Chemical Reaction (MFMM)

The Men from Nowhere, North Dakota 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,595
7 Ratings (4.6)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, food play, HEA]
Holly Fairweather was stranded in a wrecked rental car somewhere in Nowhere, North Dakota. Injured and alone Holly hoped her sisters would find help or maybe help would find her.
Help arrived in a trio. The three Carmichael cousins of Holly's dreams rescued her from the crashed car and brought her to their home. Mike, Mitch, and Max could not believe their luck when they opened the car door and found the woman of their fantasies inside—Holly Fairweather the chief chemist of Fairweather Cosmetics.
When the Carmichael cousins met Holly Fairweather the chemistry was undeniable. Now, two years later the ex-military men Mike, Mitch, and Max are prepared to embark on the most important mission of the their lives. The mission... seduce and secure Holly Fairweather.
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chemical Reaction (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Chemical Reaction (MFMM)

The Men from Nowhere, North Dakota 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,595
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great book. Really enjoyed it!




Holly looked at her three rescuers and sighed. They were the men of her dreams, black hair and blue eyes, each a different shade of blue. Mike’s were deep blue like a sapphire, Mitch’s eyes reminded her of the bright summer sky, and Max’s looked like storm clouds at the beach, maybe more gray than blue.

In addition to their eyes, Holly loved their strong jaw lines, firm lips, and lots of bulky muscles. Mitch, Max and Mike were well over six feet tall, towering over her five-foot-three-inch frame. She was going to be alone with them for a month. With that thought she felt an unfamiliar clenching of her vagina, it was the same feeling she had two years ago when they were securing her laboratory.

“So,” Holly said, breaking the silence that felt suddenly tense.

Mike stood up and loomed over Holly. “Okay, gorgeous,” he said as he reached down to lift Holly into his arms. “I’m going to take you to our guest bedroom and find you something to wear while we wash your clothes. You’ve got blood on just about everything you’re wearing.”

“I’d really love a shower,” Holly replied as she allowed Mike to lift her into his arms. Her ankle was still painful and being held in Mike’s strong arms seemed to be a really good idea. As Mike pulled her close she could smell his clean scent, and she inhaled deeply. He smelled like soap and a crisp winter day. “You smell good,” Holly blurted out.

Mike laughed. Holly felt the rumbling of his laugh to her core. Mike Carmichael was definitely making an impression on her libido.

They entered the guest bedroom and Holly looked around in awe. It was gorgeous. “Wow,” Holly exclaimed as she studied the bed. “That is the biggest bed I’ve ever seen.”

Mike grinned as he explained, “Yeah, it’s twelve feet by ten feet. We had it custom made two years ago.”

All four of them could fit in that bed, Holly thought. What was she thinking? Why was she thinking? She’d never been in bed with one man and now she was thinking about being in bed with three. Omne trium perfectum, Holly thought, everything that comes in threes is perfect.

Mike let Holly slide down his body as he gently set her on her feet, making sure she didn’t put too much weight on her foot. Holly tilted her head up so she could thank him for his help. Holly got more than she bargained for when her gaze locked with his.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for two years,” Mike said as he cupped Holly’s face in his hands and leaned down and kissed her. The kiss started slow and gentle. When Mike licked the seam of her lips she moaned and opened her mouth for the invasion of his tongue. Holly moaned again as Mike stroked her tongue with his.

Holly reached up and locked her fingers in Mike’s closely cropped hair keeping his mouth sealed to hers while allowing her to press her body tightly against his solid form. Mike growled into her mouth as he broke away from the kiss.

Mike took a deep breath as he gently disengaged himself from Holly’s embrace. He looked down into her emerald green eyes and smiled. “Take a shower, baby,” Mike said, but his hands remained on her waist pressing her tightly against his groin.

Holly felt Mike’s erection. She fought her own response, the response that demanded she drag Mike to the super-sized bed and explore his, what felt like, super-sized cock. Holly pressed herself even more tightly against Mike. “Shower, right,” she said as she stepped out of Mike’s arms.

With a big smile, Mike kissed the top of Holly’s head. “Hang on,” he said as he went to the mirrored closet that took up an entire wall. The room had a lot of mirrors, Holly thought as she studied her reflection.

“Here you go,” Mike said as he handed her a silk robe. “We picked it up when we were serving in Korea.”

Holly accepted the red silk robe with a smile. “Thanks, I’m so glad you guys had the wherewithal to pick up a woman’s robe on your travels.”

Mike raised an eyebrow. Holly laughed as she walked slowly toward the bathroom.

Holly looked around the bathroom in appreciation. It reminded her of the bathroom in her mom’s villa in Tuscany. The shower was doorless with seating on two sides and the shower heads were the waterfall kind, Holly’s favorite. Omne trium perfectum, Holly closed her eyes and pictured Mike, Mitch and Max naked in the shower…with her. Stop, Holly thought.




Holly watched as Mitch and Max stripped off their T-shirts. Holly smiled as she thought, it’s like Magic Mike, but it’s Magic Mike, Magic Max, and Magic Mitch. Bring on The Full Monty.

“Holly, take off your robe,” Mike said as the three men approached the bed. “We’re going to worship every inch of your gorgeous body.”

Holly gestured to the guy’s pants. Mike replied, “We’ll take them off when you’re ready.”

Holly decided not to argue. She slid off her red robe revealing her naked curves.

“Damn, baby,” Mitch exclaimed as he studied Holly’s incredible body. Her breasts were full and the nipples were begging to be teased and sucked.

Max and Mitch laid on the bed right next to Holly. Mike positioned himself between her spread legs. Mike started with her instep and slowly kissed his way up her leg.

Mitch asked, “Do you want us to tell you what we’re going to do or do you want us to just do it?”

“I’ve always enjoyed a good lecture,” Holly replied. She sucked in her breath as Mike kissed the sensitive spot behind her knee.

“Mike’s going to kiss up your thigh. When he gets to your pussy he’s going to use his finger to tease your little clit,” Mitch whispered in Holly’s ear as Mike kissed up one thigh and down the other.

“Um, we believe in hands-on instruction,” Max said, interrupting Mitch’s whispered commentary.

“I like to refer to myself as the color commentator,” Mitch said softly. “Now, Max,” Mitch continued. “Max, he’s going to suck your nipples.” Holly glanced down at Max who gave her a wicked grin as he flicked his tongue quickly against her nipple. She gasped in pleasure.

“I actually meant mouth-on instruction,” Max said as he sucked Holly’s nipple into his mouth. Mitch held her tightly so she wouldn’t squirm away from the exquisite torture of Max teasing her nipples. Holly sighed and moaned in pleasure.

Mitch kissed and sucked on the sensitive spots on her neck. He looked down to gauge when Mike was going to touch Holly’s clit for the first time. Mike nodded at Mitch. Mitch leaned over and kissed Holly’s mouth, mimicking what he was sure Mike was doing with his fingers, plunging in and out of Holly’s tight little pussy.

“Easy, babe,” Max said as Holly almost flew off the bed when Mike penetrated her pussy with his finger for the first time.

“She’s so hot and tight,” Mike said as he added a second finger to the thrusting motion.

Max couldn’t wait. He placed his hand on Holly’s Venus mound and started circling her clit with his finger. Mitch leaned down and joined Max at Holly’s breast. Each of the men kissed, licked, and sucked on her tits. Holly was moaning in pleasure as she bucked against Mike’s hand.

Holly moaned again as Mitch and Max started to flick her nipples quickly with their tongues. She was rocking with pleasure.

Mike buried his face in Holly’s pussy. He used his tongue to lick her slick folds as Max increased the pressure on her clit. Max and Mitch each had a breast cupped in a hand and sucked hard on her nipples. Holly’s head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. “Yes, yes, yes,” she repeated as her legs started to tremble. Her back arched as she had her first orgasm.

Holly couldn’t move. She slowly opened her eyes to find three pairs of eyes studying her intently. Mitch and Max looked at her from their position at her breasts, and each still sucked on her tits. Mike’s head was between her legs and he stared into her eyes as he gently licked her pussy with his tongue.

Holly tugged on Max’s short hair. He gave her nipple one last nip before pulling Holly’s head down to give her a deep kiss. Max turned Holly’s head toward Mitch, and Mitch trapped her lips with his, caressing her tongue.

While Mitch kissed Holly, Max and Mike traded places. Holly gasped in surprise and sighed with delight as a tongue began to gently lick and kiss her throbbing clit. Mitch turned Holly to Mike for a kiss.

“Come on, babe,” Mike said as he leaned in for a kiss. “Lick all your juices off my face. You taste so friggin’ good.”

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