I am currently attending American Public University for my BA in sociology. I am in a domestic partnership of five years with a wonderful woman, Racheal, who I just bought a house with. In a short span of time, we will be moved into our new house in Eminence, Missouri. We have a total of six furry family members, five cats and a puppy. Two of the cats are mine, Tyson, who we call Cub, and Chance. Racheal has three cats named Kiara, Miles, and Ravyn. The puppy is a full bred Shih Tzu, named Vincent Van Ghoul. Most of my time is spent keeping up with my homework, writing, or remodeling. Though, my favorite thing to do is play with the animals with their collection of toys, which has given me more ideas for my books than anything else.

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Q: Why do you like writing?

A: Writing is time where I am allowed to say whatever is in my head. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not. I can spin a story that always has a happy ending, an ending I like. Writing is freedom.

Q: What is your normal day like?

A: Depends on the day, but normally I divide days based off what needs done. Saturday and Sunday are spent finishing up my weekly homework. Monday and Wednesday are spent working on homework and writing. Tuesday and Friday are spent trying to remodel the house I just bought.

Q: What is your favorite pastime?

A: Writing is my favorite, but beyond that I love music. There is always music playing in the background, mostly when I write. Beyond that I enjoy my Netflix account. I am a fan of the old time Star Trek and TruTV.

Q: How do you come up with your characters?

A: All my characters are just small points put together to paint a person. I have a general character planned out, but I let them sit in my mind for a time before I write. This way I can know who they are.

Q: Why aren’t you an English major?

A: I hate English. I love to write, but if it isn’t creative it’s boring. As much as I can appreciate the older works of literary geniuses, I hate studying them. Plus, writing isn’t really fun if you have to write what everyone tells you to. I like studying cultures, since culture defines who most people are. Culture plays a large role in everything, including any book.

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