[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Blake Griffon has left Griffon Heights to move on with his life from his father’s cruel reign. After deciding to take a position offered within the Guardian City, he meets his mates, Cast and Jack O'Hare.
Cast is leaving the small town behind him after another failed job, and life. He is just looking for a place where he belongs, when he is saved by his mate, Blake. Now, Cast is whisked away to Guardian City to meet his other mate, the good doctor, Jack.
Jack is Guardian City’s resident doctor. His bunny side is terrified of its mates, and Jack isn’t sure what to do about both of the handsome men. Before he gets the chance to decide, he is kidnapped by someone from his mate's past. Destiny can only help so much, and Jack is afraid he will die in the hands of a madman. Can the mates pull their act together and save him before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Guardian's Dash (MMM)
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Cast, Gods, you scared us. Get in the truck, I can’t believe you would choose being homeless over asking me for seventy-five dollars,” Jasper yelled.

Cast cringed at Jasper’s voice. He hated when Jasper yelled. It made him feel like he was back living with his mother again, and it seemed that he reverted back into the child Faye hiding under the waterfall.

“Now, Cast. This isn’t a joke,” Jasper yelled as he sunk his fingers into Cast’s arm. Cast gasped at the sharp pains that shot up his arm. He allowed Jasper to force him toward the passenger door. Headlights bounced on the road, slowing to a stop behind Jasper’s truck, making Cast wonder if he could possibly get help from the stranger. He knew the truth, he wouldn’t stand up for himself when being yelled at.  He hated the passiveness that always surfaced when faced with a verbal argument.

“Hey, you need to let go of him,” a voice echoed from somewhere behind the truck. Cast couldn’t see the man, but he was grateful that he wasn’t out here alone with Jasper and his uncle. Jasper growled in a threatening low tone at the stranger that reminded Cast of aggressive sex in a darkened alley. Cast didn’t want someone to be hurt on his account, but fear radiated from him, and he knew the wolves could smell it. “It’s ok,” Cast said in a small voice that sounded way too childish.

“I’m serious. Let him go. Let me talk to him without you forcing your hands into his arm, and then if he wants to go with you, he can,” the stranger stated again, this time more forcefully. Cast could hear the power laced in the stranger’s voice that screamed Alpha. Cast knew an Alpha’s voice, even though he wasn’t a shifter. He had heard it enough in his travels, and when he visited Jasper’s pack to know when a man meant business. Jasper seemed to recognize the same as he let Cast’s arm go. Cast eased away from Jasper, slinking between the two men to talk with the stranger. The fear was still there, but at least he had managed to calm down enown to dampen the smell.

Cast kept his eyes slightly lowered as he waited for them to adjust to the darkness. Once his eyes could see, he snuck a look up at the Alpha of sorts. He sucked in his breath and did his best to smother the lust that rolled off him in waves. The Alpha was the largest man Cast had ever seen, probably around six foot eight. He also had the widest shoulders Cast had ever seen that were framed by his flowing golden hair. Cast knew right away the man was a Griffin because no other species could have hair of that golden-sun color that shimmered even in the darkness. It was a mesmerizing sight, casting flecks of burnt sunrises throughout the strands. Cast’s mouth dropped.

The man had prominent cheek bones and a strong jawline that made Cast hard just to look at it. His squared jaw curved slightly just before the golden hair.. Hazel-blue eyes stared intently, and Cast realized he had been staring. He blushed without being able to stop himself. “Sorry,” Cast mumbled as an apology.

“Are you okay, mate?” the gorgeous man asked, and Cast forgot how to speak. His lungs completely collapsed, and Cast felt his knees go weak at the word. There was no way that this man was his mate. Cast knew this, but somehow his heart and soul were screaming yes. He nodded his head and then shook it on second thought. He took a deep breath and tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. Cast closed his eyes, and struggled for a response. “Yes.”

“Do you want to go with them?” the man asked, and Cast could hear the fear in his voice. He opened his eyes searching for something that would make the situation make sense, but he found none in the man’s eyes.

Cast knew the man was feeling uncertain, and it made Cast feel like maybe they might be mates after all. That gave him the strength to answer. “No, I don’t.”

“Then why don’t I give you a ride away from here? It would give us a chance to talk privately,” the man said, and Cast found himself agreeing. He allowed the man to show him to the passenger door of the Alpha’s truck, and climbed in. He expected the man to climb in on the driver’s side, but the man instead walked up to the standing pair. Cast felt the fear weave in his stomach while breathing became difficult. The man turned and walked back to the driver’s side after a moment of what Cast thought were tense words. Cast concentrated on breathing. The golden angel climbed in the truck, and closed the door. Instead of putting his seat belt on, he immediately turned the truck on and put it in gear. Cast watched Jasper as they drove past. He swallowed the gem that formed in his throat, as Jasper’s uncle mimicked a gun with his finger. He knew the threat for what is was.

“I’m Blake Griffon,” Blake introduced. Cast watched him from the corner of his eye as he pretended to stare at the road ahead. He really didn’t want to have this conversation. The only things he could say honestly were things a person didn’t say to their possible mate upon meeting. He didn’t want to admit that he was homeless, with no family, no life, no skills, and six dollars and forty-three cents to his name. So, he settled for the only thing that didn’t make him look like a loser, at least until Blake found out why he was named Cast.

“I’m Cast.”




“You don’t think…” Jack asked as his face turned the same boiling red Blake’s body felt. Blake shook his head no before changing his mind. He didn’t know Cast that well, but it seemed like something evil that the man would do. Blake smiled evilly knowing he could play these games, too.

“I think I’m dirty, and he’s going to take the hot water. So, I’m joining. You coming?” Blake asked to their much smaller mate. Jack seemed to take to the idea like a cat to catnip. The bathroom door was slightly ajar. Blake eased the door further open with his foot, licking his lips at the sight before him.

Cast stood beneath the shower spray with the steaming water running over half his body. Soap bubbles piled where the water didn’t reach. Blake looked to his smaller bunny mate in interest, as he could hear the man’s heartbeat over the water. Blake removed his shirt quickly, peeling his clothes off as Cast turned slightly giving them both a view of his hand stroking his cock slowly. Jack started undressing, and Blake helped his small mate shed his clothes completely.

Cast opened his honey-colored eyes, and Blake hissed at the sight of the lust-churned honey color that deepened as his hand stroked his thick cock. Blake crossed the bathroom, taking Cast into his arms underneath the spray. He leaned down, nipping the lips before kissing him deeply. Cast moaned as he arched, rubbing his chest against Blake’s in need. Blake’s blood burned as the tension built in the base of his spine. Blake moaned into Cast’s mouth as Jack rubbed his thin sexy body against his back. Blake deepened the kiss as Jack planted feathery kisses against his back. Sweetened honey exploded on his tongue, making Blake whimper as the throbbing in his cock seemed to jump to his mate’s command. Blake pressed his back against Jack’s mouth, surprised when he felt a small nip against his shoulder bone. Blake moaned as he used his tongue to explore Cast.

Blake reached around and spun Jack around, pressing his small body against his side. Blake spun his fingers through Jack’s short, spikey hair, pulling his mouth in for a three-way kiss. Their tongues collided, and the different flavors of fresh fruit and honey collided. Blake moaned as he backed away for a moment watching his mates kiss. Jack broke the kiss for a moment, giving Blake a look of pure sexual desire that burned his soul inside with need. Blake smiled a devilish smile at Jack, easing his body closer to his smallest mate. He nipped his shoulder, kissing along the edge slowly as droplets of water sprinkled his body. He gripped his smaller mate’s hips, spinning him around to face his ass directly atCast. Blake captured the small man’s lips as Jack hopped onto Blake’s waist, wrapping his legs tightly around him.

Blake nipped Jack’s bottom lip as his cock rubbed against the small man’s balls. Blake moaned into Jack’s mouth as he felt Cast’s wet tongue slide across the bottom of his cock. Jack whimpered against him, as the tongue slowly worked in luxurious circles, licking Jack’s balls, and Blake’s cock. The tongue slowly disappeared from his cock, and Blake groaned at the lack of sensation. His skin burned to the touch as need rode him hard. Jack climbed higher, wrapping his arms around Blake’s neck tightly, moaning as he bucked his ass out for Cast’s devious attentions. Blake watched as Cast spread their small mate’s cheeks. Blake licked his lips as he watched Cast dive for the starburst that lay hidden beneath the smooth orbs of pale flesh.

Jack dug his nails into Blake’s shoulders, and Blake maneuvered his hand to stroke his cock between their mashed bodies. His large mushroom head leaked pre-cum, allowing Blake enough moisture to spread it across the head. Blake’s breath hitched as Jack whimpered against him, pressing his ass further into the air for a better exploration. Jack dug his knees into Blake’s hips for leverage, and the burning feeling spurned on further, knowing his small mate wanted to be tongue fucked that badly. Cast lapped happily at the pulsing hole, making Blake stroke his cock harder, chasing down the spreading fire that burned from his spine.

“Fuck,” Blake cursed as his body was infected with the same tense pulsing of his cock. Cast pulled away from Jack’s rotating ass before leaning up to kiss Blake fully. Blake moaned at the taste of their smaller mate mixed with Cast’s honey-flavored mouth. Jack eased his legs around Blake’s hips as Cast kissed him with a passion that made Blake want to beg for the release they both promised.

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