[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Taken from an abusive pack, Shiloh has lived at the Den for over two decades, feeling as if he didn’t quite fit in with all the couples in the house. On an outing with Johnny and Spencer, Shiloh is pulled into one of their schemes and finds himself in Sebastian Brac's territory. They were supposed to only stop for coffee, until the alpha steps into the shop and Shiloh realizes that the brooding stranger is his mate.
Since meeting two decades ago, Sebastian has been at odds with his brother and keeping his distance. When Sebastian enters the coffee shop to get warm, a wonderful smell leads him to a shy little wolf hiding behind the fireplace. Sebastian thought butting heads with Maverick over Shiloh was bad enough, but when his mate's evil twin escapes a mental ward and heads straight for Shiloh, Sebastian and his pack must stop the twin before he kills Shiloh.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Alpha to His Omega (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
OMG this was really great.Loved it even the evil twin
Nancy Henry
Love this new series with Sebastian Pack in town of Desire. If was fun seeing that Johnny and Spencer are still getting into trouble now and then. Shiloh has been hidden with the Brac Pack. When he meets Sebastian can see that the Rebellious Alpha and Shy Omega are meant to be together. Cant wait to read more about the Pack in Desire maybe Gabriel. Highly Recommend this book
virginia lee




Spencer slowed and then turned his blinker on before making a right. They drove about a mile before Shiloh saw the first signs of a town. Shops ran along both sides of Main Street. Shiloh rolled his eyes. The name was so original.

That looked to be the only major street in town. Just one long street of shops. As they passed by the side streets, Shiloh saw homes. “The town isn’t that big.”

“Towns take time to build,” Spencer said. “I’m actually shocked they have this many buildings.”

Shiloh didn’t know anything about building a town, but what Spencer said made sense. The left side of the street had Hick's Grocery, The Big Egg diner, and a bar called Bad Habits. He knew it was a bar because of the neon signs advertising various brands of beer. On the right were Clipping Beauty, and Burke's barbershop, and Beans and Buns. There were more buildings past that, but they didn’t make it that far.

“Right there.” Johnny pointed to the building on the corner of Main Street and DuPont Street, and Spencer parked in the diagonal space in front of Beans and Buns.

Spencer chuckled. “I like the name.”

“I bet it isn’t better than The Café,” Johnny sniffed.

“I’m pretty sure you were the one who suggested we come here,” Shiloh pointed out to the employee of The Café.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Johnny said. “But I still bet their coffee isn’t better.”

“Let’s go find out.” Spencer cut the motor and they climbed from the truck. The brisk winter air stole the warmth from Shiloh, but the smell of sticky buns and coffee beans had him hurrying toward the shop.

A bell jingled over the door when they stepped inside. Shiloh instantly fell in love with the cozy place. A counter stood to the left with a menu board that said they not only served coffee, but sandwiches, soup, and baked goods. In the middle of the shop was a double-sided fireplace with a few chairs and love seats around it. Toward the front window were wooden tables, and Shiloh noticed there were plenty of outlets for chargers.

A row of outlets even ran along the bottom half of the fireplace. “I think I’m in love,” Shiloh teased, knowing Johnny would pout.

Yep, Johnny’s lower lip slid out.

Spencer nudged Johnny. “You have to admit, this place is nice.”

Johnny scowled. “They better have burritos. I’m starving.”

A half dozen people were already seated at the tables and a couple occupied one of the love seats. No one had looked their way. The couple on the love seat was snuggled close, and those who sat at the tables had their noses in their laptops or iPads.

A slim man with dark brown hair stood behind the counter, working the milk steamer as a guy stood on the other side waiting for his order.

“I’ll be with you in a minute,” the man said before he turned and began to work at the counter behind him.

Spencer and Johnny stood motionless as they stared at the menu board. Shiloh slid into a chair and glanced around. Not one single person looked his way. No one shouted that he was an omega while trying to yank him from the shop.

Shiloh hadn’t had the best experiences in life. He’d come from a pack where the alpha had used him for sex and treated him like a doormat. The pack members thought of him as a weak wolf they could knock around. Although the men at the Den were a thousand times better, Shiloh hadn’t gone out much after Hawk and Maverick had sworn to protect him and taken him from his old alpha, Sheraton.

Being out in the open like this, in a strange town, Shiloh’s nerves were wound tight. He was tempted to call Maverick and beg the alpha to come get him. But he didn’t. For one, Johnny and Spencer looked happy, and Shiloh didn’t want to spoil their fun. They were currently chatting up the guy behind the counter, as if this were Disney World instead of another small town.

And two, Shiloh wasn’t ready to face the alpha and commander’s anger. He wanted to put that off as long as possible.

“Here.” Johnny came over to him with a pink cupcake in hand. “I got this for you.”

“Thanks.” Everyone knew Shiloh had a major sweet tooth. With as much sugar as he ate, he should’ve been five hundred pounds, but Shiloh was still one hundred and ten pounds soaking wet.

“I ordered you chicken noodle soup and a turkey sandwich, too.” Johnny didn’t wait for Shiloh to respond before hurrying back over to the counter to stand next to Spencer.

When Shiloh bit into the cupcake, he moaned. It was soft, moist, and had slices of real strawberries inside. The icing was to die for. Sneaking away didn’t seem so bad now that he’d tasted the best cupcake ever. He was definitely getting a dozen to take with him.

As Shiloh chewed, he watched two men stop in front of the shop. They were talking and dang if the one on the right wasn’t just as tall as Maverick. He was lean with a head full of short, wavy, black hair. He had his back to Shiloh, so he couldn’t see the man’s face.

And then he turned. He opened the door and stepped inside, and Shiloh lost all interest in his orgasmic treat. Even the guy’s thin North Face jacket couldn’t hide how muscly and lean he was. He had the same gray eyes as Maverick and the same angular nose, strong jaw, and bad-boy aura.

Shiloh crushed the remaining piece of cupcake in his hand as his heart thumped wildly. The family resemblance was uncanny, and he knew he was staring at Sebastian Brac—the alpha of this town, and the man whom they’d been warned to stay away from.




Crooking his finger, he eased it under Shiloh’s jaw and lifted his head. Baby blues stared up at him as Sebastian bent his head and brushed his lips over Shiloh’s. He slid his hands down Shiloh’s back and cupped his bottom.

Feral need tore through Sebastian as his wolf howled. He circled his finger around Shiloh’s puckered hole, sliding his tongue inside the man’s mouth. Sebastian tasted the faint remnants of strawberry.

His cock lay erect between them and he felt desperate for Shiloh to touch his heated flesh.

Instead of asking, he guided Shiloh’s hand between them. Shiloh groaned into Sebastian’s mouth as he gripped Sebastian’s cock. His dick jerked as the water rippled around them.

“Drain some of the water,” Shiloh said against Sebastian’s lips. “I want to taste you.”

“Got a better idea.” Sebastian lifted Shiloh from his lap and then pushed to sit on the edge of the tub. Fuck, the porcelain was cold. He grabbed a couple dry towels from the shelf to his right and placed them under him. “Good for you?”

Shiloh rose to his knees, placing his hands on Sebastian’s thighs. “This’ll do.”

With parted lips, Sebastian watched as his mate took the head of his cock into his mouth. Sebastian let out a shaky breath, curling his fingers around the sides of the tub. He leaned back slightly, his gaze locked on Shiloh’s lips.

The view was magnificent and burned into Sebastian’s memory as he caressed his knuckles over Shiloh’s hollowed cheeks. Shiloh gripped Sebastian’s thigh tighter and squeezed the base of his cock harder.

When his mate gazed up at him with those sultry eyes, Sebastian neared the edge of his release. He cupped Shiloh’s chin. “Keep looking at me.”

Shiloh didn’t react to the growl in Sebastian’s tone. Instead, his eyes darkened and his pupils dilated. His tongue snaked out and slid over the throbbing head, making Sebastian’s grip tighten.

“Are you out to wreck me, little omega?”

One side of Shiloh’s mouth curled upward into an almost-smile. He began to stroke Sebastian’s cock, sucking the head past his wet, swollen lips. It was all Sebastian could do not to come, not to grip his mate’s head and fuck Shiloh’s mouth.

But he allowed Shiloh to set the pace. Hurrying would make this only end sooner, and Sebastian wanted to draw this out as long as possible. It was torturous, but control was something he’d always prided himself on.

Or so he had. Shiloh pushed at his control as Sebastian let out a strained breath and closed his eyes. That seemed to only encourage Shiloh. He took Sebastian’s cock farther down his throat, using his throat muscles to squeeze and tightened around Sebastian’s shaft.

His prided control shattered. Sebastian gripped the sides of the tub as he threw his head back and gasped, calling out Shiloh’s name as his cock pulsed and cum shot down the man’s throat. His climax did nothing to soften his cock.

Sebastian grabbed Shiloh, turned him, and pushed his mate to the edge of the tub before kneeling behind him. He reached behind the towels and grabbed the bottle of lube he kept stashed there. Sebastian wet his fingers before driving them deep into Shiloh’s ass.

He ignored the fact that water had splashed over the sides, soaking the floor. Sebastian ignored everything as he stretched Shiloh, desperate to bury his cock deep.

Shiloh tossed his head back, making sex noises as he thrust backward, fucking Sebastian’s fingers. He was just as desperate as Sebastian felt.

Control gone, Sebastian lubed his still-hard cock and tossed the bottle aside. His canines had punched down, and his wolf was close to the surface, demanding he take Shiloh, demanding he claim the small wolf as his mate.

“Please,” Shiloh begged, his voice strained.

Sebastian blew out a series of breaths, trying his damnedest to regain some of his control that had shattered. Taking his mate hard, fast, and wildly would have been good any other time. But not now, not when this was their first time together, not when this was when they would bind for life.

Although they were both wound tight, he didn’t want Shiloh to think he was a savage beast. Sebastian gripped his cock hard, his fist close to the head. He slid his hand down just an inch, then pushed forward, allowing only the head to breach the tight sheath.

“Sebastian,” Shiloh whimpered.

Sebastian gritted his teeth. “Slow, Shiloh. We’re gonna take this slow.”

When Shiloh tried to thrust back, Sebastian pressed his free hand into his mate’s lower back, keeping his fist wound around his cock so Shiloh couldn’t impale himself any further.

Sebastian deserved a damn medal for his show of restraint.

He glided his hand up Shiloh’s sleek back and curled his fingers around the man’s nape before he slid in another inch and stilled.

His mate whimpered again but didn’t attempt to move.

He saw now that Shiloh had no control when it came to sex. Sebastian had been dangerously close to losing it himself. But the longer he forced himself not to drive his cock deep, the more control he regained.

Another inch.

“Keep your hands on the tub,” he said. “Don’t move.”

Another inch. Although Sebastian reeled in his desperation, his wolf wasn’t so giving. It snarled and snapped, angry that Sebastian wasn’t moving. He felt claws trying to emerge, and he fought against the primal need to bite into Shiloh’s shoulder and fuck him hard.

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