Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (MMF)

Love Slave for Two 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,472
340 Ratings (4.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, sex toys, consensual BDSM]

Nevvie spent her early life feeling unloved and rejected. Then she met Tyler and Thomas and her scorchingly hot fairytale dreams came true. They have a perfect life and a beautiful son. While their family isn't traditional, she's more than happy with her two hunky, sexy husbands and their relationship.

Unfortunately, a betrayal from where Nevvie least expects it knocks their world on its ear. Barely recovering from that, one horrible morning and an unimaginable double tragedy threatens to take her men and destroy all she loves.

Struggling to keep things together, Nevvie must forge ahead and draw strength from her unusual adopted circle of friends and family to save her men and preserve the life she loves. With Thomas and Tyler's lives on the line, can Nevvie find the will to keep going and bring her husbands safely home? Because to Nevvie, family is the only thing that matters.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (MMF)
340 Ratings (4.7)

Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (MMF)

Love Slave for Two 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,472
340 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Again Tymber Dalton writes a book that makes the characters come alive and feel very real. I loved how as the triad began to form they each seem to find their place in the group and fit together to meet needs in each other. The strong emotion in the face of crisis felt very real and you could feel the struggle in all of them as they work to sort out their lives and feelings. Very powerful book.
Katy Beth
I absolutely love these characters. I really hope there is another story about them coming.
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BEST BOOK: "I could go on and on about how great Nevvie, Thomas and Tyler are, as well as the talents that Tymber Dalton brings to her books. However, the best way for you to experience an exceptionally written book it is to just read it! I highly recommend Love Slave for Two: Family Matters. The ending leaves me to believe that there may be a third book in this series, one that I await anxiously." -- Amaranth, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Tymber Dalton now has the official status as the only author to make me cry consecutively with each release. The emotions and feelings she puts in her books gets to me every single time...As the plot unfolded, I watched three characters almost lose what they hold dear, and that is where the crying began. Family Matters continues the story of Nevvie, Tyler, and Thomas from Tymber Dalton's Love Slave for Two. It is extraordinary and so realistic. I greedily sucked up every word and then read it again for good measure. Tymber Dalton continues to be an author I can rely on for well written, highly emotional, and extremely sensuous stories!" -- Natasha, Romance Junkies

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Nevvie didn’t feel better the next morning. Once the baby finished nursing, Tyler took Adam to the nursery to get him settled. Nevvie curled up against Thomas and was already drifting back to sleep in his arms. She’d gotten up several times during the night and felt exhausted.

“You worn out, baby girl?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Why don’t you sleep in? Let Ty take care of Adam this morning.”

“Mmm hmm…” It was an easy suggestion to take. He kissed her forehead. After a few minutes she’d fallen asleep again.

He looked at the clock, ten till six, might as well get up. Thomas shut the alarm off so it wouldn’t wake Nevvie and went to make coffee without bothering to put any clothes on.

In the kitchen, Thomas jumped when he felt Tyler’s arms encircle his waist. “You startled me, sugar. I didn’t hear you.”

“Sorry, love.” He kissed Tom’s back. The other man turned, encircling his lover in his arms. “She’s totally shattered this morning, isn’t she?”


“I knew I should have gotten up at three.”

Tom laughed. “Ty, she’s a mom now. There are a lot of things we can do to help, but nursing the baby isn’t one of them.”

Ty swatted Tom’s ass. “You know what I mean. At least I could have brought him in for her and then gotten him settled again.”

“Give her some time. She’s still recovering physically, too.” Tom made Tyler look at him. “Let her be a mom. Let her have this. You’re a great dad but don’t try to out-mom her, Evil Genius.”

“Out-mom her?”

“You know how you get.” He kissed Tyler, long and gentle. “Besides, if you have an overwhelming urge to take care of someone you can always take care of me.” His cock hardened against his lover’s hip. He felt Tyler stiffen in response.

“Oh, is that so, sweet?” Tyler gently ground his hips against Tom, making the other man moan.

“You know what you do to me, buddy.”

“Do we have time this morning?”

Thomas glanced at the clock. “Yeah. I don’t have a meeting until nine.”

Tyler kissed him again, passionate, eager, his tongue parting his lover’s lips and exploring.

Thomas’ hungry moans punctuated the slow rhythm of his hips rocking against Tyler. “Jesus,” he finally panted, “we’d better do something fast or you’re gonna have me coming right here.”


“Mmm. What’d you have in mind?”

Tyler grinned. “Not in my mind, love.”

Thomas groaned again. He grabbed Tyler’s hand and practically dragged him back to their bedroom. “Let’s go,” he growled, his cock rigidly bobbing in the air.

They checked on Nevvie and found her still asleep. They quietly closed the bathroom door and embraced while the shower warmed.

“I want to feel that sweet cock of yours in my arse,” Tyler hoarsely whispered in Tom’s ear.

“Yeah, well I want a little bottom action myself, sugar. You’d better save me some energy.”

Tyler moaned against Tom’s neck. Tom stood five inches taller than Ty, but they fit together perfectly. “Get your arse in there so you can fuck me, love.”

Tom grabbed a bottle of lube and followed Tyler under the spray. They never realized how fortuitous it was that they’d had the shower built as large as they did until Nevvie joined their family. The three of them had spent plenty of hours in there together engaged in much more than bathing.

Tyler nipped Tom’s earlobe. “How do you want me, sweet?”

“Against the wall,” he growled, his erection almost painfully throbbing with anticipation.

Tyler’s blue eyes mirrored his own passion as he turned and faced the back wall, where he rested his palms and forehead against the cool tile.


* * * *


Nevvie registered the sound of the bathroom door shutting, then the shower starting. She cracked an eyelid and realized both men were missing from the bed. Tom’s familiar low, hungry moan instantly awakened her.

Oh, no they don’t. Not without me.

She got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. The men were too distracted to notice her entrance. Through the opaque shower curtain she spied Tyler against the wall, Thomas slicking his shaft in preparation.

Nevvie stripped as Thomas lubed his fingers and carefully prepared Tyler, who groaned with need, starting an almost uncomfortable throbbing between her own legs. It was too soon for her to fully participate in their activities, but if one of them didn’t do something for her soon she would explode. It’d been over a month for her and she was climbing the walls. Watching her men preparing to fuck only intensified her aching need.

Before she met them she never thought she’d be turned on by the sight of two guys doing it, but these were her men. They loved her and each other. Watching and listening to their passion was sexier than anything she could have ever imagined.

“Oh, yeah!” Tyler grunted, feeling Tom’s fingers in him.

“You okay, sugar?” Tom asked.

Tyler nodded. “Damn, that feels good,” he gasped.

“It’s going to feel a lot better here in just a second.”

Nevvie struggled not to laugh. It sure would! They still hadn’t noticed her.

Tom withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock. “Ready?”

“Do it,” Tyler begged. “Fuck me, love. Fuck that sweet cock into my arse.”

Nevvie’s knees weakened at his passionate growl. She reached out to the wall for support. Dammit, they were hot!

And they were all hers.

Tom gripped Tyler’s hips and slid his cock into his lover. Both men groaned. Tom paused, waiting until Tyler ground his hips against him in encouragement to continue. When he was fully seated inside the other man, Tom covered Tyler’s hands with his, their fingers laced, and stretched his body against his lover.

“How’s that feel,” Thomas gasped against Tyler’s neck.

“Fuck me, love.”

“I’m gonna fuck you real good, sugar.”

She watched Tom’s hips as he slowly, gently thrust into Tyler. She put a hand to her mouth to muffle her own passionate moan. He was always very gentle with Tyler, not wanting to hurt him, which was just one of the things she desperately loved about him.

Moving slowly, Nevvie slipped into the other end of the shower. Tom’s ass tensed and flexed as he carefully stroked into Tyler. Both men’s eyes were closed. They took their time, enjoying the sensations. She picked up the bottle of lube, generously slicked two of her fingers, and stepped behind Tom.

He yelled and jumped, startled, then laughed when he felt Nevvie’s fingers press against his rim.

Tyler jumped in response to Tom’s reaction. “What?”

Tom laughed. “Our girl snuck up on us—oh!”

Tyler tried to turn his head but he was still pinned to the wall by Thomas’ hands and the larger man’s body. “What?”

“She’s having a little fun back there.”

Nevvie pressed her body against the men and reached around with her other hand, found Tyler’s stiff shaft. “You didn’t think I’d let the two of you get away with having all the fun, did you?”

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