Toni is alone in the old Victorian house that she and her husband have bought. Her husband is away on an extended business trip, and the house seems to be in constant need of repair. New to the city, Toni feels lucky that her next door neighbor is very handy and is always willing to fix the small repairs needed at her house. As the days and weeks go by, the more time she spends with her neighbor, the more she misses her husband. Toni knows that she should not be noticing the bulging muscles of her kind and handsome neighbor, or the manly scent that lingers in her house after he has gone. She knows that he is single, but she is married, and she should not be having the kind of thoughts that she has been having about her neighbor. When everything seems to break at once in her house one night, Toni is shocked at what her neighbor offers her.

Lover for Hire
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Tonight was one of those times when everything had gone wrong. The drier quit, the sink had blocked up, and she hadn’t had much sleep the night before because her little girl was sick. Toni knocked on Renaldo’s door and as usual he was more than eager to help her. It was only seconds before he appeared with his toolbox, dressed in his usual apparel of t-shirt and work jeans. She gave him a cold beer and started to watch him as he diligently went to work, his firm hands gripping the tools, his muscular arms straining as he exerted strength when necessary, and his strong hairy legs holding his weight as he squatted at the sink. She dared not spend too much time looking at his butt. His butt was the best part of him. She wanted to grab it and squeeze, maybe even bite it, lightly of course. She forced herself to turn away, and she pretended to fold clothes.

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