Love Slave for Two: Retribution (MMF)

Love Slave for Two 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,612
21 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Consensual Light BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M elements, HEA]
In the immediate aftermath of storms literal and metaphorical, Nevvie in particular has drawn the focus of law enforcement. She’s their prime suspect, and it doesn’t matter the victim was a proven psycho—murder is murder.
Tom and Tyler know not only is Nevvie innocent, no one in their inner circle could or would have committed the murder, no matter how justified it might have been. The problem is proving it. Add to that the fact that whoever pulled the trigger now appears to be stalking them. With everyone close to them under suspicion, the trouble is weeding through the facts to uncover the truth. Especially when Andrew goes rogue and falsely confesses in an attempt to muddy the waters and protect their family.
Except…the reality is even more shocking, and the stalker closer, than any of them expected. As Nevvie’s life hangs in the balance, can they expose the dark and complicated truth before it’s too late?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love Slave for Two: Retribution (MMF)
21 Ratings (5.0)

Love Slave for Two: Retribution (MMF)

Love Slave for Two 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,612
21 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
SPOILER ALERT: THIS SERIES DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE READ IN ORDER: THE PREQUEL, FOLLOWED BY BOOKS 1 THROUGH 5. IF YOU DO NOT DO SO, THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. When last we left the Kinsey-Paulson family, it had been one hell of a ride! In the aftermath of a hurricane, after Zoey's traumatic rape at the hands of Cole Johnson, and Cole's mysterious murder, Nevvie is the police's number one suspect. The fact that she publicly threatened the Cole in front of multiple witnesses certainly doesn't help. But Nevvie's innocent. And Ty and Tom aren't about to let her take the fall for something she didn't do. While most believe the Cole got what he deserved, it's still a guessing game as to who's responsible for his murder. Zoey wasn't his only victim. The pool of suspects grows by leaps and bounds. But the police remain focused on Nevvie. Why? The evidence points to her innocence. And not only is Nevvie the prime suspect, someone's now stalking the entire family. Who's after them now and why? Is it the paparazzi after Ty? After all, he's a famous author. Any juicy tidbit is more than enough to send the tabloids into a frenzy. Or is it just the murder itself? It's huge news, especially with the number of victims that have come forward. Little do Tom, Ty, and Nevvie know their problems are much closer to home than they could ever realize. As the police continue to focus on Nevvie, time's running out. Who killed Cole? Can Nevvie prove her innocence? And what about the stalker? Who is it? What do they want? All this uncertainty, anxiety, and suspicion has brought back Nevvie's past with a vengeance. When Nevvie is literally attacked by the last person anyone would suspect, will she survive? Or will Tom, Ty, and their children lose the glue that holds their family together? One thing is certain. Unless Tom, Ty, and the rest of the family pull together and listen to their instincts, Nevvie will be gone forever, and their lives will never be the same! I adore this series! It was one of the first written by Tymber Dalton I ever read. It was timely and exceptional when I originally read the series. It remains so today. I love Tyler, Tom, and Nevvie. They are the very heart and soul of this series. No one could ask for a better group of characters as the basis of a series. As other characters have weaved in and out of the series, these three are so special and unique. The progression of their relationship, from the prequel all the way through this newest addition to the series, is incredible and deeply emotional in ways you never see coming. Their deep, unconditional love is inspirational. The heartbreaking tragedies will tear your heart to pieces. The heights of joy and everyday interactions between Nevvie, Tom, and Ty, their family, and friends, make this series absolute perfection. Ms. Dalton has not only continued this series after a break of several years but she's added layers upon layers to grab your heart from the very beginning. The ending is totally unexpected and, as always, left me wanting more. Tymber Dalton is, as always, beyond comparison. Thank you, Ms. Dalton, for listening to Ty, Tom, and Nevvie again and writing their continued story. You are so very special and truly talented! One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author. She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.
All I can say is the conclusion of this story took me down roads I had no clue about. The twists, the turns just kept me turning the pages so I could find out who the killer, and stalker, was. Life hangs in the balance for Nevvie and it's up to her family to figure out what is going on and save her. The story was hot, the sex scenes even hotter and oh how I loved the ending!

To be honest, if you haven't read book 5, you might get a little lost with all the characters here so I would highly recommend reading at least that book. Tymber weaves the story and these characters just come to life. She's brilliant!! Hats off to her and I hope she never stops writing!




By the time Andrew left Colin’s Saturday afternoon to head home, they’d each managed to come once more, took a long shower together, and didn’t get nearly as much work taken care of around Colin’s as they’d originally discussed doing.

Colin was going to bring over a load of clothes and other things to keep at Andrew’s, and would be following in his own car in an hour or so, once a load of laundry finished running.

After making a few stops on the way home, Andrew had a couple of activities he wanted to accomplish with the house to himself, while Karen, Bill, and Chloe were out for the afternoon and not underfoot. Then he grabbed his shopping list and headed over to Nevvie’s, where from the looks of things when he let himself in the front door it appeared he’d missed something…momentous.

Unfortunately, Crystal, Tyler’s publicist, was also there, huddled over a laptop with Nevvie.

And there was no sign of Zoey.

“Nev, what’s going on?”

“Hi, Dad. Ty—” She made an unmistakable motion to Tyler to get his attention and for him to handle Andrew’s question.

“Right.” Tyler stood and led his father down the hall to his office, locking them in. “It’s…been a morning.”

“What happened? Is Zoey all right?”

Tyler hadn’t shaved that morning, and he ran a hand over the stubble along both cheeks, and his goatee and mustache. “Cole Johnson was murdered overnight.”


“Hunters found his body this morning, in the woods behind his house. He doesn’t live far from here, apparently. He was shot, but I don’t have any other details besides that. Police won’t release information because of the ongoing investigation.”

Andrew stared at him. “Where did this happen, exactly?”

When Tyler told him, Andrew’s eyebrows arched. “Ah. So that’s why we saw all the police cars pass by early this morning at Colin’s. He lives close to there. In fact, if it’s where I’m thinking, we’ve walked past it before, several times, including last night.”

“Yes, well…it’s left us in an interesting position.” Tyler slumped against the edge of his desk. “And by interesting, I mean complicated. On the one hand, I’d love to thank whomever did it. On the other, now we’re being looked at as suspects. Not just we, but Nevvie, specifically.”

Andrew’s pulse spiked. “What? But why?”

Tyler held up his hands. “It’s all right, Dad. We’ll get it sorted. Please don’t get upset. We gave them the info for our alarm company. They can pull all the logs from their servers and show that no one left the house during the time Cole Johnson could have been killed. And Bob issued a threat to PR bomb them for the cock-up of letting Zoey’s name get released and spread via social media, and for not having the bastard locked up to start with.”

“The little wanker attacked more girls than just Zoey. We all know that. It could be any number of people who killed him.”

“We know. But, unfortunately, Nevvie is the only mother who screamed various explicit and extremely specific, violent threats at Cole to murder him, while at the police station, during our interview with them yesterday morning. Mere hours before someone actually murdered him.”

Andrew’s gut tensed. “Oh, no.” He hadn’t heard about that yesterday.

“Oh, yes.” Tyler looked weary, and Andrew wished there was more he could do for them other than sit back and…wait. “Bob will sort it all out,” Tyler asserted. “He’s good. Never fear, the police will soon shift their focus from us.” He ran a hand through his hair. “It’s their process, isn’t it? They must eliminate the most obvious suspects first.”

“And…Nevvie? They must clear her, right?”

“Right. She was with us all last night, and the alarm logs will prove we didn’t leave the house. None of us.” He waved at the ceiling. “We have those motion sensor cameras outside, front and back. They snap away and send pictures to the server when it detects someone coming or going. They might not believe us, but they can’t deny the alarm company’s evidence. I’d thought it a silly expense, at first, but thank goodness Tom talked me into it when we got it.”

Andrew relaxed a little. “Yes, I can see that. So…is Zoey all right then?”

“We’ll survive this as a family.” He pushed off from the desk and hugged Andrew. “All of us. And thank you for standing with us.”

Andrew closed his eyes as he held his son. “I’d do anything for any of you. Anything. I love you, son.”

“I love you, too, Dad.”




When Andrew reached the bedroom, he was pleased to see Colin awaiting him exactly as instructed. “Now isn’t that a pleasant sight?” Andrew set the mugs of coffee on the side table and leaned in, nipping first Colin’s left asscheek, then the right.


Andrew stroked his hands over Colin’s ass. “No one’s ever touched you like I have, have they?”

Colin shook his head.

Andrew took his time, teasing, his fingers trailing down the seam of Colin’s ass, over his balls, along his inner thighs. And Andrew was hard, too, harder than he’d felt in a long time.

Perhaps morning sex is the answer for us both. Before energy lagged and their elderly bodies grew tired. Even at his age, he still woke up with a woody more days than not.

He carefully climbed onto the bed behind Colin. On the towel next to him lay the condom pouch and tube of lube.

“Something to be said about one’s arse being open and vulnerable,” Andrew softly said, taking his time and drawing this out. “So lovely to look at.” He picked up the condom and ripped the pouch open. As he rolled it down his shaft, he smiled. “So lovely to fuck.”

A low moan escaped Colin.

Once Andrew had the condom in place, he slathered extra lube over it and nudged into position. “Perhaps it is best we met now, rather than in our youth. I would have been bending you over any available item of the proper height within my view and thoroughly buggering you every few minutes.” He swiped the head of his cock up and down the seam of Colin’s ass before pressing the head of it against his rim. “Tell me what you feel, pet.”

“Your cock.”

“That’s right, love.” He caressed Colin’s back, patient, loving how Colin gave himself over to him without reservation. “Do you want it?”


“Then press back. Take your time. Show me you want it by working it in there. It’s easiest if you push out while you do.” He stilled his fingers on Colin’s ass cheeks, spreading them so he could watch his cock disappear inside the man.

Colin’s hands fisted the sheets, but he slowly rocked back a little, trying to find the tipping point. Andrew kept his hips still, waiting while Colin finally pressed back hard enough that the head of Andrew’s cock popped through his tight ring of muscle and made Colin gasp.

Andrew let out a pleased hiss. “That’s it, pet.” His fingers tightened, digging into Colin’s flesh. “Very good. Now show me what you want. That was the hardest bit. It gets easier from there to take all of me. Be very good for me and do it.”

Colin started rocking back and forth, a little at a time, finding his angle and rhythm while Andrew had to dig deep into his self-control not to just fuck him silly. No, wasn’t the first time Andrew had claimed this sweet man’s ass, but it was the first time like this, and Colin was still rather new at it.

Andrew wanted it to be enjoyable, memorable for nothing but good reasons.

Something Colin would want to do again and again.

Once Colin’s ass was pressed against Andrew’s thighs, Andrew held him still and ground against him. “That’s excellent, pet. So, so tight and sweet.”

He reached around Colin and found his cock hard, dripping pre-cum. After giving him a couple of slow pumps, which drew more pleasured moans from Colin, Andrew sat up again. He wasn’t quite as flexible as he’d once been to maintain that position for long.

“Reach under you and stroke your cock for me. Get yourself ready, but don’t come until I give you permission.” Andrew held on to Colin’s hips once more so he could take a long, slow stroke out and in.

Colin’s low, rolling moan nearly finished Andrew right there.

“Was that a good moan, pet?”


“Did you like that?”


“Excellent.” He did it again, and again, picking up speed and force, not wanting to hurt him but also wanting him to feel the blissful sensation of being completely owned by someone who knew exactly what to do with an exquisitely lovely man impaled on his cock.

Colin’s breath came in sweetly desperate, hitching gasps, his hips flexing with Andrew’s movements, every noise he made tinged with amazement and awe and undiluted pleasure, and more than just a little bit of raw, hungry need.

Andrew suspected he wouldn’t last much longer. “Harder, then, pet?”

“Yes! Please!”

“Right. You’ll feel this later.” Colin’s ass tightly fisted Andrew’s cock. Thankfully, the condom helped him hold back a little. He pumped his cock into the man’s ass, flesh slapping against flesh, Colin meeting him stroke for stroke and eagerly seeking more.

He was close, sooo blasted close! “Get ready, pet. Come for me, because I want to feel you squeezing my cock when you give it to me.”

Colin’s head drooped as he let out a cry, and Andrew felt it, every ripple transferred through Colin’s body, from his balls to his ass, as his orgasm exploded.

“Nicely done!” Andrew’s eyes fell closed as he took one last thrust and his balls emptied and his cum filled the condom. Remaining buried inside Colin, he braced his hands on Colin’s back and savored his own release, so rich and sweet and, honestly, a part of him he’d thought died with Peggy.

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