Raphael's Mating (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,842
80 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves]

When his preferences for men became known, Raphael was all but thrown from the pack. He is now town sheriff and still keeps away from the pack. Then a new alpha gets the position, and Raphael can't keep away from him.

River is curious about the town sheriff and his packmate. Once he sees him, he knows he wants him, both in his bed and as his second-in-command. But Raphael has secrets he doesn't want to share. With enemies ready to use Raphael against him, River needs Raphael to trust him completely. Can they make it work before it's too late?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Raphael's Mating (MM)
80 Ratings (4.2)

Raphael's Mating (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,842
80 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I am actually one of the few who actually liked this book. It gave me the impression that River was more into Raphael than Raph was into him.
It was okay. My biggest problem was I didn't feel any connection between the two heroes. They meet, they have sex, they're mates. River in particular is pretty mean to Raphael. To be fair, Raphael did withhold some information from River, however it's not the kind that adversely affects the relationship between the two. River would not allow Raphael to explain himself. How River finds out this information is so contrived. Allegedly Raphael was able to mask his smell, but he's thrown into the lake and this erased the masking of the smell. Like a shower couldn't have achieved the same thing, especially since by that time the two had been practically living together for weeks. He is treated like he kicked someone's puppy, no pun intended. River does not let this transgression go, and I feel that he went out of his way to humiliate Raphael as much as possible. Even after Raphael is hurt on two different occasions, River is still bitching about this one little thing like it's more important than his lover's injuries. Also the rift between Raphael & his family hardly gets any resolution. The conversation is basically someone accused his father of being in a homosexual relationship in the past, and this is why Raphael is kicked out of the pack. My opinion is that Raphael would be better off staying outside the pack, as he has no resolution with his father & River is a big baby with a chip on his shoulder. The sex between River & Raphael is not that hot & borders more on cruel than sensual. I don't feel that River is a good mate for Raphael. There was no profession of love between the two, and honestly, I wouldn't have believed it if the words had been spoken by them.
Professional Reviews


5 STARS: "Nothing more delicious than two male Alpha Werewolves. River Summers and Raphael Solis are the epitome of sexy males. The fact that they are both alphas make it even sexier. Even better is that they want each other. This was wonderfully done. The plot was exciting and had me turning the pages and wanting to read more. Raphael Solis with his olive complexion, long as sin black hair and a sheriff to boot. What a naughty and delicious combo. Who doesn't love a man in uniform? And then we have River Summers with his blue eyes and blonde hair and very dominant attitude. The fun thing about these two was that they were both Alphas, which made it sexy to see them confront one another. All that testosterone with lust mixed in makes for some great situations. I like the fact that both men were strong and that they gave in to the other when the other needed it. All in all this was a great read, I recommend it to anyone who loves Paranormal werewolves and male on male situations. This book hits the spot for me. More, please, Sunny Day. Five stars for lick-able and likable Alpha Werewolves." -- Ebony Dreams, The Romance Reviews

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Raphael shucked off his boots and continued into the living room, stripping his uniform as he walked. It was late, and he had worked overtime again. The pack support might have gotten him the job, but he worked his tail off on it. He sighed, thinking about the contents of his refrigerator. Nothing appealing there, probably. Raphael grimaced. Never mind it. He could just drop by the town café tomorrow and have a big breakfast. His stomach rumbled in protest, but he ignored it.

His phone rang. Raphael looked at it with dislike. What could possibly be the matter now? They couldn’t need him again. No, it was his home line, not his cell. Not the office then, but who? Frowning, Raphael went to pick it up. He almost dropped it when he recognized the number. It was a long time since he’d seen it.

The main pack house. Raphael stared at the phone. He hesitated, but the phone continued to ring, like whoever was calling knew he was there. His teeth clenched, but he obediently picked it up. 

“Raphael.” Riker’s voice came over the line. The wolf inside him stirred, recognizing its Alpha. Raphael pushed it back ruthlessly. His shoulders sagged. He couldn’t think of any good reason why Riker would be calling him, and he was too damn tired to deal with Riker right now. 


There was a pause on the other end.

“Did you get my message?”

Raphael squeezed his eyes shut. So that was what it was about. Relief flooded him.

“Yes, I got an e-mail.” 

“Good, good,” Riker said, but he sounded absent. Raphael frowned. The e-mail contained a standard invitation to all pack members for the next Full Moon Gathering. This time, though, there was a special occasion. The old Black Pine Alpha, Riker, was retiring, and his heir was being confirmed. While it was an important event, it wasn’t fraught with the dangers that could sometimes go with the new Alpha ascending. Riker had already chosen his heir, and this was only a formality. As far as Raphael knew, no one was going to contest Riker’s choice. Sure, he was pretty much isolated from the pack, but he would have known something this big. And anyway, there weren’t that many dominant wolves in the pack, and not all of them were interested in the alpha job. Raphael himself ranked pretty high, and Frank might cause problems, but he wasn’t any match for River, which meant River’s job was safe.

But why was Riker calling him then? 

“Is there a problem?”

“Are you going to come?”

“I won’t challenge River, if that’s what you are asking.”

“I’m not. It’s just that your father will be upset.”

Raphael bit back an angry retort. He was well aware of the low opinion his father had of him . It was what caused him to practically lose the pack. Raphael swallowed his resentment.

“You know as well as I that if I don’t show up, it could be seen as if I am challenging River. I don’t need that kind of trouble.”

“I’m aware of that. You will have to swear fealty to him, but it doesn’t have to be during the ceremony.”

Lovely. Raphael’s wolf was pushing at the edges of his control. Wolves were pack animals, and this one hadn’t run with the pack for more time then Raphael cared to remember. It was starting to affect him. When the invitation for the Full Moon Gathering ceremony arrived, Raphael had mostly marked it as an opportunity to mingle with the pack again. He missed it, and most of the pack members didn’t have problems with him. Only his family despised him.

He rubbed his forehead.

“You can’t forbid me to show up, Riker. It’s an official occasion, and the usual rules don’t apply. It’s the night of Alpha challenge. Everyone, pack or no pack, can attend.”

He gripped the receiver tighter and started to pace. He was agitated, and his wolf didn’t help the matters. It was willing to defy his Alpha, even. 

“Does that mean you are coming?” Riker sounded cool and collected. He’d taken control of the pack when it was in shambles and made it into one of the strongest in the area. He wasn’t a stranger to confrontation, and it was dangerous to cross him. For a moment Raphael was tempted to say yes. Riker couldn’t enforce this command, and they both knew it. And if his father was displeased, well, his father could just deal with it.


Adult Excerpt


What had Layela said? Not to be hard on Raphael? It could be more fun if he was. Unbuttoning his uncomfortably tight jeans, he fondled his hardening cock. 

Raphael, who was sitting on his bed, snapped his head up when he heard River come in. 

“What have you—” His eyes widened when he caught sight of River, his jeans opened and his dick flushed and ready. The scent of his arousal filled the room. River grinned. 

Pretending to ignore his lover, he took his clothes off then climbed onto the bed. Not taking his eyes off Raphael, he licked his palms then took his prick in his hand. A flash of pleasure spilled over him. He shuddered and moaned.

His eyes darkening, Raphael started to move toward him. River stopped him with a glance. Raphael hesitated.

“Handcuffs,” he said. Raphael blinked in confusion.

River’s grin widened. “I want your handcuffs.”

Slowly, Raphael unhooked them from his belt.

“Good,” River purred. “Now take off your clothes. You don’t get to touch me yet.”

He watched with increasing impatience as his lover shed his clothes, his long body revealed in all his glory. His nipples were hard, and his cock, once freed, immediately rose toward his belly. 

“Very good.” River picked up the handcuffs, snapped them open, and then tied Raphael to a bedpost. Raphael’s lips parted. His breath hitched, but, River noticed with dark satisfaction, it didn’t diminish his arousal. He gave Raphael’s cock one long pat then crawled back to lean on the headboard. 

Spreading his legs, he reached down to stroke himself again. Raphael’s gaze heated, shivers running over River’s skin. Not taking his eyes off Raphael, he gripped his cock with one hand and slid the other down to the puckered opening.

He heard Raphael gasp. Desire slithered over him. He slid one wet finger in and sucked in breath at the twinge of pain. His body resisted the invasion. It was quite some time since River had taken a lover into his body. Raphael had always taken submissive role in their lovemaking. He wriggled his finger a little, massaging the sensitive gland. 

A jolt of pleasure traveled down his spine, making him arch.

Raphael snarled. A loud metal clank was all the warning River got before Raphael roared and lunged at him. He was flipped on his belly and his legs pushed apart. His cheek resting on sheets, River caught a glimpse of a gleaming metal circle on the hand Rafael braced next to his shoulder. The other one pressed on the small of his back. Warm breath teased his shoulder. A hard dick pressed against his anus and forced its way in. 

River yelped. Raphael bore down, his hot, steely rod piercing River steadily. 

River’s abused muscles burned with pleasure-pain. He forced himself to relax, his whole body rocking with the force of Raphael’s thrusts. He hadn’t taken him before in the ass, and only rarely in his mouth, so he was quite unprepared for thick length that now stretched his channel. 

 Shit, he was big, River admitted ruefully. He didn’t plan on his little lesson finishing this way. Pleasure zinged up his spine, making his muscles clench and grip Raphael’s dick. He bit into the pillow as Raphael pounded into him. He closed his eyes, pleasure blossoming inside him. Raphael’s fist closed on his shoulder. Raphael snarled, heavy weight collapsing on River. Spurts of cum drenched his hole, and he shuddered at the tiny flickers of pleasure that the warm jets soaking his hole sent through him. He turned his head to watch as Raphael rolled off of him. He settled on the bed next to River, black hair hiding his face. His chest rapidly rose and fell. 

River frowned, sitting up with a wince. His still-hard cock bobbed against his belly. Ignoring it, he grabbed a handful of Raphael’s hair, forcing him to look at him. Drowsy black eyes returned his stare, Raphael’s expression smug.

“What was that?” River demanded.

“What? Don’t tell me you have never been fucked before, Alpha,” Raphael replied in a lazy tone.

Rivers eyes narrowed, and he shifted, dragging his lover between his thighs. 

“You got what you wanted. Now finish me off.” His dick stabbed at Raphael’s mouth. 

Their gazes locked. Slowly, Raphael crawled forward, his head coming to rest on River’s thigh. He nipped playfully at the skin over his balls. River’s fists relaxed, but he didn’t let go of Raphael’s hair. He watched as Raphael sucked on his balls. A tingle started in his groin. Raphael had taken him roughly, but he had enjoyed it. He would be sore in the morning, though. 

Raphael opened his mouth to take his cock in. River sucked in breath, bucking reflexively, pushing all the way in, but Raphael didn’t back away. 

River’s head slammed against the headboard. Heat soared through him, his balls drawing tight.

“Raphael,” he groaned, watching other man deep-throat him. 

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