[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, elves, HEA]
Sun City was once the greatest city in the world. It was built by the Elves during the height of their power, but now only one Elf remains in the city. High Prince Demend, a changeling and survivor of an accident that almost left him for dead.  Now, he drinks blood, shifts, and is trying to make the world a more tolerant place for the literary works of the ancient times.
Nathan Summers is an Alpha, but not by choice. Forced into the position by a pack he loves, Nathan took the position as a last resort. Alone and constantly harassed by his father, Nathan just wants to find his mate and keep his pack safe from his family’s cruelty.
Forced to work together, they must now face the future which seems to be grim. Can these two find everything they are wanting without destroying themselves in the process?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Guardian Elf (MM)
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A really great book. The writer enlightens you with the use of words. Enjoyed it!




D paused as he caught his reflection in the hallway decorative mirror. His delicate face looked like that of a model with sharp features that promised beauty long into old age. His jade-green eyes contrasted against his caramel- colored skin, giving his appearance an ethereal gloss. His bronze-brown hair hung past his waist in the normal Elvin style, with a single braid hanging past the rest of the length. Tiny beads were braided into the length, casting flecks of color throughout the long braid. His build was slim, with every muscle worked to its strongest from daily training with his long time sparring partner, Rain. D shook his head to dispel the self-centered thoughts, and continued on with his escape. The bundle was far more important than whether he was still attractive in his old age.

 D quickly passed through the hallway and into another hallway devoid of any life. A slight tremor of sound came from somewhere ahead, and D quickly opened one of the side doors. He quietly closed the door behind him, and looked around the room curiously. The room was an office, complete with a cherry wood desk, and an Alpha of some sorts was sitting , looking slightly relaxed. Two large body guards flanked the desk, looking appearing more like  outlawed bikers, complete with the speckled bandanas, and earrings of skulls to match the I-own-a-Harley look. D sniffed the air in concern, the smell of wolf riding his senses hard, with a taint of blood. D eyed the source of the blood smell, his vampire genes at the forefront at the hint of the coppery liquid. A small crumpled man was curled  on the leather couch with slightly blonde curls peeking out from under the arm that covered his face.

 A growl escaped the Alpha as D eyed the man in concern. The wolf inside of D growled back, issuing a challenge to the man. D tried to calm the wolf with his Elvin half, but ended up glaring at the oversized Alpha. The Alpha flashed his gleaming white teeth in a sexy smile that would calm any wild beast.Thankfully, Shamefully , that pleasure promising smile didn’t work on D the way it probably worked on everyone else. If anything, it was the man’s raven-colored hair that attracted him the most. It looked alive, and thick. The ease of the smile still grated against his wolf, and D growled again. This time, though, the growl was a threatening lower pitch, promising either a challenge or sex in a dark closet somewhere.

“Mate,” the Alpha said , looking slightly more uncomfortable.

D felt a pit in his stomach form, an iron ball that seemed to grow with discomfort at the word alone. All these years he had spent virtually alone, and here one of his mates stood before him, with a sexy smile that irritated his inner wolf. The Alpha’s smile disappeared, and wrinkles of concern took its place. D contemplated the situation for a moment. He was hiding in an office somewhere within the Werewolf Compound with stolen Werewolf property. He would  happen to meet the man claiming to be his mate, with a bleeding omega wolf on his couch. A sigh escaped before he could stop it., this This did fit with fate’s way of bringing the two mates together. 

“Want to tell me why there is a bleeding omega on your couch?” D asked quietly. He walked to the opposite couch that was free of an omega and plopped down. He ran his hand over his forehead trying to massage out the headache that was forming. The pressure intensified for a moment before D used magic to clear the pain from his head.

“That depends. Do you want to tell me why it looks like you didn’t get an invite to the Wolf Compound, Mate?” the Alpha countered. D looked down at his black clothes, not that it was in the least unusual. He liked black, but the long sleeved shirt was out of place. It was summer outside, with fiery temperatures reaching 125 during the day. Okay, he did look like a thief.

“Mates, hmm, I never expected to hear say that word. I didn’t get an invite. I’m more of a let-yourself-in kind of person. Your turn.” D smiled, allowing a spark of intelligent mischief to enter his eyes.

“He’s hiding from his wannabe Alpha ex-boyfriend.” The Alpha sighed. “We need to get him out of the compound, and in hiding. The issue is with the sheer amount of guards patrolling the grounds. So, little mate, how did you get in?”

“Little? Really?” D cocked his head to the side allowing his tone to show the attitude that hid beneath the surface. “The devil let me in.”

“Will the devil let him out?” The alpha asked, pointing at the crumpled omega.

D eyed the crumpled mass with a slight annoyance. He couldn’t leave the omega here, though what he would do with the pup was beyond him. He could carry him out of here, but the Alpha wasn’t going to allow him to prance away in the deep of the night out of here. He had no intention of hanging around with his prize in tow. If anything, the tablet had to get to a safe place. D stood up and paced for a moment, tracking a path between both couches thinking of a logical solution. He could always let him crash at his home for a few days while the man prepared for his new life elsewhere. He wondered how the forest would take a full blooded Werewolf in her midst.

“He can’t stay here, and I can’t stay here at this moment. Why don’t I sneak him out? I don’t know where he can go after he gets out of here, but I at least can get him out of the compound,.” D logically pointed out. D looked up to meet the Alpha’s eyes to discover something akin to horror.




D touched the stubble, unable to resist the compulsion. The hairs pricked D’s hand, and D almost shivered at the feeling. D felt himself go hard at the feeling sensation of those hairs brushing against his skin. Nathan stood a foot taller than D, but the wolves had already decided which was the most dominant. D had learned long ago that he was an alpha.

 D leaned up, and smiled as Nathan met him halfway. The first brush of lips called to some inner part of D’s inner wolf, and a growl vibrated deep within his throat. D took over the kiss, reaching his hand up to Nathan’s hair, twisting it between his fingers before pulling him closer. D slipped his tongue out running it along Nathan’s lips. When Nathan didn’t open his mouth to the demanding access, D nipped at his lips with his fangs that were dropping. Droplets of blood welled with each bite, and D satisfied himself with licking the ambrosia.

The first taste exploded along D’s senses, sending wisps of fire and ice through his veins. Power flowed along his skin, and it tingled from the feel of mate. D’s mind shut down at the taste, and he felt his eyes go devil red. D nipped hard at the lips that refused to give, and a contented sigh escaped as the liquid rushed out of Nathan. D sucked at the liquid until it healed, and then bit again. D rubbed his hand along his cock, trying to relieve the throbbing. Nathan opened his mouth on a sigh, and D shoved his tongue inside. He caressed his tongue against Nathan’s, sharing some of that life giving fluid with his mate. D rubbed his hand along Nathan’s cock, and broke the kiss when Nathan moaned. The sound rubbed against the air, sizzling them both. Sweat beaded against Nathan’s forehead from holding back, and D smiled evilly. D ran his hands up, pushing Nathan’s shirt up, delighted to feel the perfect twelve-pack hidden within. D ran his fingers across the skin, as Nathan struggled to find his breath.

D ran his fingers over his stomach, circling to find his mate’s belly button, amazed at the way the muscles tensed from just his fingers. D ripped the shirt off using his fingertips that had at some point changed to claws. Blood welled against Nathan’s chest, and D licked the honey tasting liquid away as soon as it appeared. Nathan’s legs gave out, and D grabbed his mate’s hips and pushed Nathan against the wall for support. Nathan moaned at being trapped, and D felt himself grow harder, though he wasn’t sure how. He unsnapped the button on his jeans, and unzipped the material, desperate to be free of the clothing. He pushed his jeans down, freeing his large cock from its confines.

The normal small inked dragon had grown to a ten-inch dragon, and was wrapped around his three-inch thick cock. Nathan whimpered, and D smiled at him.

Nathan wasn’t paying attention.; Hhis eyes were stuck on D’s throbbing cock. D palmed the thick length, squeezing at the base to chase off the orgasm that was threating to overtake them both. The pores on the length leaked the natural lube, and D was more than grateful for it.

D reached up and raked his claws over the nipple that was already begging for attention. Blood welled up, and D licked it away, before sucking the nipple into his mouth. Nathan moaned loud, the sound echoing throughout the room. D removed his hands from the tangled hair and undid Nathan’s pants, as he sucked. Nathan was quick to shuck his pants to the floor. D lifted up the larger man easily, and the clothing fell to the floor. D ran his hands along the legs, forcing them around his waist, moaning as when he felt his cock slap Nathan’s bare ass. D switched to the other nipple, biting and sucking the gushing blood. Nathan moaned against the pain, and sweat dropped onto D’s head. Nathan pushed his hips forward, rubbing D’s cock against the crack. Nathan whimpered something, but D couldn’t make out the words. Nathan arched his back, readying himself to take the large member insdie of himself. Nathan reached beneath him, forcing D’s cock in his ass, and D let go of his prize.

They both moaned at the feeling. Nathan’s hole gripped D’s cock, and D bit his lips trying to keep himself in control. Blood poured from D’s split lip, dripping onto his D’s chest as D he forced himself further into Nathan’s begging hole.  Nathan leaned down and sucked in D’s cut lip. The bond snapped into place, and D’s control completely snapped. D He slammed his hips with all of his strength against Nathan, and they both screamed. Nathan pushed against the wall, and grabbed the open door for leverage pulling up and then slammingas he pulled up, and then slammed himself back down, earning them both a moan. D snapped his hips against his mate, as  causing sweat to drip from lined their entire bodies. The bond opened and they could feel each other for the first time. Need clawed through the silver mental bond, as they both slammed their hips against each other grating against his mate’s need in a frenzy that rivaled mating wild animals.

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