[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, with M/M/F not involving the heroes, vampires, shape-shifters, elves, public exhibition, voyeurism, HEA]
Eirik is tired of being alone after all of his years of service to the Vampire community. When he least expects it, his mates fall into his path. Injured and dying, Eirik must do what he can to save his mates from the separation he knows he won’t survive.
Miles joins his friends for a wild night on the town during his break from college. At the Vampire Bar, Miles almost becomes the main dish until a golden-haired man tries to rescue him, putting them both in the frying pan.
Dominick is on the run from his Pard. He has never fit in anywhere, and he just wants someone to accept his albino status in the Griffon world. While trying to see the sights, he finds his mate at a local bar trying to become the cocktail of the night. Stepping in to save his mate, Dominick realizes he is in way over his head.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Guardian's Bite (MMM)
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Do you know what I am?” Eirik asked quietly as Miles tore off another large chunk of meat. Inside his head, bells were ringing, and Miles listened to his inner voice. The words were whispered images, but he understood their intent. The man was a Vampire. He waited for a drop of fear, but when none came, he nodded his head.

“Does it bother you?” Eirik asked. Miles though about it for a moment before shaking his head no. It didn’t bother him in the least. In fact he didn’t care what the man could do as long as he hung around. That had always been the part Miles had trouble with. He could never keep a relationship beyond just a one-night stand. Most people said it was because Miles was a force of nature, and it was hard to keep up with his energetic personality.

“Where are we?” Miles asked curiously, wanting to get up and stretch. Dom had disappeared, and Miles felt a sense of sadness at the fact.

“This is a city for paranormal species, but where exactly, I don’t have a clue, beyond the fact that we are in the hospital. I only woke up a bit ago, and the food was already here. Do you feel like you could get out of bed?” Eirik quizzed.

Miles experimented with moving, and decided he was okay. In fact he felt pretty good. He eased past the mountain man, standing up slowly. He was amazed that nothing hurt. He hit the bathroom, taking extra time to try to sort through his hair, thankful to find a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. The inside of the building looked like that of a log cabin, and Miles decided he liked it after a moment. He dressed quickly, folding his dirty clothes and setting them on the sink. He ran water through his hair, using his fingers to style it the best he could. Eirik sat at the edge of the bed, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Okay, I think it’s safe to say I need hair gel,” Miles said as he grabbed the edges of the covers on the bed, pulling slightly. Eirik got off the bed with a smile as Miles pulled off the dirty sheets. He folded them neatly, placing them on the edge of the bed for lack of anywhere else to put them. Eirik held out his large hand, and Miles danced over to latch onto the warm flesh. They found their way out of the building, and Miles was surprised to see the place was inside a large tree. The tree stretched to the sky, and Miles laughed at the creativity of the place. The different buildings and, what Miles guessed were homes, appeared to be natural, while people of all sorts were headed in each direction. Young children carried books, talking in small groups as they weaved in and out of traffic. Some people carried wood to someplace within the city, while others handed out sweet snacks that looked something like cinnamon rolls.

“Hey!” Dom called as he ran up to greet them both with a kiss. Miles thought it was a little strange, but it was sexy. He was honestly happy to see the man hadn’t disappeared in the night without even a good-bye. The thought of never seeing Dom again made Miles feel a little sick to his stomach, and he wondered if this was what love at first sight was like. The question was who he was in love with, because both men had him by his soul. In fact, he didn’t think he could choose between the two of them, and he was concerned that they would ask him to pick. Miles shook his head against the evading thoughts. It wasn’t like either of these men would be here tomorrow, or longer than that. He should just enjoy the time he had with them now and worry about everything else later.

“You haven’t told him yet?” a voice asked, and Miles felt his eyes widen.

“No, I was waiting. He’s been through a lot in the last twelve hours. He still has to adjust to what was done to save his life. Then to add on we’re mates,” Eirik’s voice said from inside Miles’s head.

“Mates? Like the Vampire-Shape-Shifter version of married except you can’t ever leave each other mates?” Miles asked with a pointed brow. Apparently the two men thought he was ignorant to the paranormal community. Maybe they hadn’t had many dealings with humans, but where he was raised there were two packs and a Pard, the official name for a group of Cat Shifters. He knew a lot about Shape-Shifters but only a little about Vampires.

“Yes, exactly. You’re our mate,” Dom said with a smile. Eirik looked uncomfortable. Miles glared at the both of them before taking his hand from the larger man’s.

“How can we be mates if you don’t even want to tell me things? Mates aren’t supposed to keep anything from each other. It’s like being married,” Miles vented, anger creeping into his voice. They assumed what he was supposed to know and not know.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to give you a moment to adjust before launching a you’re-stuck-with-us-forever talk,” Eirik said, looking slightly contrite.

“So how did you save my life? I thought I was dying, at least it felt like it,” Miles questioned. He took the offered hands of both men before pulling them through the busy streets. He wanted to see what the place had to offer. He had always wanted to visit a paranormal city, and now he planned on seeing the sights. It made it all the better that he would be seeing it with two gorgeous men that wanted to spend forever with him. He really didn’t care how he was saved, as long as he was alive now.




Dom fell to his knees, capturing the mushroom head in his lips before sucking the length into his mouth. Eirik captured Miles’s lips in a slow kiss, scraping his fangs along the silky skin. He knew he couldn’t bite, but the taunting of flesh against his fangs spurred him on. A whimper escaped Miles, and Eirik moaned against the plump lips. Eirik let the lips go to find Dom stroking the length with his hand feverously. Eirik’s cock jumped at the sight. Dom grabbed Eirik’s cock with his other hand, pulling the length over to his waiting mouth. Fire erupted throughout Eirik’s body, rushing along the bond to his mate’s bodies. Eirik moaned as his head collided with Miles’s thick head in Dom’s mouth. Dom opened his mouth wider, giving Eirik’s cock room to slide against the thick length in Dom’s mouth. Eirik moaned at the sensation as Dom milked his cock. Eirik felt the building in his spine, but Dom squeezed the base of his cock, fighting the orgasm off.

Eirik whimpered when Dom let his cock slide out of his mouth. Eirik closed his eyes as he rolled his head, trying to control the desire that was burning inside. Eirik moaned as Dom licked his balls, sucking the orbs into his mouth. Wet heat surrounded his cock, and Eirik opened his eyes to see Miles behind Dom with his mouth wrapped around Eirik’s length. A finger pressed the spot behind Eirik’s balls, and Eirik jumped, biting his lip until it bled. The fire roared inside, and Eirik fought back the orgasm that threatened to overtake him.

Eirik reached through their bond, surprised to find Miles preparing Dom. Dom whimpered against the feeling, and Eirik bucked his hips at the need that flared through his skin. Dom’s mouth let go of Eirik’s balls, and Eirik cried out at the loss of the sensation. Dom rolled his head from side to side as he flicked his hips against the invasion. Eirik reached down and stroked his cock as he watched his smaller mate in control. Miles grabbed Dom’s hair, pulling his head back to show his expression. Dom’s eyes were closed as he panted and moaned in need. He rotated his hips against the feeling, and Eirik had to grab the base of his cock to prolong the impending orgasm.

“Down, now. On your back,” Miles commanded

Dom climbed slowly, straddling Eirik’s hips. Dom whimpered, and Eirik knew Miles was pushing into their needy mate. Eirik eased himself down to the floor, surprised when Dom pulled his legs in between his own. The feel of his mates on top of him spurned Eirik on. Eirik panted against the feeling of his mate’s balls rubbing against his hips and legs. Dom grabbed his aching cock, and Eirik’s mind snapped, begging through their bond for release. Dom eased the aching cock against Miles’s balls, pushing the member inside the already-filled hole. Eirik’s length slid inside the hole, caressing Miles’s cock.

Eirik kept his hips still, not wanting to hurt Dom, amazed at the feeling of being connected to his mates at the same time. His body begged to move, but Eirik forced his body to remain still. Heat flushed through his veins, burning everything into a molten avalanche of desire. Dom continued sliding down Eirik cock, mashing his cock against Miles’s in suffocating sexual pleasure. Dom moaned in bliss, a sound that vibrated through Eirik’s stiffness.

Eirik bottomed out, smashing his balls against his mates’. Dom rubbed shamelessly against the feeling, slowly sliding against the two cocks within his hole. Eirik watched his mate, fascinated by the lost expression on his face. He raised his hips up, and Eirik’s moans were lost within Miles’s whimpers. Dom slammed his hips against Eirik’s begging cock, and Miles’s control collapsed. The length pounded into his hole, and Eirik flicked his hips against Miles’s strokes. Dom moaned, and Miles wrapped his hand around Dom’s mouth, muffling the moans that begged to escape.

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