Mating Michael (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,251
3 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Writer Kyle falls in love with Michael, the agent for an outrageous rock star, Glam Gran. Kyle's been assigned to write a book about Glam Gran, but he quickly becomes more interested in Michael. Michael, however, although secretly gay, is in a loveless and sexless hetero marriage, and he won't divorce or come out of the closet until his kids are grown…and the youngest is only eleven. Kyle, though, won't settle for furtive dates. He loves Michael, loves making love with Michael—and their togetherness is described in explicit detail in the book—and he wants the two to live together openly. Michael, however, is dragging his feet. Can this romance last? A last-ditch trip to California lands them both in grave danger. Previously, their romance was in peril. Now their very lives are in peril. Do they have a future together? Do they have any future at all? Will they survive the raging waves? What's to become of them…as a couple struggling for their love, and as individuals fighting for their lives?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mating Michael (MM)
3 Ratings (3.0)

Mating Michael (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,251
3 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

"Author Kyle Borraden is commissioned to do a biography on the outrageous new singing sensation Glam Gran. His first meeting with Glam goes well though it’s her manager Michael Darwood who really makes an impression on Kyle. The out and proud writer has found the man of his dreams, the only problem is that Michael is married with children and deep in the closet. With each new day Kyle loves Michael more even knowing that they cannot be together until Michael’s youngest leaves for college which is seven long years away. And at first Kyle thought he could wait, but as time drags on he realizes Michael’s solution isn’t fair to either of them in the long term. What is supposed to be a farewell trip to the coast turns into a life and death drama no one saw coming. It may be time to re-evaluate what truly matters most. Mating Michael realistically depicts the modern dilemma of not being true to who and what you are. Kyle is honest with his life and expects the same of others, yet he falls for Michael, a total closet case who isn’t being true to his own needs. The storyline and sexual encounters are meticulously detailed; even Kyle’s cooking skills are fully explained to readers, which sometimes slows down the pacing. Tensions build as the plot takes readers to an unexpected and intense climax that culminates in an emotional showdown for the characters. Thought provoking and timely, Mating Michael is an original." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story excerpt


Michael’s eyes took in Kyle from head to toe discreetly, but the inspection didn’t escape Kyle’s attention. Was he merely taking the measure of the author who would be writing about his client…or was he interested in more than just his authorial abilities?

Just then, his eyes wandered to the wall at the side of Michael’s desk, and a cold shower rained on him. There, on the wall, were pictures of a woman and three children. Michael’s wife? Michael’s children? Was he straight? A breeder? Off-limits to Kyle?

Yet there he was looking again at Kyle, his eyes boring into Kyle, his smile lighting up his face and broadcasting its warmth to him. “What do you need to know?” Michael asked.

About you? Whether you’re straight or gay? Then Kyle got his mind back on track. “About Glam Gran? Anything you can tell me. I admit I’m not a fan.” Then, realizing that had come out wrong, he added, “I don’t mean I dislike her. I’m just not into that kind of music.”

“What do you like?” Michael asked.

Again, more than one way to interpret the question popped into Kyle’s mind. “In music?” he asked.

“Yes,” Michael said with a smile. “Unless you’d rather discuss your other tastes. But I thought we were here to talk about Glam.” It was not said unkindly, but rather with that same amused smile spreading more widely across Michael’s face. 

Kyle could actually feel his face redden. “I like jazz—”

“What kind?” Michael interrupted, his eyes boring into Kyle’s.

“Well, most any, but I’m a real Dixieland fanatic.”

Michael nodded his head in energetic approval and offered his hand in a high five. Kyle slapped Michael’s hand with his and felt the electricity flow from Michael’s hand to his own and back again. Surely Michael felt it, too! Kyle withdrew his hand reluctantly from the slap, fighting the urge to clasp Michael’s hand in his.


Adult excerpt


“Good,” Michael mumbled. “Now, where were we?”

“I was here,” Kyle said, squeezing one of Michael’s nips, “but I was heading here,” and he took his hand away from Michael’s chest and homed in on his rampant cock. Michael groaned as Kyle squeezed his dick and then began working his hand up and down the length of it. When a viscous pearl of goo oozed out of the slit in Michael’s corona, Kyle’s thumb found it and spread it all around. “Swivel your chair around,” Kyle directed Michael, who was still facing his desk although pushed back from it.

Michael complied. “What did you have in mind?” he husked breathlessly.

“This,” Kyle said, swooping down onto Michael’s dickhead and kissing it. Then he parted his lips and slowly began to engulf Michael’s dick in his mouth. He made mmmming noises of satisfaction as his mouth moved inexorably farther down and farther down and still farther down. Finally his face was buried in Michael’s pants, and all but the very base of Michael’s dick was swallowed up in his mouth and throat.

Michael began humping up and down in his chair as Kyle crouched between his legs and sucked demandingly on Michael’s cock. Bringing his tongue into the action, Kyle fluttered it up and down the base of that hard-on as he sucked. Michael’s butt rose higher off the chair as he attempted to cram as much of his needful cock down the eager cocksucker’s throat as he could.

Kyle mumbled, “Mmf! Mmf! Mmf! Mmf!” encouraging Michael as he now sucked faster and faster. Grasping Michael’s crotch, he rhythmically squeezed Michael’s balls through the fabric of his pants. 

“You’re a good cocksucker,” Michael growled, putting a hand on Kyle’s head and stroking it. Then he grabbed a hold of Kyle’s hair and began urging him up and down his shaft, guiding him, and in the process, getting him to go faster. Kyle obliged, working his mouth as urgently as he could on the swollen shaft, which had reached its maximum size potential. Kyle could feel the dick throb in his mouth as it strained to release its pent-up load of seed. “Go! Go! Go! Go!” Michael urged. Kyle obliged him, sucking as fast as he could without his rhythm going to hell or his suction breaking.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!” Michael cried out as he neared his climax. Kyle squeezed Michael’s balls faster and felt them contract into his body, ready to deliver their load. “Arrrrrrrrrrgh!” As Michael’s roar filled Kyle’s ears, his cum filled Kyle’s mouth, warm and thick and salty, and utterly delicious. Kyle gulped to keep up with the torrent. 

Michael’s butt sank back down in the chair. His eyes were closed, but his mouth was smiling. As Kyle gazed on Michael’s face, feelings of warmth enveloped him. Michael opened his eyes halfway. “Turnabout is fair play, man, but you’ve gotta give me a couple of minutes to recover first. That was…awesome.”

“My pleasure,” said Kyle, licking his lips in search of any errant seeds. He stood up, bent down, and softly kissed Michael. There was no tongue action this time, just a kiss that grew in intensity from soft to fierce. 

Michael’s hand at last reached out to Kyle’s crotch. “What’ve we got here?” he growled, squeezing the hard protrusion in Kyle’s pants.

“Mmmm,” Kyle purred. 

“Sit down and let me treat you.”

Kyle plopped his butt down in the chair he’d been sitting in earlier, and Michael, still weak-kneed, got unsteadily to his feet and knelt between Kyle’s legs. Kyle snicked his zipper open, and Michael fished inside the fly to try to wrest out the enormous hard-on that was trapped inside the fabric. Michael finally had to unfasten Kyle’s belt buckle and top pants button, completely opening the pants, in order to free the raging dick from its confines.

“Oh, yesssss!” hissed Kyle, grabbing Michael’s head unceremoniously and pulling him down toward his hard-on. 

Michael’s tongue found the base of Kyle’s dick and licked around it. “Suck it!” Kyle urged him, but Michael was not to be rushed. He licked around, he licked up and down, and he even closed his lips around the base and breathed hotly onto it. “Suck it—please!” Kyle begged him, but still Michael took his time, working his mouth flute-style, up and down the shaft from the base to the midpoint, while the exposed dickhead throbbed in the cool air of the office. 

Taking his mouth away momentarily, he chuckled and said, “Good things are worth waiting for…and all things come to him who waits.” Then he thrust out his tongue and swiped at Kyle’s glans, lapping up the rapidly oozing pre-fuck juice as he traversed the hot, taut skin. 

Now it was Kyle’s butt that was lifting up out of his seat, propelling his dick up into the air as he thrust in eager coital motions. He tried and tried to spear Michael’s mouth as he repeatedly thrust at it, but Michael teasingly evaded his onslaught. Swirling and swooping his tongue around Kyle’s glans, he exhaled hot, moist breath onto the tingling dick.

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