[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]
Loki is a cougar-shifter, a product of mix and match genetics. He was born in a secret military complex where a mad scientist splices animal DNA with human. When a gas explosion levels the lab, a number of hybrids escape, creating a dangerous situation for humans. The Secretary of Defense decides to stop funding Dr. Shepard's research.  
Shepard needs money, and he reveals his new technology, a neurochip that will prevent shape-shifting. But the Secretary wants proof that hybrids will be able to function like humans in the outside world. When Loki is targeted by one of the guards, Shepard decides to use him as a test subject. He implants a chip, and sends Loki home with Captain Thomas Sawyer. Loki knows his best chance of escape is to get closer to the captain, but the plan backfires when he finds himself falling for his new master.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Loki (MM)
17 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Enjoyed the first two, but this one is my favorite so far. Read it in one sitting. Loki and Tom are great together! Can't wait to see what's next for the hybrids.
I liked this better than the first two.




Loki clenched his teeth and waited for the first bite of the lash. He’d crossed the line—again. And now he had to pay the price. The whip whistled through the air. A second later it bit into his flesh. The sting burned like fire, but he didn’t make a sound. He would not give Kane the satisfaction of hearing him cry out.

The whip landed again, this time on his ass. Tears welled in his eyes, but he blinked them back. A third strike. This time the leather wrapped itself around his thighs. Loki’s head jerked back, but he remained silent. Twice more the whip sliced into him, and then everything stopped. His agony settled down to a burning ache, but Loki knew his punishment was just beginning.

Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Kane smiling in anticipation. The single-tail was coiled around his hand like a snake. It was a formidable weapon, long and heavily braided.

Beads of sweat broke out on Loki’s skin. “What are you waiting for?” His words came out with ragged gasps of air.

Kane laughed. “Just resting my arm, you worthless cocksucker. I want to give you everything you deserve.”

“You’ll need to rest more than your arm. Give Curt a shot, why don’t you?” Loki spit in the other guard’s direction.

“Fucking smartass,” Kane muttered. “It’s time you learn to respect me.”

Of all the guards in this hellhole, Kane was the most sadistic. He enjoyed beating the hybrids and forcing them to perform sexual acts. The others cooperated, but not Loki. He’d take the whip over Kane’s disgusting prick any day. “I’ll die first.”

“So be it.”

Now I’ve done it. Drawing in a great breath of air, Loki turned back to the wall, and rested his forehead against the stone. He heard his own heart beating in his ears. He hoped this time Kane would kill him. The whip came down on him again and again. Loki did his best to prepare, but his body tensed and quivered with each stroke.

“He takes it like a man. You gotta give him that,” Curt said to Kane.

The words made Loki feel a strange sense of pride. At least he wasn’t crying out, or begging for mercy.

“Hmph! I’m just getting started.” Kane panted. “His pussyass will break before I’m done.”

Soon, nothing existed but Loki and the whip. Lost in a world of pain, reality slipped away. The room dimmed around him…

Loki came to when Curt released the manacles from his wrists, and he sank to the floor. Almost blinded by pain, he sucked in huge gulps of air. The whipping hadn’t killed him, but it had almost broken him. Loki tasted blood. Several times he’d come close to biting through his tongue, but in the end he’d gone the distance without making a sound. At least he had that.

“Get your pussyass off the floor.” Kane snickered. “Stand up like a man.”

“Maybe I don’t want to look at your ugly face,” Loki spat.

Kane let out a growl. “Stand him up, Curt.”

“Maybe you should let it go,” Curt protested. “The doc won’t be happy if you kill him.”

“Bite me. Shepard doesn’t have to deal with his cocky attitude.” Kane snarled. “Get him on his feet.”

“You’re the boss.”

The beating left Loki too weak to resist. Curt yanked him up by his armpits and shoved him back against the wall. The abrasion of cold stone on raw flesh stunned Loki into silence as he waited for the next blow. Even though he expected it, he still winced at the impact when Kane’s fist made contact with his jaw. He tried to raise his hands, but Kane dragged him away from the wall, and then slammed him into it again. This time Loki slid down the wall, leaving bits of his flesh on the stone. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth against the pain.

“Look at me, you freak.”

Loki opened his eyes and found Kane’s burned and twisted face inches from his own. The guard was livid, his scars redder and more prominent than ever.

“You get a good look at these scars, you fucking crossbreed. I got them trying to save Dr. Shepard’s freak show when the fire broke out. What happened to me was your fault.” He jabbed a finger at Loki’s chest.

It’s not true. Kane had run from the flames. He wanted to save himself. The only one who had tried to save Loki that night was Adam.

“Are you deaf and dumb, one-zero-seven?” Kane slammed Loki’s head against the wall.

In that moment, Loki didn’t want to die. He only wanted to kill the son of a bitch in front of him. In his head, he made a list of all the reasons Kane should die. He pictured the faces of all the hybrids Kane had beaten over the years, the ones he could remember anyway—one-zero-six, one-nineteen, one-twenty-seven… and of course, Adam, Dr. Shepard’s real son, and the only one of them who had a real name. The big wolf hybrid had taken Loki from his cell and carried him away from the flames, telling him. “Stay put, Loki. I’ll be back for you.” But Loki had been dragged away by soldiers, injected with a sedative, and thrown into a van. When he woke, he was in chains and locked away in this new prison. He had no idea why Adam had called him Loki, but he liked it, and he took it as his name. To everyone else, he was still one-zero-seven, but it was enough that he knew he had a name.

Loki’s mouth was dry, but he managed to work up enough bloody saliva to spit at Kane’s face.




Loki surprised Tom by sitting so close their thighs brushed. Tom slid over a bit, and started talking about the vegetation. “This is a Joshua Tree. They’re more common in California and Arizona.”

“I'm glad I can see it with you, Tom. I know I'll never get to California or Arizona.”

Tom wished he could tell him different, but he'd promised Loki he wouldn't lie to him.

Loki didn't seem to expect an answer. He closed his eyes and leaned back, stretching his long legs. His bare calf slid along Tom’s.

Tom thought his heart would pound right through his rib cage.  He'd never wanted anyone more, but Loki was not a potential conquest he picked up in a bar. The boy was an assignment, not a quick fuck. Tom moved a few more inches to the right. “Loki, I—”

Tom’s words ended in a choked gasp as Loki rubbed a hand over the sparse matted hair on his chest. The boy's nipples hardened to diamond points.  “I’m really hot.”

Yes. You are. Tom’s breath hitched as his gaze traveled from Loki’s chest to the bulge in his shorts. He’d seen Loki’s cock, but not when it was engorged with blood. He imagined what it would look like, how it would taste…

Shimmying on his ass, Loki managed to move a bit closer to Tom.

If I move any further, I’ll fall off the damn rock. Tom's dick was throbbing painfully, and he was dangerously close to putting his hands on Loki, but there was a line he wouldn’t cross. He would not take advantage of a young man in a helpless position. I’m not a monster like Shepard.

Beads of sweat stood out on Tom’s forehead. Suddenly, Loki swept his fingers over Tom’s brow and captured them. The boy popped a finger into his mouth and sucked on it.

Jesus! Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He bolted up, and walked a few feet away. Turning his back on Loki, he tried to compose himself.


* * * *


Loki’s stomach knotted at the slight. Back at the lab it was the other way around. Could he have been so wrong about Tom? No. The human stunk of arousal. Loki marveled at Tom’s restraint, even though he didn’t understand it. What is he waiting for? He must see me as an easy conquest. After all I’m his captive here. He can do whatever he wants with me, and surely he can see that my penis is as fully engorged as his.

Then he remembered that the captain had seen his cougar in predator mode. Is he afraid I’ll attack him? Loki knew he’d have to show the human that he would not hurt him. He stood and moved behind his prey, reached around and put a hand over Tom’s swollen penis, all the while pressing his own erection against Tom’s ass. Long seconds passed while he explored Tom’s cock through the fabric of his shorts. The man’s scent galvanized him, and he pressed closer, nipping at Tom’s neck with his teeth. Tom’s shudder sent heat coursing through his body. On fire now, Loki gripped Tom in a tighter embrace. “Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me, fuck me…” Loki couldn’t believe he was actually doing this, begging to be fucked, when sex had always been just something to be endured. Did the captain put something in my eggs? Right now, Loki didn’t care. He ground his hips urgently against the human. “Don’t you want me?” he muttered harshly in Tom’s ear.

Tom groaned and turned with a quick snap of his broad shoulders. He pulled Loki close. Their eyes locked as their breathing came in unison. “What do you think?”

Loki panted between parted lips. “Then take me. Now.”

“It’s not that simple. You’re in my care—”

“Then take care of me.” Loki growled.

“Jesus!” Tom’s grip tightened on Loki’s arms. “How old are you?”

Loki couldn’t suppress a sneer. “I’m no virgin.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

Loki flung his hair back impatiently. “Don’t know. In my twenties for sure. I was thirteen when they locked me in a cell, and I was there for at least ten years.”

“Jesus!” Tom muttered again.

But Loki didn’t give him another chance to protest. He gripped Tom’s shirt and ripped it down the middle. Pushing Tom backward, Loki turned with all the grace of his cat, so Tom landed on top of him. Loki gasped at the heavy weight of Tom’s body on his, but not because he felt smothered. On the contrary. This intimate position felt incredibly good. For the first time, Loki loved feeling helpless under another man’s body. But at the same time, he hated that he loved it. This submissive position made him feel vulnerable, a condition he was all too familiar with. Under most circumstances he found it intolerable. This time it wouldn't be such a hardship. And there was the promise of a reward at the end. Loki wrapped his arms around Tom.

Tom struggled to get up. Loki held him tighter. The friction of Tom’s wiry chest hair on his skin teased Loki’s nipples into fiery little points.

“Touch me…” Loki hissed. Tom hesitated a few seconds. Loki could almost see the war going on in his head. And he could tell the moment that Tom finally gave in.

“Loosen your hold,” Tom muttered harshly. “I can’t get to your zipper.”

Loki shifted to allow Tom access, and somehow Tom managed to unzip his shorts and free his cock. A big warm hand began massaging his swollen shaft. Precum oozed from the tip, and Loki sighed as Tom's fingers spread the fluid over the sensitive head.  It felt good, but not good enough. Loki wanted to touch Tom, skin to skin, no confining fabric between them.

"I want to see your birthday suit, Tom."

Tom let out a strangled laugh. "Help me, Loki."

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