[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, elves, public exhibition, HEA]
High Prince Demend, an Elf and changeling, and his mate Nathan Summers are doing their best to run the Guardian City. With the pair trying to keep Demend from dying from his own magic and a summons from the Higher Council, the newly mated couple is in over their heads.
Jason Johnson is a Phoenix with a serious problem. He’s a phoenix trapped as a dog, living on the fringe of the Guardian City. His mates live in the city, but fear prevents him from going to them. Can he figure out a way to let his mates see him as he really is, instead of the dog he was forced to become?
Zoey is a Dark Elf, trapped in a cell within an Incubi trading Post. She is a trained warrior and has tried everything to get herself free, but nothing seems to work. Can she escape the clutches of the Incubi, or will she be stuck forever as a POW?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Guardian's Flame (MMMF)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“I’m sorry, Angel. I can’t explain it, just that I had to do it. It felt like an obsession to free the dog from the demon, and if I failed I would have tried again. I know how selfish it sounds, but…” D tried to explain, but Nathan was the only one who seemed to understand. Angel was mad and stomped his foot in annoyance before breezing out the door without even a goodbye. D knew he would be spending some serious time making it up to Angel. He couldn’t blame his brother. They had spent so long apart after his childhood attack. Angel had thought D had been dead, and after finding each other again, it had become a concern for them both. D didn’t know what he would do if he lost Angel.

“There’s a reason for your reaction. I felt the calling too. The magic tried to swallow us. I couldn’t breathe. The bond between us felt like it was breaking. I blacked out for a few minutes after the explosion. When I came around Angel was calming down a magical unicorn, and your dog was gone. This is Jason, and he was the dog you were trying to save. He-man, meet our mate,” Nathan said arrogantly, and D laughed at the nickname he had given Nathan when they first met. It actually made sense in an odd sort of way.

“Hi, I’m D, and apparently for the day, also He-man.” D turned to the smaller man. He looked him over for a second before deciding Jason didn’t really fit. D sniffed towards Jason trying to determine what exactly he was, but all he could smell was alcohol. There was a hint of something magical, but D had never tried to smell magic before. He had to wonder at the situation, and how the small man had ended up playing Cujo in the woods. “So want to explain this whole situation to us? I am dying to hear how you ended up as Spot.” D thought about it for a moment. “No, not Spot, Fido.”

Has he told you his story? D asked Nathan as Jason moved away under the interrogation, and the light daggers returned behind D’s eyes. Nathan’s concern radiated through their bond, but D held a hand up to pacify his worrisome mate. He had overused his magic, and that was something he would have to watch in the future. He didn’t want to scare Nathan any more than he already had. He was well aware of his limits, but sometimes he risked too much. It was a stupid way to die, and not the best after effects either. He hated feeling like he had been hit by a semi, even though the symptoms would fade quickly.

No, he wouldn’t talk. He’s very quiet, and was really worried about you. We both were. You’ve been out for three days. Nathan shook his head.

“Um, I have”—Jason paused for a moment, and a cute pink blush crept up his neck—“had bad taste in men. Safe to say he was controlling, and abusive. I left, and he didn’t like it. I moved on with my life, and he eventually caught up to me. Next thing I know, I was Fido.” Jason twisted his hands in the hem of his shirt, staring at the bed.

“Ok, I’ll buy that. What are you?” Nathan nodded as if the story fit into what he had seen from Jason. D smiled at Nathan’s serious expression and realized he was just grateful to be alive. The hammering in his head still pounded, but as long as they were all ok, it didn’t matter.

“I’m a phoenix. Normally, at least, recently I was also a dog,” Jason said as he looked up, his maroon ice eyes sparkling with mirth. D cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out the runt. Phoenixes were solo creatures, and D wasn’t sure he had ever heard of a mated Phoenix.

“I didn’t think Phoenixes had mates. In fact, I’m pretty sure that a Phoenix mating hasn’t ever been recorded, but then again with the fall of the Elves, matings didn’t get recorded. Do you know what we are?” D asked curiously, pausing to look  at Nathan for a moment, before shrugging. D wasn’t sure why they never were recorded, but maybe it was because they liked living solo. It was possible they had mates, but ignored the bond for a life of solitude. D had enough of that life and wouldn’t go back to it for anything.

“I know he’s a wolf, but I’m not sure what you are. Your smell changes from species to species,” Jason said after a moment of thought. He spoke quietly and took his time before finishing. It was almost as if he was thinking about what exactly to say that wouldn’t offend D. D shook his head with a smile. His mate had a long way to go to heal from whatever his life experiences were. They all had a long way to go, and D nodded his head at the realization that they were meant to heal each other. Fate had been right in deciding to mate them.

“I’m a changeling. At least, that’s what my kind was called back when I was a child. I was born Elf, Dragon, and Incubus. As a young child I was infected with other Shaper-Shifter blood, and Vampire blood. So I’m a little of everything. My strongest forms are only the ones I was born with, but I can shift into other creatures,” D explained, not going into the details of the attack itself. He knew Jason would find out, but the attack wasn’t important anymore. Nathan had accepted him, even with all of his issues. Jason would accept them, or he wouldn’t have been fated to them.




Jason laughed as he flipped the top button of his gothic jeans, showing his light colored treasure trail, and nude skin underneath. D cocked his head with a smile. It would seem Jason liked to dye his hair, and for some reason it turned D on more. Nathan’s hands loosened, and D remained still to see what Nathan would do. Nathan moved from behind D to approach Jason as he shimmied out of the jeans. D followed suit, stripping off his clothes quickly. Nathan seemed to take his time stripping, taking time to move behind Jason with the grace that only Nathan could manage at his size. Nathan kissed down Jason’s back, and D stroked his cock watching his mate explore. Jason licked his lips, and D felt the fire burning in his veins flare with intensity. “Shit,” D mumbled at the feel of his hand rubbing across the large vein, building the need that burned at the base of his spine.

Nathan had moved lower, and D moved to the bed for a better view. D eased down on his back, still stroking his throbbing cock slowly, smearing the natural lube with the pre-cum. Jason’s breath came in small gasps, and D ran his tongue over his teeth easing the ache that begged for blood. Nathan moved his mouth to Jason’s plump, apple-shaped bottom, and D opened the bond between them fully. The desire that flooded from the bond almost pushed D over the edge, and he grabbed the base of his cock to chase off a threatening orgasm. D’s hips stilled, even though his muscles tensed with the sight. Jason moaned loudly, and D pushed his desire through the bond, getting a muffled moan from Nathan. Nathan’s tongue had reached Jason’s hole, and the smaller bird jumped at the contact.

Nathan slapped Jason’s cheeks, pushing Jason onto to the bed with D. D smiled at the image Nathan sent through their link, a sixty-nine position that Nathan had apparently wanted to try. D crawled forward, kissing Jason quickly before placing himself even with Jason’s thick length. He licked the tip and sucked the head between his lips. D moaned at the salty spice of his mate, scraping his sharp teeth against the skin. Jason flicked his hips, sinking his length further into D’s mouth. D moaned loudly as a wet heat surrounded his cock and pushed his hips forward at the contact, thrusting against the tightened lips. D grabbed Jason’s hips trying to control the orgasm he knew Jason wanted. D sucked the length in, moving forward to take in as much as possible before easing back.

D allowed himself time to adjust to the thickness in his mouth, before letting Jason’s hips go. A long moan sounded from both mates, and D knew Nathan was pushing into the smaller man. D let the length fall out of his mouth as he licked the twin balls that hung, getting a full view of Nathan’s fingers pushing inside Jason’s hole. The sweet mouth of the small mate sucked in D’s cock, and D pushed against Jason’s mouth before removing the length and pushing it back in. Jason held himself still as Nathan’s fingers disappeared, being replaced by a mushroom-shaped head. D panted as he watched Nathan’s length slowly disappear in Jason’s perfectly shaped hole. He watched Nathan pull out slowly before pushing in with the same slow intensity. D’s hips rolled against Jason’s willing mouth and moaned as Jason pushed the tip of his tongue against the head of his swollen cock.

D moved back to take Jason’s throbbing head in his mouth as D face fucked the smaller man. The excitement flared from D to Jason, and Jason’s control snapped. Jason flicked his hips sinking his full length down D’s throat. D concentrated on breathing and allowed the small man to lose control. Nathan cursed and slammed his cock into Jason hard. D moaned against the length, smiling as Jason cried out with his mouth around D’s cock. D moaned again at the vibrations, rolling his hips against the tight mouth. D felt Jason’s head swell, and the cum shot into D’s waiting mouth. Jason grabbed D’s balls, and it was enough to send him over the edge. D arched his back, almost dislodging Jason as he milked D’s cock, begging for a taste. Nathan leaned down and sunk his fangs into Jason’s neck, while D locked his fangs onto the spurting meat in his mouth. The sweet blood rushed his senses, spurning the orgasm on and combining with the flared bond between the three of them. D shook from the force of the mixture, and whimpers sounded from somewhere, but D didn’t care where.

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