Mastering Ivy (MF)

The Men from Nowhere, North Dakota 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,479
4 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, consensual BDSM, HEA]
Ivy Fairweather’s attempt to assist her two sisters after they wrecked their car leaves her stranded in an icy ravine somewhere in Nowhere, North Dakota.
For seven years Eric Masters, reclusive financier, has been searching for a beautiful one-night stand named Ivy. Eric finally discovered Ivy’s last name when he saw her picture on the cover of Business Monthly. His Ivy was the Ivy Fairweather, Chief Financial Officer of Fairweather Cosmetics. Eric was determined to find Ivy and bring closure to his obsession.
When Eric rescues Ivy from a frozen ravine he realizes he didn’t want closure, he wanted Ivy. Eric’s hoping for a fresh start, a fresh start with the woman who starred in every fantasy he ever imagined. Eric vows to keep Ivy in his life even if he must tie her to his bed and master her desires.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mastering Ivy (MF)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Mastering Ivy (MF)

The Men from Nowhere, North Dakota 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,479
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good book!




Eric Masters studied the abandoned car. What the hell was a car doing out here in the middle of Nowhere? he wondered. He looked around the car and noticed snow shoe tracks. Whoever’d been in the car was in good hands, the Carmichaels had made the rescue.

He turned away from the car ready to return to the house. It was friggin’ freezing out. Definitely not a good day to take the snowmobile for a spin. He’d been restless. Usually the solitude soothed his cluttered brain, but not today. Not since seeing the photograph of Ivy Fairweather in Business Monthly. Beautiful and elusive Ivy, the best night of his life and he hadn’t known her last name until the arrival of the magazine. Now, he needed to find her. Now he knew how to find her. Seven friggin years he lusted for her, he wondered if he would still feel the same when he actually saw her again.

Of course you will, jackass, he thought, you’ve been getting off just looking at her picture. Hell, he’d probably explode just looking at her. Eric grabbed his cock and adjusted it in his jeans. He was sporting a friggin’ hard-on just thinking about her.

Eric turned his head at the sound of something hitting the ground in the still of the morning. He strained his eyes searching. He thought he saw movement at the bottom of the ravine. He saw it again. This time he could see it was a person struggling on the ice.

Turning the snowmobile, he directed it away from the ravine. He wasn’t going to be able to go down the steep side. He was going to have to come in from the west where there was a gentle slope.

The ravine was more ice than snow. Eric carefully maneuvered his vehicle edging his way to the prone figure. He watched as the person rolled from their back to their front and waved struggling to gain some sort of grip on the ice. If Eric got off the snowmobile he might be caught in the same predicament. He turned off the machine.

“Are you injured?” he asked.

“No, I’m just stuck,” the muffled voice replied.

“Listen, I’m going to use my scarf to pull you closer. You grab hold and I’ll pull you over.”

Eric watched as the woman, he could definitely tell it was a woman now, nodded. She spun her body to a better angle to grab the scarf. He flicked the scarf and watched it land short. It was as long as it could go. The woman dug in her feet and determinedly propelled herself to the scarf. She grabbed it just as she started to slide farther down into the ravine.

She wrapped the scarf around her hands and waited expectantly. Eric reeled her in by the scarf. When she was close enough he reached down and clasped her arm. He pulled her up and onto his lap. She flung her arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” the woman said as she straddled him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders.

Eric was going to have her move behind him, but she was a tiny little thing and he could easily maneuver the snowmobile with her wrapped around him.

“My bag, my bag,” she said, gesturing to the bag hooked on a branch at the base of a bush. Eric nodded, turned on the snowmobile, and leaned down and grabbed the bag as they started to race out of the ravine. Another storm was coming and they needed to get out of the cold and back to his house.

Eric was sure something was vibrating on his cock. The hard-on he had when he was thinking about Ivy came back in full force. This was a good day, Eric thought smiling to himself. For the first time since having Ivy he was getting hard for another woman without imagining she was Ivy. The woman wrapped around his lap tightened the grip of her legs around his waist pressing her pussy tighter against his throbbing cock, the crazy vibration increasing the stimulation.

He pulled the snowmobile in front of the house and reluctantly disengaged her body from his. Eric hung on to her arm as she regained her footing. She gave him a thumb up and ran up the steps and into his house.

Eric quickly parked the snowmobile in the garage, grabbed the tote and followed her into the house. After she warmed up and got comfortable with him, maybe he’d get laid. Maybe he would forget Ivy Fairweather.


* * * *


Ivy stood in the kitchen of her rescuer’s home and started to remove her layers of outerwear. She was so aroused she could barely stand it. After years of sex with herself she was going to screw this guy as soon as he walked in the door. Jeez, hopefully he wasn’t married. She couldn’t screw him if he was married.

After lusting for only Eric Masters for seven years she couldn’t believe she actually wanted someone else’s cock buried in her pussy. The vibrator coupled with being pressed against the hard cock of her savior on the ride back to the house had her dripping. He could look at her and she’d probably climax.

Ivy had removed her scarf, hat, gloves and coat and tossed them in the adjoining laundry room. The door opened. Ivy turned to get a good look at the man she was going to screw into oblivion, probably on the kitchen counter in less than two minutes.

“Eric?” Ivy said as she looked into the face of the man who was the center of every sexual fantasy she’d ever had. She’d forgiven him for not calling after their night of incredible mind-blowing sex, after all, she’d been eighteen and he was twenty-two. He probably freaked when he discovered her age or something.

“Ivy?” Eric said.




“Do you want breakfast?” Eric asked as he ran a towel down Ivy’s damp body. He rubbed the soft yet rough towel gently over Ivy’s nipples and she sighed as she leaned her back against his chest.

They were standing in front of the mirror in Eric’s bathroom. Ivy had her eyes closed obviously enjoying the feel of the towel against her nipples. Eric watched through narrowed eyes. He’d come more in the last twenty-four hours than in his entire life. The only other time he’d had marathon sex was when he’d been with Ivy in New Orleans.

Eric felt his cock start to rise at Ivy’s obvious enjoyment of his unintentional nipple massage. He was hoping breakfast or brunch could wait another half an hour.

“Mm,” Ivy murmured grinding back against Eric. “I love it when you rub my nipples. It’s like you turn on a spigot.” Ivy opened her eyes and stared back into Eric’s eyes in the mirror. He raised a brow in a question. “Well, you play with my nipples and my pussy starts to drip.”

Eric watched as Ivy took her finger and slowly put it in her pussy. She plunged it in a couple of times and then she brought her finger to Eric’s mouth. Eric watched Ivy watch him take her finger in his mouth and suck.

“Are we going to eat now?” Ivy asked solemnly.

“Ivy,” Eric asked as he continued to assault her nipples with the towel, “are you teasing me?”

Ivy’s green eyes glistened with amusement and lust as she nodded her head still staring into Eric’s eyes in the mirror. He watched her watch him as she started to stroke her pussy.

“Ivy, do you know what happens to girls who tease their boyfriends?” Eric sure hoped he was Ivy’s boyfriend.

Ivy circled her clit with her finger then she took her finger and started to push it in and out. Eric stared at her glistening sex trying to determine how he was going to fuck her next. “I’ve never had a boyfriend,” Ivy replied.

“Well, babe, you’ve got one now. I’m going to teach you what happens when you tease your boyfriend,” Eric whispered in her ear. Eric dropped the towel and cupped Ivy’s breasts in his hands. “Put your hands up and lock them behind my head.”

“But I like stroking my pussy,” Ivy replied with a pout.

As much as Eric liked to dominate her, he liked watching her teasing her own pussy, it was totally hot. “I like you stroking your pussy too,” he admitted. “You can stroke your pussy when I tell you. Hands up, hands up now.”

Ivy reached up and locked her hands behind Eric’s neck. The new position raised her breasts and opened her body for Eric’s full attention. “Keep your eyes open, you little tease,” Eric whispered in her ear. “Your boyfriend’s going to show you what happens when you’re a tease.”

Eric cupped her breasts in his hands and bounced them. “You have gorgeous tits,” he whispered. “You know that, don’t you, Ivy? You like to get your nipples erect, put on a tight little top, and get guys hard just by looking at your nipples. You know what I want to do when I see those nipples? I want to tug on ‘em.” Eric didn’t touch her nipples. He continued to cup them and massage them getting his fingers close to the peaks, but never quite reaching the tips. Ivy moaned. “Keep your eyes open Ivy, look at your tits in my hands. Think about how much you want me to suck on your nipples, how much you want me to twist them. Maybe you’re thinking about me shooting my hot cum on those tight little peaks.” Ivy’s bare ass rubbed restlessly against Eric’s cock.

“Do you like it when I tease you, Ivy? Is your pussy getting all wet thinking about how good it’s gonna feel when I slide my cock in your wet little hole.” Eric slid one hand down Ivy’s body stopping above her curls on her Venus mound.

“Spread your legs, baby,” Eric rasped into Ivy’s ear. “That’s it, look at your wet little pussy. Do you want me to touch it? Is your clit throbbing?” Ivy nodded her head in response, her gaze remained locked on Eric as he ran his finger over her clit and thrust two fingers into her pussy. “Look at my fingers, Ivy,” Eric demanded as he thrust them in and out of her hole. “You’re so fucking wet, your juice is scalding my fingers.” He pulled his fingers out and brought them to her mouth, “Taste how good you are.” Ivy leaned forward ready to lick her juice from his fingers. Eric snatched his fingers away and then licked them clean himself, savoring Ivy’s unique flavor and savoring her disgruntled look.

“Ivy, unclasp your hands and place them on the counter.” Ivy followed Eric’s order. She pushed against him with her ass so she could bend over far enough to grab the counter. Eric pulled her farther back so her tits dangled above the counter and her ass was in the perfect position for penetration.

“I liked it when you licked my asshole. The way you used your little tongue to thrust in, it was so hot.” Eric was so hard he thought he was going to explode. He realized he wanted to fuck Ivy in the ass, he also realized she was going to love it. Eric was caressing her ass cheeks as he spoke, cupping the globes and running a finger down her sensitive crack. Then he took a finger and ran it from clit to ass using the juice from Ivy’s pussy to lubricate her asshole as he pushed his finger deeper in the hole with each caress. Ivy was moaning in mindless pleasure when Eric had his index buried in her ass.

“Look at me, Ivy,” Eric demanded as he pulled his finger slowly out of Ivy’s ass. “I’m going to get some anal lube.” Ivy nodded in understanding. “Don’t move.”

Eric studied Ivy’s submissive position as he dug in a bag under the sink for anal lube. He’d bought the lube with a bunch of other tools to enhance a sexual experience right after he saw Ivy’s picture in the magazine. He had lots of fantasies involving Ivy Fairweather. He hoped they’d have a lifetime to experience them all.

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