[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M]

Colorado ranch owner Maddy Dalton knows all about being in charge. For the last ten years every decision, every burden has rested squarely on her shoulders. Sure, she's lonely, and longs to love and be loved, but she doesn't see how she can take on a man without losing control of her ranch or her life.

Lucas Calhoun has been the foreman of the Rocking D for nearly half his life, and he's had a soft spot for Maddy for nearly just as long. But he's harboring a secret: images of sexy, rugged men turn him on, too. How can he make a move on Maddy when he doesn't feel free to commit to her all the way?

Comfortable with his bi-sexuality, cowboy Chase Reynolds wants a home, but there's a catch. His ideal scenario features a wife and a husband. Recognizing the suppressed longing in both Maddy and Lucas, Chase decides that bold action is needed. But it's not without risk. Having loved and lost badly in the past, Chase is leery losing his heart.

Can these three people learn to find themselves, trust their hearts, and make a family? And can they survive the danger that threatens them all?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Lady Makes Three (MMF)
176 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Too earnest. M/M action disappointing.
It seems to me that Morgan Ashbury is ever the author who is not afraid to wade into social issues that can easily offend lots of folks. Menage is one as well as dealing with the relationship between two bi-sexual men, especially in a ranching context in a very conservative society. Yet wade in she does, and the outcome is a story that is stimulating to the libido as well as requiring that the reader deal honestly with the love that grows between these two heroes and their attraction and subsequent affair with a strong-minded woman who takes them both on. It's the kind of novel that is not necessarily simple to read because there are lots of layers to the relationships here. But all in all, it is well-worth the time and effort and is one that I have gone back and re-visited, simply because it is a darn good story as well as one that won't give up its enjoyment in one reading alone.
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

5 KISSES, Recommended Read: "The Lady Makes Three is a really well written love story. I love how Morgan Ashbury blends steamy sex with a gripping plot. Maddie is a strong woman, but she is also very vulnerable. Thankfully she has two wonderfully understanding men in her life. Sometimes two is better than one. Lucas is an over 40 foreman. He has always been attracted to Maggie. But he has also always loved men too. Chase teaches him it is okay to swing both ways. Matter of fact it can be a lot of fun. Chase is young and fearless. He seduces both Maddie and Lucas in his own style, he is sure of himself and who he is and is able to teach others to be themselves too. Read The Lady Makes Three when you want some really steamy well written love in your life. You will not be disappointed." -- Tina, Two Lips Reviews   

5 CHERRIES: "The Lady Makes Three was an amazing read that was well written with the reader in mind. Sometimes I wondered how the pages of my book weren't bursting into flames. The plot line was remarkable and there were several times I had to say to myself "NO WAY, I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT!" I enjoy reading books by Morgan Ashbury because she always provides an action packed sizzling read that I know I am going to be amazed by. Ms. Ashbury just gets better with each new book she writes. I enthusiastically urge you to pick up The Lady Makes Three for a story line that will have you sweating it is so hot." -- Violet, Whipped Cream

4.5 HEARTS:  "Exhilarating author Morgan Ashbury has created a sinfully delightful tale that offers a spellbinding and riveting sensuality and a depth of emotions that will take the readers breath away. This story draws deeply into these complex and intriguing characters' feelings and emotions, captivating the reader. The heroine is a believable, independent, and determined woman who has so much love to offer the two powerful and different men who love and understand her. The array of emotions between the three lovers is intense, gritty, and so real. The love play is sometimes raw and rowdy and at other times tender and magical. The light touch of a little dominant play elevates the level of trust. But one thing that is constant throughout the story, whether the lovers are in or out of bed, is the loving and trusting bond that exists. Readers will relate to the good natured bantering as well as the tender touches between the lovers. The secondary characters work well building the tension and creating scenes that help to move the plot line along. The devilish danger twists and turns creating edgy and sizzling thrills that add an additional element to the story line. Readers who like their erotica H-O-T need look no further than, The Lady Makes Three to satisfy their all their reading needs and desires! I look forward to more erotic tales from this stunning author!" -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS:  "Morgan Ashbury delivers an exciting and emotional storyline with The Lady Makes Three.  There's a connection between Maddy, Chase and Lucas which is evident right from the beginning, but it's definitely not an easy transition for any of them to move from friends to lovers especially with Maddy's trust issues.  You get the impression that there isn't much this trio can't conquer together but throw in bigotry and pure greed, and you get an action packed novel that leaves you with a good feeling in your heart and a healthy respect for those who dare to live their lives as they see fit." --Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

"The Lady Makes Three is a fun read, yet it is fast paced, thrilling, and full of danger...The novel is not for the faint of heart, and is spiced with the love, lust, and eroticism that can only exist between lovers. The characters are well developed, and the plot is one to keep you turning the pages, unable to put it down. If you want my opinion, if you are in the market for a very hot, racy, and delightfully sexy novel, you should definitely pick up one of Morgan's books. Let Morgan carry you away in to a world she created just for her readers. Just go to Siren's Bookstore and pick up a copy of The Lady Makes Three for starters today!" -- Rose, Romance At Heart Reviews

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Maddy tilted her head back, the water from her canteen hitting her square in the face, then running down the front of her t-shirt and onto her jeans. This heat wave was unusual for mid-May. But she’d worked through worse heat waves before with equanimity and couldn’t understand why today’s record temperature got to her so badly. I’m just tired, that’s all.

Stopping the deluge with a quarter of the bottle to spare, Maddy brought the metal to her lips. As she drank, she scanned the area. Chase and Luc were both giving her a hand with this fence repair job. Lucas stood about a hundred yards to her right, his button-front shirt open, sweat beading on his chest. She watched as his gaze traced the path of the water on her own shirt, noted the look of interest and the quick darting-away of his eyes.

Someday I’m going to have myself a few stiff shots of whiskey for courage and attack that man. She couldn’t deny that thoughts of Lucas, naked, had taken up residence in her mind on more than one occasion. She felt pretty sure the man viewed her the same way. She couldn’t figure out why neither one of them had made a move on each other after all these years. About the same age as she, Lucas had been a part of her life since they’d been teenagers. Neither one of them had a significant other nor could be considered butt-ugly.

Damn it, she was lonely. Cry-herself-to-sleep-in-the-middle-of-the-night-sometimes lonely. She wanted someone in her life, someone who would respect her and hold her; who would be there when she needed him but wouldn’t expect her to cater to him twenty-four seven. One thing she knew for certain: she really didn’t want a husband. She didn’t want the work, the worry or the responsibility of one.

She’d spent the last twelve years of her life caring for her father after he’d become sick. She’d had to make every decision, face every challenge, clear every hurdle, on her own, while catering to most every one of his needs. In other words, she’d filled the role of ‘wife’ of the household and had no desire to go there again.

Why the big deal in society about getting married, anyway? Her father had considered her lack of a husband to be her worst sin. Hell, marriage was nothing more than a vow, a promise and a piece of paper, none of which had any value at all, in most cases.

Chase stretched, catching Maddy’s attention. He stood only a few feet away, directly in front of her by the open tail gate of the truck, and the expansive movement definitely snagged her interest. Obviously he’d tossed his t-shirt in deference to the heat and she couldn’t help but notice and appreciate his well honed abs and pecs. She nearly jumped when his eyes met hers. His gaze bored into her. When he shifted his focus to her breasts, she felt a tingling response in the pit of her belly. Then his eyes met hers again and she had no trouble seeing the hunger in them. He tossed her a flirty grin and headed back to his piece of barbed wire.

Well, hell, now what? Was she so desperate to get laid that she could lust after two different men with an equal craving and at the same time? Images from her dream that very morning slithered across her mind. She’d brought those images back as she’d pleasured herself, and yes, in her imagining there sure as hell had been more than two male hands on her body as she’d come. Maddy turned her eyes away from the younger man as that reality hit home. Capping her canteen, she tossed it on the ground, pulled her gloves back on, and got back to working on the fence. She kept her hat brim down so she could look at both men without their catching her at it. Both worked quickly and efficiently as they attacked portions of the old boundary line. She saw Lucas turn his head toward Chase, but couldn’t see the expression on her foreman’s face. Then, a few minutes later, when she looked up again, she saw Chase treating the other man the same kind of look he’d just given her.

All right, that settles it. I’ve obviously got sex on the brain. She blamed that strange dream near dawn, which itself had likely just sprung—even if it had been a first, dreaming of two lovers at the same time—from her having neglected her body’s needs for so long. It had been years since her last lover. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to think back…holy hell, the last man she’d had a relationship with was Tom Parker, and that had been nearly six years ago! It had also been a long time since she’d given herself a really good session with her vibrator.

Tom Parker had been a scratch in response to an itch, nothing more. Just as well seeing as the man hadn’t stayed in the county very long after their half-hearted affair had begun. Her vibrator, now, she had no excuse there. She didn’t even have to worry about anyone else being in the house with her anymore, either, interfering with her privacy. Maybe this weekend she’d have a nice long bubble bath, a couple glasses of wine, and see what she could do about taking care of her inner woman with Bob—her battery operated boyfriend.


Maddy was shaking inside by the time she reached the house. Taking only a moment to kick off her boots, she practically ran to her bedroom.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. She’d been slightly aroused, thanks to Chase’s sly innuendos and blatant flirting. She’d watched him stroke Lucas, and that man had nearly melted under his touch. Then as the horses had performed, she’d looked over, caught sight of Chase and Lucas, both aroused. Chase had reached toward Lucas and suddenly her imagination had flashed a full color three dimensional freeze frame image of the three of them—Lucas, Chase, and herself—totally naked and fully engaged in hot, raunchy sex.

She’d nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

But she hadn’t, had in fact been left hot and high and at the very edge so that the only thing she could think, the only thing she could do, was squirrel herself away and do something about it, right now.

She honestly believed if she didn’t have an orgasm in the next few minutes she would incinerate from the heat running through her body.

Once inside her room she whipped off her tee-shirt and shucked her bra and jeans. Falling onto the bed, she didn’t even take time to remove her panties, only pushed them down and out of the way. Then her hand found her sex, lightly stroking back and forth, seeking out her clit. The friction seared, tiny shivers of arousal shooting sparks to every part of her. For one fleeting second she wished she’d gone to her dresser first to get her vibrator. But she didn’t want to stop long enough to get it now. She couldn’t stop. Her hand kept stroking, her fingers dipping slightly into the moisture that had already gathered. She burned so hot it nearly drove her insane. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the image that had hurled her to this point of frantic need. She never would have thought the idea of two men being intimate together would turn her on, but it had. Maybe it wasn’t the idea of just any two men, but two who somehow, despite everything, she considered to be hers. And that vision of the three of them together… What would it be like? How would it feel? It had been so long since she’d had sex, she could barely recall  the sensation of a man’s cock pushing into her. What would it be like to have sex with two men at the same time?

Her climax eluded her and she whimpered, frustration mounting by the second. Bearing down with every ounce of will she possessed, keeping her eyelids closed even more tightly, she focused on the images that had catapulted her to this, tried to imagine how it would feel to have two lovers petting her, arousing her, servicing her at the same time.

As her hand brushed frantically against her feminine flesh, it was joined by another, masculine one. And then another.

Maddy gasped, opening her eyes wide. Chase stretched out on her right, Lucas on her left. Both men had a hand each on her pussy, their touch both strange and familiar at the same time. She froze, a cry trapped in her throat. The heat of embarrassment flooded her face.

“Hush, honey. We’re here now. We’ll take care of you. We’ll all take care of each other.” Chase’s outrageous pronouncement was accompanied by that devil grin, and the sensation of his finger penetrating her.


She turned instinctively to Lucas. Her name had been a whispered plea that brushed her face, his voice hoarse with need. His lips came down on hers, his tongue bold, the kiss totally carnal. One of his hands caressed the top of her head while the other settled more firmly between her thighs. Then, he mimicked Chase and plunged one of his fingers deep inside her.

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