darin sank down, taking Axoev’s thick finger as deeply as he could. It felt even better tonight than it had last night. Better still was the connection he felt to Axoev. This night they were facing one another, adding an intense layer of intimacy to their act. As Darin worked his hips around in a circle, Axoev’s gaze washed over his body. His free hand followed, stroking all the hot spots that the outfit exposed.

Hating it so intensely had fallen away last night as Axoev showed and told him the benefits. Tonight, he was again struck by the perfection of what little he wore. Axoev had offered out a shawl-type covering for Darin’s shoulders, but the fire had been warm and he’d slipped it off. When he did, Axoev had grown even more attentive. And now, he was utterly engrossed in Darin.

“I hunger to kiss you but also to watch you.” Displaying the amazing power of his form, Axoev tightened his abs to lift his head up for a kiss then rested back on the blanket, spilling his black hair around his shoulders. He did this several times. He was doing sit-ups while watching Darin squirm on his finger. Just when Darin was ready to try to take his prick again, Axoev inserted another thick finger.

Darin’s head went back, but not in pain. It was good. So impossibly good. Wild and free from all his worries, Darin focused fully on what he felt. Not just physically, but the emotional connection, too. He continued to gyrate on his master’s hand, not caring who saw him or what they were thinking. Once he lowered his head, his attention was riveted on Axoev. Watching the firelight dance over his features, highlighting his powerful muscles, made Darin’s erotic dance all the more powerful.

“You want me inside?”

“More than anything.”

Teasingly, Axoev inserted another finger. But rather than just watching Darin move upon his digits, he helped by lifting and lowering his hand. Darin’s weight was no match for him and he was able to effortlessly plunge his fingers into Darin.

Rather than wait for Axoev to move forward, Darin rose up and off his fingers, then centered himself on Axoev’s thick cock.

“Don’t go too fast and hurt yourself.”

Darin shook his head. He’d feared this so deeply, but now he hungered for full penetration. Blaming the scent the tree emitted would be too easy, but he would always know that was just the catalyst. The true chemical reaction had happened in Darin’s brain. Something about Axoev’s scent, the way he looked at him, the way he caressed him—all of it blended together and told Darin he was safe. That was it. This wasn’t like any other time where he was so afraid because those times fear had ruled him, and here, in the middle of nowhere, with a man who lived an idyllic life, everything was effortlessly, beautifully, and totally safe.

As Darin sank down, taking Axoev inside, he was shocked at how perfect their union felt. Everything was shimmering and flawless in the light of the fire under the shadow of the trees. When he reached the limit of what he could take, he found himself pressed against Axoev. By going slowly, he’d taken his entire prick within, stunning himself.

Axoev sat up, just as he had a dozen times before, so Darin prepared himself for a kiss only to have Axoev press his forehead against Darin’s. Axoev cradled Darin’s face between his big hands and peered into his eyes.

“Don’t move. Just let me have a moment to feel you. To enjoy how right this feels.”



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